Pink Unveils ‘Greatest Hits…So Far!!!’ Cover + Tracklisting

Published: Wednesday 6th Oct 2010 by Sam

Pop rebel Pink is gearing up for the release of retrospective compilation ‘Greatest Hits…So Far’. Set to hit stores on November 14th, the album is preceded by new single ‘Raise Your Glass’.

Peep the official album cover above, and the confirmed CD tracklist below…

Greatest Hits… So Far!!! Standard Track Listing

Get The Party Started
There You Go
Don’t Let Me Get Me
Just Like A Pill
Family Portrait
Stupid Girls
Who Knew
U + Ur Hand
Dear Mr. President
So What
Please Don’t Leave Me
Glitter In The Air
Raise Your Glass
New Song, TBD

Deluxe Version

Get The Party Started
There You Go
Don’t Let Me Get Me
Just Like A Pill
Family Portrait
Stupid Girls
Who Knew
U + Ur Hand
Dear Mr. President
So What
Please Don’t Leave Me
I Don’t Believe You
Glitter In The Air
Raise Your Glass
New Song, TBD

No ‘Most Girls’ 🙁

Your thoughts?

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  1. KD October 6, 2010

    Why do artists release greatest hits albums? Who buys them? Surely if I am a fan & I have your albums a greatest hits album would just be redundant?

  2. movieman October 6, 2010

    the dykes are gonna go crazy i know keri hilson already got 1 on her pre-order list

  3. rob October 6, 2010

    most girls n lady marmalade?

  4. JJFAN1814 October 6, 2010

    CANT WAITT!!!!!

  5. THAT PUM PUM JUICE October 6, 2010

    Why did she leave out songs from her ‘Cant Take Me Home’ album?

    Where is…’Most Girls’ or ‘You Make Me Sick’???

    She is a very underated artist…maybe because she is not that pretty.

  6. latin86 October 6, 2010

    No mam! wheres MOST GIRLS n You make me sick?/ those are 2 faves of mines… Shame on her!

  7. FUTURESTARdelux October 6, 2010


  8. Jasmine October 6, 2010

    I am dissapointed. Her career did not start with Get The Party Started, it started with Most Girls and You Make Me Sick, two of my favorite songs from her. Too bad she did not include those songs because I have always wanted to buy a Pink album but I will not be buying this album rather making my own version.

  9. annie :] October 6, 2010

    really… God is a DJ isnt there? thats one of my faves from her and i dont even like P!nk lol. whatevs. not buying this album anyway.

  10. MONE October 6, 2010

    I wish these artist would stick by their music (even if it did flop). She’s missing ‘Most Girls’, ‘You Make Me Sick’, and ‘God Is A DJ’. ‘Most Girls’ did relatively well on the charts. Bites the hell outta me.

  11. I Want New Music! October 6, 2010

    the first album is the only one i bought, i loved her rnb side, now any of her songs can be sung by Kelly Clarkson or even Katy Perry, they should make a new band called “The Max Martin Girls”…

  12. GangsterA October 6, 2010

    i like the cover i like raise your glass can’t wait for the new song

  13. Wake Up Six October 6, 2010

    I will be BUYING!

  14. sickwitit October 6, 2010

    right most girls was the s***

  15. Yan October 6, 2010

    Where is “Most Girls” and “God Is A DJ” ? SMH…

  16. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) October 6, 2010

    She literally rejected Can’t Take me Home album??????
    ……..and who said that album was a flop??????????????

  17. number1k9 October 6, 2010

    Why would she NOT include “Most Girls,” that along with “There You Go” is some of her best music IMO -I prefer the R&B P!nk. I understand why “You Make Me Sick,” didn’t make the cut, but “MG,” song hit number 4on the Hot 100 (higher than “TYG” @ number 7!)! ? ! ?

    Also why not include “Lady Marmalade” that was her only other number 1…

    Things that make you go…


  18. The Hype Factor October 6, 2010

    I bet Pink wanted to erase her amazing R&B “Babyface” record with “Most Girls” Oh well, that’s still my favorite and only Pink album I’ve ever purchased, but I still love her!

  19. number1k9 October 6, 2010


    I agree. And that’s sad. She shouldn’t forget what made her known and strike with the public first! That’s like Mandy Moore how she was dissing her “Candy” era. That’s what most ppl know her for in that case.

    Pink is a bit diff, I know ppl who never knew she sang R&B, and I so would LOVE for another Pink R&B album, it would be soooooOOOO gooood!

  20. greg October 6, 2010

    ugh, would have loved to see “most girls” and “feel good time”

  21. j1981h October 6, 2010

    Erm, just to point out, “There You Go” was on the “Can’t Take Me Home” album so it’s not completely ignored. I do agree that “Most Girls” and “You Make Me Sick” (particularly the latter) should have been contenders though.

    It’s still a fantastic album of great tracks (as well as the anthemic “Raise Your Glass”) and i’ll certainly be adding it to my Pink collection!

  22. Love October 6, 2010

    She most like likely didn’t include those songs because pink has stated publicly that she hated doing that music (from her first album) I’m not surprised,

  23. RATED X October 6, 2010

    I love me some Pink, bish is talented…

    cant wait for the album….

    greatest hits albums are made for fans who actually wants to buy it and sometimes dont have all the albums…..if ur already have all her albums..

  24. MUSIC LOVER October 6, 2010

    Awesome songs by a fantastic artists with an amazing voice!

  25. MaZ October 6, 2010

    Just One song from her debut album????

  26. Dave October 6, 2010

    Still gettin it. I got the 1st album, so this doesn’t bother me. & I believe she did hate that music, because I remember her saying she wanted to do music her way or whatever, & that’s when she did I forgot what album & it was a SMASH!, but LA Reid didn’t think it would be. I think that was M!ssundaztood

  27. Jordan October 6, 2010

    I don’t understand why artists put out greatest hits album, and they never contain ALL OF the hits. If you dont put them all on there, then why are you making it in the first place?

  28. Sarah October 6, 2010

    Most Girls is one of Pink’s best songs. Regardless if she didn’t care for her debut album, MG should have still been included for her fanbase.

  29. monique October 7, 2010

    omg i was just on the other day looking for a greatest hits from pink and now my prayers will b answerd nxt mnth…..thnx tgg….i appreciate the update

  30. True Blue October 7, 2010

    @ KD:

    Agreed. I don’t do greatest hits… if I like your music, I will cop most or all of your music. If I only like your popular singles, chances are I will those songs off of LimeWire, not actually pay for it.

  31. True Blue October 7, 2010

    * I will get those songs off of LimeWire, not actually pay for it.

  32. Rated R October 7, 2010

    Most Girls should be on there but she have been tryna abandon her R&B sound ever since that able so that she would be taken seriously as a rock chick.. but thats her best song to date

  33. Anthony October 7, 2010

    i think “most girls” and “you make me sick” were left off of the album because Pink has said (numerous times) that the label forced her into the R&B/HipHop sound. She probably left them off of the album becase her personal expression of the type of music she wanted to do didn’t start until the Misunderstood album. I completely agree though that those two songs should be on this greatest hits album because they did start her career and the “can’t take me home” album did introduce the world to PINK, but hey if the “urban” sound isn’t what she wants to be known for than so be it…..i really have no intentions on buying it anyway lmao!

  34. Bianca.♥ October 7, 2010

    Alecia is Awesome!


  35. teflon boy October 7, 2010

    I agree. P!nk shouldn’t snub her RnB roots…, it put her on the map and was credible music at the time also. If she’d been forced to do bubblegum I’d somewhat understand but the songs on CTMH were lyrically still very in-keepin with her renegade tough-girl persona, plus vocally she was just as free so the only thing remotely un-Nu P!nk about it is the fact it was RnB. No such bad thing tho as it added a side to her repertoire and proved she could do it all…., she should embrace it, because although not everyone will remember but she was an amazing dancer as well and it can’t have been totally forced upon her as you don’t learn to dance like that listening to Aerosmith. I personally would love her to go that direction again as the industry knows she can handle it and she could incorporate everything she’s learned from rock over the years.

  36. Lenny October 7, 2010

    Where are “Most Girls”, “God Is a DJ”, “Lady Marmalade”?
    Veru bizzare tracklist.

  37. m. October 8, 2010

    missing the good stuff and its definitely not a real best of, doing nearly the half of all released stuff. why should someone buy this?

  38. leesa October 9, 2010

    cant believe glitter in the air is on here an most girls isnt or 18 wheeler or even fingers :/. never mind goon abe great an cant wait…………… bring on the acoustic album PINK that would be amazing xxx

  39. mellvinn October 21, 2010


  40. maggie November 3, 2010

    they do it and then they add a couple new tracks so you DO buy it.

  41. cAryn November 6, 2010

    why nothing from first album?

  42. LEX November 9, 2010

    I have to admit, after reading Pink’s Greatest Hits Tracklist I was really disappointed. Most Girls was clearly left off this CD for a reason which I can’t quite comprehend. It was an even bigger hit than “There You Go” and I loved it. Her first CD was the one that put her on the map, went double platinum, and sold more copies than “Try This”…yet she frequently refers to it as a record that had nothing to do with who she really was. That’s a real shame. Pink should be proud that she has the versatility to do R&B and Rock successfully and not shun the beginning of her career. Not cool. As one person stated before..Mandy Moore said the same about her early career, yet we wouldn’t know who she was if she hadn’t released “Candy” or some other bubble gum crap.

    I can understand leaving “You Make Me Sick” off the record because it wasn’t as big a hit as MG and TYG. She could have at least put Most Girls though. Once again, very disappointed.

  43. Rick Paul November 19, 2010

    Here is an idea, if Pink really doesn’t like the R’n’B sound of her first album, then take ‘Most Girls’ ‘You Make Me Sick’ etc. and re-record them in a new style. Bands do that on greatest-hits-type packages quite regularly, plus it would provide incentive for people to re-buy the song. I think ‘Most Girls’ is one of her best songs, and this whole ‘denying part of my career’ thing is an immature approach.

  44. benni November 23, 2010

    lol all of u guys crack me up… maybe have u thought that she only put the songs that maybe she likes herself? the album isnt called “what my fans what to hear” its all the songs that she sold the most of! and actually had feelings for! no one mentioned “nobody knows” when that wouldhave to one of the best! and for all of u “Lady Marmalade” is owned by MISS XTINA herself! she is the only one that has the rights to sing it live and put it on a album!

  45. Reginna January 7, 2011

    I LUV Pink! She’s very talented and has worked so hard to make it in the indusry and to keep her self image. All of the songs on this album are probably the ones that are TRULY P!NK! Good job girl and Congratulations! Can’t wait to pick up a copy and add it to my collection of all of your albums. Whats next???????????

  46. My thoughts…. January 29, 2011

    KD_ Its for those of us who like some of her songs but not all so once in a while when one of our favorite songs come out, we dont buy a 12 dollar cd for just that one. but when a greatest hits cd comes out it is a composition of most of the best and there for no longer a waste of money… Think It Through Next Time, SMART STUFF.

  47. lollybabee March 15, 2011

    i think that at the end of the day its Alecia’s choise to what songs she puts on this album. and i can say that it is an amazing choise for the songs that she did put, and yes unfortunatly she didnt do all of the songs that mabey we all would of wanted (you make me sick, and most girls.) but all of the songs that we love couldnt be put onto one cd. Alecia may make another cd containing all of these songs that were missed.

    but apart from that the cd and the song choises are great.,!

  48. missGems March 18, 2011

    FYI, the Can’t Take Me Home album is always left out even on tour, because it was her first label, whom she left, and they own the rights to the music… Also that whole albums sound and image where man made, although a good album and her break out, it was pretty much artificial pink, or pink with added msg… 🙂 Heart her so much…

  49. catpaw June 21, 2011

    I <3 P!nk
    compilation album of the published record companies to raise money while the artists are preparing their new album

  50. Maaya June 18, 2014


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