Hot Shots: Chris Brown Shows Off His Moves At Box Celebrity Shoot

Chris Brown attended the 10th Annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shoot out at Us Airways Center in Arizona this weekend. The entertainer participated in the basketball game alongside several celebrities including rapper Common. More images are available below via Necole Bitchie:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. TEAMBREEZYGLOBAL January 31, 2011

    Yeah yeah yeah lol breezys looking good in those shorts

  2. beyoncethebest January 31, 2011

    i love chris brezzy……BUT QUEENBEY ALL DAY ERRYDAY!!!

  3. Stoney-Brie January 31, 2011

    i always mistake Common from Joe Budden..

  4. CIARA IS BETTER THAN JESUS January 31, 2011

    Someone please tell this n***** c*** to put a shirt on. Noone wants to see that bird chest! Wonder if he sweat that hard when he was beating Rihanna into the ground? He can black my eye though, its turns me on. N****** have the biggest d****.

  5. RIHLUV January 31, 2011


  6. annie! :] January 31, 2011

    he looks great, i love his tats! can’t wait til Graffiti comes out! 😀

  7. Ethan January 31, 2011

    Ciara is better than jezus..FLOP. bye!

  8. Ethan January 31, 2011

    Annie! you mean FAME LMAO!

  9. Ethan January 31, 2011

    Come on haters! show those worthless faces!
    show how much you lovee chris!!

    y’all pathetic!! just know that, FAME !!!!

  10. creepy breezy January 31, 2011

    his chest is horrible. somebody is depressed so somebody is eating too much hamburgers.
    trey songz usher bieber and jason derulo have abs
    what about fist brown?still going through puberty at almost 22?!

    he is tryin too hard
    sometimes I kinda feel bad for him.being a flop and has been at 21 smh…

    and #teamcreepybreezy sit yo ass somewhere and stop bragging about #1 on radio airplay
    it’s nice that his label is paying radio to play his horrible songs who dont even manage to crack itunes top 10 or even top 15
    seriously where is no b******* on itunes and why yeah x3 is 28 on itunes when the song is a top 10 on radio airplay?
    cause nobody is checking for his back up dancer ass anymore.he is still a bad singer with a birdy voice and an horrible flat bird chess ugh gross

  11. Truth January 31, 2011

    ha ha yall funny. Have yall seen Ri’s beach picks…she’s still a s*** muthaphuka..but she’s getting a lil chubby too…..Chris’s chest is funny looking but he’s still my Nikka fa life. Nikka got true talent… 🙂

  12. RIHLUV January 31, 2011


  13. Keesha January 31, 2011

    I’ll say the same thing I said on NB, I LOVE Chris, but he needs to do some sit ups! LOL!

    March 22nd, 2011 = F.A.M.E. & Fortune

  14. Neickha January 31, 2011

    Awe Im glad he had fun #teambreezy

  15. dang trent January 31, 2011

    dang trent you blocking people cause they dont like the fist

  16. RIHLUV January 31, 2011


  17. ILOVECHRIS January 31, 2011

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww♥. Look at his chubby self! That’s adorable 🙂

  18. ILOVECHRIS January 31, 2011

    And it’s so funny how someone who SUPPOSEDLY hates Chris is the one to talk about No BS having #1 radio play on the Urban Charts. No one said anything about that so the fact that you know is just…. HILARIOUS! Lmao

  19. creepy breezy January 31, 2011

    dang trent you fail
    blocking people for this back up dancer who cant sing

    i mean this guy is not talented like people like beyonce rihanna justin bieber lady gaga or usher
    he is nothing but a marketed back up dancer there is like a thousand professional dancers in the world does it means that people like wade robson deserves record deals?
    i dont think so
    fist brown is like a male kesha since he can’t sing he is rapping on autotune
    even lil wayne exposed him and said that he has no talent as a rapper
    so if can not sing can not rap he is just a random professional back up dancer with a record deal
    jive better push jacob latimore cause this kid is a good guy and can actually sing and dance…

  20. creepy breezy January 31, 2011

    he is gross in every way…but i guess that nicca cant afford gym since he is broke and has all these legal bills to pay
    did I mentionned that he paid the sherif from his town so he doesnt have to clean anything
    see #teamfistbrown we SAW him cleanning stuf just one time and he even called the paps after that nothing…
    and the judge is corrupted he is not making aby efforts and he still has anger issues just remember when he mocked raz b for being gay and rapped as if it was funny
    whoever is defending this piece of ish has self esteem issues seriously

  21. zania January 31, 2011

    These pictures made my day. Damn Chris is fine. Loving his smile.

  22. zania January 31, 2011

    Lil wayne didn’t say CB couldn’t rap. He said Chris has flow but their are so many veteran rappers trying to get on his album and they would be upset if he put Chris on his album rapping and Chris is really a singer.

  23. PLAIN & SIMPLE January 31, 2011


    You say no one is checking for Chris then WHY are you on every chart checking where his songs are at on the charts.

  24. PLAIN & SIMPLE January 31, 2011

    WOW!! For someone that don’t like someone why so many comments. Wjat a fool

  25. PLAIN & SIMPLE January 31, 2011

    oops What a fool

  26. Kim January 31, 2011

    Why dont the haters stop hating and get a life. If you dont like him thats fine but why waste your time commenting if you hate him so much? Yes he beat the s*** out of Rihanna and he shouldnt of touched her, but shes hardly a victim she was also hitting him too dont get me wrong I dont think a man should ever put his hand on a woman but she obviously did something that was really bad for him to do that, she actually went back with him after he beat her so she obviously wasnt that affected by it, the only reason she stopped dating him was because people were turning against her for taking him back, also she done a song about abuse with a known wife beater Eminiem why would someone who has experience abuse work with someone like that and do a song about it to? Shes an idiot.

  27. KaVion January 31, 2011

    This n**** is TOO tatted up..where his n****** go? Lmao
    I’m glad he’s looking happy again, he deserves it.
    He’s gone through enogh and everyone makes mistakes, therefore everyone deserves a second chance. Good luck with F.A.M.E Chris!
    His futures looking bright

  28. KaVion January 31, 2011


  29. TEAMBREEZYGLOBAL January 31, 2011

    @CREEPYBREEZY yep no one is checking for Chris but here you are on a post about him, sure. Talk about dumb. I guess you just automatically spit hate. BITCHBYE. Chris Brown is No.1 in the UK RnB main charts check where your b**** Rhino is right behind him that’s where she will always be BEHIND. And he’s No.10 on the main charts You mad so what I wish you best a luck DEUCES

  30. Blue Kid January 31, 2011

    The haters need go change their names and avatar and come on and jump on the “Team Breezy” band wagon. Everybody known he is going to blow up big.

    We are not hating we understand completely if you want to cross over to the right side. I wouldn’t blame you at all.

  31. sane beyhanna stan January 31, 2011

    Looking good CB!! And I think he is slowly on his way back to where he once stood as one of R&B/Pops leading men is music. I hope F.A.M.E is good so I can cop it

  32. RiCiBey(Breezy) February 1, 2011

    Nice 😀

  33. Tia-the first one February 1, 2011

    I get it now…………..the disgusting, ignorant h*** in here spewing racial slurs (although that’s a question Trent and Sam……as to why that’s allowed?) and hate breezy diatribes everyday is trying to get Team breezy to fight in the rihanna thread? It must be lonely in there with all that praise and nobody but the choir to eat it up……….LMAO.

    Team breezy is not only ignoring them but team breezy is so focused on Chris the losers don’t even exist.. Team Breezy saying: F*** EM ALL!!!!! ROTFLAMO.

  34. SAY WHAT??? February 1, 2011

    LOL….Chris you looking cute, but don’t take your shirt off in less you got a six pack honey.

  35. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    Chris Brown look good with his shirt off, he looks like a real man suppose to, no six pack is needed, just love handles and it looks like he’s gottem so what’s the problem, there isn’t one.

    Go Chris Brown do you and you are looking mighty fine.

  36. flop February 1, 2011

    what a flop
    m***** faced flop
    and this chest horrible

  37. RiCiBey(Breezy) February 1, 2011

    Whats with the racial slurs? I thought slavery was over?

  38. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ February 1, 2011


  39. JakiB February 1, 2011

    @ Ciara is better than Jesus…. dangerous words, but you’re probably a child that don’t quite understand just what you are saying. Too bad she can’t turn that flop of a cd into a winner…. Jesus could!

    I’m also convinced that several of you that post in here post nonsense’s just to get a response…. because know intelligent person writes that crap and believe it!!!

  40. JakiB February 1, 2011

    @creepy breezy and @flop same person…. seem like you are the flop for changing your name…. and not the picture!! You hate someone so bad that you have to post negative comments under different names, how many more on here belong to you!!!

  41. flop February 1, 2011

    chris brown and his fans are the most immoral persons in the world
    this guy must be in jail
    he tried to kill somebody and just because he is light skinned people are tryin to find him excuse
    what if Rihanna die.I mean that he he left her in the street he was thinking that she was dead and didnt even tried to call 911
    He is not anymore a regular human being he is a beast who tried to take away somebody’s life
    I’m sure that nobody will get how dangerous he is untill he kills somebody
    we are livin in a strange world…

  42. sunflower27828 February 1, 2011

    Is it just me or is it creepy the way @Creepy posts about Breezy? I think this person bears watching? I’m just happy to see another photo op for Chris. I loved the way he was dancing with the mascot and I especially loved him walking off with the MVP trophy. I hope that is a sign of things to come……lol

  43. Tia-the first one February 1, 2011

    Word to the wise: You are not as invisible as you love to believe. IP addresses can be traced along with other technology to find your ass……get as crazy and as threatening as you like………….that’s your ass. *haha*

  44. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    Yeah 3x’ International Success:
    #04 in New Zealand
    #08 in Australia
    #09 in Scotland
    #10 in the UK
    #17 in the US
    #19 in Canada

  45. BREEZYTHEBEST February 1, 2011

    Chris Brown is gorgeous end of story.

  46. TRUTH TELLER February 1, 2011

    @@creepy breezy and @flop YOU ARE SO DUMB, YOU ARE REALLY DUMB FORREAL!! Atleast when you are trying to be different people, change your email address because they gravatars are the same DUMMY!! lololololololololol! You have to be an unhappy individual to express so much hate for someone you don’t know personally! WHAT A SAD INDIVIDUAL YOU ARE!!


  47. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    Truth Teller
    @Dang Trent, @Creepy Breezy AND Flop share the same avatar.

  48. ricardo amos February 1, 2011

    who said i wanted to be invisible ?
    you chris brown defenders are seriously paranoid.
    In contrary to a lot of people I am not affraid to call this criminal a criminal
    and s/o to U if you have time to trace an adress ip because of a comment on an uk blog *haha*
    remember that people who have too much time are suspects…especially the grown ones
    I really hope that Chris Brown is your son or your boss because threating people because of a comments on blog is a sign of foolishness girl or boy or Tranney

  49. ricardo amos February 1, 2011

    Ichanged my name because trent blocked me
    I am not hating on anybody I am calling him a flop and a criminal cause this is what he is
    his time is up
    he had a chance and ruined cause he was convinced that tryin to take away rihanna’s life was his right
    now he is broke paying legal bills to a lawyer who is doing nothing but making him looking like a puppet
    he is tryin to buy back his carreer but he is over. It is time to move on from this washed up back up dancer
    there is so much nice and talented kids in the world
    just throw this criminal in a trash cause that is where he belongs

  50. ricardo amos February 1, 2011

    and lonny please keep yo ass away from blogs and get your own life instead of licking this hasbeen ass

  51. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    creepy breezy, dang trent and flop have the same avatar, now how smart is that???

    Don’t you know that we know that you are the same person idiot.

  52. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    @Ricardo Amos
    Nice try, @Creepy/@Flop/@Dang Trent. 🙂

  53. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    @ ricardo amos

    Awhhhhhhhhhhh! You so miserable, so sad, so unloved, so unhappy to bad, Chris Brown is living his life and he will always have fans and his ex will never have anything to do with you so go and cry your little eyes out, because Chris Brown is relevant enough for you to hate and to come here with you hating ass.

    And his ex is going to lift that straining order so he can be even more happier and have even more freedom to move about and rub elbows with her and he will even be able to sit and stand right next to her, something that you will never be able to do with out her security guard smashing you in the face so stay miserable.


  54. Blue Kid February 1, 2011


    February 1, 2011 at 1:56 am

    @Ricardo Amos
    Nice try, @Creepy/@Flop/@Dang Trent. 🙂
    ROFL, LMAO! You got it!

  55. Nichole February 1, 2011


    Hollaaaa! W000000t!

    Team Breezy in the house!

    What it do, ya’ll?


  56. ~BeySoBreezy~ February 1, 2011

    Hotness, I just love him 😀

  57. VA STAND UP!! February 1, 2011

    SMH! The same old haters in here day after day saying the same old sh*t! It’s a new year, can’t ya’ll get a new hobby?! Ugh!

    Sam, Trent seriously…ya’ll need to block some of these racist f*cks that comment. It’s disgusting and its gets so old! Ya’ll should want to maintain a lil bit more integrity and not let those comments be posted.

    Anywho, saw these pics and a video yesterday, it was poor quality, but the crowd went wild when he came out! He gets love everywhere he goes! His team won the game and he won VIP so I know he had a good time!

    Common, Frankie Muniz, Romeo and Pooch Hall all tweeted that they had a great time playing with him. He always wins people over and I like that they shouted him out.

    Chris does need to work on that mid section though. He done lost his six pack. Better get it tight before his tour coming up in a few months. Don’t nobody want to see flabs when he’s performing ‘Take You Down’. Lol!

  58. Chile Please!! February 1, 2011

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS Chris Dizzzzzayam!! Lawdy Lawdy!! That Bawdy is Sic 2 Death!

  59. zania February 1, 2011

    Rihanna fans need to stop coming on Chris post hating and worry about him, they need to worry about what is going with their girl. I think Rihanna is losing her mind. I think Rihanna sent those nude pictures of her self, because the article said right after she broke up with Chris, so what women would take a nude picture with a guy she just met. I can see a boyfriend you had for a while, but a new friend, yeah right Rihanna sent those pictures her self to promote her new single S&M. The other day with the women claiming to be her lesbian lover, lord. This is to Rihanna fans your girl is losing it. Chris is doing fine. Jive just wrote a nice article saying that Chris will score his second #1 song and yeah 3x sold about a million digital copies. Chris will Triumph in 2011.

  60. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 1, 2011

    He has too many tattoos.

  61. BREEZYTHEBEST February 1, 2011

    Just finish watching no B.S uncut CB has his moments when he starts slacking
    and getting comfortable but Chris is that dude, simply scrumptious. If I had a choice of Trey or CB it will def be CB there is a reason why chicks can’t leave him alone in my MS.Chocolate moment I would f**k the s**t out of this man, true story.

  62. Y’all are too fake February 1, 2011

    Y’all are making it so hard for kids to be okay with the way they look in the world today. Chris B is not even Fat. Seriously, and your telling him he should lose weight? Get a six pack? Why he’s not gonna f*** you, he’s eating and living his life and growing up. U queens should too.

  63. Y’all are too fake February 1, 2011

    Y’all lip glossed queens judging and s***. But then Praise Rihanna d*** hoppin ass. I’m not even a Chris Brown fan but come on….. S&M (Sad&Miserable) .

  64. zania February 1, 2011

    Chris body is fine. He is up and down. When you put on some weight that means you are happy. Off the topic, BET have this debate going on their web site asking who will be rule 2011 Trey Songz or Chris Brown. I don’t believe they ask that question when they know Chris is about to take his throne. I think he has already claim his throne back.

  65. rihanna da beast February 1, 2011

    @ SHIMMY COCOA please hide those stats..cuz its a shame, rihanna shits on all that. u hear me???? rihanna is the queen in the game. unstoppable. u cant f*** with her. she’s about to score another number one hit with SM…. she’s da beast.. she shits on beyonce n she spits on brownie

  66. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    @Y’all Are Too Fake
    Thank you for calling us queens, but we’re telling it like it is. If Chris wants us to view him as some s** symbol by taking his shirt off in public and singing sexual songs, then he needs to be looking right.

    Imagine an R&B singer looking like Rick Ross, trying to be some s** symbol. In the words of Coochieness, “Oh, no ma’am!” [⌐_⌐] But then again, we do have Sean Kingston.

  67. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    @rihanna da beast
    🙂 You’re not even worth responding to. Continue with your delusions.

  68. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    BET is so irrelevant, whatever it is they’re trying to do isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

  69. zania February 1, 2011

    @Shimmy Coca No you girl Rihanna is about to be irrelevant. Why do you think that her song S & M is about to go #1. Its been out for awhile and no one is buying it. Oh I know why because Rihanna video is coming out where she is selling s** to sell the cd. Damn Its shame that Rihanna has to leak nude photos of herself and get a friend to put out a fake story about her being a lebsian to sell her song S & M. I guess she is running out of tricks to sell her singles and album, she can’t keep talking about Chris to keep her relevant and pity party going on. Once Britney, Beyonce and Lady Gaga come out she will be forgotten. I know what she will do next to get attention she will pose for playboy. You stop worry about Chris body because the ladies love him and he has talent. You better worry about your girl losing her mind, she’ll be on drugs in the end.

  70. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS February 1, 2011

    Chris looks great and I love his smile and I see that he had a great time.

    @VA STAND UP he won MVP not VIP lol

    I don’t have time for the haters today

  71. Nichole February 1, 2011

    @ Zania. Any idea of what is going on with the RO being lifted?

  72. Ms.Chocolate February 1, 2011

    This fine m*********** here….

  73. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 1, 2011

    @Zania I agree!

    Hey! @Ms.Chocolate *Waves* 🙂

  74. Ms.Chocolate February 1, 2011

    Whats Up Boo! @~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ 🙂

  75. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 1, 2011

    Nothing much, What about you? @Ms.Chocolate

  76. Ethan February 1, 2011

    wish i could have a 1 on 1 talk with some of the riri stans, they are making me mad -.-

  77. shimmycocoa February 1, 2011

    Umm….Redhead is NOT my girl! Do you see me defending her in her posts along with the rest of RihtardNavy? I chose not to go back-and-forth with that R****** because I don’t care about Redhead or her success.

  78. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    BET is relevant, very much so at one point it was the only award show that black entertainers had, than came along SOUL Train, Awards.

    Those black award show are very relevant if it wasn’t for them black entertainers would have never been acknowledged. Only a racist individual would not think it wasn’t relevant are a person that is ignorant.

    Michael Jackson won 8 BET awards and was happy to get all eight not one time did he think BET was irrelevant. Michael Jackson was strictly known has a R&B singer until “Thriller”.
    BET acknowledge Michael Jackson and awarded him as an entertainer long before the white’s did. Chris Brown is Black you have not become a true legion until you have the honor of being in the BET Hall of Fame.

    Black people take BET, just as serious has white folks take their s*** serious, The Jackson 5 was acknowledge by the Black people before white folks knew who they where, for as the rest money is money and the black dollar and the black vote is important just ask Obama and Clinton.

    BET is important to us!

  79. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    I do not take white award shows serious especially MTV and the American Music Award what a joke, especially giving Rihanna the R&B award over Arlisha Keys and Sade, when we all know that Rihanna is Pop and should have gotten the POP award over Katy Perry.

    AMA is a big joke and MTV is irrelevant with their devil worshiping self.

    How you going to have on the teleprompter one name than give the award to some one else??? I’m not taking AMA serious not at all, a bunch of tom foolery, if you ask me.

    I never heard of such of thing on the BET’s!

  80. Blue Kid February 1, 2011

    @ shimmycocoa

    I was not trying to offend you, but a lot of the Rihtards always come on here downing the BET awards and the R&B awards, but let R****** get one and than its okay.

    I always see you here giving some nice comments.

  81. i’m a billy goat February 2, 2011

    @creepy breezy

    B**** heel! I would rather stan for a…what did you call him “flop”………LOL…..trick drop and roll! A flop with a GRAMMY NOMINATED STUDIO CD THAT WAS BLACKLISTED!……BWAHAHA! Damn, i just can’t with these delusional RihWHORE stans and where is her GRAMMY NOMINATION FOR THAT FLOP RATED NEXT? Oh that’s right she didn’t get one inspite of the constant media support!

    And I would rather stan for a “flop” then a W**** who pretends to be a LESBIAN, licking and lapping up in another woman’s “juice box” for show!! A tramp who has to disrobe to sell anything. Whatever happened to allowing talent to be your calling card…LOL? Oh well THANK GOD BEYONCE & LADY GAGA ARE COMING BACK THIS YEAR!

  82. i’m a billy goat February 2, 2011


    Chris won MVP honors? Ahhh, do you have a link to this iinforomation. I would love to read about it. Thanks!

    Chris can really ball….LA Laker’s Shannon Brown’s little brother 🙂

  83. anonymous February 10, 2011

    is it just me or did chris brown get a lil fat in the stomach area or is just untoned?…..o well

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