Willow Smith Reveals Frustrations With Newfound Success

Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Trent

Those who believe that Willow Smith is not being allowed the chance to have a normal childhood may be right. The 10 year old revealed to NME magazine that sometimes she does indeed feel frustrated by the pressure of fame and is forced to sacrifice her social life while recording music. read what Willow had to say below:

While Willow, who is just ten years old, describes her fledgling career as “awesome” she added the responsibility of being a singer sometimes means she has to make sacrifices in her social life.

“The hardest part is wanting to hang out with your friends when you have to work,” she says. “My friends will come over and you’re recording and you’re like, ‘Pleeease let me go with my friends. I don’t wanna stay here!’ but people are relying on you.” {Source}

Why is a 10 year old under such pressure to succeed? While there may not actually be any spoken restrictions against her having fun with her friends, the mere fact that Willow feels that way is a clear indication that she is being pushed to be something other than a normal child.

The only thing a girl her age should have to worry about is finishing her homework, eating her vegetables and not talking to strangers. The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of Michael Jackson’s rocky personal life or, even worse, a Britney Spears public meltdown. Put down the microphone and go play with your Pokemon cards Willow.


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  1. Nichole December 8, 2010

    Willow need go sit her little ass down. I mean seriously…what is the rush? She should enjoy her friends, and childhood. Music isn’t going any where.

  2. Quanberg December 8, 2010

    Not Surprised at all !!!

  3. Nichole December 8, 2010


    Britney was 15 when she came out, at least she was older than Willow. 15 is actually a decent age to start.

    However, I agree about MJ as well. I think he was younger than Willow when he started professionally singing but I could be wrong.

  4. Kimmy December 8, 2010


    you forgot that Britney was on the Mickey Mouse Club when she was 9.

  5. Shae December 8, 2010

    I TOTALLY AGREE! she can BARELY compete wit these older women, who is all about working and being socialites. This is no life for a kid…look at McCaugley whatever, MIcheal, Britney, Gary Coleman, Jeff Bridges and many others who life was ruined ‘cuz of early success. Will and Jada ought to know damn better. good grief!

  6. Shae December 8, 2010

    sorry i meant to say…Todd Bridges..lol

  7. MissImaprtial December 8, 2010

    I had a feeling all along that she is being pushed by her parents. What I don’t understand though is why her parents want their kids to be in showbiz that early. I mean they could have waited a few years until they matured.


    She should be able to be a kid. If she is talented there she will make it whenever SHE CHOOSES. HOLYWEIRED NEVER LEARNS OF PREVIOUS MISTAKES.

  8. sabrina December 8, 2010

    If she is feeling this now, I don’t know what to say. It only gets worse so Will and Jada need to re-evaluate some things.

  9. carl December 8, 2010

    Smh. I said in the very begining she is too young, I love her though! Very talented!

  10. MissImaprtial December 8, 2010

    The Brit picture reminds me to ask why did you not post that Britney’s new single is going to be released on Jan 3rd world wide on radio.

    Can not wait and I hope that she is going to work with Josheph Khan who directed Toxic, Womanizer and Stronger video which I think are her best videos.

  11. Nichole December 8, 2010

    @ MissImaprtial. Why are you so quick to pin this on Will, and Jada? For all we know, Willow wanted a music career and her parents granted her wishes.

    Just like Jaden is acting, and I’m pretty sure he’s acting because he WANT TO and not because his parents are forcing him.

    @ Kimmy. Yeah and Britney also did a commercial, but my whole point is, that at least she waited until she was 15 to get into the stressful and grueling music industry. She was already well into her teens. Even JoJo was 13 when she started.

  12. MissImaprtial December 8, 2010


    I am pinning it on Will and Jada because they are the PARENTS. Children should not parent themselves. If you have a child you do not say to YES to everything that they want.

  13. OOOOO December 8, 2010

    JADA & WILL are evil! They sacrifice their children’s life for FAME & MONEY !!!!!!!

    It’s obvious now.

  14. burlesque December 8, 2010

    The rush is this music industry is MONEY HUNGRY and they see Willow as an INSTANT money making machine just like they used Gaga and Rihanna…

    This industry cares nothing about talent but what makes them the most money and that’s why you see more un-talented gimmicks blowing up the charts. It’s all about what sounds good in the club these days.

    What kind of social life can a 10 year already have?

    Hell when I was 10, my social life consisted of Friday and Saturday nights at home with my parents. I wasn’t old enough to go out by myself or let alone have friends over except for special occasions.

    That’s the problem with kids today. Mommy and daddy have all this money so their kids can do whatever the hell they want despite their age.

    These pressures that Willow is facing is obviously showing her label doesn’t really care about HER as a person but more on the lines as a female Michael Jackson who’s a money making machine!

  15. Richard December 8, 2010

    Obviously, if you offer any child the chance to be an actor/actress or record music, they’ll take it with both hands. I’m sure Willow is a smart girl, but she’s too young to really understand the significance of such a huge life choice. Fame isn’t something you can opt in, or out of, once you’re in, there’s no escape.

    MJ and Britney are good examples. MJ said in a documentry, that he used to sit and cry because he’d be in the recording studio with the J5, and watch the kids playing in the park but knew he couldn’t join them.

    Britney and MJ both seemed to have pushy parents, who yes, recognised their kids were super-talented and could be stars, but (morally right or wrong) used them to pull themselves out of poverty and get better lives for their families. The Jacksons had 9 kids in 2 bedroomed house. Britney was in a trailer park. Jada and Will are multi-millionaires. What’s their excuse?

    That said… WHIP MY HAIR IS FIRE!

  16. Aryo December 8, 2010

    WOW…firework tops hot 100

  17. Slick December 8, 2010

    Who cares, she rich and can do what she wants. people ur stupid opinions dont me a thang and Will and Jada are not evil so shut ur holes.

  18. KNUCK December 8, 2010

    well, no shade but when you sign with a label they make an INVESTMENT and you have to WORK. It’s unfortunate, but bish they need an album to capitalize off your buzz, then u can do performances.. You will have time for friends, but it’ll be down the line.

  19. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) December 8, 2010


  20. TheMan4u December 8, 2010

    Willow wanted to do this she just didnt realize how much work it is. Just like a kid who wants a puppy but doesnt want the responsibility that comes along with it. This is a great lesson that she is being taught now, one that every parent should be teaching about resposibility

  21. FUTURESTARdelux December 8, 2010

    Anybody supprised? this is what happens when you put a kid in the industry especially one so young. Like @Richard said what is Will and Jada’s excuse? they are stupid rich.

  22. GangsterA December 8, 2010

    i wont judge her or her parents she just need to do what she wants to do forget about the world do what you want to do willow

  23. Shouw December 8, 2010

    Well she wanted to do that !

  24. lovebeth December 8, 2010

    her mother and father have money s*** she don’t need to do any thing. follow tb-lb.com

  25. Nichole December 8, 2010



  26. Nichole December 8, 2010


    Uhhhh….Willow CHOSE to be a singer, and she CHOSE to be in the industry. Frankly, I don’t think you should be pinning all of this on Will & Jada just because they are parents. I highly doubt they put a gun to Willow’s head, and made her sign a record deal.

    The fact remains, that the music industry is stressful and grueling. Willow obviously thought things were going to be easy.

    Since she feels that way, why doesn’t she drop the music and live out a normal childhood? What is the rush?

  27. Crack is wack December 8, 2010

    She keeps whipping her hair back and forth … watch her neck snap off

  28. DION-ISH December 8, 2010

    She suppose to be doing this for FUN not because ppl are relying on her?!?! Who are those ppl?? <_< come on now…..That Little Girl DOES NOT need to be taking it THAT seriously….Will and Jada need to fix something.

  29. Justice198 December 8, 2010

    I honestly don’t see it as Willow being pushed by her parents. They didn’t decide for their children what they wanted them to do. Willow was clear that she wanted to sing however, she is a child and sometimes people forget that being a singer is more than having a full time job especially with the recording, touring, promo, etc.

    She’s just new to it and young, eventually she’ll learn how to juggle.

  30. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    Kids shouldn’t be working, kids should be enjoying their childhood with as little worries as possible.

    She’s TEN. She has her whole life ahead of her to work. I don’t believe that Will and Jada are forcing her to do this, but why are they letting her work so young? At least wait until she’s 16 (personally, I’d have my kid finish school altogether before letting them embark on a full-time career). In the meantime, let her do normal kid things and help her develop and craft her talent. If she’s serious about music, prepare her for what’s to come so she’ll be mature enough to handle it when she’s in the business. The music industry f**** up people who enter it as adults, so obviously it’s gonna take a bigger toll on someone who enters it as a child.

    I think the record execs are the ones pressuring Willow. Will and Jada should do something about it. I wonder if they explained to their daughter what becoming a professional singer would entail.

    And on another note Trent, how can you say what Britney went through was worse than MJ? Yeah, her public drama was awful, no doubt about, but nobody accused her of molesting children, she didn’t become addicted to drugs and at least her family was able to save her before it was too late.

  31. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    * no doubt about it.

  32. Caylen December 8, 2010

    It’s unfair that people dislike Jaden Smith and Willow Smith just because of the fact their father probably wanted to follow in his footsteps. If Will Smith was a good father, he wouldn’t want his kids ending up like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, or Demi Lovato because they were never able to be an innocent child. Does Willow act, or dress like a 10 year old? No! She wears high heels, and I legit thought Rihanna sung her song. The fact that her parents let her do this at such a young age disgusts me.

  33. LoveandPeace December 8, 2010

    @ True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    Trent is right, Brit was not accused of molesting children, she was probably molested in many ways Brit started younger than Willow.

    Here is the proof!


  34. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    ^^^ Uh, your point?

  35. Tami December 8, 2010

    I think Willow is a very talented girl.That being said she probably she wanted to do this for fun.I don’t think she understood that their is more work invovled in it and it’s not all fun.I still believe that Willow really wants this,she just hasn’t grasped that she has to work hard. You can’t compare Willow to MJ. I’m sorry Willow’s parents are MILLIONAIRES and MJ’s family was broke as s***. Even if Willow doesn’t come out with another single or album pssh that girl is SET FOR LIFE.Of course she’ll have to make sacrifices.Don’t we all for our dreams?Wouldn’t you???I mean I just think she’s too young to understand………..

  36. LoveandPeace December 8, 2010

    True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

    December 8, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    ^^^ Uh, your point?
    Keep hugging Snoop! 🙂

  37. Tami December 8, 2010

    Willow is always fully covered and doesn’t wear high heels. So stop it.She has a very big voice for her age.What’s wrong with that?She can’t help her God given talent.

  38. Tami December 8, 2010

    But I wish the best for WIllow and I think she will be huge.She has learned a life lesson.It’s not all play but work too boo!Like someone said like a child wanting a puppy but not wanting to carry out the responsiblites of the puppy.

  39. jewelz December 8, 2010

    dead @ the britney gif #icant…

  40. KELENDRIA ROWLAND December 8, 2010

    STFU willow!
    YOU chose to enter the game now play along

    Support THE QUEEN of DanceRnb, MS KELLY ROWLAND.

  41. Tami December 8, 2010

    Lol dead at this Kelly stan!You better stfu and tell Kelly to put out a single or something please Kelly is not no QUeen of R&B.Lil Willow career is hotter than hers.Lol she’s just a FLOP along with Ciara and Keri #thatisall w/o Beyonce she is nothing!

  42. UGh December 9, 2010

    It’s what she asked for now she feels the pressure. Quit while you’re ahead. I highly doubt her parents have forced her to do anything.

  43. Yellow Gorillah December 9, 2010

    It’s true


    *It’s just the way the game is played you better just wait your turn*

    I think she want’s it she wants to be a singer/Entertainer but she does not realise that you loose a lot of your personal life but yet you Gain a lot on the way as well..

    But I don’t agree on child stars under the age of 15 I’m sorry when I was 10 I was playing in the park with friends and BEING A CHILD!

    It’s is not healthy for a 10 year old being stressed
    STRESS CAN KILL YOU no joke she needs to just release a lil album 4 track for the Kidz then wait 5 more years and drop us another then she can try and be the next rihanna! =]

  44. latin86 December 9, 2010

    Uh oh will n jada are gonna whip her b*** back n forth for telln the public she gotta work hard!

  45. TAMI December 9, 2010

    Well at least Will and Jada don’t tell Willow what to say.LOL WHIP HER BACK AND FORTH.

  46. I’m a billy goat December 9, 2010

    Damn, this sounds awful! Jada needs to be more of a responsible mother. I’m not sure what the hell Will was thinking allowing her to get into this vicious industry so early? Think about it ppl. This little girl has received nothing but positive feedback. When she get’s older the industry will begin to tell her the truth about her music, her stage presence, her apparence etc! If she is falling apart now, she will be the next “Britney Spears” (having a public break down) in 2 more yrs!

    She’s under Joe Camel Toe, so you know she will be made to do anything for success! On some “B**** better have my money” crap! See Rihanna for details!

    *SMDH at her parents!

  47. fhg December 9, 2010

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  48. ERIC December 9, 2010

    The Girl’s signed to Roc Nation, no wonder she’s being pushed so hard. Or maybe she’s not even being pushed, she’s juts not used to it. I would be tragic if she ends up like Michael or Britney… but i hope that she keeps on the right track, since i see her parents are very mature.

  49. Beysus December 9, 2010

    i told yall her little ass should be at home somewhere reading a book or playing jump rope!

  50. SG3 December 9, 2010

    No DISRESPECT but @Nichole sound real stupid talking about you can’t blame it all on Will and Jada. If a child come in your house acting a damn fool, who you gonna look @???? The parents b/c it’s their job to raise them. Everything Willow does have to be sign off by a legal guardian if you didn’t know that, she’s 10! That’s why it’s put on the parents. I don’t think ppl think b4 they speak b/c that was the most IGNORANT thing I have ever seen some1 posted. I hope u don’t no children!

  51. BEP December 9, 2010

    She is bound to be, in about 3 years, a highly sexualized figure. I bet u we’ll see something skimpy or tight leather as early as next year in the summer. The high heels will kick in soon,I’m surprised they haven’t yet. And Justin Beiber will be her boyfriend no doubt. And will sucks worse than willow & short ass jada and freak jaden.

  52. Tru Voice December 9, 2010

    WTF is wrong with Will and Jada??? Let their child be just that- A CHILD!!!! SHe Obviously not ready to do this mentally or emotionally. She has to mature into a young lady. Hell, she ain’t even hit puberty yet & they’re throwing her out there. SMH. There is def no rush so stop it. She should at least wait until she is 16. There is so much craziness in the industry anyway that you can’t even fully explain to a 10 year old. What a shame, I guess she’ll be going down the line of the other tragic hollywood child stars.

  53. lola December 9, 2010

    FINALLLY… THE TRUTH CAME OUT! I’m so glad that many people on here are against her being in the business so young and see how it’s negatively effecting her. What really pissed me off is when I was on urban blogs, there were many people who were praising the hell out of her and saying that blacks always want to bring their own people down and that those who talked negatively about her were hating. WTF? See, that is why that word is so overrated! Who the hell wants to hate on a little girl? I see why so many gimmicks in the music business have so much money, people are so damn idiotic and naive. People will support anything that’s “the next big thing.” Many were uplifting Willow and saying that she was a good role model for kids and was living out her dream when they didn’t know that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

    BEING IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS IS HARD WORK! It’s no joke. Just ask Britney Spears, Brandy, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce ect… the list goes on and on. If adult singers and rappers like Nicki Minaj, Drake, T.I., Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and many more have are criticized like crazy and have a hard time or had a hard time getting a hit or recognized, what makes you think it will be a piece of cake for a child? Willow is a damn child and it is Will and Jada’s fault for letting her pursue a music career at such a young age! You’re the parent, why they hell are you letting your child tell you what he or she wants to do when it’s something as big as a career. I can’t believe so many buffoons said that Willow was so mature and smart when she’s 10 and is still growing. It’s not like I don’t like Willow, I just don’t agree with her dressing so flashy, making music videos, singing songs about whipping your hair, and idolizing provocative and nasty singers like Lady Gaga.

    I’m not a parent and don’t plan on being one for a while but if I had a child who wanted to be a singer, I would get her private singing and dancing lessons and that’s it! Not get her a record deal.

  54. truth serum December 9, 2010

    You guys are so sensitive. Willow Smith is no different than any other child with responsibilities that would like to succeed in her chosen field. How is this different from the gifted child prodigy who is innately highly intelligent and thus becomes a chemist at the tender age of 12? How is she different from musical child prodigies that play classical instruments and get signed to symphony bands?? How is she different from the gifted child actor who has done commercial advertising to eventually get signed to Broadway and tour with that group?

    Will and Jada do not seem to make their children do anything they do not want to. Will’s oldest son Trey had the same opportunities if he saw fit, and chose instead to hone in on his football talents. Jaden and Willow both grew up in Hollywood, and being exposed to what they did and seeing their parents do what they do inspired them to pursue their own dreams. Yes… Willow will have to sacrifice things at a young age. But she is not the only child to do so. Somewhere right now there’s a 10 yr old determined to be the greatest ballet dancer and she too has had to make a sacrifice of not always being able to see her friends when she wants to.

  55. RIR BEY CICI KERI CB aka GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 9, 2010


  56. Mrsjones December 9, 2010

    Get ready lil Mrs. Willow because your social life is probably about the easiest sacrifice you are going to make in Satan’s industry

  57. Mrsjones December 9, 2010

    Will and Jada sold her to Jay Z’s camel lookin ass so obviously they they dont give a damn

  58. Fugly Kid December 10, 2010

    She looks better in a cage where moneys like her race belong!

  59. Fugly Kid December 10, 2010

    She looks better in a cage where monkeys like her race belong!

  60. antertain December 10, 2010

    Well the fact we haven’t seen much of her in recent month hopefully means the Parents are making sure the balance gets corrected

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