Fantasia Performs ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ On ‘Wendy Williams’

Published: Friday 10th Sep 2010 by Trent

Earlier today footage of Fantasia’s emotional interview on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ surfaced. Now her performance of the latest single from her ‘Back To Me’ album, ‘I’m Doin’ Me’, has been made available. Check it the action below:


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  1. MollyMcButta September 11, 2010

    Tasia is such a DIVA!!! She sounds Amazing and looks great!!!! The album is really nice as well.

  2. rob September 11, 2010

    killing it everytime

  3. DA STARR KIDD September 11, 2010


  4. mike September 11, 2010

    that girl know she can sang her ass off do u tasia

  5. BeyonceStan September 11, 2010

    Love Her!

  6. BackToMe09 September 11, 2010

    Once again Tasia goes INNN.. One of the BEST live vocalists in the game REAL TALK. She set the bar high for JHUD, Jazmine Sullivan and Keyshia Cole they betta come hard with thier new albums cuz Tasia got R&B wrapped up!

  7. LuvMeDJ September 11, 2010

    I jus can’t get into this song live, I don’t hear the beat or anything. All I hear is the backing track. Love the performance tho.

  8. Geronimo Deuces September 11, 2010

    hang in there tasia…… dont give up

  9. JT September 11, 2010

    Hey, i like the girl but she’s never going to have big success until she CLEANS UP HER APPEARANCE. (And no, debuting at #2 pop in a soft week and then swiftly dropping isn’t big success). Her hair is awful, her body is sloppy, her b****** are sagging. IS SHE EVEN WEARING A BRA?

  10. Rd September 11, 2010

    Jt stfu, she isNt here for mainstream.. Soul music dont do “mainstream”. Shes content being who she is.. And people buy into her bc she is who she is.. She sings her ass off. Unfortunately the industry isnt how it use to be. We are in a day and age where image is more imPortant than tslent.. Sad but true.. Im happy that fantasia real, shes human like u and i, everyyhing doesnt have to be soo perfect, she goes through things like we do, so just let her be you judgemental ass

  11. nickalus Randle September 11, 2010


  12. dexter September 12, 2010

    you go baby girl wat aint kill u will make you stronger all the way from trinidad we love u so much

  13. BSK September 12, 2010

    LOVE Fantasia since her Idol audition. She is a truly gifted artist and the heir to R&B Queen. I see her heart and soul in every interview and find her endearing and real to everyone. Her sense of style is creative/individual and her looks are adorable. Saw “The Color Purple” on Broadway and she was amazing , deserving of a Tony award! “Back to Me” is a fabulous album and I hope it wins multiple Grammys. Looking forward to watching and listening to Fantasia for many years. All Blessings to her.

  14. JD September 12, 2010

    Good interview, Keep your head up, Focus on you and your baby and music because you have a gift, and may The Good Lord keep blessing you. Much Love……..:)

  15. destiny November 29, 2010

    u no i love tasia and all that she has been through and she is still one top i love her she is just amazing and evertime she performs u can see the growth and strength she has tasia all i have to say is dont let haters keep u off yo gring keep yo head and then ull be fine lol i got that from eillow smith but tasia keep ya head up and im a fan thats gonna alwayz be there luvs u tell zion i said hey and teeny wit his fine self

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