Kelly Rowland Performs At Jezebel Anniversary Bash

Published: Saturday 13th Nov 2010 by Sam

Kelly Rowland led the festivities at Jezebel Magazine’s 14 Anniversary Bash in Atlanta earlier this week, taking to the stage to perform a set of her most-loved hits.

Peep her live showing of ‘Like This’ below…

Nailed it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. QueenofPopJanet November 13, 2010

    Kelly is so past her career capability. If she were going to blow up, it would have happened no later than 2003. She’s practically 30 now. That’s old in this industry for someone who never scored a real hit. She may as well accept that fame just wasn’t something she was destined for by herself. She doesn’t really have a good singing voice either. Who can forget her screwing up the National Anthem? Just go ask Beyonce if it would be ok for you to do a small club tour revue of Destiny’s Child’s greatest hits.

  2. Dave November 13, 2010

    Girl bye @ the 1st comment. It’s NEVER over! & she does have a great singing voice, just at times she gets out of breath. But, her performance was based on her getting the crown involved & working them moves. & she went INN! Because this isn’t too much of a vocal song, it’s more like she’s talking to be honest (as far as the arrangement of the song).

  3. BM November 13, 2010

    I love the new choreography!! She looks great!
    Her white dancer is Bryan Tanaka (Beyonce ‘I Am.. tour’ male dance captain)!!

  4. Muni November 13, 2010

    Natural performer and she doest it so effortless, HATERS BACK OFF 2011 come quickly to shut f**k up the HATERS. GO KELLY u r the BEST!!!

  5. dboy November 13, 2010

    love the new cut, attitude, wardrobe, routine and the performance overall

    she got the crowd hyped ….

    no matter how great her performance….sadists will still come here talking ish…why don’t u go watch rihanna perform instead? afterall all u care about is hits…GET LOST

  6. Catepillar-man November 13, 2010

    Her most loved hits???? Plural? hahahaha sure.

  7. Muni November 13, 2010

    It is really funny cos at this age KELLY should be on the top of her career but because of what happen (everybody knows, if u don’t you should know by now) anyways she is actually starting her career now SO KELLY will be here for at 10 YEARS to come. GET OVER IT.



  8. Muni November 13, 2010

    As u can see she is having fun above anything, She is living the confident cos she has around her people that love her, respect her and believ in HER OK. She is doing what she loves to do and guess what she is getting paid.

    Many people or HATERS just forget that KELLY has no promtion yet in US and only some overseas. WHen she start having the real promo you guys will surprise the amount of people that love HER!!!!

  9. CISUS-CHRIST November 13, 2010

    Kelly is such a basic b****. No one even checks for her ass anymore. Its all about Gaga and Ciara.


  10. S*** November 13, 2010

    ^^^ DEATH & this coming for a C-ERROR Stan, The Queen of Basic B****** (well 2ND to Skeri Whilson). I dont like Kelly all that much myself but Shes my Fav Basic B**** (Behind Fantasia), Matter fact If Kelly had no relation to the Queen I wouldnt be checking for her either but since she does… *Sips Tea*

  11. KELENDRIA ROWLAND November 13, 2010

    Im shaking from joy!!!!! THE QUEEN of Dancer&b IS AMAZING!


    BeYAWNCE, RHITardna, Haga WHOOOOO????

    Support Ms Kelly!!!!

  12. Mike November 13, 2010

    I love what Frank and Kim have done with Kelly.. Can’t wait for album… SHe has found her nitch.. GO KELLY…..

  13. Soulful Roses November 13, 2010


  14. drfenty November 13, 2010

    DEAD@ this bish

    how yu gon release a single in the beginning of the year and then push your album back all year?

    how u gonna be part of one of the most successful acts in music history and perform @ such ghetto venues?

    im done with u gwarl.

  15. K.Row Kid November 13, 2010

    YES! She did that! Go Head Girl! CANNOT WAIT FOR HER ALBUM!

    DEAD @ The Haters calling Kelly basic while working at fast food places.

    DEAD @ Kelly making quadruple more in a day, than everyone commenting on this post will ever make in their entire life.

  16. True Diva November 13, 2010

    I cannot understand the constant crtiticizing of this woman to save my life! She has a great singing voice & has really improved drastically with her performances! Keri Hilson doesn’t have nuthin on your live performances Kellz!!! By the way Kelly I’m loving that boy cut on u girl u r workin it! Don’t mind the haters…. let em talk… bcuz these r the same ppl tht will be going out to run & buy your cd when it hit stores next year! If they didn’t like u they wouldn’t even click on your post mama! Love the new confidence & swagger! I know u will do well this time around Ms. Kelly! Keep up the good work! Whoever is behind your career is doing an awesome job!

  17. November is flop month, let the show begin November 13, 2010

    Can someone explain to me or point exactly when did it become a law or industry standard for someone’s career to end at 30? anyone?

  18. tom November 13, 2010

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  19. S*** November 13, 2010

    Thats Bey’s Back Up Dancer BTW, Bey’s Employees sure do get a LOT OF WORK.

  20. dumMiEs November 13, 2010

    ….I love how “DUMMIES” brink Keri Hilson’s name up in a Beyonce’ oops I mean a Kelly post……

    Last I checked Keri is WAY MORE RELEVANT than Kelly…..Check the Charts boo…..

    The last R&B Song Kelly had at #1 was “Like This” and that was “Like” 3 Years Ago….

    @S***…The name certainly fits you……I don’t like Ciara but Ciara has out sold Kelly and at this point still more Relevant thatn here so take a seat……

    *Sips Green Tea With A Halls In It Like Wendy Williams*

    “How you doin'”

  21. dumMiEs November 13, 2010


    If your gonna call PLEASE CALL The right “S***”

    Tanaka was Destiny’s Child Dancer before Beyonce’s I Am….Tour…

    For someone that talks sooooo much “S***” you would think you had your fact STRAIGHT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! FAIL ! ! ! ! !


  22. daboss8791 November 13, 2010

    30 must be the new 20! Girlfriend sounds and looks better than she ever did in D.C. I liked the performance, looks like she updated it with new choreography. I like how she went back to her new D.C. days with the short hair. Her oufit was fabo as well, Go Kelly!


  23. Rated X November 13, 2010

    common now,

    let this woman have some fun…

    since when does age determines ur career level?

    obviously she still got something going for her,

    the broad is still gettin magazines covers, still performing at places…

    lord some people just like to talk s*** for no reason……………………

  24. Cameron November 13, 2010

    @ That 1st Comment…Go Wash your mouth out because a WHOLE bunch of s*** just came out of it….Being almost 30 has nothing to do with anything…I mean your display name has one of the oldest girls in the game(Janet) and she’s still dancing and working her ass off so why can’t Kelly. I’m sure Kelly is well taken care of financially so her performing now is probably just her enjoying life and having fun trying new things. A lot of people Have and always will have Love for Kelly so realize that and get on with your life!

  25. SDW November 13, 2010

    Kelly is not even 30 yet. She turns 30 in Feburary, on the 11th to be exact, shares a b-day with Brandy.

    Loved the performance!

  26. DMAC November 13, 2010

    Love the new choreo for this song….it’s got a lot more attitude and is more fitting…as is the short sassy do.

    Loving it!

  27. S*** bucket! November 13, 2010

    Looove it! Haters are doing their job!

  28. Jamie November 14, 2010

    Kelly killed this performance. I don’t see Keri, Rhianna, Ciara, or Beyonce anywhere in the above video so to bring them up is irrelevant. Bryan Tanaka back up danced for Bee and DC so it really doesn’t matter if Kelly decided to bring him along for her promo as well. Ya’ll really need some lives.

    Kelly will sell come 2011, and I bet she doesn’t have to result to hosting a video countdown show to do it either. **That one was for free haters**

  29. AC November 14, 2010

    LMAO at sKeri & C-error being any relevant at all.
    Both stay flipping burgers at BK.
    Glad Kelly stepped her cookies up.
    Kelly>>>>rihaha, sKeri, c-error

  30. Dave November 14, 2010

    I love how people have to drag someone down just to bring someone up. Kelly is talented, & so is Keri, & Ciara. Stop the hate.

  31. Sheesh_BeyStan_Btw November 14, 2010

    No one gives a damn about Rihanna…and Keri Hilson’s name shouldn’t even be brought up. Good Job Kelly ^_^ not better than Bey tho… #imjustsayin

  32. Angela Wesley November 14, 2010

    That was a great performance by Kelly. As long as Kelly keeps performacing at venues,
    she will be relevant and stay current. If Monica can make a strong come back and stil
    be successful so can Kelly. Not only is Kelly a good singer but she is a good dancer
    too. I don’t see anything wrong with Kelly performancing at club to get some publicity
    for herself and keeping her fans iintersted in what she is doing. I have said this
    numberous times that Bey is not the only talent one in the DC, she is just the one
    being overlee promoted right now!

  33. ARFA November 14, 2010


  34. CJordN November 14, 2010

    I’m glad she went back to the short doo. She has enough sass to make it hot.

  35. Timago November 14, 2010

    SMELLY FLOPLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. cume November 15, 2010

    Great performance gets better byb the performance..Whose the lady blocking the view…filled with smiles..

  37. SolDefinition November 15, 2010

    Ok Ok Ok, lemme say this first…that lady with the toni braxton hair cut really annoyed me. and the camera person looked like they were trying to do everything but tape Kelly. All jokes aside though, I really love the tenacity and the drive that Kelly has. I agree that if she was gonna BLOW UP HUGGGE then she would have but I feel like people need to stop comparing people successes. Kelly is no BEYONCE and Beyonce is no KELLY. Their success differs in many ways. Kelly is smart and appeals to the Gay community and Europe More because that is Ultimately where most of her income comes from. People in the U.S. aren’t trying to hear her like they do overseas. I love her though…She looks cute and her stage presence is sooooo much better.

    Keep Pushing Mama!!!


  38. BDABOSS November 19, 2010

    Some of you all are tripping…That was a good performance.

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