Willow Smith Whips ‘Holiday Hair’ (Pics & Performance Clip)

Published: Sunday 5th Dec 2010 by Sam

There appears to be no stopping little Willow Smith. As her debut ‘Whip My Hair’ continues to amass millions of views online, the youngster, 10, took to the stage to perform the song at the 2010 Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. Live last night.

Reliable word has it that Ms. Smith rocked the show. Based on the performance which you can see clip after the jump, I concur. Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for the full performance…


Your thoughts?

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  1. SipDatBoyz December 5, 2010

    I love this lil girl.. she is truly talented..i hope she keeps it up

  2. UGh December 5, 2010

    love this little girl. such a cutie and a natural entertainer.

  3. Gismaro December 5, 2010

    i don’t know

  4. ms jazz December 5, 2010

    lil grown ask

  5. LOL December 5, 2010




  6. I HATE CIARA December 5, 2010

    she cute.

  7. Isis December 5, 2010

    You can’t be an artist @ 9 years old. Period.
    And we already have boring entertainers enough.

    Willow, grow up and then when you have something to say through your music when you’re like 20, come back, because you’re talented. Don’t follow the stupid trend.

  8. Faye December 5, 2010

    Personally I think shes way too young to be doing this shes only 9. I think she should of waited to at least 15 to come out and make music, she seems talented so there is no rush. BTW am not hating and have no problem with her its just an opinion

  9. ISOTOPE December 5, 2010


    LOL, tell her parents that! Her mom, Jada is her manager. Any other era, she be known as Joe Jackson for real. Truth.

  10. PLAIN AND SIMPLE December 5, 2010

    WOW for 10 years old she’s doing great. Also Michael Jackson started out when he was 5 years old singing at night clubs with his brothers

  11. AinthatsomeSHHH December 5, 2010

    She sings better than Rihanna!! And at 10 yrs Old Gotdayum!!

  12. TAMI December 5, 2010

    That’s my GURL!Gone head Willow.This girl will be amazing when she gets olders.Smh at her singing better than Rihanna and all these pop stars.SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

  13. GangsterA December 5, 2010

    she slayed love her and she looks cute

  14. MissImpartiall December 5, 2010

    She looks utterly stupid with that thing on her hair.

  15. Anna December 5, 2010

    Aww she’s so cute and aww at her candy cane pigtails those are adorable.I don’t like comparing others so I won’t but why does this little girl sing so amazing?She sings better than some people in the game for a long time!What is she gonna sound like in 5 years?Geez!This lil girl is awesome!

  16. Dave December 5, 2010

    Yes Slayow, lmao. Her vocals stay on point & she dances too.

  17. FUTURESTARdelux December 5, 2010

    Good performance but is that song even out yet?! seems like it’s old already, she needs to drop a new single or something.

  18. jewelz December 5, 2010

    yass willow!

  19. Blue Kid December 5, 2010

    Let that baby have fun with her life, you will only be 9 once, and she is looking like she is having a good time.

    How in the world can grown b****** rag on a small child, leave her a lone. When she gets older she may not want to do this just look at Janet Jackson she started off at the same age and she is now becoming an actress, so let this child be.

    Get a life.

  20. Blue Kid December 5, 2010

    Willow is doing what 9 year old’s do, my niece is running around the house with to Christmas socks on each side of her head, like pony tails, so what’s new with 9 years old’s, nothing but silliness and that’s how it should be.

  21. TAMI December 5, 2010

    Willow said in her new interview her next single drops this month!I can’t wait.As much as I like Whip My Hair.. my neck hurting now Willow LOL

  22. LILY December 5, 2010

    @ Blue Kid

    But your niece doesn’t make money while “having fun”.

    Jada is reaching.

  23. ChrisLee December 5, 2010

    Where is her 2nd single?

  24. Yellow Gorillah December 5, 2010

    she lip-sync this whole performance

    Buts she still done ok I guess

    Just to let people know this is the first of Rihanna’s Legacy!

    * Sips Monkey Juice*

  25. Keepin it 100 December 5, 2010

    Get it Willow!!!

  26. GoGoFenty December 6, 2010

    Is it really that much easier for some people to be more positive then negative.

    Her parents are famous but that doesn’t negate her talent.

    Everyone screamed that her song was full of autotune but she sung it live on “Ellen” and did great.

    You watch her video and performance and interviews and she’s talented. She can sing, she has personality in her performance and in her video.

    There are a lot of other celeb kids who don’t succeed. Kelly Osbourne had lukewarm success. Rumer Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter) acting career hasn’t peaked.
    Lil Romeo never sold the amount of rappers with no nepotism like Bow Wow or Lil Wayne despite coming out within 3 years of them.

    People have heard her song on radio and loved it before it finished on the station and someone told them it was Willow Smith singing it.

    There are other kids who couldn’t make this song pop like she does because she has natural ability. Not because she’s the daughter or successful actors who recorded music, and not because she’s a cute kid. She’s has “IT”

    People were fans of Michael Jackson when he was younger then her.

    Brandy sold over 10 million records worldwide of “Never say Never” when she was 16.

    Music is universal, it’s not about age. You can dance or exercise to this song and that’ll probably be the tone of her album.

  27. brazio December 6, 2010

    im always amazed at her talent and professionalism at such a young age…shes good … big fan

  28. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 6, 2010

    WTF??? I just can’t with these non-musically inclined folks thinking they know when someone is lip-synching! REALLY? She was NOT lip-synching and I’m not one of those bandwagon fans either! She was clearly singing live. But because some fans of a particular artist aren’t used to hearing someone sing the correct notes, they just HAVE to be miming since it’s just IMPOSSIBLE for someone to ACTUALLY not crack or lose their breath, right? LOL!

  29. Oceanmate December 6, 2010

    She’s simply amazing 🙂

  30. Destiny’s Trash December 6, 2010

    She looks better in a cage! ugly black animal!

  31. Angel December 7, 2010

    Full performance

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