Behind The Scenes: Willow Smith’s ‘Sunday Times’ Shoot

Published: Thursday 23rd Dec 2010 by Sam

Ten year old wonder Willow Smith recently posed it up for the UK’s Sunday Times. Check out a behind the scenes look at the quirky photoshoot.

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  1. sadiq December 23, 2010

    First to comment 🙂
    Love Willow tho

  2. Lamb4Life December 23, 2010

    FLOP ! 🙂

  3. Traci Summers December 23, 2010

    ugh i wish i was the daughter of two rich m************

  4. Stoney-Brie December 23, 2010

    yahhzzzz! werk Ms Willow!! slay slay lil gal!


  5. Rihanna$ever December 23, 2010


    Mariah struggles to reach GOLD @ Platinum. Sit goat..sit !!! 🙂

  6. TIMMI December 23, 2010

    I would love to know how you came to the conclusion that a video of a ten year old acting a pro in a photoshoot is a flop…

    I would love to know how you came to the conclusion a career spanning over 20 years with 18 number ones is a flop…

  7. Traci Summers December 23, 2010

    @TIMMI they prolli mean current sales

  8. Nippy You December 23, 2010

    Timmi..dont act naive.

    20 years and going downhill. Plus Mariah no1s mostly thanks to the airplay not sales. Flake?

    Well everybody needs a little career break. You don’t need to rush an album every year like Booriah…because if you’re the type that shoves an album down somebody’s throat every year or 2 it just shows and proves how you can’t afford a break because if you do people will move on to the next thing and leave you behind!

    Why do you this flop Booriah Carey releases a new single every 30 days? Her music doesn’t evolve because she’s stuck.

    She’s in her own comfort coma like Janet Jackson.

  9. TheTruth December 23, 2010

    Sales Worldwide…

    Britney Circus in 5th week = 2,216 000
    Beyonce I am Sasha Fierce in 5th week = 1,836 000
    Rihanna LOUD in 5th week = 1, 604 000
    Mariah MCIIY in 5th week = < 700k 🙂

  10. Beyonce Forever December 23, 2010

    No wonder they say Mariah fans are dumb !!!!

  11. TIMMI December 23, 2010


    What a ridiculous comment. Mariah releases music frequently because it his her passion, which is more than can be said about your fav. Go and get educated about passion and artistry, because when you are passionate about something you don’t stop doing it, since it’s what you like doing. It’s not even possible to shove an album down someone’s throat, people buy music if they want to. Mariah having a number one basically year after year for almost 20 years doesn’t suggest people don’t want to buy her music does it? And as for your pathetic statement about airplay, stop clutching at straws because I WILL make you look a fool. That’s a load of b*******, and, EVEN IF what you’re saying is true. Every artist is entitled to airplay. Every artist is competing in the same charts. Are you going to come back at me with some source of information that states Mariah is unfairly receiving more airplay than other artists for whatever reason, consequently not being worthy of her number ones? If not, sit down and STFU.

  12. GaryG December 23, 2010

    Mariah releases music frequently to recoup her 3 flopped albums (E=mc2, Memoirs and Memoirs remix) + a flopped tour & movie !

    Grow up …sip that detox tea!!!

  13. Nippy You December 23, 2010

    Mariah is passionate about music..LMFAO …why she lipped in her performances?


  14. _divadom_ December 23, 2010

    Aw shes adorable. Im glad her mother is there to see over things.She looked like she was having fun.

  15. TIMMI December 23, 2010


    Done with you when you mentioned and counted an album as a flop when it was never released.


    1. Being passionate about music is more the creative process than the performance.
    2. You probably say Mariah lips when she’s not because you’re stunned by The Voice.

    You dumb hating broads never get it and never will. What success Mariah achieved in her first year of her careeer is more than what people achieve in a lifetime. Mariah is, and always will be a legend and nothing she does now, whether you class it as a flop or not, can take away from what she’s already done.

  16. Flop-Fat_Riah December 23, 2010

    Mariah is a has-been. Her last three albums has been sales failures, including her Christmas album.

    Maybe her twins will be as fat and fake as her so they can make fake music together. Fat Fu*ck

    Go Willow!!

  17. GangsterA December 23, 2010

    fashion icon in the making b****** love her shes so cute

  18. Mariah is a done worldwide December 23, 2010

    Enough about Mariah- the has been!!!

    Talking about Mariah in this thread thats just making MooMoo sounds like a grandma!

  19. UGh December 23, 2010

    love Willow and i love her style. glad to see her mommy there with her all the time.

    How did Mariah get on this post? why r ppl comparing an xmas album with regular albums? does it change the FACT the she remains the best selling female artist of all time?

  20. Billy Gaga December 23, 2010

    Mariah is NOT the best-selling artist… DUH!

  21. RiRi still in Top 10 December 23, 2010

    1 1 Firework – Katy Perry (3X #1)
    2 3 Grenade – Bruno Mars
    3 2 What’s My Name? – Rihanna Featuring Drake
    4 4 Raise Your Glass – P!nk
    5 5 We R Who We R – Ke$ha
    6 7 Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
    7 6 Only Girl (In The World) – Rihanna
    8 8 The Time (Dirty Bit) – The Black Eyed Peas
    9 – 6 Foot 7 Foot – Lil Wayne Featuring Cory Gunz
    10 9 Just A Dream – Nelly


  22. CRAMPED December 23, 2010

    Her style is amazziing! Go willow!

    @ Thetruth
    Beyonce IASF was 1,879,00 in the 5th wk. lol.
    I didnt know CIRCUS was selling that fast, because it barely sold 5M WW. IASF>>>> Circus in sales.

  23. CRAMPED December 23, 2010

    @ UGH – I agree. Its unfair to comparing Mariah Xmas album to regular albums.

  24. drfenty December 23, 2010


    circus was 2.3 after 6 weeks
    iasf was 2.1 after 6 weeks

    LOUD will be 1.9-2 milll after 6 weeks.

    for a singles artist, rihanna isnt that far behind. and taking into consideration, rihanna had FAR less USA promo than BEYONCE, altho she did invest slightly more promo in Europe.

  25. gege December 23, 2010

    These are some dumb people the post is about Willow. Now just read what you people turned it into. What a shame

  26. CRAMPED December 23, 2010

    @Dr Fenty –
    Well, after 5th wk beyonce was 1M+ in the US, so rihanna cant compare there.

    IASF Was 2,250,000WW after 6wks (I can prove it)

    Beyonce biggest promo was xfactor and it paid off, she didnt perform on other talk shows in the UK prior to album release like rihanna.

    Circus is a good example of an fast selling album with no longevity.

  27. CRAMPED December 23, 2010

    @GEGE – Thats true lol.

    go Willow!

  28. Tami December 23, 2010

    You people always take about other people on Willows post!If not Rihanna it’s album dales of others!This is about Willow!Goodness!Willow is a cutie and she’s nothing of a flop so stop it!Whip My Hair has gone platinum, because of release worldwide!Not bad for 10 at all!I think she made history there,Justin was the youngest before I think?I love her confidence, she has superstar written all over her!I really think, no I know in 2011 Willow will blow up.ESP touring with Bieber and her album!I know more grown folks excited for her album than adults!LOL

  29. Tami December 23, 2010

    Than kids My Bad!I really think Willow will put those of Ciara and Keri to shame with her sales, when her album drops!Lol, bout time Willow!End these b****** careers

  30. BarnYardAnimal December 23, 2010

    I wish barn yard farmers would stop pushing there goat on other peoples post, who cares what the goat did, Willow is about to snatch
    that red raggedy wig off.

  31. truth serum December 23, 2010

    Lol… I hope some of you are on these artist’s payola. Wth is the point of recounting numbers? The Beatles outsold every one you mentioned..TAKE DAT TAKE DAT. Michael Jackson shat all over alla those sales.. TAKE DAT TAKE DAT. Elvis tsunami skeeted on them sales… TAKE DAT IN DA AYAAASSS… >>>>>> YO FAVE.. LOL you all sound like idiots, contributing factor to why music continues to go down the s*** hole. The hell are these people eating.

    Anyway, Willow is so cute! Get it.

  32. JASMINE! JASMINE! December 23, 2010


    Mariah Carey is ONE of the BEST-SELLING female artists of all time and is also ranked in the top five catergory of the best selling female artists in the history of american music. Where that still doesn’t deter from the fact that she is a legend who has inspired millions WW……. *SMH* PLEASE…….

    IT IS 2010… Mariah Carey is OFFICIALLY a HAS BEEN- (and for those of you who might decide to bring up her 2005 manifesto, her 21st century take on music has been mostly underwhelming) and its time we realise that.


  33. JASMINE! JASMINE! December 23, 2010



  34. Paging The Smiths December 23, 2010

    I’m sick of this child. The Smith’s should be charged with child abuse! She’s touring with Bieber? Shouldn’t they both be in school?

  35. dboy December 23, 2010


    u don’t go down in history for having 1 good year in music, it’s about longevity

    mariah has absolutely nothing to prove , she’s made her mark in music in US and world over

    and i agree with tami, this post is about willow not beyonce, rihanna or mariah

  36. JASMINE! JASMINE! December 23, 2010


    Which is my point exactly! People in this post are comparing Mariah Carey’s album and singles sales to that of today’s artists, including Willow Smith (Who hasn’t even released and album yet and is recieving WW coverage for just ONE single)

    Mariah Carey has made her mark- her VOICE and CREATIVITY is a landmark among popular music! Therefore she is genuinely a HAS BEEN (though maybe I should have explained myself better)……. This post isn’t about Mariah Carey, its about WILLOW

  37. Yellow Gorillah December 23, 2010

    Did somebody just calll this girl a Fashion Icon LOOOOOOOL I CANNOT!

    DEAD at these silly stans calling mariah a HAS-BEEN Girl mariah has nothing to prove the only people that got to prove anything is your fab maria has been there done that she is making music because she loves it, I hate how the younger generation show no respect to the greats even in the lil kim vs minaj beef these young kids keep throwing this has-been word it will come back to haunt you!

    Willow does know how to work the camera but I’m just not feeling her yet she seems so dorky =/

  38. S*** December 23, 2010


    “Well, after 5th wk beyonce was 1M+ in the US, so rihanna cant compare there.

    IASF Was 2,250,000WW after 6wks (I can prove it)

    Beyonce biggest promo was xfactor and it paid off, she didnt perform on other talk shows in the UK prior to album release like rihanna.

    Circus is a good example of an fast selling album with no longevity.”

    I AGREE & heres official IASF WW Sales:

    1st Week: 482,428 (482,428) (sold WW 633,000 w/ U.S. numbers)
    2nd Week: 257,377 (739,805) (sold WW 359,000 w/ U.S. sales)
    3rd Week: 152,800 (893,300) (sold WW 247,000 w/ U.S. numbers)
    4th Week: 159,200 (1,052,500) (sold WW 259,000 w/ US numbers)
    5th Week: 195,000 (1,247,500) (sold WW 381,000 w/ US numbers)
    6th Week: 210,900 (1,458,400) (Sold WW 372,000 W/ US numbers)


    APPROX 2,251,000 in 6 WKS!!!!


    How do we know Rihanna’s (AVG 3/5) Album doesnt perform like CIRCUS which only sold 3 or 4 mill & Drop fast as initially predicted?? I see LOUD selling 4 Million like GGGB which is still good for her (not great).

  39. Hop-Scotch December 23, 2010


    Mariah Carey is NOT a HAS BEEN, but, these days, she surely *should* be known as IRRELEVANT!!!!!!!

    Just as people call Whitney Houston a HAS BEEN……. In certain cases ‘YES’, but Whitney’s VOICE and MUSICAL CAREATIVITY has inspired people of the world ONWARDS AND UPWARDS……. I dont think Whitney will ever be a HAS BEEN but there is a chance of her being minutely (yes minutely) forgotten! And to some people who are calling out names because there are a few people who are calling Mariah Carey a has been- I grew up with Mariah Carey’s music at the age of 8 (1990) so I AM ENTITLED to my opinion. These days Mariah Carey is known as a –

    HAS BEEN!!!!!!!

    So don’t disregard me because I am voicing MY opinion, therefore I somewhat agree with @Jasmine, because Mariah Carey’s music isn’t at its best and MANY people have said so!!!!!!!

  40. S*** December 23, 2010

    Im wondering How Willow’s Album will sound & what she’ll be singing about. I hope it wont be anything like (female Rapper) Lil Mama.

  41. S*** December 23, 2010

    @ Hop-Scotch

    Who cares, Moomoo has already made her mark on the industry & shouldnt be doing music anymore anyway, Shes 40 & needs to Retire not that all that age should retire but in this case moomoo has NOTHING left to offer her fans (besides her previous work). Cant blame her for trying though, Still trying to hang with the Beyonces & Alicia Keyses & really the even YOUNGER generation( the Willows!!) SMH

    Give it up mama & have those Twins!!

  42. Hop-Scotch December 23, 2010


    I must say I agree with you!!! Your point is what I first had in mind!

    Mariah Carey has made her mark in music and is now seen as (ahem) *IRRELEVANT* to most masses!!!!!!!



  43. Lamb4Life December 23, 2010

    MooMoo debuts at # 100 on Billboard this week….with Oh Santa.

    Haterz stay pressed !

  44. Beystanbish December 23, 2010

    You h*** can’t be serious arguing abou a legend and a little girl.

  45. Shouw December 24, 2010

    Lol I thought this post was about willow smith but according to the comments i think it’s about rihanna and Beyonce’s sells

  46. SObombdotcom December 24, 2010

    Too cute……… glad to see that her mother was there to monitor everything, I LOVE THE SMITH’S !

  47. anthony omg im lfreeman December 24, 2010

    omg im luvin the pics go willow

  48. arfa December 24, 2010

    ugly kid!

  49. white media December 25, 2010


    kelis new singlle BRAVE on itunes now

  50. I hate Flops (ciara) December 25, 2010

    check it her eyes looking like dumbo & her hair is nappy like a rasberry bush & she swagger jacks rihanna to 100! i hate this whip my flop girl i bet she will date chris brown also and den watch he will woop her a** 2..

  51. Jayonce December 25, 2010

    i love her fashion omg!!

    and her nail game is fierce!

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