Jennifer Hudson Reveals ‘I Remember Me’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 8th Feb 2011 by Sam

Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson has unveiled the cover for her new album ‘I Remember Me’. Set to hit stores on March 22nd, the album -Hudson’s second- is preceded by the R. Kelly penned lead single ‘Where You At’.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Huh? February 8, 2011

    Lol Chris Brown Just Cannot Catch a Break…anyways This Album Cover is FLAWLESS

  2. Quanberg February 8, 2011

    Simple Simple Simple – haven’t heard the single playing anywhere as well !!! Not a big Hudson fan, but I do wish her the best of luck !!!

  3. stynlyzo February 8, 2011

    ohu….datzz incredible……..i love dat…lollllllllzzzz

  4. Hilario Willz February 8, 2011

    *YAWN*… next album please with a dash of maggi cube to sweeten it up

  5. Ariana February 8, 2011

    If there wasn’t her name on it I wouldn’t recognize her.

  6. JJFAN1814 February 8, 2011

    I like the coloring…She kinda looks like Brandy.

  7. keta February 8, 2011

    Nah, that ain’t it! I don’t care for it but wish her luck

  8. LMAO February 8, 2011

    No brandy is UGLY so it’s an insult to Jennifer who looks way better.

  9. Royalkev February 8, 2011

    @ JJ fan1814, I was just about to say the same thing. She looks amazing, but she is definitely transforming into a Noorwood!

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  10. Stoney-Brie February 8, 2011

    beautiful girl…yes i see some brandy resemblance.. its the eyes.

  11. Dave February 8, 2011

    very only girl and loud colors.. beautiful photo tho

  12. Hudson Morrigan February 8, 2011

    She’s looking good

  13. VA STAND UP!! February 8, 2011

    @Huh?: What the hell does Chris have to do with this?? Do you honestly think that J. Hud is competition for Chris?!

    Anywho, I love the cover. I usually don’t give a f*ck about album covers, but she looks absolutely stunning on the cover. Im not he biggest fan of her voice and I haven’t heard the single yet but I am sure she will do well.

  14. KD February 8, 2011

    she looks great.

  15. getting_licked_out February 8, 2011

    looks like brandy

  16. WTF February 8, 2011

    The cover is beautful but I have not heard nothing from her as of yet. Normally by now you would here her songs all over the place. But that is the most beautful cover I ever seen from any female without selling s**.

  17. Christi February 8, 2011

    Wow!! I think Jennifer Hudson is one of the most beautiful women of the world, she is flawless! She was before she lost weight and continues to be. Beauty comes from within and shines on the outside for the whole world to see. Peace & much Love.

  18. Yellow Gorillah February 8, 2011

    I like how she kept it simple

    she is very pretty

    side note: where are yall getting brandy from =/ she don’t look like brandy I’m sorry.

  19. preceptor February 8, 2011

    That ain’t it! I don’t care for it. It doesn’t scream ‘pick me up and buy me’

  20. Prince&Queen February 8, 2011

    Wow this a Beautiful album cover. Wow is that Jennifer?! Let me take another look, yep it’s Jennifer. She looks STUNNING!!!!! I hope she have some Powerful Ballads on her album.

  21. X_POSED99 February 8, 2011

    Pocahontas??? Nahh, LP will be an epic fail. The first single fell into a cave. Who’s actually heard it? Exactly… NO ONE. Lucky to get gold shipped!!

  22. Jayla February 8, 2011

    This album will definitely sell! I don’t see boring at all…THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL cover!!

  23. Jasmine February 8, 2011

    I don’t see why they are moving forward with that boring single Where You At? If the single has no radio play and is not picking up why not start with a new single and push the album back?

  24. LMAO February 8, 2011

    yes, that boring first single doesnt make me want to pick up the album so they should give us another single ASAP

  25. KNUCK February 8, 2011

    this is amazing!!! like my heart skipped a beat when I scrolled down.. She is SLAYYINNNGGG!!!!! Even if you don’t like her voice, this is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen from any woman.. it’s STRIKING.

    Boring? Some of you are unbelievable!

  26. Blasian February 8, 2011

    WOW! I didn’t even recognize her !

  27. Speaks Truth February 8, 2011

    I guest it’s okay, she looks nice!!! #shrugs

  28. DION-ISH February 8, 2011

    OHHH I Like It, Like It. LOL

    Its so serene and pretty. Cant wait to see what she has in store….i thought her last album was pretty good.

  29. Chile Please!! February 8, 2011

    I really have a feeling that this album is going to be wack the first album was wack too. I mean she can sing but I really think the type of voice she has & the way she sings, she needs to be in a Broadway play or something…..IMO! The single is wack as hell too! NEXT!

  30. LaFrench February 8, 2011

    they have gave her single a couple of spins on the urban stations but it’s pure garbage! Hope she try a different song before her album come out of its gonna tank.

  31. LaFrench February 8, 2011


  32. KWON CAMPBELL February 8, 2011


  33. Rayshawn February 8, 2011

    This is hot it complements her body of work and style its suppose to be very simple I love it.

  34. nke February 8, 2011

    a album cover with out a single okay

  35. i’m a dirty billy goat (spank me right now!!) February 8, 2011

    I love how the S&M loving so-called victim’s stans are always mentioning Chris Brown when he has nothing to do with the post! Do you honestly think Chris is concerned about the release of a Jennifer Hudson CD??? LOL…..OMG…I just can’t with you S&M loving so-called victim stans! I’m sure she will do well. I’m not a fan but ppl tend to like her so good luck Jen!

    The CD cover is beautiful. She should have recorded and released a cover of Nina Simones FEELING GOOD for her 1st single! Just a snippet of her singing it in the Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig (???) commercial is simply amazing!!! I don’t like her new single at all!

  36. NattyHeron February 8, 2011

    Love her! She looks amazing and makes amazing music. Definitely looking forward to the album!

  37. DION-ISH February 9, 2011


    How do you know that individual is a Rihanna stan??

  38. Reina February 9, 2011

    this album cover is better than the first singe lol

  39. KaVion February 9, 2011

    I really love this cover..

    She does have a single, ‘Where You At’

  40. scooter February 9, 2011

    Is it me or does the album cover have a strong “avatarish” feel to it? Very futuristic.

    However, I love the backdrop…beautiful.

  41. DION-ISH February 9, 2011

    No wonder the Album cover is so hot….. Anthony Mandler did it…LOVEEEE his work.

  42. Jordan February 9, 2011

    Damn she’s really aiming at giving Beyonce a run for her money. She been planning this s*** since Dreamgirls lol

  43. hghjhjnbv February 9, 2011

    “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

    😛 ____ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _____ 😛

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  44. Prince&Queen February 9, 2011

    @Jordan u might got a point, i don’t know…. she might be tryin to be sneaky and try and put Beyonce out of business. I hope she’s not thinkin that way cuz she might get her feelings hurt.

  45. iLoveXtina February 9, 2011

    her single should have been released already. Sure she’s going to perform at the Grammy’s but that doesn’t let ppl know she has an album coming out. & then competing w/ Spears & Brown? Does she want to succeed?

  46. dabest February 9, 2011

    is that Pocahontas?

  47. S*** February 9, 2011


    No Dear, Beyonce played a FAT ANGRY H** better in her Etta Role than YELLifer did with Effie & Bey sings circles around that H** too!! This Fat B**** can Lose Weight till she looks like Paris Hilton but she Will still FLOP cause her music is so Bland & Boring & she lacks THE VOICE, hers is not even unique & dispite what she thinks, She cannot do uptempos like Bey & even Aretha. YELLifer could NEVER, She should just stick with Weight Watchers 😆

  48. ~BeySoBreezy~ February 9, 2011

    I think J.Hud is a beautiful women, but Im not feeling this cover for some reason. The cover for her debut album was way better, IMO..

  49. the kiddz February 9, 2011

    She looks nice. She has the Wonder Woman bracelet thing going on. Lol

  50. yoyo February 9, 2011

    did she borrow Beyonce’s weave?

  51. GangsterA February 9, 2011

    its beautiful she looks amazing

  52. Lostonez February 9, 2011

    its flawless

  53. FRAN February 9, 2011

    She looks great! and the cover it’s simple but amazing!!!! really love it! And her single “Where You At” already debuted at Billboard R&B Charts at #53! So she’s doing well with no promotion!!!

  54. RealMusic February 9, 2011

    She looks stunning

  55. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ February 9, 2011

    LOVE the cover. Stunning.

  56. J February 9, 2011

    I can’t wait for this album March 22nd !! Have you guys heard “Where You At” yet ? check it out — >

  57. DallasUCMR February 9, 2011

    Jennifer Hudson is HOT and ready for the world to hear her new single “Where You At”!!!!!Her album drops 3/22 and is HIGHLY anticipated!!!!Check out “Where You At” here>>>>

  58. KD February 9, 2011

    The album cover is HOT! Hopefully she delivers something other than the elevator music she released on her last CD…something with SOUL.

  59. lisaann March 16, 2011

    You go girl! love your song ” where you at! ” all your song! keep going to the top cause that ‘s were you belong! god bless you! and the family…

  60. Phillip March 21, 2011

    Flawless, Stunning, Elegant! She has always and will laways be a vision. She is stunning. I LOVE her new single ‘Where You At’ I can relate to it. I prefer her to release her song ‘I Remember Me’ or ”No One Gonna Love You’ All her music is amazing. I already have ten copies pre-ordered, one for me and the rest for my friends. I LOVE her debut album and this one is way better. Add her song ‘Invisible’ (From her debut album) to this album and the album would be better then her first. Powerful, Love the emotion. Keep it up Jen. I have been wanting to see you win since Idol!

  61. Phillip March 21, 2011

    P.s. Cant wait for her new movie to come to theaters. :p

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