Janet Jackson Talks About Recording New Album On ‘Larry King Live’

Janet Jackson appeared on ‘Larry King Live’ last evening. The diva spoke about her new movie, ‘For Colored Girls’, her relationship and her brother Michael. Janet also spoke about her plans to record a new studio album next year. Check out what she had to say below:


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  1. IM_SOJANET November 5, 2010

    Yass The Most TALENTED . Queen Of POP Janet Jackson

  2. B November 5, 2010

    Love this woman sooooo much. Can’t wait to see For Colored Girls tonight!!!

  3. Jweezy November 5, 2010


  4. GangsterA November 5, 2010


  5. Mariah4Life November 5, 2010

    It’ll just flop like everything else she’s done musically this last 10 years. If she were smart, she’d try and ride this “actress” thing out as long as she could because as a “singer” (lol) she’s so done!!!

  6. MariahCareyMan November 5, 2010

    Awesome news! @Mariah4life, as Mariah fans we need to quit throwing shade at other female pop artists who actually have earned their spot i.e. Janet, we should def show support bc I know personally it gets real old hearing all the stans and gaga fans etc etc throw it Mariah’s way when we all know shes earned everything she has! And “All For You” was far from a flop! Love u tho lol 🙂

  7. MC4EVA November 5, 2010

    FLOP ! 🙁

  8. rexy November 5, 2010

    MC fans calling people flop, when she is the epitome of it

  9. The truth November 5, 2010

    At least Janet doesn’t have to fake her pregnancy 100 times and miscarriage news to sell boring knock-out Xmas album like one fat water retention cow!

  10. MusiQ85 November 5, 2010

    FLOP! No one cares.

  11. snookie November 5, 2010

    You go girl, Janet..you are wonderful, sweet and your music is very original and true to your fans. Yes I still buy your albums.

  12. Jweezy November 5, 2010

    It’s funny how people wanna say nobody cares but you cared enough to comment. She’s iconic and legendary. STAY MAD

  13. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 5, 2010

    I seen this last night! It was cute. It’s funny, because she’s the only one out of about 8 other women in the movie that is actually doing promotion for the movie. I guess they know Janet garners much interest. Anyway, LOVE HER! <3

  14. KENKEN November 5, 2010


  15. KENKEN November 5, 2010

    AND it sold MORE than Mariah’s and Rihanna’s last albums!

  16. Ch… November 5, 2010

    DEAD at the F****** stans getting mad at the GODDESS because their overweight “idol” keeps flopping, processing her s***** vocals and aborting unborn babies.

    Janet would never!

    I can’t wait to hear new music from Janet even though I know we’re not gonna hear much until late 2011 or even 2012.

  17. TheDimplePuppet November 5, 2010

    Everyone must go see this movie. The whole cast was fantastic. Ms. Devine and Thandie Newton stole the show for me. Janet was a boss to (literally lol). Great job Tyler Perry. Yes Janet bring on that album.

  18. dang November 5, 2010

    Dry… Madonna is the only Queen of Pop!

  19. Mariah4Life November 6, 2010

    @ MariahCareyMan
    ALL FOR YOU (which actually sold less than the album it came after) was her only success and that was very early into the last decade and so it’s a sad fallback to counter with. Everything that came after failed. So I’m still right that approx. everything she’s put out these past 10 years has been a flop. Radio doesn’t play Janet’s music and she moves very few units. These are the facts. Oh and you sad Janet stans can mock Mariah’s weight all you want, but the truth is that she’s pregnant so she has an excuse for being large right now. Janet is fat every other year and is childless. What’s her excuse? Oreo cookies. Sure as heck isn’t a baby.

  20. Mariah4Life November 6, 2010

    BTW, at least Mariah can sing. Just sayin’! 🙂

  21. Jade22 November 6, 2010

    Janet can sing -_-. At least she don’t have to shake her hand in the air when she sings. Mariah does that when she’s struggling to hit them high notes live

  22. dboy November 6, 2010

    and what’s wrong in having ur hair while singing..it’s not the most unsual sight

    i dunno why it has to be mariah vs janet..they both have the same circle of riends in the industry

  23. Fatriahstansstaypressedatthequeen November 6, 2010

    @Dang – Hagdonna is no one’s Queen of Pop, r*****!


    Why are you always rushing into Janet topics, ugly? Sounds like a closet stan to me.

    The irony of a F****** stan calling anyone a flop. When was her last successful album? Oh yea, 5 f****** years ago. F****** isn’t pregnant. She’s just fat and ugly. Even if she’s knocked-up as she claims then the b**** is going to blow by Spring. Janet has NEVER been as big as F****** is right now. That b**** was huge since 2009. Does she have the gestation of an elephant or some s***?

    Radio doesn’t play F******’s music nor can she move units! Nobody cares about that ugly cow. Hence why she’s busy trying to get knocked up.

    F****** can’t sing at all! All her vocals are autotuned and whiny now.

    Janet only got thicker a few times but people love to make it a big deal because they love picking on beautiful and talented people. The end.

    @Dboy – Janet and Mariah DON’T have the same circle of friends in the industry. Are you f****** serious? Janet even said the first time she met her was in ’06 and that was through Trollmaine Dupri. F****** f****/hangs out with rappers and hip-hop producers, Janet doesn’t!

  24. Soulful Roses November 6, 2010

    YAS! @ the new album! I knew the Queen couldnt stay away 😀

  25. Soulful Roses November 6, 2010


  26. gdhg November 6, 2010

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  27. JDE97 November 6, 2010

    Janet is a washed up, talentless, played out relic who wouldn’t have ever been famous if not for the coattails of Michael and actual talent of JJ&TL who knew how to hide her bad vocals under overproduction. She can’t sing and for years now her music has been 100% crap. And 1/2 of her discography has flopped. There are acts who came out almost 20 years AFTER this puppet whole have outsold her. She hasn’t had a top 10 hit since 2001! **snicker**

    Janet Waxson (the plastic surgery addicted nymphomaniac has-been) needs to retire, but let her keep on trying to make music. Just like before it won’t sell s*** or get any radio airplay. And just like before her dumbass fans who can’t accept that she’s long out of style will blame something else for her floppage…like a supposed media backlash from years ago (that wouldn’t have ever happened if the ho kept herself clothed), L.A. Reid deciding not to sink more $$$ into a has been studio singer from the late 80s/early 90s, whose albums nobody are interested in anymore. Or they’ll try to sideswipe by saying that she has “nothing left to prove.” LOL So pathetic, all of you.

    She’s only embarrassing herself at this point, but it’s good comedy for the rest of the non-delusional world.

    Oh and let’s keep it real, just like she can’t sing…she can’t act either. Only Tyler Perry would hire her for his cheap budget flicks. Spielberg and Cameron sure as f*** wouldn’t.

  28. DION-ISH November 6, 2010



    No It Didnt…If so How is Rihanna’s album Platinum and Janets Last album is ONLY gold. plz

    And um no shade but MADONNA is the Queen of Pop. Thats All.

  29. Mariah4Life November 6, 2010

    Janet’s last album isn’t even Gold. Check RIAA. No certification for it. None! 🙂
    To that sad longwinded Janet stan who typed a bunch of bs, MC’s last CD didn’t live up to full commercial expectation –but– unlike Janet’s, it had a HUGE million-selling top 10 pop hit and the album itself went Gold and sold over a million WW. Janet has had her past success, but Mariah’s success and singing ability smokes hers.

  30. BENJAMIN November 6, 2010

    We are apART of a RHYthm NATiON!

  31. THEMAN2 November 6, 2010

    Yall idiots need to be quiet. Mariah and Janet are two of the most successful artists there have ever been. Neither are really flops. But even there lesser selling albums are still gold and platinum. You know many other artists would do anything for that. Janets last album is gold as well as Mariahs. But Janets was’nt certified yet. Quit hating. Mariah sounds spectacular on her new album, and she did her damn thing. Her new album is incredible and will do great things. Mariah really does’nt flop. Janets next album will do good. Mariah is spectacular to all of you losers. Mariahs talent speaks for itself, she does’nt need publicity stunts. Janet is talented as well. They are both super taLENTED.

  32. Ch… November 6, 2010

    Both Memoirs and K=FC2 were commercial failures. CASE CLOSED. Go cry elsewhere about F******. Don’t be mad at Janet for being able to sustain relevancy with her many talents.

    Rihonda is 22 years old, correct? Why are you comparing her latest sales to Janet’s – who’s way past her prime?

    What an idiotic comparison.

    You poor bitter thing STILL irate at the fact that Janet shits on your fave! I bet you’re a Hagdonna stan. Poor you.

  33. antertain November 6, 2010

    Some of you people are so ridiculous its just strange and its stupid!!!

    Mariah is a woman who evolutionized Pop, Soul & R&B with stunning vocals and numerous no.1’s and countless awards. Record breaker chart wise and Legend in the music game.

    Janet Jackson boast an array of acolades only a few artists can get near.
    A worldwide superstar with GREAT videos and songs that compliment her voice.
    Trend setter with record breaking achievements (Check the facts). Versatile as an actress and perfomer Janet is the full package and so Iconic as an entertainer that you see mutiple artist try capture that essence.
    As Huge as Michael is & was Janet still managed to make a name for herself and paved the way for females to bring different elements to pop culture.

    No matter what happens in the latter stages of their carrers is irrelevant because these two women have absolutely NOTHING to prove to anyone who really knows music and the HISTORY of these particular artists.


  34. janhovaswitness November 6, 2010


    You’re a waste of space. I don’t even know why you’re living. Someone, a common person and possibly a mentally ill person with so much hate for a famous and talented artist is a pity. I’m surprised you didn’t drive yourself off a cliff with all this envy you have bottled up in you.

    I mean, I’ve read you once before but at this point – it’s useless.

    You sound like a broken record with the same ole

    “Riding on coattails” – Oprah already broke down and dismissed this flawed argument

    “Plastic surgery” – I’m sure you’re a fan of an artist who’s had several procedure and possibly more than Janet (who’s only had work done on her nose and boobs).

    “Thank Jimmy & Terry” – It’s funny you say that because Jimmy Jam has already stated several times that Janet is to thank for all the albums and songs. She was the brains behind each concept and all her songs. Hello! This is her album. She wouldn’t allow two producers take over. She’s the HEAD writer and producer of all her albums.

    “She’s a flop” – It’s so, so, so funny when people say this because
    1. she’s STILL richer than YOU
    2. she’s STILL more famous, of course, than YOU
    3. she’s STILL more talented than you
    4. she’s STILL more successful than you

    and last but not least

    She will be remembered many, many years from now but when YOU kick the bucket and it’s your time to leave this earth, guess what? No one will give a flying f***. Your identity will forever perish in the depths of hell.

    So it’s just so silly when people who haven’t achieved what Janet has dub her a “flop”.. So what do we call YOU?

    Honestly, I want to know what’s this fascination with the word “flop”. Does it give you boner or something? The fact that a SUCCESSFUL and all around TALENTED artist sold 800K-1 million of one album is “bad” yet she sold more than you will earn in a lifetime BUT you feel the need to dub her a “flop”? I’m not understanding this.

    I mean, you’re a Madonna fan and you of all people is saying Janet Jackson can’t sing? she’s untalented? Please, don’t make me laugh. Madonna is the EPOTIME of what a DRIVE and MOTIVATION can get someone. The woman doesn’t have a bit of talent in her body. AT ALL.

    Janet CAN sing – 3 vocal range and mezzo-soprano vocal type.

    Madonna doesn’t have the range Janet has vocally nor does she have the type.

    Janet CAN dance – She’s in fact the greatest female dancer/performer of all time

    Janet CAN write – She either wrote or co-wrote ALL her songs this excludes her last album. Especially, her well-known songs unlike Madonna who’s most well-known songs are written by other writers. Like A Virgin for example or even Material Girl.

    Janet CAN act – This is evident in her films

    I can honestly go on but I will not drain with such hard hitting facts. The proof is the pudding. I know it’s boiling you up inside that Janet will ALWAYS be better than your fave but you need to get over it.

    Oh, I know she’s a “flop”. How original 😀

  35. janhovaswitness November 6, 2010


    Madonna is the EPITOME of where DRIVE and MOTIVATION can get someone. The woman doesn’t have a hint of talent in her body. AT ALL.


    It’s 2 AM here :p

  36. KenKen November 6, 2010

    @DION-ISH…..Obviously u DID NOT read what I said because if u DID u would know that Janet’s last album DID debut at NUMBER ! for a total of 6 NUMBER 1 ALBUMS over the span of her career…..And another fact is if YES it did debut with more sales than your fave…..RIHANNA. Get your facts straight before you TRY coming for me…..you mad cuz Rihanna still hasn’t had a number 1 album after what 5 albums?


  37. Anthony November 6, 2010

    IDK why the haterz on here saying it will flop. You know ur ass gonna buy it.. After all you did took precious time to read and comment.. So you must be interested. Mariah stans, plz! I know yall just tryna keep her name outtthere. Janet is epic, iconic, pop royalty, Queen..

  38. dashiki November 6, 2010

    lol @ these die hard Janet stans. janets career been over, the only thing carrying this movie is Tyler perrys name…all his movies do good…anyway she can’t sing, she can’t dance anymore, like at last years vmas…and her nose looks gross and makes her whole face look strange…so put a fork in her, cuz she’s done! She’s a flop, she hasn’t had a hit since all for u, and I ain’t even gonna lie, I loved son of a gun, but it didn’t so well and everything after tht sucked. and why is she always whispering in her songs, she whisper talks in everysong, I wanna hear a live performance of her belting something. *patiently waits* p.s. Madonna shits all over Janet, madonnas tours still make more money than any female in the game. and Mariah is better than Janet too, she will sing circles all around Janet, and on top of that, she has more grammys, better record sales, looks better and has more number ones than any female in the game. so Mariah > Janet and Madonna > Janet it’s simple math, u silly f***.

  39. dashiki November 6, 2010

    s***, even Jennifer lopez is better than Janet. at least I can hear jlo in her songs.

  40. dashiki November 6, 2010

    Janet and jlo are like 7 yrs apart, but Janet look like she can play jlos mom in a movie.

  41. Blue Kid November 6, 2010

    I saw Janet on Larry King, it was just wonderful, I’m glade to see her happy and moving on with her life.

  42. JDE97 November 6, 2010

    LOL@Ch… and janhovaswitness. Both of you Corky’s qualify for handicap parking. 2 quarters and the 2 of you together still don’t add up to a dollar. Seriously, the way you pollute cyber space, someone ought to check your expiration dates on your brains.

    Madonna fan? LMAO x10. I challenge you 2 idiot b****** to find 1 single instance where I **ever** claimed to be a Madonna fan or championed her in any way. You got 60 seconds. Go. Dumbasses. My critiques of that freakishly big-eyed, big cheeked, bald headed, plastic surgery-addicted, talentless, non-singing, Michael-copying, wax figure named Janet has rattled Ch… so much that she’s been desperate to know who a “stan” for, so she can attempt to use it as amo to lash back because the idiot isn’t smart enough to knock down what I have to say about Hasbeenet. LOL! I love it. Keep digging you retarded Inspector Gadget, you. Since you haven’t been able to crack the code, you fecal matter dolts assume I’m a Madonna fan (I’m not) because apparently her success especially threatens your Janet fandom so much that she becomes some sort of fallback choice for someone who recognizes that Janet is nothing but a studio creation. But I guess that makes sense since she is yet another of Janet’s contemporaries (along w/Mariah, Celine and Whitney) who has been a lot more successful than her, in less time….and w/o being able to boast the “Jackson” last name to get over. Ha. Too bad “Jackson” hasn’t worked for Janet since about 2001. I guess the jig is up. Now go ahead and crack on Madonna some more, thinking that I’m fan and you’re getting under my skin. You not even in the right area code with that one, b****. LOL

    In the meantime, my position stands. Everything I said before, I say again. All Janet was was a manufactured product from the Jackson family assembly line, who only achieved fame based on her last name. She can’t sing. She can’t act. She can’t write. Her “dance moves” were bitten from Michael. JJ&TL and ex-hubby Rene were the one’s who made her hit albums hits. Not her. They had the talent. Not her. Ever since she walked away from them, she hasn’t been able to get a radio hit. It was her “hookup” that garnered her success in the first place, but again now the jig is up and nobody cares. Pole dancing at the Superbowl in front of 6 year olds watching was enough for the public to recognize that this plastic tramp’s last name could only go so far.

    Once again: 1/2 this wax figures discography has…say it with me: “FLOPPED!”. Hell the b**** ain’t even signed to a label no more because her last album flopped so spectacularly that she lost her deal, but she call herself trying to ‘record new music’ for next year. GTFOH. What’s she gonna call it Michael Was My Brother LMAO! That’s the only way it could get attention, and even then it wouldn’t sell because the public is OVER her. Now all that’s left are the few pathetic clowns who haven’t gotten the message that the milk has expired.

    And if you b**** ass Janet retarded gnome fans of hers don’t like that I said that, chew on it until you choke. I will say it again. Janet Jackson is a washed up has been, circa 1990. Deal with it. She’s about as relevant today as Samantha Fox.

    Anything else? LMAO!

  43. JDE97 November 6, 2010

    One more thing:
    Even though I’m not a Madonna or Mariah fan, I don’t at all disagree with what their fans have posted about Janet on here.


    Be mad.

  44. Keith November 6, 2010

    You guys MUST be young and your comments about all of these celebrities who don’t give a damn borders on ridiculous. Janet, Mariah, Madonna and JLO live their lives, work when inspired and their true fans appreciate it. Fans of either diva don’t have to put others down and ARGUE about it in posts on the internet. Sheeeeeeesh…….

  45. Janhovaswitness November 6, 2010


    You silly poor bitter trash. Do you purchase your music based on how popular or how well it will sell? Superficial homo. Seriously. Janet > F******. Janet > Hagdonna. It’s simple. Janet has eclipsed when it comes to her music, performance and overall talent. They can’t perform like Janet. Deal with it.


    Sweetie, you ARE a Madonna fan. You’ve already pointed this out in the other topic where you were so persistent about downplaying Janet’s successes by bringing up Hagdonna. Hello, why else would you bring her up? because you’re a stupid fan of her’s that’s STILL threatened by Janet. So you’re either a Hagdonna stan or Beyance stan (which is even worse because the b**** only sold 20 million albums worldwide with 3 albums).

    Again, you’re stupid. Janet’s last name didn’t do s*** for her careerwise nor imagewise. Her most successful album to date was simply titled “Janet”. Her last name was no-where to found on the album. So try again, dumbass.

    “Everything I said before, I say again. All Janet was was a manufactured product from the Jackson family assembly line, who only achieved fame based on her last name. She can’t sing. She can’t act. She can’t write. Her “dance moves” were bitten from Michael. JJ&TL and ex-hubby Rene were the one’s who made her hit albums hits. Not her. They had the talent. Not her. ”

    and you will continue to be proved wrong, bitter f*****. LMFAO. A manufactured product is someone like Britney Spears or Rihanna. Janet is someone who’s been in the business since she was 7 years of age. Someone who is the brains behind all her album creations. You needs to stop over-hyping the “Jackson” family assembly line, a**. Janet and Michael are the only ones who garnered both success and critical acclaim. The rest of them failed in both successfully making a name for their self. You CAN’T be famous based on your last name alone, down syndrome looking f*****.

    She can sing, dance, act ,write and etc.
    That’s why you’re mad 😀

    This is why you’re writing over 300 words ABOUT Janet Damita Jo Jackson because you’re upset that she is STILL shitting on your faves 3 decades into her career 😀



    Her dance moves are nothing like MJ (who btw is repetitive when it comes to making moves)

    Where’s Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis now?
    Where’s Rene now?

    If they’re the reason for Janet’s albums and songs WHERE are they NOW?

    Honestly, where are they?

    Please, answer me! I need a answer 😀

    I’m sure you’re going to resort to the same ole “She’s a flop, untalented, etc” niche. Which fails all the time.

    Once again, Her discography have sold and garnered her more money than you will earn in a lifetime 😀 So who’s the real flop? You are. You’re the one sitting at home on your ass all day, overweight, ugly, on a music blog tapping your fat knuckles on that keyboard, irate at the fact that Janet Jackson shits on you and your favorite chopped artists, etc. etc.

    YOU are the flop.

    NOT Janet Jackson who sold 140 million records, starred in movies that grossed over $300 million, sold-out stadiums and arenas worldwide, etc. etc.


    That’s why you’re mad.

    If she’s so “irrelevant” why do you feel the need to be the first to respond to her topics? Because you’re pressed and you secretly love her.

  46. Rebecca November 6, 2010

    Why are they promoting this book when it is not even released yet?

  47. Hush November 6, 2010

    “Beyance stan (which is even worse because the b**** only sold 20 million albums worldwide with 3 albums). ”

    Um. Sales of Janet’s last 3 albums don’t even equal HALF that much.
    Y’all betta leave Bee out this petty fight. ‘k? Thanx.

  48. Barbie November 6, 2010

    Well, I watched Janet J on Larry King last night. She actually makes me cringe. Really, she does. Every freaked-out movement she makes with her face and her (omg!!) Very fake little creepy giggle just sickens me. It was like I was in a trans and couldn’t rip myself away! I kept wanting her to just answer a question like a normal person!! Stop trying so freaking hard to be an iconish ‘super star’!! When she said she only has very few friends because she’s so famous or what- ever …. MOST people only have a few friends! There’s NOTHING unusual about that! On my word, it was exhausting watching her twitch and contort her face! EeeeK!!! She use to be so interesting and beautiful, not anymore. She struts around on stage like she’s going to kick someone’s ass and flips her hand around at the audience … all whilst barely singing in her breathy lip-synct voice! Hahahaa! Ooooo I can’t WAIT for her new album and go see her lip-sync the whole thing in ‘concert’!!!! Weeee!!!!

  49. chicken head November 6, 2010

    lmao @ janhova , nobody is checking for ms.nasty. she lookin more like michael everyday. she can’t sing, she can’t dance anymore. she’s a has been, the only reason she has strong record sells is because she comes from a time when CDs use to sell. come on now, u can’t honestly believe that Janet is better than beyonce. beyonce has 13 Grammys! sweet dreams alone shits on janets discography. no one ain’t checking for her! she can’t carry a movie alone, the Tyler Perry brand is what’s going to sell this movie.the only thing Janet did was pave the way for chicks who can’t sing, a la Britney and Ciara. but britney and Ciara are actually bette than Janet. and to top it off u think Janet is better than Mariah or Madonna. please I don’t like Mariah or Madonna but they are definetly more iconic than Janet. besides when’s the last time Janet had a hit? what has she done for me lately??? nada r.i.p to janets mediocre career 1984-2001.

  50. JanhovasWitness November 7, 2010


    Hun, ONE of Janet’s albums equates to that. Good day!


    WOW and you still tuned into see the Goddess’s interview. Interesting

    @Chicken Head (Fitting name btw 😀 )

    Stopped reading after – “nobody is checking for ms.nasty.”

    You obviously are hence why YOU are perched in a Janet topic 😀

    and Janet IS better than Beyawnce. No explanation needed.

    Chile, I don’t even need to go in detail about how much better she is than Hagdonna and Mooriah. Deformed a**, found a new hobby. You sound a fool.

    You guys make this WAY too easy for me LMFAO!

  51. JanhovasWitness November 7, 2010


    not found.

  52. Barbie November 7, 2010

    @Janhova … No, I didn’t tune in to see a ‘Goddess’, I tuned in to see Janet Jackson and was completely disappointed by her fake, calculated personality. There was not one true emotion or facial expression. It was as frustraiting as watching her ‘sing’ with that rediculas contraption she sticks on her head while she pretends to sing live in concert!! Sorry dude, but the others are correct, Beyonce IS a talented and wonderful performer, BECAUSE she can actually SING. How can JJ fake sing live performances and still expect to be taken seriously? I guess that’s enough for you, but not for me.

  53. Hush November 7, 2010

    Oh JanhovasWitness, you deluded buffoon.

    “Hun”, a Janet fan trying to mock another singers CD sales is comedic. Janet’s last CD “Discipline” didn’t even sale one million units worldwide. Worldwide! “I Am… Sasha Fierce” came out the same year that featured some of the same producers sold 7 million. Janet’s Rock Witchu Tour grossed less than 10 million and had to be cancelled due to low ticket sales. Bee’s I Am… Tour grossed $100 million. Both Bee and Janet are said to be prepping new albums for next year. Whose do you think is more likely to sell millions and have several top 10 singles?

    I couldn’t care less about back in the days of rotary dial phones and cassette tapes, when Janet used to have hit songs and sell records; today her music career is in the doldrums and anyone who can’t see that is delusional.

    I think Jan better stay in Tyler Perry’s good graces for as long as she can because w/o him, she wouldn’t be having any kind of success today. Speaking of which, the box office tally is in for FOR COLORED GIRLS. It opened at #3, grossing 21 million. Bee’s last film, OBSESSION opened at #1 with close to 30 million.

    Like I said, leave Bee out of your inferiority complex over other female singers being more successful than Janet as of late. You will only look even more ridiculous than you already did.

  54. Barbie November 7, 2010

    Oh, and let’s not forget her Cruella Deville side … her promotion of Black Glama Fur. Yeah, she’s a real sweetheart.

  55. Hush November 7, 2010


  56. JanhovasWitness November 7, 2010

    Barbie = Hush

    I find it pretty lame that you would comment under two different names just to get your point across. LMFAO!

    Anyway, there’s nothing calculated nor fake about Janet’s personality. She’s genuinely a kindhearted and nice person. That’s just the way she is. In fact, a majority of the Jackson’s have the same demeanor. Beyonce DOESN’T sing, she yells. There’s a difference. Janet CAN sing whether you like to admit it or not. Unlike Beyonce Janet is dancing constantly for 2 hours straight. Now unless you can find me someone who’s doing synchronized dancing non-stop for 2 hours straight and can sing live without messing up….You can’t. Now mind you when Janet was in her 20’s to late 30’s she did in fact sing live and dance non-stop. Now that she’s older she sings to a backing track and usually lets the back track just run when she’s doing routines. That’s the way it is. Believe it or not. Even Beyonce lip syncs, not just Janet.

    Hush (aka Barbie) –

    There’s nothing comedic about me pointing out Beyonce’s laughable sales.

    Beyonce’s 3 album sales WW = Janet’s 1 album sales WW

    This is factual. Deal with it.

    Now what’s comedic is you comparing an artist who’s in her prime (Beyonce) to an artist way past her prime (Janet Jackson). You sound a fool. Why don’t we compare Janet Jackson at 28-29 to Beyonce? Let’s see who gets the last laugh. AHAAA!


    Janet’s last album did in fact scan 1 million units worldwide. Beyonce album Sasha scanned 6 million worldwide. Do you honestly feel that this is good for someone in their prime? Why don’t we compare someone like Taylor Swift to Beyonce? Since they’re both today’s popular artist. LMFAO. Oh yeah Taylor even scanned over 1 million first week. I swear, you Beyawnce stans give her WAYYYY too much when she’s being triumphed by her own peers.

    Janet is NOT prepping for a new album next year, idiotic f*****. Did you not watch the video above? She’s not releasing anything until most likely 2012. Trust when she will do well. I mean, she is the one with 6 #1 albums.

    Rightttt you could care less because you know Janet at Beyonce’s age SHITTED on everything and everyone. Everything Beyucki is TRYING to do. Janet has done already and it was done 10X’s better.

    Tyler Perry in her good graces? Who’s using who? Oh yea, Tyler is the one putting Janet as top billing in his movies. You do the math. For Colored Girls is predicted to open at 24 million but as we all know from Tyler’s previous movies – he’s always being downplayed. Why did I Get Married Too? opened at #2 with 30 million. FCG will open between 30-40 million in the box office.

    Obsessed was a joke. A pity you even bring that s*** up.

    What inferiority complex? Please, tell me who’s in who’s topic? YOU and all these hating birds are IN Janet’s topic! Do you not understand this, bitter clown? YOU are the one trying to downplay a 44 year old artist’s success and comparing it to the likes of Beyonce? Are you f****** high? Beyonce could ONLY dream to last as long as Janet has in the industry or even reach the heights of her success and albums critical acclaim.

    You sound stupid as f***.

    Mooriah is flopping, Hagdonna had to use popular producers and artists to boost her sales yet it only sold 2 million ww, etc.

    You need to stop acting like these 40+ year old are blowing the charts and Janet is the only one not doing as well as she did in her prime.

    Maybe, you should stick to defending Beyawnce’s purchased Grammy awards. When it comes to album sales Beyonce is nothing. She’s being outsold by Lady f****** Gaga and she debuted just a few years ago.

  57. SMH November 7, 2010

    we writing essays for comments now?
    lets keep responses under 100 words please

  58. Barbie November 7, 2010

    @ jonahova – you FAIL – I am not hush. Stop being stupid. Janet does NOT dance while she sings, she stomps around flicking her hand at the audience whilst her DANCERS dance their asses off!! She did the same thing when she was younger so you have failed there again. As far as Janet being a ‘kind hearted’ person, I find that impossible to believe when she is promoting the slaughter of millions of beautiful, soft, innocent animals so she can drap them all over herself so she can feel glamerous. It breaks my heart, actually. If nothing else I always thought Janet WAS a kind hearted, sweet person, even if I thought she sucked as a live performer. But when I saw she was promoting Blackgama fur, it shattered that image full stop. So there again, sadly, you fail. 🙁

  59. Janhova November 7, 2010

    FAIL #1

    Janet doesn’t stomp around. She’s actually dancing while singing live


    THIS is talent

    FAIL #2

    Just because Janet wears fur doesn’t make her a bad person. I’m sure you love eating meat. One of the many reasons why I can’t take anti-fur advocates seriously

  60. Barbie November 7, 2010

    @ janhoover – *sigh* again you fail. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. Please shut up now.

  61. Janhova November 8, 2010

    So prior 10 years you were a meat lover, right? I’m sure you wear leather our drive a car with leather exterior. I can’t take you seriously.

  62. Whatever!! November 8, 2010

    So you were a meat lover prior 10 years, right? I’m sure you wear leather or drive a car with leather exterior. I can’t take you seriously.

  63. Barbie November 8, 2010

    Pahahaa! Jonhova AKA Whatever ….. Loser. This has all been a lot of fun, but now I’m bored with you. Please continue to enjoy watching Janet Jackson lip-sync and strut around in her beautiful fur coats. Be my guest. Buh-bye

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