Brandy Rehearses For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Published: Wednesday 15th Sep 2010 by Trent

Check out this clip of Brandy rehearsing for her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ debut. The R&B singer and her partner, Maksim Chimerkovsky, are trying to perfect the cha-cha before the show premieres on September 20th. All the action can be seen below:


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  1. LOL September 15, 2010


  2. OUPS I S*** ON YOU AGAIN September 15, 2010

    cute video good luck Brandy 😀

  3. Alex September 15, 2010

    Yass my b**** better work! Miss you brandy!

  4. Exposed September 15, 2010

    Hey, at least Ray J idiot isnt involved…. There’s hope!

  5. royalkev September 15, 2010

    I’m starting to get over my issues with Bran doing this! I’m excited for her and I wish her luck!

  6. JP September 15, 2010

    Yeeeessss!!!! I love me some Brandy! Get it boo.

  7. CELEBRITY September 15, 2010

    It saddens me a great deal to see what has become of Brandy’s multi-media career. She was once a sought after musician/actress, and now she literally stalks the paparazzi just she could have her picture taken. She has officially become the newest recruit of irrelevant R/B female singers. Bran, gorl Mya saved you a sit at her table.

  8. Bran ‘nu September 15, 2010

    Brandy I Love you!! Glad Grape juice found this Video, even though there are plenty more.


  9. daseekah September 15, 2010

    he shut her ta hell up…LOL

  10. danisha September 16, 2010

    Celebrity, huh,

    Are you aware of what day in age we are in? It’s not easy for anyone to maintain a career once they have reached there peak. Brandy is clearly using this oppurtunity for ex poser
    This of this and her reality show ad being equivalent to her Having Moesha as exposer for her music.

    Her doing DWTS means absolutely nothing, Her career was in trouble before DWTS and may or may not be after so how could this hurt? You people need to stop looking at this as a last resort, especially when I’m sure everyone is aware that the show didn’t help anyone’s career. Sow hat would be the point if that was her soul reason for the show? Maybe she just wants to challenge herself? She already has her OWN reality show in it’s 2nd season soon.. so please spare me.

  11. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) September 16, 2010

    Bran Bran just go get em….lol

    I’m so looking forward to this!!!

  12. kelly fan4ever September 16, 2010

    @ NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva

    hey boo long time no see lol

  13. SparkD September 16, 2010

    I will be voting for Brandy. She looked great and beautiful.

  14. Confessions of a Confused City Girl September 16, 2010

    Oh my my my… he is hot!

  15. KNUCK September 16, 2010

    lol @ this “sad to see what has become of her” … girl boom.. She released an album in 2008 and she is working on a new album now. Whether she is at a high point or not, the respect from the industry is still at an all time high. There are a lot of writers and producers who want to work with Brandy because she creates masterpieces with her voice.

    Everything will be ok.

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