Hot Shots: Keri Hilson & Chris Brown Film ‘One Night Stand’ Video

Published: Wednesday 23rd Mar 2011 by Trent

Keri Hilson’s video for ‘One Night Stand (Ft. Chris Brown)’ could not have come at a better time. With the song leaping up the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart (currently positioned at #68 after only 2 weeks), ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ experiencing renewed popularity and Brown at the centre of media attention, the Colin Tilley-directed clip is almost a guaranteed hit.

Look below for more shots from the visual courtesy of YourMusicMyWorld:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. KaVion March 23, 2011

    Doing the most Keri, slow ya roll.


    too bad the song suck :X

  3. DUMMIES March 23, 2011

    ……Keri looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  5. ImHighPrice March 23, 2011

    Keri…GORL…that wig is matted & ratchet to the highest degree.

  6. Neickha March 23, 2011

    Yummy! OMy lol Can’t wait to see this. Go get F.A.M.E!!

  7. Beystanbish March 23, 2011

    Dead at her raggedy ass wig in the second pic. Looking like Bey in Upgrade You mv. That still won’t help your sales bb. ——————————————–>

  8. dapope9 March 23, 2011


  9. 2BAD2BME March 23, 2011

    Colin Tilley’s videos must be cheap but professional because everybody is getting his video productions

  10. 2BAD2BME March 23, 2011

    that is disrespectful dis b**** does not look nothing like beyonce at all

  11. Me March 23, 2011

    LOVE the song…OMG this video is gonna be hella s*** too!! WOW!

  12. browngirl March 23, 2011

    wow, i cant wait 2 see this, chris looks beaut!

  13. browngirl March 23, 2011

    wow, i cant wait 2 see this, chris looks hot!!


  14. mindgames March 23, 2011

    keri haters can STAY THE F*** MAD. pressed b******. she’s climbin the charts and there isn’t s*** you can do about it. losers. time for yall to do the Ugly Piggy Wobble lolllllll!!

  15. Brooklynn March 23, 2011

    I wasnt happy that Keri choice ONS as her next single but I’m still a fan I luv her ….Chris I luv him too (sometimes) ….Cant wait to see the videi it looks hot

    Oh FYI to Beyonce Stans STFU and get a life

  16. DION-ISH March 23, 2011

    Im Convinced Keri Hilson wants to FLOP!

    Like Why? Theres SOOO Many BETTER single Choices off that album

    This Ho just wanted to Get next to Chris Brown again…..Like its obvious already, and Chris Must dont want her ass, or else i dont see why they arent dating already…

    But IDC about her anyway, If Beyonce and Rihanna were conjoined you’d get Keri Hilson…..*Flips Bang*

  17. Kisses March 23, 2011

    😀 YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! 😀 This is my JAM! Cant wait to see the video!

  18. Brooklynn March 23, 2011

    Spell check on my post I meant chose not (choice) and video(videi) Ugh my bad

  19. Prince&Queen March 23, 2011

    Im glad Chris is showing his Blonde hair more. I wanted Keri to release “Lose Control” or “Buyou” or any other song not “One Night Stand” but i guess it still might do well since Chris is in it. Maybe the video will change my mind about the song.

  20. Secret Voice March 23, 2011

    Damn they look hot together! Go Chris and Keri…..

    F.A.M.E. in stores Now!!!

  21. JNash March 23, 2011

    kerry looks like shareefa (need a boss) in that pic…video looks ok, i doubt keri can pull off sexual seduction without looking cheap and hoeish (see The Way You Love Me)

  22. The Life Size Bobble Head formally known as Rhitard The Goat March 23, 2011

    @XTINADISAPPER- U should b worryin about ya fave and her FRONT PASSENGER SEAT DRUNK DRIVING!!! #F.A.M.E MARCH22 LEGGGOOOO

  23. Dilla March 23, 2011

    Skeri No!!! This girl needs to find her Image because there’s nothing original about her.

  24. paigej March 23, 2011

    I’ve always loved this song I like the beat and their vocals go well together…can’t wait to see the video! I’m not really a Keri fan but why the haters mad though? Well that’s a stupid question their haters! Meanwhile reported that Chris Browns FAME album is heading to #1 with 250,000 – 275,000 sales and Look At Me Now will be No.8 on BB so haters what were you guys saying about Chris will never be able to get another Top 10 BB hit? Chris is slaying the charts and these haters can’t stand it… Yall have been dismissed

    FAME in stores right NOW go get it! Support real raw talent

  25. DION-ISH March 23, 2011

    No Shade. By Why does Every CB Stan says go support “Real Raw Talent” After everything…In defense to Hateful Comments……Just do me a favor and STFU with that repetitive s***. You sound Foolish…Take your advice and Buy J-Huds album or Adele…Thats the REAL example of that quote. I Like CB, But his stans annoy me….Stares @ PAIGEJ like shes an alien with 12 eyes <_<

  26. paigej March 23, 2011

    But I’m serious FAME is on course to be No.1 on billboard top 200 albums lol and look at me now will be No.8 on BB (this is what is reporting and other sites) so its definitely legit
    #breezybekillinem haters go jump off a bridge

  27. royalkev March 23, 2011

    @ Jnash- That’s where I’ve seen that look before! It doesn’t look right on Keri. I don’t really like her, but there much better on her album than this… Well I guess she’s doing anything she can to capitalize off of things!

  28. Ethan March 23, 2011


    why? because he’s going to be #1 next week on BB hot 200, what a flop, man he’s so over!!
    i can say so much s*** about him now because he’s going to be #1, yes #1, what? #1, oh yeah #1

    LOOOOOL, Chris Brown is the mawfucking truth!!! Go Buy F.A.M.E!!! best album yet!!


  29. Infamous Doll March 23, 2011

    Im sorry but Im just over her and that hairdo and these stupid videos. I really wanted to like her too but hey my attention span is limited and I cant force myself to like everything an artist put together

  30. BIa March 23, 2011

    Keri… that wig… this is an imitation of nicki maj’s wigs??




    F.A.M.E will be #1 on BB just on first week !!! ahahahahaha

  31. Robier March 23, 2011

    Chris is everywhere

  32. paigej March 23, 2011

    Well if his stans annoy you try avoiding us… I’m sure you’ll figure out a way how! This is a CB post I say what I like and I say real raw talent b/c Chris Brown has real talent… I’m sorry the person you stan for barely has any (whoever that may be) BTW I’m not foolish & I will not STFU

    FAME in stores now go get your copy 🙂

  33. nnnn March 23, 2011

    @ BIA
    I agree with you… you know why??

    Chris will be #1 on Billboard, just on first week…


  34. DION-ISH March 23, 2011


    Really? MADONNA has no talent? Sit! because thats the ONLY person i stan for.

    I Like all my other favs.

  35. DION-ISH March 23, 2011


    And NO Sweetie…That line is just TIRED.

    I Swear yall say it like 50 times in one sentence …If your fav is truly real, raw talent you wouldnt have to exclaim it every 5 mintues. …and in some ways it goes for CB too because he says it A LOT as well.

    I Dont See Adele or J-Hud making such claims all the time….They let it speak for itself.

  36. UGh March 23, 2011

    Keri looks beautiful

  37. None Ya March 24, 2011

    Girl, why did you diss Bey & Rih like that? Bey + Rih DOES NOT=Skeri!! Ch..that was rude! Bey +Rih= Willsus Smith Skeri is just an offspring from Big Bird and a horny black man!

    I AM NAWT here for this video because I know this single won’t do well! I GO HARD FOR CHRIS but no! She’s doing the exact MOST here and his blond curls………

  38. DION-ISH March 24, 2011


    LOL…….@NONE YA

  39. BREEZYTHEBEST March 24, 2011

    Chris is so f****** s***, oh yeah Keri looks cute too.

  40. None Ya March 24, 2011

    That was rude though! How do you compare SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE to a FLAWP! No! Skeri can go shove her beak back into her beaten up puss because SHE WILL NAWT sit with us! Yes, I encourage people not to hate on Rih or CB on their posts but SHE’S DIFFERENT! Her stan invades BeyonceWorld more than I visit there! *flips hair*

  41. mindgames March 24, 2011

    lol pressed ass beyonce stans. XD still mad @ her i see. she didn’t kill your f****** dog. that diss track was polow da don’s idea. GET THE F*** OVER IT AND MOVE ON and get lives!

    btw, DION-ISH, keri doesn’t date industry folks

  42. paigej March 24, 2011

    I’ll say what I want how I want and I’m sure Chris will too it is what it is… you don’t like it? Its on to the next comment

  43. DION-ISH March 24, 2011


    Well IMO If you combined Rihanna’s Style and Music With Beyonce’s Style and Music….you’ll get Keri Hilson….Wasnt basing it off being a flop! lol

  44. DION-ISH March 24, 2011


    OIC…She Just Fuks them!?

  45. None Ya March 24, 2011

    She can’t even come for Rih’s style! Those clothes were throwaways from the GGGB era and Mariel is her stylist???No, ma’m! Bey’s type of music is like funk/hip-pop/r&b. She’s more all over the place with the techno/hip-pop/r&b.

  46. None Ya March 24, 2011

    Wow, I AM PRESSED! Damn…..lemme stop!…cute here! CB looks fine here! *smiles hardly*

  47. stacey March 24, 2011

    Something is wrong with some of you. If you hate Chris and Keri that much, why waste your time posting here?

  48. Brooklynn March 24, 2011

    ^^^^Cosign with Stacey

  49. credits March 24, 2011

    All the haters above cannot deny that keri hilson has talent. Even if you don’t like her voice, she’s still a talented songwriter-something rihanna and arguably beyonce, don’t even do.. And she looks fine.

  50. WHITEJESUS March 24, 2011

    the blond on yellow 😐

  51. Badd March 24, 2011

    I’m sorry but Keri Hilson is soo ugly.
    She’s NOT pretty at all.
    Idk why ppl keep using her…because she can’t really sing either.

  52. AuntieJackie March 24, 2011

    This song is O.K.

    Chris and Keri are friends, so it’s cute they are doing a video for the song. Keri is a talented songwriter, and she’s carved out her own niche…I’m not sure why people hate her so much. She may not have stand-out style all the time, but she looks good in 90 percent of her videos, photo shoots and performances.

    She’s no threat to Bey or Rihanna…but it’s always her stans putting Keri down–as if she’s coming for them in some way. That s*** is wack…..

    In other news, CB is getting it in.

  53. VA STAND UP!! March 24, 2011

    Aww look at the haters! i just have to laugh at ya’ll at this point! Still saying his career is ‘over’ after his album is said to open at No. 1! LMAO! Ok then…stay stuck on stupid. *chuckles*

    Anywho, it looks interesting that’s for damn sure! Lol! I figured it would be steamy cause of the title and subject matter of the song, but I just hope it isn’t too over the top. I hope it is NOTHING like that damn ‘TWYLM’ video. I still can’t get that horrible ass video out of my head. *shivers*

    I think both of their hair looks a damn mess! LMAO! Keri doesn’t look too good wih that two toned wig! I can undetstand if she wanted to switch it up, but long hair just doesn’t look good on some people and I just CANNOT with Chris and that damn blonde hair!! I was hoping that the lighting in the video would make it look better, but in this pic it look a mess! *sigh*

    I effing love this damn song though and I am sure it will be a hit on urban radio. It was a good choice on Keri’s part to release it as a single and capitalize off of Breezy’ success right now. I just hope that we get at least a couple more singles from this album. I’m hoping for maybe ‘All The Boys’, ‘Toy Soldier’ and/or ‘Lose Control’. I know it is not selling too well but it is just too good of an album to waste! I really want it to do well. Wishing Keri all the best!

  54. VA STAND UP!! March 24, 2011

    @Credits: Co-sign! People hate on Keri so much! I really don’t know what she has done??People say she is cocky…why? If ya’ll are still on that supposed ‘diss’ record from like three year ago GET OVER IT! I am a Beyonce STAN and I didn’t really give a f***! Beyonce shits on every chick in the industry so why be mad! People say she is ugly (she does look a mess in that wig though) but that know damn well she ain’t ugly.

    She is a talented songwriter, she CAN sing, and she has good music! She doesn’t have the best voice, but she for damn sure can sing better than half of these other non singing female pop acts. (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Ke$ha). For some reason she just can’t seem to find her niche, and she doesn’t always choose the best singles. Her promotion for this album was on point, but she isn’t the type of artist that has a large following and she can’t sell an album on her name alone. She needs to make better choices when it comes to singles. And for God’s sake, stop pushing the ‘s** sells’ thing cause it doesn’t work for her. *rolls eyes*

    Talent isn’t measured by what YOU think of somone’s music sales or hit singles but rather what they bring to the table. I can’t stand Lady Gaga’s music, it annoys the hell out of me, but I wouldn’t say she is not talented. I give props to anyone who actually writes their own music. She does really need to work on her stage presence though.

    @Aunt Jackie: Agreed!

  55. VA STAND UP!! March 24, 2011

    You know it really bother me when ‘certain people’ come to a Chris Brown thread which they KNOW will be full of HIS stans and say that HIS stans (on his thread) annoy you?? Really?? Are you f****** kidding me?? How hard is it to avoid his fans by NOT COMING TO HIS THREADS IN THE FIRST PLACE! IDamn! And got the nerve to tell his fans to ‘STFU”! B**** PLEASE! Get over yourself already! You cannot tell his stans what to say and what not to say on his POST! Ugh! The nerve of ‘some people’!


  56. mindgames March 24, 2011

    @DION-ISH, no she doesn’t 😐

    @BADD KERI is ugly? better to be a graceful songbird than an alien gargoyle

  57. Me March 24, 2011

    People have to realize too…if he just walked right off and DIDNT perform, he wouldn’t have been as amped. To perform that song, flips and all..he had to get a WHOLE LOTTTTTT of ADRENALINE going. Mix that with anger that he had to HOLD IN to finish the interview AND the song, and it HAS to come out some how. He just needs to learn a better way. Obama plays basketball to get his out. Chris did that…but too late. He’ll learn…that’s what you do as you get older…learn.Honestly, I’ve seen people flip out after having a BAD DAY, let alone a BAD 2 YEARS with the world watching and poking. He’ll be fine.Even if they have to keep a pillow in the car for him to let loose on for now. Id rather him express it, than hold it in, not be able to sleep and have to go to extreme measures…

  58. Me March 24, 2011

    oops, wrong post, lol. ignore

  59. Blanco Family March 24, 2011

    keri looks GORGEOUS plus that hairstyle is a nod to the old keri hilson when she used to rock that hair.. so stop it. and beyonslay did not invent that hairstyle so get over it. and BIA. dont EVER use the word ” inspired,original,invented” when ur talking about nicki minaj. that carbon copy didnt invent S*** but a movement in ass enhancing..
    naw but keri looks gorgeous. when the album dropped LOADS OF PPL said they wanted this as a single and they love this song, thats why shes doing it..
    im sure shell drop a b side to it.

  60. Neutre March 24, 2011

    Seriously !! UGLY ??
    Who cares ?? First she is NOT.. and where’s the link between beauty and the song she writes ??? Just My opinion..

    I would have prefered another song.. anywaw, I wish her the best (chris too)…

  61. GangsterA March 24, 2011

    pepole need to stop workin with colin hes videos are cheap and uninspiring skeri looks a mess her wig is uglaaayyyyyy chris looks hot as usual

  62. kigian March 24, 2011

    i absolutely love this song so i’m very very very happy it got the single treatment
    can’t wait for the video
    and i hope keri won’t stop promotion for the album after that: so many songs can be singles (lose control, buyou, gimme what i want…)
    and for people who compare keri, beyonce, rihanna and others everytime, STOP THIS S*** AND GET A LIFE!

  63. tones March 24, 2011

    Before any Keri Hilson or Chris Brown stan comes at me, I am not a hater, I’m just stating my opinion. I don’t think this song or video well do anything for Keri or Chris, yeah it’ll get a few million views, but this song and video is going to come and go, by May, it’ll have faded away. Pretty Girl Rock will be Keri’s most successful single during the NBA era because she stayed on it too long, after than incident on GMA, a lot of TV shows probably won’t let Chris on, so how will they promote the song. Well good luck.

  64. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known as R****** The Goat March 24, 2011

    Uggggggggghhhhhhhhhh Keri Hilson jus TRIES 2 DAMN HARD its ANNOYING #GURLjusSIT

  65. Hell No March 24, 2011

    Why is everyone so quick to label acts as flops? Keri is just doing her thing, and her No Boys Allowed album is solid. As fans of this kind of music why can’t we support acts rather than bashing them. Damn, you’d think if you were a Bey fan then you could NOT like Keri. I like them all and I’m at peace.

  66. B4REAL2 March 24, 2011


  67. the realist March 24, 2011

    THIS IZ HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. i&i(yardie) March 24, 2011

    this looks HOTT! Me cant wait fi see dis ya video

  69. i&i(yardie) March 24, 2011

    lol @ ME

  70. THEiVY March 24, 2011

    them high waisted pants on CHris Brown …*i can’t *

  71. nickie manja May 21, 2011

    keri hilson you are stelling my man. but go,n had with or badf self chris brown you no or sez but trun or hair back to the real color s***

  72. nickie manja May 21, 2011

    go,n with or bad self

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