Jennifer Hudson Covers ‘Fashion’ Magazine

Published: Friday 10th Sep 2010 by Sam

Powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Hudson graces the cover of the October issue of ‘Fashion’ magazine. Flaunting her new slimline figure, the multiple award winner poses with her son David Otunga Junior in the feature spread.

More pics below…

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  1. GangsterA September 10, 2010

    work jen she looks fab can’t wait to hear her new album what the realese date of it though

  2. GangsterA September 10, 2010

    and look at her baby so cute

  3. daseekah September 10, 2010

    She lost so much weight…i love it she looks cute

  4. the truth teller September 10, 2010

    I wish that she does another movie and win an oscar and a grammy AGAIN!


  5. the truth teller September 10, 2010

    ALL these S**** (Katty perry, lady gaga, rihanna,) in the game have ZERO TALENT. 🙁

  6. BENJAMIN September 10, 2010

    One of the better magazine covers I’ve seen her in, where her mouth isn’t wide open.

  7. Richard September 10, 2010

    Jennifer is one of those people who even when she was at her biggest, still looked stunningly gorgeous. However, with her new size she seems genuinely happy, and seems to have just done it for herself and her health – so good on her.

    Love this woman! Can’t wait to see/hear her latest work!

  8. Sanging September 10, 2010

    Still fugly. Photoshop does wonders. Even the kid looks photoshopped.

  9. Quiana September 10, 2010

    looking nice jenny just don’t get too skinny ok.

  10. Drey2R4U September 10, 2010

    She looks stunning. Love her

  11. Chile Please! September 10, 2010

    WTF Why couldn’t she put clothes on that Orangatang looking baby of hers. I don’t know why women feel like they need to take pics with thier babies naked??? She all decked out in a beautiful dress, sitting, & done….then the whole pic gets thrown off because all you see is her sons’ a**! WTF! Come on now!! BTW work it out Ms. Hudson it’s OVAH for you darling!

  12. lax September 10, 2010

    @ truth teller,,, you black hating bytch ,,, you forgot and left a lot of other s**** out who can’t
    touch jennifer. we all know that jenn is a guad-triple threat to every one and their mammas, and grannny , how dare you name the ones you hate and leave the others out.
    katy, gaga and rihanna are all holding their own, and doing it very well i will say. katy is sitting on # 1 all over the billboards and itunes, rihanna just had five singles to sell in
    3 million downloads and still counting. and gaga has already went diamond. so you take what your lame stank black ass thinlks and stick all three of the talented artist left-overs up your stank dirty black ugly ass, you dirty bytch.

  13. lady president September 10, 2010

    @ chile pls lol lol, im lol so much i almost p*** myself….

  14. Ms. YeahISaidIt September 10, 2010

    Jeez, the gril lost weight and that is fabulous; however, I do care how small you are, entertainment has got to make you smaller! Jen is NOT THAT small. Enough with the Photoshop already. Just show us the real deal. And the baby? Words fail me . . .

  15. gerald September 10, 2010


  16. gerald September 10, 2010


  17. gail September 10, 2010

    her baby is so handsome and perfect

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