Hot Shots: Artists Party After The Golden Globes

Several artists hit the party circuit after the conclusion of last evening’s Golden Globe Awards. Jennifer Lopez, LA Reid, Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler, 50 Cent and Diddy all visited various events to celebrate with the rest of Hollywood. Look below for more images:

What do you think of the pics?

[Photo Credit: Getty / Wireimage]

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  1. chad January 17, 2011

    christinas new man is rather cute lol

  2. Tom January 17, 2011

    JLo looks like Big Bird r**** a ballerina…

  3. gio88 January 17, 2011

    Christina aguilera is just a B**** , before she has left her husband for another man , now she is everywhere with the new boyfriend…just the right behavior …..

  4. eric January 17, 2011

    christina not a good look, u’re not divorced yet and u flaunting your new man oh no

    j lo big pink bird is right lol

  5. gio88 January 17, 2011

    her ex husband will be happy to see her with the new boyfriend -__-

  6. Phil January 17, 2011


  7. powerfull January 17, 2011

    j lo stunning with this drees

  8. BREEZYTHEBEST January 17, 2011

    J.Lo whats good mami,not feeling that dress. On another note her legs is to die for she can give Ciara and Amerie a run for their money.

  9. Tee January 17, 2011

    Diddy and 50 look good! Love to see a man suited up. JLO looks like she has taken a few trips to the surgeon and not looking good on her. She was so pretty before now she looks funny.

  10. BREEZYTHEBEST January 17, 2011

    @ TEE J.lo def had some nips and tucks.

  11. Nichole January 17, 2011

    I thought LA Reid supported, and believed in REAL TALENT? At least that is what he said, when dealing with Mariah and Janet. Now he has untalented J.Lo on his arms. SMDH. True talent prevails, and J.Lo isn’t one. By the way, she looks like a sucked in version of Big Bird in those pics.


  12. BENJAMIN January 17, 2011

    Where is Jennifer going to, the ballet?

  13. J January 17, 2011

    Jennifer Lopez is the motherfuckiin business! They don’t call her a FASHION ICON for nothing, but then again you guys wouldn’t know about that. Damn look at that body! Anyway, it’s about taking risks and thinking outside the box boos. 😉

  14. CHECKMATE January 17, 2011

    J Ho is gettin old and it shows. Yaaawn, who caress. She’s gettin thick and that dress is not suitable for a 50+ yr old. Just sayin…

  15. J January 17, 2011

    ^^ Like they say “If they aint hating, then you ain’t relevant”. 😉

  16. Royalkev January 17, 2011

    Usually Jlo is so on point, but I have to say that this just doesn’t cut it! She’s still a fashion beast!

  17. Royalkev January 17, 2011

    She still look amazing though, Jlo will never stop being s***!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  18. lola January 17, 2011

    Whoever says that Jlo is s*** and looks good is a f****** stan who’s in denial. Do you not see those nasty chicken legs? Those knees are disgusting and wrinkly! Speaking of wrinkly, her face looks gross. She has wrinkles, bags, sagging skin… she’s ugly, old, and washed up. She looks 45 and isn’t she 42? And that dress is hideous.

    Christina… what a w****? Great voice, but she’s such a nasty low down s****! No real man would want her. Her new “man” is just some loser who’s in it for the ride. BTW, she looks horrible.

  19. MISHKA January 17, 2011

    J-Lo and Diddy should have taken a pic together. It’s been 10 years now, right?

  20. deman January 17, 2011

    too many HATERS up in here!!!!!! Keep lettin them have JENNY, you are the diva of all divas…and these haters will stay mad with your MUSIC COMEBACK

    ON THE FLOOR b******

  21. B**** PLEASE January 17, 2011

    Xtina is this the best she can do after leaving her husband????????? I just can’t!!!!!!!

  22. LEGENDTINA4LIFE January 17, 2011

    xtina looks hot, as always
    f*** jordan bratman

  23. mimi January 17, 2011


  24. queenb January 17, 2011

    what is happening to Jlo’s fashion sense lately?

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