Cover Star: Eunice Covers Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’

Published: Saturday 2nd Oct 2010 by Trent

An Irish singer holds the distinction of being this week’s Cover Star. Eunice Leyva was brave enough to sing Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’ and all of the included high notes. Check out her performance of the song below:

Eunice handled herself well, especially on the verses. Good job!

If you want to hear more from this week’s cover star then check out her Youtube channel here.


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  1. Trent Is The R***** October 2, 2010

    Irish? More like filipino, another fotoshopped version of Charice! Karaoke much?? Next.

  2. HUSHITCH October 2, 2010

    Girl sit down!

    Everyone who ever tries cover Bleeding Love FAILS!!

  3. EmeteriaS October 2, 2010

    Great Job! I give anyone credit for doing this song! Don’t listen to the negativity and keep working at it! You will go far!

  4. Liz October 2, 2010

    Its was good – but I think the song was too big for you

  5. Robier October 2, 2010

    Very Good voice and powerful. I’d train the hell outta her

  6. chiefodude October 3, 2010

    Well done!! Bleeding Loves definitely not an easy song to sing but girl held her own. Way to go, I’m impressed.

  7. Adrian October 3, 2010

    It it me or she reminds me to Kat DeLuna?

  8. KD October 4, 2010

    Some songs should not be attempted, this is one of them. Try singing UMBRELLA or something similar.

  9. zih October 5, 2010

    good voice but bleeding love is too hard a song. its just showed her weakness in changing her pitch. she was off on like almost all the parts of the long notes. though her falsetto is strong, its just one tone. so overall cringe worthy.

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