Kelly Rowland Dazzles At Cavalli Show; Reveals Single Details!

Published: Sunday 27th Feb 2011 by Sam

Pop diva Kelly Rowland shone as she arrived at Roberto Cavalli‘s Milan Fashion Week show last night (February 25th). Beyond dazzling the paparazzi, the 30 year old found favour from renown designer himself; indeed Cavalli said of the ‘Commander’ singer:

“Look at her, she’s gorgeous, fantastic, from outer space”

In other Rowland news, seemingly out of space has come details of the long awaited 1st single from her 3rd studio album. Find out what it’s called and more after the jump…

UPDATED: Featured rapper revealed.

Speaking to the media in attendance at the event, the Destiny’s Child singer said she was searching for looks for her upcoming new video. “I start shooting in L.A. in a week. I’m aiming for a very sexy, feminine video and I’m looking for womanly, sexy designs” she said.

Titled ‘Motivation’, Rowland enthused that  it’s “a mix of dance and (Urban) mash-up”.


Finally! It’s great to see things finally coming together for Ms. Kelly. For the longest, she has been tweeting the word ‘Motivation’ on Twitter; I guess this confirms there to have been a rhyme and reason for it.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for the latest on the song, and its upcoming video.

UPDATE: Lil’ Wayne is set to feature on the track!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Teairra February 27, 2011


  2. magic February 27, 2011

    yesssss… my princes is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dolce February 27, 2011

    lol 1st single? Didn’t she release like 4 flop singles from this album already?

  4. funky01 February 27, 2011

    Kelly looks so good home this be her era of shine

  5. MISHKA February 27, 2011

    She’s so hoooooooooot !!! *i’m jealous*

  6. 2BAD2BME February 27, 2011


  7. S*** bucket! February 27, 2011


  8. tboo February 27, 2011

    Kelly looks soooo good! Am so ready! Bring it ma!

  9. Who’s Cedric? February 27, 2011

    Ummm didn’t she have countless amounts of singles already? Anyway she looks cute.

  10. alosveQ February 27, 2011

    She looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!
    + I am ready for her take over.
    If there is any justice in this world, 2011 will be all about her!

  11. Dollar$ign$kills February 27, 2011

    I love how the first comments are hater comments

  12. tboo February 27, 2011

    Yep they so eager to comment their negative ish! Its like if she’s not this n that blah blah , y comment? Shite man!

  13. Muni February 27, 2011

    I knew it as well as she was twitting about “MOTIVATION”

    My heart has just jumped right now I am so excited OMG…..

  14. Muni February 27, 2011

    Ah I forgot to mention: THIS WOMAN is SO BEAUTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFUL LOVE YOU KELLY I can’t for the take over.


  15. DestinyBoston February 27, 2011

    Can’t wait!!

  16. MissImpartial February 27, 2011

    She looks great. Some people don’t age great but she seems to be blossoming.

    And people should not quickly judge her songs that sadly did not make the charts.Radio refused to playlist her songs even though it was requested. You can not get a hit without radio support and sadly radio favours some artist over others. As you see with Gaga they played her song constantly even though it got negative feedback on the first day.
    Her songs were not in the charts but were better than what was in ther charts.

  17. Bj February 27, 2011

    Her label better be ready to back her with heavy promo and a hot ass single because their basically putting her up against gaga, b, and Britney as far as airplay goes.

    I believe in Kelly tho, homefully this will finally be her time!

  18. lenor February 27, 2011

    WOW! Kelly is just STUNNING!!!!!!! she looks sooo glam!

    Cant wait for the new single!!! Motivation – great title

    also Gone video premieres March 7 – great time for the kelly fans!!! xoxo

  19. Jamie February 27, 2011

    Sure she’s had several singles, and I bet the ones questioning downloaded them all. Anyway, I can’t wait for Motivation and the video. Let’s get it Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nichole February 27, 2011

    *Kicks chair*

    I’m fed up with this woman’s beauty.

  21. Kevin February 27, 2011

    She doesn’t even look that good. She better be on her GRINDD when it comes to promo. There is just no way that this will be a success unless this single is EPIC. and we hear it alllllllll over.

    What happened to make believe? Wasnt that the soundz song?

  22. lola February 27, 2011

    I just hate it when people praise HO females for being so “gorgeous” but I have to give Ms Kelly a lot of praise. She’s simply stunning. That dress is so amazing! She has such a beautiful, healthy, slim shape. I don’t think her career is going anywhere anymore, but she could at least become a mainstream socialite. I just wish that she could get some beauty endorsements.

  23. Traci Summers February 27, 2011

    didnt ciara wear a dress like that…. kelly u just need the RIGHT songs… if rihanna had wack songs shed flop hard but behind her non-talent she has CATCHY ASS SONGS. that ppl wna hear and ppl LIKE. that is why she sells u just need the right songs. Rihanna is in her own lane.and is ridin freely. find ur own and u will shine. no shade but ciara HAD her own line but tried to cut in beyonce’s n rihanna’s n just lost herself.. which is why she flopped. she had banging songs ..unique/aaliyah/janet style … amazing stage presecene.. but just fell thru lord knows why she hangs with the kardashians but hey! .. kelly find ur lane. and ur lane is Dance/R&B “COMMANDER”/”WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER” u cd pioneer a whole sound if u wanted.

  24. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Oh, Kelly. I love your music, but just release the album already. It’ll flop anyways.

  25. Humberto Beltrao February 27, 2011

    I just want the album…
    She already released videos for Rose Colored Glasses, Commander, Forever and a Day… cmon =\

  26. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ February 27, 2011

    Sounds good to me.
    She’s beautiful.

  27. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Rihanna has talent…

  28. BAA February 27, 2011


  29. Karla February 27, 2011

    YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GURL!

    Im am ready Im axious And I trust her she didnt go back into the studio for nothing if this new single is truelly better than commander than ladies and gentlemen kelly is gone cause a problem It seems like everything is planned out seeing as how their shooting the video before any of us have even heard the song. Im so happy she coming out around the same time as the release of gone smart woman that’s right miss kelly do it right this time I bet money this album will be crazy I bet if not nothing at all no big sales no big singles no grammys at the end of the day I just want to hear create music at her highest protential and to see her go from dilemma to forever an day the progression the growth as a fan is a lovely sight to see her beauty is through the roof her music has grown I just love her.

  30. TheDimplePuppet February 27, 2011

    ***Keeping my fingers cross for you Kelly Rowland***

  31. Lostonez February 27, 2011

    she is drop dead stunning

  32. NICKY **IM BACK** February 27, 2011


  33. Maisha February 27, 2011

    I love me some Kelly but she needs to stop talking so much and start working. All of these promises of an album and these snippets of information with nothing to support are highly annoying.

  34. Gucci February 27, 2011

    Hang it up Kalendria. She will never be relevant. We just have to be honest with ourselves, and now that Beyonce is coming back, that small ass window of opportunity has been closed forever.

    You can get mad all you want but you know it’s true.

  35. Traci Summers February 27, 2011

    @gucci as much as i show kelly love.. i cant hide from the truth. CO SIGN with beyonce around it just wont happen… if keri hilson’s turning me on prophecy comes tru thats the onli time the lessers will shine

  36. Nichole February 27, 2011

    I’ll co-sign with Gucci as well.

    The album will probably get scrapped and will not see the light of day.

  37. Angela Wesley February 27, 2011

    Kelly and her Team are listening to the fans about time . We have said that she should
    be shooting videos and releasing singles at the same time. I think it is great that she is releasing her stuff in the begging of March, so she can out there before Britney, Gaga,
    and Beyonce come out with their albums. I like Kelly Rowland I hope she does well
    with this album.

  38. THE UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF POP February 27, 2011


  39. Karla February 27, 2011

    to gucci and everyone else wasnt beyonce and ga ga and them around when when love takes over was released? and it still was nominated for a grammy and a world music award?? what ever good music is good music you may not like her but guess what? a whole bunch of others disagree. Kelly will be fine as long as she keeps making great music and if she has the right lead single then cant nothing stop her people warning people about these singers making a big impact three of those singers have released singles and guess what the public wasnt feeling it. so talk all this about sales but If she deliver the quality!!! the sales will follow.. so yall can t kick rocks with this itunes charts bullish.

  40. Dave February 27, 2011

    SHE IS F*****’ S***! & the name of that track songs like this is truly gonna be 1 that stands the test of time. But, do we have to deal with Lil Wayne some more? *Sigh* I’m tired of everyone whoring out the most popular rappers on every track. I wish she would’ve used someone we don’t known. But, oh well… I still love her. #TeamKelly

  41. KAT DELUNA FAN February 27, 2011

    She is just waiting for beyonce to release her album,then drop hers the same time …When the album flops(Because it will) , she is gonna blame it on Beyonce like always.SMH SAME STRATEGY ALL THE TIME KELLY ->NEXT

  42. Gucci February 27, 2011


    Is is “good music” just because she’s your fave? Because WLTO didn’t even sneeze near the top of the U.S. Billboard 100 chart. And I’m sorry but you need to just keep it real with yourself. If you seriously think Kelly is going to come in and snatch wigs at this point in her career you are mistaken. I would advise her to make music because she loves making it, and not to focus on sales because the prospect of any type of #1, 2 , 3 ,4, 5……..hell…………..50, 60, or 70 on Billboard 100 and 200 seem slim to none.

    No one has even been reporting about her new music besides this site. She had a few people talking when Commander was out but that went up in flames and it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares anymore besides a handful of her “stans”

  43. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN February 27, 2011

    Are You Serious Lil Wayne? She Coulda Atleast Gotten Nelly Or Someone Better!
    At Least It’s Better Than Nicki Minaj:)


  44. jamesa February 27, 2011

    I love kelly I do I hope she creats some kind of buzz and I hate that people put bey and kelly againstg each other there both really talented!! And @rhianna forver your my fav rhianna stan but let’s be real rhianna does not have talent, she’s not a singer hell she’s not even a performer….your giving her too much credit annd im a rhianna fan lol

  45. Prince Barbie February 27, 2011

    I hope it works for Kelly this time!!

  46. GREG February 27, 2011

    you haters are out of your damn minds…..that woman is beautiful

  47. BRNAYD 4EVER February 27, 2011

    Its ashame that all of nickies stans have a short vocabulary and can only use words like “has-been” & sentences like “hang it up flatscreen”… SMFH

    Any ways kelly is going to do good if the song is hot w/ lil wayne bars it will def be a hit. Her and brandy will come strong this year. i have high hopes for the two.

  48. Jamie February 27, 2011

    When I see names like katdeluna fan, Rihanna fan, and Teairra, I can’t do nothing but laugh… God knows Kelly is a talented woman, and with this new album which WILL see the light of day, people outside of her fanbase, are going to see and hear that.


    If you don’t like an artist don’t even bother to check for them. If you’re upset with Sam or Trent because they like Kelly, then start your own blog and stan for your fav, but when it comes to a Kelly post, WE (as in Kelly’s stans/fans) have it covered.

  49. NICKY February 27, 2011


  50. Karla February 27, 2011


    There you go again talking about sales so you telling me that just because when love takes over didnt top the billboard in the US that means it wasnt a good song???
    again say what you want but hardcore dance fans that attend clubs and Dance festivals welcomed Kelly with open arms! so that speaks volumes I dont care what no r&b fan thinks of house music if your not solely aware of that genre then your opinion isnt up for debate with me. now again quality music will help generate sales she’s done really great for an artist who’s considered a flop she’s had more hitS than many r&b chicks you all call flops.

    Its great you all have great exspectations and want her to compete with the best pop stars out. I never hear you all saying hey why would monica or kelly price release an album when beyonce, britney and ga ga are coming out shows how much you all see kellys protential. everybody knows that she has protential to be appart of that group her being nominated for a grammy with ga ga britney and beyonce shows proof that she can very well slide in their lane

    5..4…321~! CATEGORY CLOSE

  51. NICKY February 27, 2011






  52. NICKY February 27, 2011




    I JUST CAN’T!!!!!


  53. NICKY February 27, 2011





  54. Tori February 27, 2011

    HAHAHAHA! THE 1ST SINGLE!? I hope “Motivation” is on Commander level cuz I still be bumpin Commander in my iTunes and in my car. Hopefully Unviversal Motown got all they s*** together to promote the single and album right this time around. So I’m assuming she is not going to include the other 4 singles she released already on the album cuz I wouldn’t. Though I would include Commander but the others can go. Love you Kels!

  55. BDABOSS February 27, 2011

    She looks good. I’d holler. lol. I can’t wait to hear the song.

  56. The Realist February 27, 2011

    REALISTICALLY; Kelly doesn’t have to compete with Gaga and B.Spears with her new single. She’s african american artist and let’s face it. If anyone she’d be competing with currently it would be Rihanna. No other black chicks are getting played on the pop format right now. So it’s almost perfect. The thing I will say is she’ll probably have to promote hard as hell like Keri did Pretty Girl Rock. But she can do it.. If they picked this song over I’m That Chick; then I can only believe that the song will S*** BREAKS. She’s about to have like a Chris Brown Chart Story I can feel it. Like Nelly’s Gone is almost certain to take off after the Behind the Music and then I know she’ll be riding high with the Dance Collab she just did. Her single WILL DO WELL; and then TINIE TEMPAH would be a fool not release INVICIBLE in the STATES… so she’ll be relevant for a while to come.SO STAY PRESSED HATERS.. #Motivation #KellyRowland #Leggo

  57. The Realist February 27, 2011


  58. Gucci February 27, 2011


    Ok girl. Like I said, she should just make music because she loves making it. I don’t see her getting any more recognition than she’s getting now, which is little to none. I’m sorry I just don’t. She had potential, but the fiasco with her last scrapped project just reassured me that it’s most likely not happening for her.

    If she’s going to be making dance music, she will be competing with the Britneys, Gagas Rihannas, Katy Perrys, Keshas and Beyonces regardless. And if that’s the case, then numbers matter. Sales matter. With that said, I didn’t think her new material is strong enough and she needs a GREAT song to propel her into relevancy at this point.

  59. Kisses February 27, 2011

    She looks great 🙂

  60. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kisses

    where you be

  61. Kisses February 27, 2011



  62. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kisses

    them damn riri stan make me damn sick

  63. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kisses

    anyway…..have you spoke to big d*** 2day

  64. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kisses

    i need to talk about s**.lol

  65. JT February 27, 2011


  66. aaron February 27, 2011


  67. TheFishCake February 27, 2011


  68. hp February 27, 2011

    my post aint posting

  69. tera February 27, 2011

    i didnt no gucci was still around i thought u had migrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the whole lil wayne thing yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he resemble a spider #############

  70. hp February 27, 2011

    hope she can come up with something good

  71. hp February 27, 2011

    where is my post

  72. NICKY February 27, 2011




  73. Karla February 27, 2011

    @ gucci

    Remember this sweety nothing is handed to no one
    you have to work for it everything happends for a reason
    I honestly believe that kellys first album and even the third album
    didnt do numbers because that wasnt in gods plans she wasnt ready
    she wanted people to know the real her and as a fan I have to admit she
    wasnt even aware of her real self yet. in the last couple of years is when she found out
    who she really is she finally is starting to do things her way and shes starting to
    see her strengths and weaknesses , she’s coming into her own. the woman
    has grown a lot in the last year I think she will succeed because now she has a sense
    of who she is as a woman and what she want to do as an artist . you can see she loves dance and r&B which is why for the last past year she has been trying to blend it to perfection

    look at some of the biggest artist they have gotten better they had to perfect their craft in order to succeed in the end it pays off. kelly is the perfect underdog she has a story to tell
    in the future you’ll see what I mean there’s no perfect time to showcases your talent
    then the day you find out what you want to bring to the table as an artist the day you find out how passionate you are the day you find out what your capable of. and she’s on that path of self worth god will bless her.

  74. aaron February 27, 2011

    nasty ass n******

  75. kavion February 27, 2011

    You know Sam ride or dies for Kelly.
    He don’t be throwing in any extra exclamation points for anybody else’s post, but he’ll make an exception for Ms. Rowland.

    I’ll buy the album if it’s good though, I want Kelly to succeed.

  76. kavion February 27, 2011

    Go listen to Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything.
    I think you’ll love it :]

    Also, Happy Black History Month!!

  77. Sense February 27, 2011

    YES KELLY!!!!!…I’m so excited!….I don’t buy any artist CD…but i will definitely be buying Kelly’s…Love ya girl

  78. Jamie February 27, 2011

    I don’t care if it’s single #17, if it sticks, then it sticks. Haters fall back!

  79. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion


  80. boytoy1814 February 27, 2011

    FLOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  81. fgsdg February 27, 2011


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  82. kavion February 27, 2011

    Hey @HP 🙂

  83. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 27, 2011

    Go on Mis Kelly.

    She looks s*** as hell, NO HOMO..

    but looking foward to hear what she has to bring this time around..

    riddle me this batman..

    if u think kelly is a flop..why are u the first one to comment on her post?..

    she must be doing something right, if ur the first one to comment on her ..

  84. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    i beem waiting on yo ass

  85. hp February 27, 2011

    i ment been

  86. kavion February 27, 2011

    Don’t be coming at me foul. Lol.
    There’s been wack ass posts today!
    So no one’s here Lol

  87. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    i been wait on you and rihanna4ever and none ya,,,then kisses ledt my ass,,so you need to be talking to me

  88. kavion February 27, 2011

    Did you see that racist troll?
    I had to leave last night because I was getting heated.

  89. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    i love how you and @ aaron keeo geting in to it

  90. kavion February 27, 2011


    I didn’t even see that comment.
    Lol, you never know she might come out on top, I think Lupe might upset to.

  91. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    i read that s***..i love how he said black me is messing up white tight p****

  92. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion
    where is rihanna forever

  93. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna forever

    hey if you here kavion seem to think you are

  94. kavion February 27, 2011

    LMFAO he said that?
    He mad that he can’t please his women enough so they gotta come running to us “n******”. Weak ass.

    I don’t know, I haven’t posted all day

  95. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    It’s true! She just cannot get a hit. Even “Gone” is flopping.

    LOL, hey!

  96. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    aint this a urban blog,,,,

  97. kavion February 27, 2011

    Lol, but Lupe’s singles have been flopping and I expect him to sell at least 150-200 thousand in his first week. He’ll at least go gold.

  98. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    is this you first post cuz i aint seen no other post you made..

  99. Independent Thinker February 27, 2011

    I’m glad we finally have some news. If she’s filming the video in a week, that must mean that promo is on the way. I’m betting we will get the single toward the middle or near the end of March. The video will more than likely premiere on the heels of the singles release, which is a GOOD LOOK seeing as how Kelly has NEVER had that type of treatment before. I smell an early summer album release. If the album is released in June, that gives Kelly and Universal Motown three months to promote the HOOGA MOOGA out of this album (yes, I just made up my own little phrase).
    Ofcourse, this is all speculation and wishful thinking, but if Kelly and her dream team are smart. They will set this album up to be one of the biggest albums of 2011. PROMO IS KEY. We already know Kelly makes great music. We know she’s one of the best singers this POP genre has to offer and we know she’s taking no prisoners this go-round. If she’s promoted and marketed properly, she’ll do well because she is a legitimate talent and she does have a fan base. If her single charts, she’ll have an even bigger forum by which to showcase herself, and she’s going to need it. I believe Kelly is about to make alot of people take notice and take notes.

  100. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    where the hell is these rihanna forever pos you keep commenting on

  101. kavion February 27, 2011

    Right?? I just would think that if he hates african americans, he’d stay the f*** away from us.

    He probably goes to Black History fairs thinking, “God, I hate these f****** coons.”.
    Idiotic bigot.

  102. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I don’t know. With Lupe, I’m certain he’ll go Gold, but I feel like the only people that are going to buy his album 1st week are the people that signed that petition against his label back when his album wasn’t getting released. And that was only like 32,000 people. My guess is about 90 to 100k first week. I see Avril getting #1 that week, with about 150k.

  103. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    i love ho kelly is releaseing around the time as bey,,,,lupe’s is a hard flop kavion he will do 60-100k

  104. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    No, I came on earlier and said that she should just release the album already since it’s bound to flop, and defended Rihanna when someone said she was talentless.

    LOL, Sam? I actually prefer him to Trent. But like Mak-ael would say, Trent is Trent.

  105. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    What do you mean 3 months to promote the album?

    When do you think Beyonce’s new single will drop? My guess is early April.

  106. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    if t.i. aint gone gold lupe want,,,,mabey if he was cute he will sell more

  107. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL! I think part of the reason T.I. didn’t/won’t go Gold is because he can’t promote the album. And I think they’ve gone with the wrong singles.

  108. kavion February 27, 2011

    He’ll sell more than that, Ciara sold that.
    He has a lot of hype around him, and he actually has a lot of loyal fans. He has that whole Lupe Pass thing going on, and that’s selling well. Show Goes On is number 3 on 106 & Park, and his videos get a lot of views. He’ll at least sell 100,000. My first estimate was just out of hope.

    I think Avril will come out at Number 1 also. Really? You don’t expect her to sell more? She’s making a comeback and has some loyal fans.

  109. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    i think bey will drop a single late march or early april,,,,but i only see this album selling 4 million

  110. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    only reason paper trail did good is cuz of the prison hype

  111. kavion February 27, 2011

    If you look back at his past sales, he actual sells pretty well. He last two albums have both gone Gold, and one sold 200 thou. the first week…I think. Lol.

    T.I flopped because his fans are pissed at him, and this is one of his worst albums to date. He only has like 5 great songs on the album.

    Lol, I do to, but this was a stan moment!
    LMAO @ the you quoting him. Trent IS Trent. Lmao

  112. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    even if beyonce sell little i think she is doing what she want,,,,she can have one flop but it want look good next to iasf 9.6 million

  113. kavion February 27, 2011

    Paper Trail sold great because it was T.I’s best album to date (and only classic album), had plenty of catchy tunes, two huge Number One singles and was when T.I was winning every damn award out there.

  114. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna

    t.i. got a man in prison,,thats why he went back so fast

  115. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Really? Why?

    That’s a good point. Ciara sold 80k with Fantasy Ride since “Never Ever” was an R&B hit and “Love S** Magic” was a top 10 pop hit and an R&B hit, but Basic Instinct only sold 35k. I think he’ll sell maybe 95 to 105k. I love his music, though, so I’ll probably pick up a copy.

    I think this is Avril’s flop album. “What the Hell” hit #13 on the Hot 100, then just fell off after that. It’s starting to climb back up, and is almost in the top 10, though, and is gaining airplay, so that could help. Yes, she has loyal fans, but she’s been promoting the hell out of the album in other continents, and not so much in the US. Maybe 150k-200k isn’t correct. Maybe around 250k. But then again, Katy only sold 192k first week last August. That’s why I say about 175k.

  116. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion it took him a year to sell 2 million in the usa

  117. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I think T.I. has really fallen off. It’s sad, seeing as Paper Trail was a classic and amazing record.

  118. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    cuz she is talking about going african,,,but i think the tour will do good

  119. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion & rihanna4ever

    t.i. will flop again he just need to stick to having good looking lips

  120. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LMAO about T.I., but what? What did she say about going African?

  121. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    and it sold good cuz of the thug hype

  122. kavion February 27, 2011

    Yeah, I think that people are thirsty for classic Hip-Hop, so that’ll help him out. I love his music as well. So far, L.A.S.E.R.S has been the soundtrack to my life. I expect it to be his most relatable & successful album yet. Have you heard ths songs out yet? They’re great.

    You better buy you a copy! LOL.

    I hate when Artists promote more overseas. I mean, I just don’t get it. I guess she must have more loyal fans over there. Like how Michael chose the UK over America for This Is It. The thing with Katy’s sells is, she was bigger after TD. She wasn’t that huge before it. Cali Girls took her to the top, then after that TD & FW both hit number one. E.T will most likely do the same. I want Not Like The Movies or Circle the Drain? as the next single though.

  123. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    she said it was like 60-70 percent african

  124. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    they do more promo overseas cuz uas is more hooked on talent where some places just love a good song

  125. kavion February 27, 2011

    HP heard the album was going to be set in the style of Deja Vu.

    @RF & HP
    I think Tip still has great lyrical talent. It’s just that production and promotion is lacking. NM, GBU,CW & ASW are all great songs. Though he was completely eclipsed by Em on ASW.

  126. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    But what did she mean by that?

    Are you kidding? Of course I’ve heard it! It’s classic hip-hop, well rapped, great lyrics, and beautiful production. As for artists that promote more overseas, I agree. Maybe they just want to be more international as an artist (like Shakira), or feel more accepted in other artists. I’m unsure.

  127. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    she will sell atleast 2 million in the usa

    @ kavion,,,iasf sold almost 4 million in the usa why do they have it at 2.8 million

  128. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Like Deja Vu?


  129. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I think Beyonce will sell 2 million in the US. These days, albums can have big first week sales, but most albums fizzle out after that. I see Beyonce selling 400 to 500k first week, but only going to around 2 or 2.5 million in the US, and 5 million internationally. The only reason is because that’s how albums do these days. I do hope the singles are huge, though, and the tour is, and the promotion is as well. I want THAT Beyonce record.

  130. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    i need to jump on the pop train…but still keep it 80-20 like she always do

  131. kavion February 27, 2011

    I know! It’s amazing so far. Never Forget You & Show Goes On are my favorites so far. I loved the live rendition of Beautiful Lasers to, and I have a feeling it’ll be my favorite Lupe song of all time. What do you think of the album cover? I hate it. Loved all the single covers to..

    Do you think J Cole will sell great? I hope so. I stan for him like crazy. Lol.

    That’s true about wanting to reach out to the world. America sort of decides who’s a legend or not though, so maybe the U.S should be their main focus.

  132. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    glastonbury will help in the uk

  133. hp February 27, 2011


    j-cole will flop harder then a stack of pancakes at ihop

  134. kavion February 27, 2011

    I want Bey to go Platinum first week. There’s no reason why she can’t. Taylor f****** Swift did it and Em almost did, what’s stopping Beyonce? I think she can go Plat. first week then go on to sell at least 3 mil. in the U.S, for NOW. If it’s a classic, it could possibly go Diamond over the years though. Some albums fire back up after a while.

    I want her to stay R&B. She doesn’t need to hop on any train. She’s Beyonce, and she gets enough s*** already.

  135. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL, that’s a good point. At the same time, though, “Deja Vu” is one of my FAVORITE Beyonce songs, so I want an album like that.

    I love “Never Forget You”, “Words I Never Said”, “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now”, “Beautiful Lasers”, and “Coming Up”. You really like “Show Goes On”? I actually kind of hate it, LOL. But yes, I love the single covers, and I think the album cover is just okay. I wish it had actual lasers though. I just love the way lasers look, LOL.

  136. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    lupe bores me..i love the song about the skate bored

  137. kavion February 27, 2011

    I don’t think he’ll flop.
    HP, I don’t think you understand Hip-Hop fans. They buy ALBUMS, and are extremely loyal. There’s very few times that GREAT MCs flop. They always do good for rappers. They might not have huge singles, but they sell well. Look at No Mercy, it sold over 100 K first week, when it really shouldn’t have. It had NO promo.

  138. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I don’t see J. Cole being huge. I think he will some day, but I see it taking a really long time. As for Beyonce, I seriously doubt it. There’s no way she can go Platinum first week. She should be able to, but I don’t think she can.

  139. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    You know, rethinking it, Lasers may sell around 150k first week, or more. It’s so INSANELY anticipated, so it’s likely.

  140. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    it might sell like b-day bad single but it still pushed 7 million…even though i love b-day and the video’s

  141. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I don’t know how she’ll do sales-wise, but the B-Day reference is good, and that may just be how things turn out. It seems like this next record will be very much like B’Day, so that’s possible. I think the record will drop in late June. You?

  142. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion beyonce will sell 500-600k ,,,,,,,

  143. kavion February 27, 2011

    I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now & Coming Up have leaked/been released?? What the hell?! LOL. What are they about? Like, the theme and everything. Yes, I love Show Goes On, Lol. True Blue hates it to, I don’t get it! It’s so inspirational and I love the Modest Mouse sample! Outta My Head is okay to me, I only heard it in low quality and without Trey though, so who knows. I wanted actual lasers to! Lmao, like the I’m Beaming video.

    He’s very intellectual, and hard to understand. I even get confused sometimes! Lmao. I understand, he’s not for everyone. He’s more of a poet..who uses melody.

  144. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    This is kind of random, but since we are talking about sales, do either of you think Rihanna will ever have huge first week sales or ever get a #1 record?

  145. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    she will drop some time around glastonbury,,,this b**** best not make me wait 3 years

    @ kavion you never did answer my ?

  146. magic February 27, 2011

    yessss my queen is here to stay!! haters stay pressed kelly knows what she doing this time around and for christ sake! can you stop comparing her with other artist?

  147. hp February 27, 2011

    my pc just threw me the f*** off

  148. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    riri next album will go to number 1

  149. None Ya February 27, 2011


  150. kavion February 27, 2011


    I replied to you, it got deleted.

    Sorry, my computer’s f****** up.

    @NONE YA

  151. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion please tell me you got that last comment

  152. kavion February 27, 2011

    Sooo I’m guessing things are working again?

    If you can post, I’ll reply to all your ?s like I did before things went off.

  153. None Ya February 27, 2011

    So this is what it’s come to, a Kelly Rowland Post! You know we have dry news when this happens!

  154. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Hey @Kavion
    Hey @RihannaForever
    Hey @HP

  155. kavion February 27, 2011

    What did it say?

    @NONE YA
    I know, right?
    Next it’ll be a Souljah Boi post.

  156. None Ya February 27, 2011

    What the hell is going on with my computer?

  157. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion is not your pc is the site cuz mine was doint the same thang

    @ none ya,hey girl but i am bout to leave

    @ kavion,,,,i was saying iasf had to sell 3,726,000 in the usa

    cuz in 08 she finish the year in the top 10 with 1,466,000,,,,,then in 09 she finish the year at number 2,,,so she had to sell 2 million,,,cuz lady gaga was number 3 and she had to sell atleast well over 2 million cuz nickle back was number 4 and lady gaga was not huge in 08 so her sell was not huge then,,,and last year she sold a little over 1 million..and beyonce sold 260,000,,,that is 3,726,000 million why is nielsen sound scan lieing

  158. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I know right! I need someone to get a number one or some s*** because this is appalling! Anyway, sorry I came late! Chris had a “surprise” for me!

  159. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    i am bout to leave and git me some d***

  160. hp February 27, 2011

    @ r4ever

    where you go

  161. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    my point is somebody is lying,,,

  162. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Bye! *sad face*

  163. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Somebody lied on Bey’s sales? *grabs gun*

  164. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    i know we in the same time zone,,you must have over slept

  165. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    I’m over this site f****** up.
    Who do want to get a number 1?

    Night 🙂

  166. None Ya February 27, 2011

    No…I just thought that NO ONE would be on a K.Rowland post, but I guess I’m wrong since yall are here!

  167. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    you might need to restart your computer

  168. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I don’t know but this is a REALLY slow newsday! Let Rihanna or SOMEBODY get a #1 so that we can have news! Shoot let Bey record a rap album, I don’t care!

  169. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    lmao,,,,i just go threw the post and look 4 you guys

  170. None Ya February 27, 2011

    You getting d*** from who? That boy….

  171. Trish February 27, 2011

    I cant waut for the the single

  172. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    If Bey ever did a rap album, you’d have to (W)rap my coffin…with a bow, cause I’d be DEAD. Lmfao.

  173. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Oh wow! I just avoid K.Rowland’s posts since they get less than 50 comments but when I saw this I was SHOCKED!

  174. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    you send a smiley face like you ready for me to leave,,,i got a big har d*** comeing soon anyway

  175. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    he aint that boy no more he is my man

  176. None Ya February 27, 2011

    LOL! Imagine the collabos with Jay and Kanye!, hell Mama Tina! The songs on there probably will be Diva parts 2-8, then Video Phone and Radio remixes.

  177. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    did you see the post

  178. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Your man, eh? Well enjoy that d***…I guess!

  179. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    kelly’s post get bout 44 comments at the most

  180. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    why you say it like dat

  181. kavion February 27, 2011

    LMFAO, who said I wanted you to leave?

    @NONE YA
    LOLOL. It just doesn’t need to happen. Her little Hip Hop flavored songs are my least favorites. Except That’s How You Like It.

  182. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I thought these number of comments was strange when I saw the numbers! I don’t even know what this post is about! Lol!

  183. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    me and kavion could never be he leave 2 much

  184. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    the smiley face speaks a 1000 words

  185. None Ya February 27, 2011

    No Radio? That’s How I Like It is mehh….What Bey needs for her rap album would be a diss to Lil Kim. Matter of Fact, Lil Kim might diss Bey for the Queen Bee title! Calling Bey a Kim Clone Clown!
    The d*** is hairy! I like it BALD!

  186. kavion February 27, 2011

    Whatever heffa!

  187. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    lmfao,,,,,,,kelly might start geting comment when we aint got no where else to post

  188. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    i like hair on my d***,,it is just manly to me,,,but i aint got none

  189. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Lol! We gave her stans an ego boost!
    You mad? HP got man and I got Chris! Lightskinned boys are taking your thunder!

  190. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    Radio’s my favorite Beyonce uptempo of all time. I don’t consider it as rap styled though. Like Hip-Hop infused Europop, she actually sings on that song. Unlike Diva, Upgrade You & Video Phone.

    LMFAO, Kim ain’t stupid. Well she is, but she ain’t CRAZY. I’m so over that broad it’s ridiculous. She needs to take a power nap and reevalutate her thinking.

  191. None Ya February 27, 2011

    You ain’t get none? Why not?

  192. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    lmao….kavion beating his meat to my words

  193. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Hey guys! Sorry I just went MIA; my server decided to just die out. Anyways, I don’t really know where this conversation went, but since we WERE talking about sales, I was going to ask:

    Do any of you think Rihanna will ever have a #1 album and/or have big first week sales?

  194. hp February 27, 2011

    none ya

    i think it is nasty,,and that the way my man like it

  195. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I know right! In the Black Friday Video, she looked like a Bratz doll than a Barbie! She needs help. It’s obvious she ain’t had no d*** since 1996! Biggie must’ve had that monster d***!

  196. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Since you’re a fellow Nicki stan, I thought I’d ask you what you think about “Did It on’em” being the next single from PF?

  197. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    it it the site every body s*** went out…and riri next album will sell 350-400k and it will hit number 1

  198. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Rihanna could have a #1 album IF she has a GGGB + RATED R all together!
    Lol…he probably got blue balls! Ewww…he likes his d*** hairy? Yuck! So unless he shaves, no p****, eh?

  199. hp February 27, 2011

    @ rihanna4ever

    you are just so sweet an innocent

  200. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Did It On Em’ is my song! It’s funny in the background when S.B. randomly says some random s***!

  201. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    i love me some hairy d***

  202. None Ya February 27, 2011

    That’s nasty! Do you keep “it” hairy?

  203. aaron February 27, 2011

    n****** are here

  204. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I don’t know about those sales, but I definitely think that if Loud becomes a huge era, which it’s on track to be, her next album will open up to huge sales. And LOL, how?

    I want Loud+Rated R+GGGB. Or a more edgy GGGB. That would be good.

    Also, just wondering, what are we talking about? -confused look-

  205. kavion February 27, 2011

    HP’s right. Everything f***** up.

    I had replied about Rihanna’s sales! I think that she’ll have a number 1, it just seems like she’s cursed. She never seems to be able to get one, I don’t understand.

    I wanted Fly to be out first. I love Did It On Em though. Me and some friends were making up funny video concepts for Nicki, and we said that she should be sitting on a solid gold toilet for Did It On Em, then it could flash to scenes of her fame & what she’s done with SB in the background clowning. LMAO. She should get a Kim look a like to, Lmao, maybe Snooki?

    @NONE YA
    Ya’ll keep playing with me! LOL

  206. hp February 27, 2011

    my s*** stay gone..

  207. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    what you mean everything is f*** up

  208. kavion February 27, 2011

    Happy Black History Month buddy!!

    *Plays Lupe Fiasco- All Black Everything & Seal’s rendition of A Change Is Gonna Come, while crip walking away with a Popeye’s 2 Piece & a biscuit in one hand, pitcher of Cherry-red Kool-Aid in the other*

  209. hp February 27, 2011

    @ none ya

    i think chris is hairy

  210. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Loud to me is…meh…RR>>GGGB>>LOUD.
    You mad though? HP, KISSES, and I are ALL taken while you beat your meat to our comments.

  211. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I LOVE “Did It on’em”, but I wanted “Fly” first. Oh well.

    Oh, LOL. I didn’t see that that earlier comment had shown up. As for Rihanna, I think she just chooses bad dates. I mean, her last two albums had the potential to go #1, but she, or her team/label, chose really difficult sales weeks for those two records. I think if she releases on a week without competition, or with very little, she could go #1. She’ll never sell much, my guess.

    LOL, I love that idea! I want the “Did It on’em” video to be a major diss to Kim. I doubt she will do that, simply because she seems like she’s over Kim, but something like your suggestion would be hilarious. Like all this stuff about her career and her success in the video and then to contrast, all of Kim’s current “#1 on Paypal” b*******.

  212. kavion February 27, 2011

    About how TGJ f***** up.

  213. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Really? I love it. Her strongest record to date for me. I truly believe she improves with every record.

  214. aaron February 27, 2011

    you n***** want live in the end,,,,,so let us kill you now

  215. None Ya February 27, 2011

    NO! He ain’t hairy trust me I know! I didn’t see NO hair in site!
    Death! But 2 piece? Uh uh..we do 8 pieces! STOP BEING HUMBLE!

  216. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    did you read the post on bey’s iasf sells i wrote

  217. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    this is all wrong ….the post is about KELLY ROWLAND …..why is BEYONCE & GAGA….and anyone else mentioned….if feel like you guys don’t like real music with meaning….compare a Kelly song to a beyonce song….Kelly hold the title because her songs have an actual meaning that you can relate to…beyonce i love her to death but she really has to go half nude and shake her ass just to sell that’s sad…..Michelle and Kelly are so under rated but yet i feel they are a better artist than beyonce …. #Kanye-Shrug

  218. hp February 27, 2011

    @ kavion

    do you have any hair

  219. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I don’t know..I like some songs but it’s not really my cup of tea! Fly and Did It On Em will be released at the same time. One is for Urban and one is for Pop!

  220. kavion February 27, 2011

    Really? Why though? I don’t think there’s any reason why she couldn’t do it. It’s odd to me that it never happened.

    LOL! Yea, I agree, she seems completely over it. I just want her to completely kill off & bury KIm..THEN move on though. Lol. I think if she used Snooki as a look a like, my life would be complete. LMFAO about PayPal. God, Kim’s just a sad, sad individual.

  221. aaron February 27, 2011

    we hate all of yall

  222. hp February 27, 2011

    bye my d*** just pulled ip

  223. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Noo….Bey >>>Kelly. So Commander/Like This/etc. is >>> than Save The Hero/Once In a Lifetime/Halo/etc. Oh and Michelle sings Gospel. Of course she has meaning, it’s about GOD!

  224. aaron February 27, 2011


  225. kavion February 27, 2011

    Beyonce’s songs don’t have meaning? I guess you’ve never heard the entire I Am… side of IASF. Songs like Save The Hero, Listen & I Can’t Take No More, to name a few about life. In reality, if you compare Bey & Kelly, Beyonce’s songs are much more complex.


    @NONE YA
    LMFAO, I know, I didn’t wanna live up to the stereotypes TOO much!

    Aaron’s a f****** idiot.

  226. aaron February 27, 2011


  227. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I was hoping I’m The Best would be a single..but no! It was real and could prove her haters wrong!

  228. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Really? Why? She’s a rapper. It’s not like she has to do that. But I guess she is more hip-pop and has to cater to both markets. At least “Fly” is coming out! I’m surprised at how well “Moment 4 Life” did, though.

    I don’t know, but I just feel like there’s a reason that she’s never sold more. Maybe we’ll see next time around. I think it’ll be easy to tell how much she really can sell in one week when she releases an album on an easy sales week. Like Katy Perry. She had absolutely NO competition on August 24, and we saw that she sold 192,000 only, which is a good indication of what she can do first week. I think that maybe, Rihanna is the kind of artist that just sells moderately each week. It sells albums, but it doesn’t get you as much recognition.

  229. aaron February 27, 2011

    god hate you n******

  230. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Hairy? you wash your hair? Aaron is probably a self hating Uncle Ruckus idiot!

  231. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    You know, I am half-white, and I’ll just say this: You’re a disgrace.

    I know! I LOOOOOVE “I’m the Best”. I just pray that she does eventually release “Save Me”. I just do NOT want her to do the “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” single, like she planned to.

  232. aaron February 27, 2011


  233. aaron February 27, 2011


  234. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    No, no he doesn’t. That’s just an idiotic thing to say. And besides, you built your whole argument on your belief that God hates black people. I’m not black. So how could he hate me, under your beliefs?

  235. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    I’m the Best is one of my favorites, it definantly should’ve been a single, or Blazin.

    So true. I guess we’ll have to wait a little later. I want to see her do it though. I love seeing “underdog” type stories Lol.

    What do you think of Save Me? Do you think it should be released? Any video concept ideas?

  236. aaron February 27, 2011


  237. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @None Ya
    im not a stan im a supporter……… beyonce has songs with meaning too….but compared to kelly she basically have a lot of party songs….there’s nothing wrong with that but beyonce is talented as f*** she should be singing stuff like j-HUD and Whitney….Michelle has a 3rd album out that is pop….and its far away from gospel…but her songs have meaning…beyonce to me is not an ARTIST she is a performer……and with her voice that needs to change

  238. None Ya February 27, 2011

    It’s probably to gain a fanbase so that her next album will sell even better! Almost ALL rappers are going pop. Drake-So Far Gone and other rappers are dumbing it down with and exception of Gucci/Waka because they can’t read AT ALL and graduated kindergarten yesterday!

  239. aaron February 27, 2011


  240. aaron February 27, 2011


  241. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    I’m NOT about to risk injuring my precious child just to shave off a few hairs.
    Yes, I shave! I’m not an animal, like Aaron.

    “Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world.
    Be them, Yellow, BLACK, or White; we are precious in his sight.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world”

    Take a nap, child.


  242. aaron February 27, 2011


  243. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion i guess ur right …..but look where im going with this
    even though she has songs as “save the hero” and “ave marie” and all that bull s***………they are songs that people can relate to….but she doesn’t release them ….but instead she releases diva, ego, and all that….even though those are good songs….i want to hear her sing….not shake her ass all the time…..even though i like it…lol….i want her to just be real with who she is

  244. aaron February 27, 2011


  245. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LMAO, exactly! For “Save Me”, I think it’s a really vulnerable, and beautiful song. I think it’s a great single, and I DIDN’T have any ideas for the video until I watched someone on Youtube’s own video rendition, and it gave me the idea of something Twilight-inspired. Not vampires or werewolves or anything, but just like in the woods, misty, like she’s lost. I would love a scene in like a glass coffin or something like that, if that makes sense.

    What do you want the “Fly” video to be like? And if she were to release another song after “Save Me”, what would you want it to be? Could be any song released on any edition of the album.

    Exactly! I try to explain to people that she built a pop fanbase with all of those features and that she has to cater to them to bring in the money, the sales and the success, but people act like that makes her less of a rapper. I hate that people went into an outrage over the fact that she sings in some of her songs. No one cared when Drake sang.

  246. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    Not trying to be rude, but that’s complete b*******.
    If you look at DIL, B’Day & IASF, then count all the Ballads & Midtempos, there’s more of them than “party” records.

    I’m guessing you’ve never actually bout a Bey record? SInce you must be going off of radio.

  247. aaron February 27, 2011


  248. aaron February 27, 2011


  249. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    First of all, you aren’t even using the word n***** correctly, and second of all, it’s a very derogatory word that you should not use if you appreciate living. Anyways, I think you someone should explain to you that there is nothing wrong with any race. Besides, why would God create black people if he hated them? Oh wait, he wouldn’t.

  250. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY^^^^^
    Oops, I didn’t see your latest comment! LOL.
    I agree, I’d rather see her release those as singles, but she has to be smart. You have a point though.


  251. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yasssssssss! I’m the Best is the song! Save me is GREAT and I hope Girls Fall Like Dominoes isn’t release.The chorus is so annoying!
    Blazin is amazing! I REALLY want that to be one of the singles instead of Massive Attack and Your Love.
    Check pornos for white chicks on their knees. You are a disgrace to white people! My grandfather’s half Scottish and half Trinidadian/Spanish and he nor his father was racist like you!
    Wait…Michelle had more than 1 album? (No Shade) Kelly has a voice too why don’t she sing a Whitney Houston Ballad. Bey knows what sells. A WH type song will not go too well. Plus WH had her own style.

  252. aaron February 27, 2011


  253. aaron February 27, 2011


  254. None Ya February 27, 2011

    You don’t shave like that? What about Nair? Veet?
    They’re mad at Nicki for singing but jamming to Ja Rule and T-Pain. Right?
    White women are known as whores who are easy and give head though?

  255. aaron February 27, 2011


  256. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    She doesn’t just release those songs. She’s released “Me, Myself, & I”, “Irreplaceable”, “If I Were a Boy”, “Halo”, and “Broken Hearted Girl” – all ballads, and all meaningful. That’s 5 of the about 15 singles she’s released. There are 3 types of songs – ballads, midtempos, and uptempos. It’s about 5/5/5, so I don’t see how you can say that she always releases the uptempo, party records. If you mean success-wise, it’s not her fault that her upbeat singles reach more success than her ballads. That’s how the music industry is.

    Also, upbeat songs can have meaningful lyrics, too. Being a ballad doesn’t make a song’s lyrics meaningful.

  257. kavion February 27, 2011

    God, I love that concept! I’d definantly want to see some sort of car scene also though, going by the lyrics. For the Fly video, I picture it to definantly be a super hero theme. I could see them starting off very weak, then becoming sort of heroines, they could show clips of mistreated girls/women, then Nicki & Rihanna could comfort them, sort of lead them into a revolution type thing, and “fly” away.

    I want Blazin or Super Bass to be singles, but I want videos for Catch Me & Dear Old Nicki. For Dear Old Nicki, I could picture her on an empty road, really dark, sort of lost at a crossroad. They could show flashes of her past videos & Dvds, then show where she’s at now. Then it could end with her removing a wig, sort of realizing who she is and showing us the true Nicki.

  258. None Ya February 27, 2011

    If we are crack babies who can’t spell, then why do we use correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling then?

  259. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion dangerously in love was her best album to date …..after that…… she started doing some next s***……of course she has ballads on her albums which have a lot of meaning that you females love oh so dearly….but she doesn’t release enough ballads to show people who she really is…..she might release 1 ballad as a single….and then 9 pops singles……i hope u understand what I’m saying

  260. aaron February 27, 2011


  261. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yasssss! I LIVE FOR DEAR OLD NICKI AND SUPER BASS! I would love a video and single for that!

  262. luv music February 27, 2011

    miss kelly is gorgeous..shes so s***..i love her ..she so down to earth…..go kelly..haters keep on hating…

  263. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I have small lips and European/Indian features. Good Bye!

  264. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL, I just really want the “Save Me” video to be very vulnerable, to evoke the meaning of the song. And I adore your concept for “Fly”, actually. I think it’d be great if there were a few stories about mistreated women and girls. And not G or PG stories, but actual dark, deep, and realistic stories, and then Nicki and Rihanna could help them. An evolution, of sorts. A dark to light story.

    I think that “Blazin” and “Super Bass” have huge single potential, but if either of those is to be released, I think “Super Bass” would be more likely. Everyone seems to love that song. I think it’s actually about SB…everyone seems to think they’re dating. You? I just don’t understand the whole “hype man” concept.

    I want videos for “Catch Me” (I love that song to death), “Dear Old Nicki”, and “Here I Am”. I ADORE your “Dear Old Nicki” concept, and I think it’s a great idea. If only I liked that song, LOL. For “Here I Am”, I’d love for it to kind of revolve around one whole scene, with it being kind of like the scene in the Rihanna “Umbrella” video where she’s painted silver and in the gold pyramid. The “Umbrella” video actually scares me, though.

    I wish I could be the person that chose artists’ singles and video concepts. I’d love to, LOL.

  265. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    i really like Michelle as an artist though i feel like her management f***** her in the ass……she was the 1st to release her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd album……beyonce and kelly came after…..shorti is about to release her 4th album and all n***** remember is her 1 minute verse in DC and “we break the dawn”

  266. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Um, Kavion’s a guy. You don’t need to be a female to enjoy relatable ballads.

  267. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    Well, I’m not female, gay either. Lol. & I think that the real fans deserve the real music, so I don’t mind her not releasing the ballads as singles. If you’re a true Bey fan, you’ll hear that music. She actually releases midtempos more than anything else. Her lyrics are always great though, look at Sweet Dreams. Listen to the acoustic version, it has beautiful lyrics. Yes, I understand where you’re coming from though.

    @NONE YA
    I know! I love both of those songs, they’re on repeat.
    Just ignore Aaron.

  268. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I didn’t catch that he called KAVION a chick! Death!

  269. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I LOVE Michelle’s 3rd album.

    What do you think are 3 Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga songs that never got the single treatment but should’ve?

  270. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    RIGHT? Now we have a racist AND somewhat of a sexist! Oh, Lord, save us.

  271. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yassss! I live for those songs especially for Blazin! But really you don’t shave your members with Nair/Veet? That’s nasty!

  272. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Wait, were @NoneYa and @HP asking you if you have PUBIC hair? I thought they were asking you if you had hair on your head, and I was like, I was wondering the same thing! Oh, Lord. I’m too innocent for a 23 year old.

  273. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Lol! It’s funny how they generally think Bey fans are gay/female!
    Monster + So Happy I Could Die + Speechless
    Firebomb+Let Me+Cry+Breakin’ Dishes+Photographs+Cold Case Love+Stupid In Love
    Beyonce (Lawd she picks the wrong singles sometimes):
    Radio+Save The Hero+Scared Of Lonely

  274. kavion February 27, 2011

    Exactly! A dark to light story. I just want it to be very serious and beautiful.

    Super Bass would be HUGE. Have you seen Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez’s covers? LOL. I think it’s a possibility she might be dating HB, but she treats he more like a best friend than boyfriend.

    Lol, Dear Old Nicki’s production definantly could’ve been better. The concept of that song is amazing and unique to me though.

    You should get into video concepts! You love music, so why not? I think you’d do great! I always love your ideas.

  275. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yep! Exactly what we were asking!

  276. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    sorry im a guy to and im not gay…i have a girlfriend and kavion im sorry….it was a general statement but yes i agree…..i feel like people judge guys 4 listening to “b**** music” that’s what some ignorant people call it…but yea…..i love music that hits the soul or makes me want to jump lml

  277. kavion February 27, 2011


    Dissapear, Radio, Save the Hero

    Speechless, Dance In the Dark, don’t have a 3rd Lol

    Firebomb, Photographs, Hole In My Head.

    LMAO they shouldn’t be worrying about my pubic hair anyway!

    @NONE YA
    Nope, I don’t shave it at all. Did before, didn’t like the feeling. Lmao.

  278. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Awww! See Kavion you’re not the only one that likes p****! It’s okay I’m a chick qnd I thought Kavion was a chick at first until he revaled himself. 98% people here LOVE D***!

  279. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever yoooo thank you….. my favorite track on Michelle’s 3rd album was hungover and the greatest …that was my s*** (katt Williams voice) lol

  280. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    Lol, it’s all good. I agree 100% also.
    I think that it’s just as bas as thinking black people who listen to Rock are whitewashed.

  281. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Ewwww!!! So do you at least keep it trimmed? You know so that it won’t look like your d*** has a hairball.
    Add Hole In My Head too!

  282. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I know! And people think Gaga stans are flaming gay dudes that tan 24/7 and talk with a lisp, and that all of Rihanna’s stans are 12 year old trolls. Well, there’s reason for that, actually….and LMAO at that question. Nair stings.

    Exactly. I hope the “Fly” video is more serious, because it’s a song that deserves a video like that. And LMAO at the covers. Did you see Taylor try to whip her hair? That girl just…I can’t with her sometimes. I don’t know about her and SB, but I love how often she tells her to shut up and how rude she can be with him. I think Nicki is actually kind of rude, but I love it for some reason. She just has an enticing personality.

    I think that the “Dear Old Nicki” concept is unique, and it’s a gorgeous idea, but I think that the production ruins the whole thing for me. And thank you, LOL! I actually am getting my MBD right now, and I’m planning to work in the music industry. I’m also getting my DDS, though, so my plan is to work in the music industry for some time before moving into dentistry in my later years. We’ll see.

  283. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @none ya …..lmaoooo …i love p****…. I’m not with that gay s*** #no-offense to any1 on this post… just a guy that likes good music

  284. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    “98 percent of people here LOVE D***”
    LMFAO, too true.

  285. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Exactly! I loved how well she transitioned from gospel to mainstream music, and I love that she so successfuly meshed my two favorite genres – dance and R&B. My favorite tracks were “The Greatest”, “Hungover”, “Stop this Car”, and “Hello Heartbreak”. I loved “We Break the Dawn”, too.

  286. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion lml i agree….lml thats a funny but true point

  287. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Creole, Scared of Lonely, and Radio

    Hole in My Head, Firebomb, and Breakin’ Dishes

    Lady Gaga:
    Starstruck, Dance in the Dark, and Monster
    I don’t think “Speechless” would’ve been a good single, but she said she was going to release it, so I have no idea what happened there.

  288. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Nair doesn’t really sting? What about Veet? I use to think ALL Rihanna stans were delusional queens who hated Beyonce! I used to feel the same way about GaGa stans until I started to stan. I thought they were bright colored rainbow/aviator sunglasses/booty shorts/feminine gays!
    It’s okay! I love a man with a taste in good music. It’s refereshing!

  289. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I think all of the wrong singles were chosen for Rated R.

  290. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever …i loved every track on that cd…..i cant wait 4 her 4th album…that’s gonna be crazy….i just hope she has a better team to promote the s*** out of her…..have you heard her new song “if you wanna go”? that is a nice mid-tempo give it a listen if u haven’t heard it….

  291. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @none ya 😀 I’m glad u do….good music can really calm us down

  292. None Ya February 27, 2011

    It’s true! Trent/Sam are GAY! The rest are females and gays except you and D-MONEY!
    I like We Break The Dawn!

  293. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL, it kind of does. I thought Veet stung too. LOL, the majority of the Rihanna stans are. Most of them say I’m an undercover Beyonce stan because I don’t hate her, and actually love her. I went to Gaga’s concert, and although not all of them are and I hate to say this, the majority of them are.

  294. kavion February 27, 2011

    Taylor’s such a f****** dork. LMFAO, she’s like awkwardly hot. I swear it seems like she wants to keep this image going, she’s different than the others who try to rebell.

    Lol, I think she has to be like that. She had it hard growing up, and when your from the hood, you often put up that front. I think she needs a guy who can break down her layers, she has A LOT. Maybe I’ll be that guy 😉 LOL.

    Dear Old Nicki should have had simple piano type production. It could’ve been much better. Still, amazing lyrics, and I can relate like crazy.

    That’s really good for you! Think big and don’t let things get in your way. Like Nicki says, “You gotta have tunnel vision, and almost be insane”. If you want it bad enough, you’ll have it. I want to go to college for compostion and just writing in general. English has always been my favorite subject and I have a HUGE imagination. Lol. I’m actually trying to get into CSN now. It’s hard when you wait so long. I wanna get into the music industry to. Go to a school for production after CSN. I dream too big sometimes though..

  295. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Her team needs to KILL promotion this go round. Same for Kelly. I think every member of Destiny’s Child should have experienced major solo success. Michelle always delivers, so I’m sure the record will be amazing. I just hope that it’s exposed well enough to earn the success it deserves.

    And I LOVE “If You Wanna Go” so much. It’s gorgeous, and I love how vulnerable it is, and how stripped down it is.

  296. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I know right! I hate it when guys listen to wack ass rappers and act hard! Listen to some Whitney and chill!
    Te Amo/Rockstar101/Hard should’ve never been singles!

  297. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    you wanna know a secret?……..Michelle sounds nothing like you heard her in destiny’s child ………. i saw her live ….she is just a good singer as beyonce….and that’s why they gave her all them short verses because when she came in the group…she was competition for beyonce….smh….i want to be her manager…i will promote her ass

  298. None Ya February 27, 2011

    N**** please!

  299. kavion February 27, 2011

    Do you listen to Hip Hop to? Like, meaningful, lyrical rap? If you do, any favorite MCs, mainstream & underground?

  300. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Her dad owned a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania and moved to TN for her career. She was well off! Please! They don’t want another KANYE!

  301. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever yea i agree ….they really need to promote her…….and i see your on top of your s*** like i am….lol ….have you heard “stay for a minute”?

  302. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    N**** please what? Lol.

    You guys make me smile so hard sometimes. 🙂

  303. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Taylor is a dork, but it works for her. She’s more successful than ever, so I don’t see it changing. I don’t personally like her, but hey, more power to her. And I agree. Nicki’s gone through SO much, that it’s only natural for her to be that way. I just love her personality. She’s just so interesting and captivating, and although I hate to say this due to the others, I think she’s definitely the most interesting female MC to date.

    Very true, too. If it had been more stripped down, I think it would’ve been far better. I love the lyrics, too, though. The production just makes the song sound so cheesy for me. Like something off of a Disney soundtrack. And, thanks! I’m really just trying to go for it and not allow anyone to tell me otherwise, because I firmly believe dreams come true. And good luck to you, too! Just make sure to keep your head up, and go for it. Never say never! And I have a huge imagination, too. I wouldn’t say you can ever dream too big, though.

  304. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    Who’s dad?

  305. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I BEEN knew they was stans! Alot of Bey stans…..well….they ain’t the same. But I’m starting to like Rih for her catchiness of songs and messiness on Twitter! As long as she shades, I’ll behave!

  306. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Taylor Swift! I make you laugh, eh?

  307. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion yea i do…even though i love R&B…I’m still a man…i listen to reggae soca and hip-pop/rap…those r my genres ……best rapper to me is jay-z and Kayne…they are just on top of their game to me…but i have to give wale and Lupe’ some props to they are some nice rappers

  308. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Exactly! “Russian Roulette” and “Rude Boy” were great single choices, but “Hard”, “Te Amo”, and “Rockstar 101” had no business being singles. Those should’ve been “Wait Your Turn” (or maybe “Hard”, actually, just to have an upbeat single), “Hole in My Head”, and “Fire Bomb”.

    LOL, yes I have. It was alright, but I thought it was a little odd with the vocal-whisper sound. I’m always on the lookout for leaks just to make sure that I can keep up to date with my favorite artists.

    And, exactly. Michelle and Kelly are super talented, but Matthew made Destiny’s Child all about Beyonce.

  309. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Have you ever heard of Curren$y/Jay Electronica/Dee-1/J.Cole/Cory Gunz?

  310. RihannaForever February 27, 2011


  311. kavion February 27, 2011

    LOL, yea, Taylor’s definantly got a good thing going. Ask her bank account.

    I’d definantly agree that Nicki’s the most interesting. I wouldn’t say best, or the queen just yet, but she’s the most captivating by far. Maybe the most interesting MC period.

    Thanks. Yea, I guess you can never dream to big. It’s just I hate building myself up just to get let down. It hurts a lot less when your not expecting too much.

  312. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yeah but it’s whatever! New ERA to pick the right ones! Oh and Destiny’s Child….NOT CHILDREN…of course it’s gonna be about Bey!

  313. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I LOVE Cory Gunz. Do you know Aaron Fresh?

  314. None Ya February 27, 2011

    My fellow stans are CUT THROAT! They’re messy but I love them! Oh and Rih better shade them b******! It makes me think that back in Barbados, she was shading and dragging b****** on Beyonce World and forums online.

  315. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    Kanye’s an amazing ARTIST to me, his lyrics could be better. Lupe’s one of the best alive imo. I consider him a poet who uses melody, more than a rapper. I’m really feeling J Cole, Em, Omen & kinda Drake right now though. Still love the classics to.

    @NONE YA
    Yes, you make me laugh 🙂

  316. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Exactly. I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s the best, and I don’t think you can even say that at this stage in her career, but she probably is the most interesting and captivating MC to date. That’s true. I always get my hopes up too high just to get my feelings hurt in the end. I guess it’s made my skin thicker, though.

    I CANNOT with you!

  317. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever yea i agree, what we don’t realize is that Destiny’s Child was only meant for beyonce……if they really cared about the other members then they would of called the group Destiny’s Children or something else….but destiny’s child basically is talking about one person…which is beyonce……

  318. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yep! I like Aaron Fresh. I’m getting into his songs and he’s a CB stan!

  319. kavion February 27, 2011

    Aaron Fresh would be better off if you know who wasn’t backing him.

  320. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL, I’m sure that’s EXACTLY what Rihanna was doing. Not like she had anything else to do.

    Out of curiousity, what would you choose as the next two singles from Loud?

  321. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @none ya yes i have

  322. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I know, and it’s sad. It was so centered around Beyonce. I hate that so many American girl groups turn into a solo artist with backup singers. I just feel bad for talents like Kelly and Michelle, and how that must’ve made them feel.

    LOL, that’s cool. I’m not huge on CB, but that’s still good that he likes him! And I know. Nick Cannon is gross to me. Did you hear about the girl group he created? I can’t even.

  323. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion i agree with u 95% … i took away 5 because i think kanye is wicked….lol

  324. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    It was called Destiny’s Child because of a verse in the Bible, child. LMFAO

    She’ll definantly be remembered no matter what though. Can’t wait for a CLASSIC album.

    Yea, I’m good for getting my hopes up to high. I just hate that I almost give up when things get too hard though. I was never like that, I’ve always been a fighter, but lately it’s been different.

  325. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    In response to your comment about Katy Perry earlier, I was going to say that although I don’t think we’ll get any more singles from the original TD album since I think she’s going to move onto a re-release after “E.T.”, that I would want to see “Circle the Drain”, “The One That Got Away”, and “Peacock” be singles. I love “Peacock”, LMAO.

  326. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yassss! Lupe is one of my boos! Great rapper and fine! *fans self* Well thank you! *sips tea*
    Oh so you didn’t know that DC didn’t stand for Beyonce’s Children? Mmmhmmm *sips tea* Who’s voice did you hear all the time? Who’s in the middle? Who has the better Mama Tina designs?

  327. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    She definitely will, and I’m super excited for that. PF was a good debut, but I need an amazing, defining record from her. And I know how that feels. Sometimes I do that. I don’t usually, but sometimes I just crack under the pressure, or feel like there is no point in trying. I just hate not having anyone to turn to sometimes.

  328. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    That’s it, I’m done. I seriously CANNOT.

  329. kavion February 27, 2011

    California King Bed and Cheers.

    As for the girl group, *sighs*, *shakes head*

  330. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever yea but every group is like that in this industry look at Patti labelle, Justin timberlake… Michael Jackson and Omarion just to name a few, they were all in a group and they became successful solo artists, but DC is the only group in history where the other members didn’t just disappear…they all have put out solo materials

  331. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion …lmaooo i know that but at the end of the day thats how i look at it….when her mom saw that in the bible she thought about Beyonce’s group…not “girl’s tyme” (at the time)

  332. kavion February 27, 2011

    God, I hate that. Not having anyone. I’m naturally independant, I’m an Aries. Lol, but I just would like to have someone to turn to who actually understands me. I rarely come across people who do.

    Dead at you loving Peacock. LMAO. I love Not LIke the Movies, and strangely, Hummingbird Heartbeat.

    @NONE YA

    LMFAO, Lupe’s my man. In a different way than you though, lol.

  333. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I bet you her screen name is BeyBajanNumba1Fan! I bet you she writes WITH AN ISLAND ACCENT! Oh and it’s okay if you’re not big on CB, I’m not fond of Rih’s first two albums. Nick Cannon is just…corny! SchoolGyrls can sing but they autotuned! Aaron is so nice…I feel sorry for his ass! Cheers + Raining Men.
    Even Dee-1? *faints*

  334. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    That’s true. It’s just unfortunate that Kelly and Michelle will never be as successful as Beyonce, since I love them so much.

    Really? I want Raining Men and Complicated. I think she’ll go with Raining Men and Cheers, though.

  335. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @RihannaForever …lol dont’t say that …..i believe in kelly and michelle one day they will get up there

  336. kavion February 27, 2011

    @D MONEY
    LOL, I just never saw it as 100% Beyonce.
    It’s like, if she opens the song,
    Why she gotta go first??

    She’s in the middle,
    She always gotta be in the middle huh??

    She closes the song,
    Why we gotta hear her last?

    Lmao, she can do no right!

  337. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @none ya na idk who dee-1 is lol

  338. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Omarion, a flop? Him and Raz-B were booty buddies for YEARS. I can’t believe I liked Omarion.
    Lupe is GREAT! He should’ve been bigger than Gucci Mane’s Non Chapstick Ass/Hungry Hungry Hippo/Ice Cream Tatted ASS and Waka’s I Just Found Out That Geometry Isn’t A Course In College Ass/Voting Is GOOD!
    It’s true!

  339. None Ya February 27, 2011

    It’s okay! I just found out who he was last week on MTV Jams!

  340. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Exactly. For example, everyone thinks that I’m very self-pitying, when really, I just share details on my life a lot. Not many people get me, and it’s really frustrating. I guess it feeds my hunger for music, though.

    LOL, it’s just SO. DAMN. CATCHY. It’d go #1, no doubt about it. I’d die if that wasn’t banned anywhere, though, seeing as “S&M” was for no damn reason. I love “Not Like the Movies”, too, but I don’t get why everyone adores “Hummingbird Heartbeat”. I only really like the first 8 songs on the album and then the last one. I hate “Who Am I Living For?”, “Pearl”, and “Hummingbird Heartbeat” with a passion. I love the way the album smells, though.

    Absolutely! LMAO yes! Commenting all over the damn place with her Barbadian accent, dragging h*** left and right. And totally agree with everything else you said. My guess is that they’ll release “Cheers” this April and “Raining Men” in late June or early July, before a re-release in the fall.

  341. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @kavion i almost shitted a brick when Michelle sang first on a song (“If”) …and i was madd when michelle had 2 …verses in a song while kelly and beyonce only had 1….and they didnt release it (“2 step”)…beyonce and matthew was destinys child…lmao

    beyonce did what she did….kelly backed up beyonce and michelle backed up kelly and the background dancers backed up michelle….lol

  342. None Ya February 27, 2011

    You KNEW she was gonna go first/ get better clothes/ stay in the middle! The CAMERA stays on Bey. She could go to use the bathroom during a DC interview, they will follow that ass!

  343. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    I. F******. CANT. lmao

    Not a huge fan of Complicated. Lol

    Has anyone else seen who they have representing I Am Black Music on Music Choice?!

    F****** Souljah, Boy, Keri HIlson & Ray J.
    Talking about how inspiring and powerful they are.
    I get heated every time it pops up on my TV screen.

  344. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @nne ya ..yea omarian is a flop now

  345. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yep! Dragging Ashanti/Mya’s soon to be irrelevant asses! Talking about putting a root on their ass!

  346. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    Because black music is supposed to represent crack-smoking, p****-popping, and having so much s** that you’re running rampid with STDs. Beautiful.

  347. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yep! I saw that and got angry! Soulja Fail can’t rap. Ray J…let’s not! Skeri……If I tell you why then I’ll just get angry again so….. But really, Gucci failed at life when he didn’t put chapstick and Waka been failed at life when he didn’t graduate Kindergarten.
    Omarion is a flop trying to dress like Kanye! Looking like a Gay Ninja Turtle! Oh and Michelle’s verse on If gave me life.

  348. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    -in island accent-
    So I hear this b**** Ashanti has a new single out called “Foolish” and it’s a huge hit. Well guess what b****? You’ll be looking damn foolish when Beyonce ends your one-hit-wonder career and I drag your stans’ asses down to the local Barbados market!

  349. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Lol…Keri should stick to shading Beyonce and my fellow stans via Twitter/Interviews. She got the nerve to say she started the fan teams. This b**** is sniffing her own beak! She needs to go fly on a cliff because Beyonce LOVES chicken and biscuits!

  350. kavion February 27, 2011

    I know. I just feel like my personal life mission is just to be understood. For someone to just get me, you know?

    LMFAO, Peacock isn’t great to me, it gets old real quick. Lmfao, so the album really is scented?? Lol!

    @NONE YA & RF

    LMAO @ you guys’ explanations for the commercial. It’s just sad, like, that’s who you came up with? I hate that this is what they see us as. You couldn’t have Usher, Beyonce & Lupe? S*** Chris, J Hud & J Cole? I mean damn.

  351. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Death!!!! I can’t…..
    *Island accent*
    Who do you b****** think you’re messing with? Mya needs to sit down! Your face gon’ be like WOAH after I stomp that ass! Bajan syle! Ashanti, you need to fix those sideburns before your stans can talk! Foolish may be a hit but once I stomp your ass, your face will look foolish!

  352. D-MONEY February 27, 2011

    @none ya ..yea omarian needs to hang it up (flat screen)lol

    and Michelle ahhh that’s my wife…lol

  353. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I know right! Get J-HUD! Just don’t let her loud ass sing…I STILL here that f****** Weight Watcher commercials in my head! Even when I mute it!

  354. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Omarion sings through his nose! Trying to be all “fresh” when he got his haircut! He should’ve revealed he was gay for album sales! Oh and Michelle is like my auntie in my head!

  355. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    DEAD, I love Jennifer Lol

  356. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Oh and Michelle looks a little hungry! Maybe Mama Bey can fix her some Creole mac and cheese with chicken! Wait… Bey can’t cook! Good luck serving Hamburger Helper and Water though!

  357. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LMAO! I’m seriously dying!
    -island accent-
    So Mya only releases music in Japan now? Wow, b****, didn’t know Beyonce and I dragged that b**** so hard she’d leave the damn country! If only we could get that ugly ass Ewok Ashanti to leave the damn United States. B****’s last album was called The Declaration. What does she think this f****** is? 1776? That’s how long your career’s been over b****!

    Exactly. I just wish I had a person who got me, and understood, and didn’t judge but just felt the same. And I love it! I don’t know why, LOL. And yes, it does! I’ve had it for six months, and it still smells as good as it did when I bought it.

  358. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I LOVE Jennifer too but DAMN! I need to rest my earbuds for some other people you know! She could tone it down a little bit to medium instead of HOLY F****** LOUD! That’s why some fellow stans call her “The Foghorn”. Not me though!

  359. D-money February 27, 2011

    Yea michelle is one of dem people that eats a lot but doesnt gain wait…..her metabolism is fast

  360. kavion February 27, 2011

    Well, I guess we’ll try to get eachother 🙂 . Lol.
    I just can’t with that song, it’s comedic to me! Like Your so Gay, Lmao.
    That’s crazy, and a good marketing strategy! I’m sure her album stood out. Just walking through, then “Oh my, what’s that sweet aroma?!” then you HAVE to buy the album! Lol

    @NONE YA
    The Foghorn…LMFAO, I really can’t though.

  361. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I know how you feel though! I’m a Scorpio and I usually hide my feelings and bottle up anger!
    *Island Voice*
    Who does Mya think she is? Looking like a chicken and don’t expect Bey and me to eat her! She’s lucky she went to Japan or we would’ve made Curry Chicken and Fried Chicken. Who is this Ashanti think she is? Talking about Baby, baby, baby…She thinks that we don’t know Ja Rule is pulling her sideburns while recording eh! All this stiff dancing makes me want to vomit on her Wet and Wavy weave.

  362. None Ya February 27, 2011

    It’s true! She’s too loud!
    That metabolism is faster than Beyonce once she gets out the car to go to Popeyes! Trust me, Bey LOVES the chicken!

  363. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    Only sometimes. LOL.
    She sounds beautiful on songs like If This Isn’t Love & Giving Myself Over though.
    God, I love that song so much.

  364. None Ya February 27, 2011

    If This Isn’t Love is my song!

  365. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    I know!
    Have you heard Giving Myself Over?

  366. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Nope but I’ll Youtube it!

  367. Kriska February 27, 2011

    So, Motivation is Kelly’s upcoming flop single?

  368. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    The lyrics to that song are so beautiful. I remember sitting in my car one night, in the damn parking lot at Food 4 Less, crying my eyes out. A mess? Yeah, I know. Lmao.

    He dyed his hair???
    Joke, right??

  369. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LMAO, I seriously CANNOT with you guys! I would love to stay and chat forever, but unfortunately, it’s 2 AM here and my body is telling me to sit the hell down. Goodnight guys!

  370. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    I love it!

  371. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I’m listening to it now and it’s so beautiful! Oh and I hope it’s a joke! They calling him Sisqo/Arnez/Crisqo(Chris+Sisqo) on Trending Topics! LAWDD… HE still LOOKS FINE THOUGH! smh

  372. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Bye! It’s okay but why!?

  373. RihannaForever February 27, 2011

    LOL, I don’t know, but I love that he’s doing something new. He needs to either shave or dye that, too, though. It doesn’t look good to be blonde and have brown facial hair. I prefer his dark hair, though.

  374. None Ya February 27, 2011

    He looks ALBINO! How are you yellow with blonde hair? S*** looks like it blends with his skin!

  375. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Yes! He needs to bleach or die that facial hair and lighten his eyebrows! He better keep this s*** for a couple of days then dies it back brown.

  376. kavion February 27, 2011

    Night :]

    @NONE YA
    LMFAO, I just wanna know, for what purpose? Lol

  377. None Ya February 27, 2011

    I seriously don’t know! It BETTER be spray paint! I’m closing my legs to him unless he dyes his facial hair and eyebrows or re-dye his hair brown!

  378. None Ya February 27, 2011

    *sighs* Chris this better be for the LAMN video or something because… I can’t!

  379. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    Lmao, it actually doesn’t look that bad, since he has thin hair and is light. I don’t think he needs to dye his facial hair though, doing waaaay too much. Lol

  380. None Ya February 27, 2011

    He looks like the Yellow Eminem! He’s fine though…..I’ll have to talk to him later about this!

  381. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    LMFAO @ A yellow Eminem.
    It really isn’t that bad to me. Idk, LOL.

  382. None Ya February 27, 2011

    It’s just that he didn’t dye other facial hair besides his hair. Wait….did he….no…he better not die his pubes! *faints*

  383. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Remember when you called him a “sunshine looking ass” boy…well it came true!

  384. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    LMFAO, that’s just nasty. Blonde eyebrows look nasty af to me. LOL.
    Well, I’m bout to head to sleep, be at a post early for once tomorrow! Lmao.
    You always miss the good s***.

  385. None Ya February 27, 2011

    Bye @Kavion!
    I’ll make sure I’ll be there early checking ALL posts!

  386. kavion February 27, 2011

    @NONE YA
    Lol, alright.
    Night 🙂

  387. Dave February 27, 2011

    388 comments? & she’s irrelevant again? :O Clearly…. everyone wants a piece of her. Whether for or against her, she’s on your mind.

  388. Miamai February 27, 2011

    I hope she’s ready for war this time I appreciate her testing the waters and going back into the studio with big time producers and writers and even artist shows she cares about her art I respect her for giving her all this time Im ready Kellz

  389. ashley February 27, 2011

    Yayyy!!! Love her! (:

  390. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) February 27, 2011

    kelly just looks flawless … I luv this girl …

  391. GangsterA February 28, 2011

    cannot wait 4 the song she betta bring it

  392. BDABOSS February 28, 2011

    wow @ these comments

  393. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  394. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  395. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  396. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  397. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  398. 2BAD2BME February 28, 2011


  399. Junior in Jamaica February 28, 2011

    She looks great!

  400. Bdaboss February 28, 2011

    Lmao@ 2bad2bme

  401. Jamie February 28, 2011

    Ya’ll Bee stans are just as selfish as the witch ya’ll worship. How ya’ll gon’ come in a Kelly thread and contaminate with ya’ll bull? Sad!!!

  402. luv music February 28, 2011

    wow at this comments & she’s irrelevant again? :O Clearly…. everyone wants a piece of her. Whether for or against her, she’s on your mind..hehe..stole this words from someone

  403. MissKellyHUNNI February 28, 2011

    Kelly please just put the album OUT…whether it flops or sells..JUST RELEASE IT!

  404. Kevin February 28, 2011

    b****** need to shut up
    new music is new music…reserve your judgement until it’s released
    Kelly for life

  405. quanberg March 1, 2011

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kelly is coming #motivation #motivation #motivation, Yes kelly is absolutely gorgeous the one and only Kelly Rowland …. I’m ready #rowldawgs are u ready Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly

  406. Amy March 1, 2011

    Some of you these comment/covos are extremely retarded, especially this @HP c***. You haven’t even heard a single or even a snippet (or anything at all)of Beyonce’s single, but yet you ‘know’ she won’t sell more than 4mill? Or mo more than 2mill in the U.S.? You’re a f^cking idiot! And when the hell did Beyonce say her album was going to be “African” (fyi this doesn’t even make sense dumb ass)? And how does her making an “African” album mean it won’t go over 4mill? Are you slow? Any ways all I know is none of you c**** better not jump on the banwagon when her ish come out ’cause we callin out all you phonies. #ThatIsAll

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