That Grape Juice To Interview Jazmine Sullivan

Published: Monday 6th Dec 2010 by Sam

That Grape Juice will be interviewing R&B star Jazmine Sullivan tomorrow during the Grammy nominee’s press run for new LP ‘Love Me Back’.

Do you have any questions for the ‘Holding You Down’ singer? Drop them in the comments section. As ever, only legitimate questions will be considered.

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  1. Man Down December 6, 2010

    Ask Her what are ger opinions on such artists such as Lady Gaga,RIHANNA or Beyonce. U know the “mainstream” artists

  2. Yellow Gorillah December 6, 2010

    Ask her why has she gained so much weight?

  3. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 6, 2010

    1) Thinking about where you are now in your career, what does it mean for you as an artist to be a part of Kindred’s classic album “Surrender to Love” at such a young age?

    2) Anita Baker and Ron Isley, officially, received their titles of “Legend” at the Soul Train music awards this past November. Based upon artistic merit, whom do you see as the next generation of Legends?

    3) “Don’t Make Me Wait” is a great song and,certainly, a departure for you of sorts. How did this song come about?

  4. Geronimo Deuces December 6, 2010

    its funny coz i wanted you guys to ask something similar to yellow gorilla……… but in a much nicer way…………..

    what do you think about jennifer hudson loosing too much weight??

    we love you jaz

  5. Migrator December 6, 2010

    Who does she listen to during Christmas time?

  6. 123456 December 6, 2010

    How does she feel about her image? Did she never think she had to lose weight?

    What CURRENT albums is she listening to right now?

    She only collaborated with ne-yo on her albums…..what are her dream features?

  7. Witcha December 6, 2010

    1) Which artists influenced her?

    2) What can we find in her ipod?

  8. Minhquan Nguyen December 6, 2010

    With so many of her songs requiring consistent belting, how does she maintain her vocal health? What exercises or practices does she use to keep her voice strong for the long-run? Does she have examples of how singers’ short-term vocal decisions can lead to long-term degradation?

  9. shane December 7, 2010

    what does she think about the outcome of Everything to Me? Was she surprised at its huge success?

  10. Star December 7, 2010

    1. Do you feel as if R&B and Soul Music is dying due to the lack of talent in the mainstream (except for you ofcourse lol)?

    2. Who were you inspirations growing up?

    3. What your favorite song right now?

    4. Favorite producers and song writers you ever worked with?

    5. If you had to pick a male R&B singer to do a duet with, do would you pick and why?

    6. What vocal exercises do you do?

    7. Where were you and what was your first reaction after hearing your song on the radio for the very first time?

  11. jeremydante December 7, 2010

    so excited about this; i dont know one person that doesn’t f*** with jazmine sullivan, she is truly a soul singer of a dying breed. one of the best chicks out right now.

  12. NUNYA December 7, 2010

    I know its room for everybody but do Jazmine thin she have any competition?

    And also why in the heck do missy have to scream on her fast joints, its totally annoying. I know that wont get asked,LOL

  13. OKAYY December 7, 2010

    great questions @star

  14. MaZ December 7, 2010

    Who inspired her this great new album “Luv me back”? (I mean which artists)

    What are Her favorites songs on the new album?

    Which artists (female or male) would she duet with?

    What is her favorite album/ artist of the moment?

    What is the next single? (I mean after 10 seconds)

    Any european tour?


    I love Jazmine!

  15. MaZ December 7, 2010

    The questions about her weight are irrelevant and disgusting!

  16. taneisha December 7, 2010

    No one makes duets anymore …. is she interested in doing a duet?

    Can she PLEASE do a stripped version of her songs like on VH1 unplugged or AOL sessions????????

    …. her voice is incredible and if she put that one her youtube channel many people would def watch …. Keyshia Cole and Chrisette Michele did a show like that and it was great…. Can she do one please????? .

    … her singing on Soul Train was great until she tried to hype the crowd ….. she’s like Luther V. … her voice is soooo sick we just need her to sang to us.

    good luck with the album!!

    Is she interesred in collaborting with other songwriters like Babyface or David Foster ?

  17. Jairius Johnson December 7, 2010

    Can you guys please ask her why her videos dont get much of a budget to match the awesome songs that she makes?

  18. Lostonez December 7, 2010

    do she feels pressured to take her clothes off to stay in the spotlight?
    What’s one thing she brought to the R&B field that other R&b artist out now haven’t?
    How did she react when t.i asked her to do a song with her?
    What’s her thought about alicia keys album element of freedom and how it got robbed by the grammy’s?

  19. TheDimplePuppet December 7, 2010

    I was wondering would you let your fans choose your 3rd single?
    What is a song that you would love to remake?
    Who is the person that you met in your life that gave you butterflies?
    Who are your musical inspirations?
    How do you feel on your Grammy nomination?
    Do you think your last album “Fearless” was snubbed by last year’s Grammys?
    How come you never put “Resentment” on either of your albums?
    Have you seen “For Colored Girls” if you have what do you think about the film?

  20. JazzyFan4life December 7, 2010

    ***ASK JAZMINE***

    1. What made her go for this old school sound for the album???

    2. What was the hardest part about recording this new album???

    3. Who would she love to work with and write for in the near future???

    4. Whats one song on the radio that she would love to sing live on tour from another artist?

  21. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 7, 2010

    @THEDIMPLEPUPPET, “How come you never put “Resentment” on either of your albums?”

    i really like this question. That is a dope song!

  22. tyler December 7, 2010

    Ask her why hasnt her 1st album went gold yet and why is it still stuck at 468,000 copies.

    Ask her why has her new album shifted 1st week sales of less than 60,000k lmfaooo her and chrisette michelle are big time flops.

  23. ait December 7, 2010

    HER ALBUM WAS BOTH A CRITICAL AND COMMERCIAL SUCCESS, GETTING 7 GRAMMY NOMINIES AND WAS CERTIFIED GOLD SELLING OVER 500 000 copies ask her about how does she feel achieving so much with just a first album.

  24. Raphael December 7, 2010

    1) Name one memory that stuck with you while recording this album & why?

    2) What songs would you want to be future singles?

    3) What are your favorite artist out right now?

    4) Why did you choose to have minimal collaborations on this album?

    5) What are some future endeavors you’re looking forward to (more albums, film, writing)?

  25. RosaRubbel December 7, 2010

    Y’all mad because their fave hasn’t talent, so they talk about Jazmine’s weight! Sad & bitter!

    Can’t wait!

  26. H&S December 7, 2010

    Would she ever consider working with Brandy? Their voices are so unique and I think a duet would be awesome!

  27. FUSION December 7, 2010

    When will she tour in the UK?

  28. S December 7, 2010

    Ask her to sing acapella that would be the greatest ask …!

  29. Baleia December 7, 2010

    When will you be able to conquer the rest of the world. Good enough was really inspired by Prince? or definitely has something about Aretha Franklin.

  30. Darryn December 7, 2010

    1. How does it feel to be honored Billboard’s “Rising Star” for 2010 when you’ve been on the scene for quite some years?
    2. Does she feel she deserves more recognition and success for her craft?
    3. How does it feel to be nominated for her 8th Grammy in less than 2 year?
    4. Is there anything about herself she wishes she could change or any decisions she’s done with her career she regrets?
    5. What is her stance on the “Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj” beef?
    6. Does she know why Missy Elliott keeps delaying her own album?
    7. What made her sample “Crank Dat” for “Bust Your Windows”?
    8. Is she ok with being known as the lady who sang “Bust Your Windows”?

  31. KNUCK December 7, 2010

    How does she feel about the standard album in the industry being down to 10 or 11 tracks?

    Is there a song written for another artist that she wishes she kept for herself?

    Does she have songs in the vault that she plans to use on future albums? what are they?

    “Redemption” is a spiritual song of sorts. Does she plan to do any other gospel or inspirational music?

    Does she play any instruments and how does that incorporate into her music?

    I love the fact that she sings her background vocals and leaves them turned up so that the harmonies can shine. Does she intentionally place emphasis on her background vocals? Many artists are just singing the bare minimum.

    Does she visit blogs and how does she feel about them?

    Has it dawned on her that she is vocally influencing a generation of singers?

    Name an album that she can play all the way through.

  32. wade December 7, 2010

    1. Top 5 Vocalist out now?

    2. Has she considered working with Fantasia again, as a duet?

    3. What “old school” song would she like to cover?

    4. Who would she most like to write for?

    5. Next single after “10 Seconds”

  33. ilovejs December 8, 2010

    What Do You Do In Your Spear Time?

    On Your New Album there’s A Song Called “Famous”.
    What Is Being Famous To You?

    Whats Your Favorite Show and Movie?

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