Video: Lauryn Hill Performs ‘Killing Me Softly’ In Lisbon

The critically acclaimed Lauryn Hill performed Lisbon, Portugal last night (July 31st) at the Oceanos Festival. Check out her set-closing rendition of Fugees classic ‘Killing Me Softly’ below (and let us know if you think Ms. Hill has still got ‘it’)

Though by no means Hill’s best live showing, glimmers of her spine-tingling brilliance shone through in the performance (the “ohhh” at 2.35 always gets me!)

Still some way to go, yet always a level above the rest. Bring on that new album!

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  1. VANITY August 1, 2010


  2. Tiff August 1, 2010

    Her voice sounds a little tattered but she still has it. She just has to work on it.

  3. Jeremy Danté August 1, 2010

    i want to see her do well, but i’ve heard a significant amount of criticism with how she is in person. she’s no doubt talented, but the we dont live in a world according to lauryn. i dont doubt that she can still sell an album, but i wonder if her connection to the rest of the modern industry is something she is even considering a hurdle for herself. amidst numerous halted creative processes with a number of producers internationally, i dont think lauryn is at all mentally prepared to come back & shine like the star we know she is. that said, people will support her for the contributions she’s made to music in the past. i would rather be kept wondering, ‘what could’ve been’ than to hear a lackluster musical effort. i hope lauryn pulls it together; but i wouldn’t be surprised if she didnt.

  4. True Blue August 1, 2010

    I hope her rusty vocals are a result of not performing very often, and not a sign that her voice has deteriorated.

    @ Jeremy Danté:

    Yep, I agree with you.

  5. NUNYA August 2, 2010

    There is NOTHING wrong with Lauryn Hill. And I say that because I’ve seen her recently out with her kids and her boyfriend and she was cordial to all who spoke to her and so forth. Lauryn know that americans dont appreciate her craft, so I wouldnt release another album either. I so want her to release another classic album but if she don’t, I’ll always rock with her cd and her unplugged cd. Anyway in my opinion Lauryn still have it, after 12 years, her cd is still relevant, how many artist can say that?

  6. FreshUrbanEnt August 2, 2010



  7. Richard August 2, 2010

    For someone who has barely performed for a decade, she sounds amazing. Of course she’ll be a little rusty and a little nervous, but she is a truly talented live vocalist and I have absolute faith that if she wants to make a comeback – she will.

    The Miseducation is one of the best albums of all time, and out of all the albums that were released in the 90s, it is one that doesn’t sound dated at all. Timeless classic. Just like her.

  8. LICKMUSIC August 2, 2010


  9. ANTHONY August 2, 2010


  10. Jamie August 2, 2010

    Yes Lauryn still has it, and if she was to say right now that she will be releasing a new album it will be the MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM OF THE YEAR but I don’t think she’s ready yet; we might be, but I don’t think she is. Oh, and Ms. Hill is critically-acclaimed even after one album. Let’s not forget that album which was her debut, solo album garnered her five grammys, and not to mention her work with The Fugeees so Lauryn Hill is timeless.

  11. Realmusic August 2, 2010

    still got it

  12. Teflon Boy August 2, 2010

    As long as Lauryn comes from the heart she will be relevant because her art is born of taking the personal and making it universal…, even her criticised ‘Unplugged’ album contains golden material that in all intents and purposes was merely work in progress noodlings to Lauryn that to this day have never officially seen the inside of a mixing desk. For this reason if and when she decides to put something out again, her audience is ready and waiting. People think Maxwell’s success was a surprise but that’s nothing compared to the sizeable audience of world-wide fans waiting for Lauryn Hill to make a comeback.

    In the meantime for anyone still in search of the next ‘Miseducation’ I urge you to pick up Nas and Damian Marley’s recent collaboration album ‘Distant Relatives’ the album took my breath away. No joke, for those who worry real music and genuine artistic statement is no longer alive that album will prove you wrong…, you just have to accept it now needs to be looked for rather than waiting for it to be served to us via an expensive promo campaign. These days that is only reserved for the ringtone fodder.

  13. EXPOSED August 2, 2010


  14. C-mo August 2, 2010

    So I am feeling like most of you guys just aren’t getting it. Lauryn Hill’s POWER (and all vocalist’s power) lies in the truthful essence of her vocals…all in the emotions…all in the experiences she has lived. To me that is what makes a great vocalist. Sure there are singers that can do rollercoaster riffs but if there isn’t anything behind them then what exactly is the point? To sound good? Okay well there are millions of amazing singers in this world. The best ones in my opinion have intention behind what they are doing! Lauyrn Hill’s Unplugged album revealed so much about who she is/was as a person at the time and revealed so much about how our society and world is controlled by the higher ups. No not the higher ups who are the people running the governments but the corporations who control the government by funding them. She was one of the only outspoken mainstream artists to not conform and let her label (also run by corporations) make her into an artist that gives lies. The media (also run by corporations and the higher ups) gave her awful reviews when her music was sooo truthful, sooo vunerable, and sooo deep. Why can’t people understand that beauty is not just a surface thing…there is beauty in the cracks. The beauty should be in the truth. The beauty should be in someone giving an honest performance, giving all of themselves in the notes their voice is able to produce. No, her voice is not as pure as it once was but isn’t truth what we all deserve? Overproduction hides the truth and the essence of an artist’s vocals. Lauyrn always gives us what she has. Listen to Unplugged 2.0. It changed the music industry…it made the higher ups scared. An artist was standing up for the people was unapologetically being truthful. No shame! People labeled her crazy when all she was trying to do was inform. In the words of Janelle Monae “Daydreamers please wake up. We can’t sleep no more.” This world is too divided because of what we are force fed by the corporations that run the media and our government. We need more artists like Lauyrn Hill who are willing to just be truthful because we are always lied to by the media. We need artists like Lauryn Hill who give us all they got and aren’t simply trying to make a buck but truly trying to educate us. We need artists like Lauryn Hill whose intention is to make the world a better place by way of their music. So truly lets stop hating because sister’s voice is not where it used to be. Because babies it has more life to it. I definitely would much rather have positive energy with some cracks and flat notes than perfect pitch and negative energy. Love, Peace, & Happiness to you ALL…

  15. Ghetto Fab August 2, 2010

    Someone needs to call Clive Davis up ASAP! We need Lauryn in the studio NOW! I need another album immediately pronto!

    L Boogie For Life!

    She shits on all your faves with this one album lmao.

  16. wateva August 2, 2010

    c-mo i think i love you 🙂

  17. Teflon Boy August 2, 2010

    @C-Mo, could not have said it better. What’s missing is truth and honesty in the bulk of today’s mainstream output. I was discussing only last night with a group of friends how the corporations like to take the real icons of the planet, erase the truth of who they were many times and what they stood for and re-market their images to fit their own agenda. It’s happened with Che Guevara.., he was a compassionate well-educated man who could not turn away from his peoples suffering, thus rallied for their rights, bringing unity but who’s image has now been re-branded, marketed around the world and reduced to fit the corporate agenda of selling t-shirts and merchandise to ignorant but idealist students. Same with Bob Marley, unless you do a little digging, he just appears to be guitar playing rasta who smoked spliffs all day while singing about peace and love when really his music was rebel music to unite and tell the truth. The ‘love song’ era of his work was in reaction to the government of the times stance of trying to crush public spirit in Jamaica and in Africa.

    The mainstream don’t want you to know what’s going on because it affects the money that’s made in the corporate world. ‘Lauryn Hill’ works for them when she’s singing songs about love and ‘Mars vs Venus’ social commentary…, but when she turned her attention to corporation and big business’s exploitation of third world resource and the poverty felt closer to home as a result, that was bad advertising and she’s been labelled a ‘mad’ (with no proof) ever since. People want the fantasy but they can’t handle the reality…,

    I would love another great Lauryn Hill album but I don’t think she should have to pimp herself out in glossy photos or give months of her time away to promote it. I no longer think real artists should have to. As an audience we’re so enamoured with the ‘image’ that it’s become more important than the point. Like I mentioned above, one of the best albums I’ve heard in years has been given little to no promo and I can’t see that being any different for the next ‘Lauryn’ that comes along. It just doesn’t get through anymore unless it’s accompanied by a push-up bra and a dance routine. Promo is not a healthy lifestyle for anyone, the only ones who don’t seem to go crazy are the ones like Beyonce, Brandy, Aaliyah, Usher who’s whole families are/were involved and travelled with them during their formulative years. Lauryn needs to just do her because I will look for her stuff the second I know it’s coming put, her label won’t need to spend a penny and she needn’t even have to leave her back yard.

  18. MaZ August 2, 2010

    She still have it definitely!

    This is a live performance at a festival people! What did you expect?

  19. S*** August 2, 2010

    Lauryn Hill def still got it. Even sometimes the Queen will hit notes that reminds me a lot of Lauryn Hill like the note she hits in the live version of Resentment. Lauryn Hill is a R&B Classic. Too bad she never cared to make that comeback.

  20. Soulful Roses August 2, 2010


    I can’t wait until this women gets in the studio. We need more music like hers. Not only does it tell a story, but it makes you and your soul feel beautiful at the same time. Love ya’ Lauryn…

  21. Nigelahmad August 2, 2010

    She’s really come full circle. She’s much happier these days and been signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. I think she wants to come back and is sure capable. Her voice is a little tired here,but i

  22. Nigelahmad August 2, 2010

    think she can make it back. if she makes an album im getting it regardless

  23. rob August 2, 2010

    whitney syndrome 🙁

  24. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 2, 2010

    LAURYN HiLL is THE BEST and will ALWAYS be the BEST! PERIOD!

    Anxiously waiting on a new album!

  25. K August 2, 2010

    I Think She Still Got’s It But If She Release An\Album I Think It Would Be Hard To Promote It Because With Everything Right Now Is About This Uptempo Songs With No Heart/Soul (Beyonce) They are Just Looking For A Hit Song (Single Ladies)

    Ps…. She Still Looks Crazy

  26. Dev August 2, 2010

    I think she still has it. I believe the vocals suit the environment she was in, but she clearly still has the voice.
    Lauryn still has the ability to sell albums, as she was never a pop artist in the beginning so people will be anticipating the type of music she does…. i think she’ll be able to do a Maxwell and Sade.

    I’m hoping that she’ll duet with Fantasia, that would be a dream for me

  27. cocoa lux August 2, 2010

    @ Teflon Boy.. I’m already on it with Distant Relatives.. Brilliant album.
    Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still relevant today…
    That is all.

  28. KNUCK August 2, 2010

    Her voice has matured and has more depth now, but she clearly still has it!! She did a few ad-libs where she went up higher than the album version (although I don’t know what key she started in)..

    However, it’s not about how high the notes are that she hits. I think people associate vocal ability with range and that’s only a small part of it.

    I enjoyed the performance and I can’t wait until she comes back.

    Also, if you watch random performances from when she came out in the late 90s you will see that she really wasn’t a *STUNNER* during LIVE showings… But her album lives on as a CLASSIC MASTERPIECE. She can still rap too, almost better than before.

  29. Anne August 2, 2010

    I voted NO. Based on this performance alone I don’t see how anyone can say that she still has it or is at a level above the rest. She may be better than the so-called singers of today who can’t really sing but I don’t think she performed at a higher level than the truly talented vocalists of today (like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Melanie Fiona, Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Ledisi, etc). I’ve seen many live performances by Lauryn solo and with the Fugees and not only is this not at the level I would expect to hear from her I don’t think it’s fair to label this performance at level above the rest when if you are really listening to the performance you have to honestly admit that’s not true. I know we want to hold on to her legendary status but I am going to judge her based on what I hear not who she is.

  30. Anne August 2, 2010

    Looking back over the comments, I’ve never heard more excuses than this in my life: a little tathered, rusty, hasn’t performed in a while, it’s the environment, she was a little nervous, her voice has matured, a little tired, it was a live performance at a festival so what do you expect? Come on this is ridiculous, she does not have much of a recent track record so she’ll have to prove to me that she still has it and she hasn’t proven anything with this performance. I am not willing to make excuses for her.

  31. mik3ch3ck August 2, 2010

    OMG!!! I still love her even today! I’ma be super freaky excited when she announces her work on a new album!

  32. Roab August 2, 2010

    She is giving you emotins, raw gritty vocals and plenty of New York flava. Yes, Ms. Hill is stil with us. People are so f’ing’ve forgetten what people that actually sing and dance sound like. Auto-tunes is the DEVIL! I’m just glad she is back in a good place mentally and physically…keep steppin L Boogie! You still got it.

  33. prince August 3, 2010

    she gave me chills!!!!!!

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