Hot Shots: More Of Rihanna In Rolling Stone

Published: Sunday 27th Mar 2011 by Trent

Here are more images of Rihanna from Rolling Stone magazine’s April issue doing exactly what she does best – posing. A 2nd image of not Beyonce is available below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Anthony The Great March 27, 2011

    Queen of pain to my ears….lol

    She looks fierce….

    Beyonce v. Rihanna stan war in 5…4…3…2…

  2. Robier March 27, 2011

    #Talent ….. # That is all

  3. Anthony The Great March 27, 2011

    Queen of Pain to my Ears…lol

    She looks fierce as always.

    What was the point of bringing up Beyonce’s name?

  4. PETER March 27, 2011

    Méééééh! (In the Goat Voice)

  5. PETER March 27, 2011

    I Like the Ronald McDonald Poses. <3

  6. YUPPITSME March 27, 2011

    she looks hot her body is bangin

  7. Beystanbish March 28, 2011

    Keep the name starting with B out of this. Out this post I go. Oh she look good. —————————>

  8. LALA March 28, 2011


  9. the kiddz March 28, 2011

    Queen of Pain? Is that subliminal shade from Rolling Stone?

  10. MISHKA March 28, 2011

    “Queen of …Pain?

    Are we supposed to know what does this stand for? “Pain on stage”?

    Anyway she looks hot as always, but that huuurrrr, gurl, seriously now…

  11. whystillinbusiness March 28, 2011

    Rihanna has no class what so ever, she should get this p*** stuff out of her system for once and all. I would like to see her showing some respect for her self instead of always proving to people why she has lasted this long, stop being a S***. People know you are cute and talentless that want change no matter how you sell.. Besides not having the clotes on it’s her facial jester that really make it what it is a P*** tryout This is one classless tramp and she only gets worst instead of better!

  12. sane beyhanna stan March 28, 2011

    Cute I lovee this! And ugh trent and sam are desporate!

  13. sane beyhanna stan March 28, 2011

    *desperate* damn keyboard

  14. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 28, 2011

    Ugh She Needs To Get Rid Of That Red Color!!
    She Looked Decent Before >_<!


  15. k! March 28, 2011



    NYC , MSG


  16. Tran March 28, 2011

    Kelis called & reported her wig stolen

  17. Taylor swifts number 1 fan March 28, 2011

    Very hot.
    A girl with a nice ass goes a long way.

  18. TASHA March 28, 2011



  19. RIHANNA QUEEN March 28, 2011


  20. Navy March 28, 2011

    Duh we know its not granny beyunce because we dont see the celulite we just see a tight s*** body besides who still checking 4 granny anyways

  21. wendell “windy” williams (aka i’m a billy goat) March 28, 2011

    Queen of pain to sense an sensibility!!

    Why does this chick forever have something hanging out of he mouth? Straw, banana, I mean damn chick shut your mouth and legs…LOL!

    *Slimeshow Bob strikes again 🙂

  22. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! March 28, 2011


  23. Blanco Family March 28, 2011

    Rihanna needs to a sing a big ballad on stage. … to prove her real singing ability

  24. Bey_Stan_Btw March 28, 2011

    Bey just letting her get her shine on now….the real QUEEN is returning soon #RoundIV

  25. Badd March 28, 2011

    These really aren’t all that great or impressive.
    For a supposed “top” celebrity
    she just looks like a video girl in King Magazine.

  26. KaVion March 28, 2011

    Lol, I was thinking it was a referance to S&M

    Trent & Sam obviously want another 500 comment post, so they’re trying to start a stan war. Can we for once prove them wrong and not do it?

  27. trent is such a f***** it just aint funny March 28, 2011

    riri looks good…so stop hatin does someone pay you to blog about

    if u dont like her stop talkiing about her ur jus giving her free publicity


  28. trent is such a f***** it just aint funny March 28, 2011


  29. trent is such a f***** it just aint funny March 28, 2011


  30. trent is such a f***** it just aint funny March 28, 2011



  31. trent is such a f***** it just aint funny March 28, 2011



  32. Y’all are too fake March 28, 2011

    Rihanna needs to stop jackin people Styles. Kelis did this already and hers wasn’t a Wig. This sad ass lil girl……

  33. Liah March 28, 2011

    I really wish she would put some clothes on her ass. What is she trying to prove? Doesnt she realize shes 100% sexier when she leaves something to the imagination. For christ sake Rihanna, cover it up. Its not what you do, its how you do it. I’m not saying she needs to dress like Grandma Esther, but she should embrace the phrase, “S***, yet conservative”. Her A Girl Like Me and Good Girl Gone Bad eras were her best. I wish she would go back to that….

  34. Lolita March 28, 2011

    Obviously this beautiful b**** isn’t Beyonce. Beyonce is f****** hideous. F****** washed out b****. She’s old as f***.

    Rihanna is young, s***, beautiful and vibrant. Beyonce is old, tired, and she needs to retire. Beyonce can’t dance or sing. Rihanna can though. She’s a powerhouse vocalist and a better dancer than Beyonce.


  35. S*** March 28, 2011

    You know, I think its really Nice of Queen Bey to let the LESSERS (Rihanna, GAGa, Britney) get a little shine while shes away. If she was truly Evil she would have been released her 1ST Single so all the attention could be on her.

    Enjoy your time NOW though Gerlz cause this Half-Time-2011 all belongs to the Queen. 🙂


  36. Sisa March 28, 2011

    Beautiful as always, but I just wish she would, I don’t know, wear more clothes? ? I get that she’s a celebrity but why cant she leave her more revealing outfits, (if she must wear them) on stage? We know she has a great body but does she always need to remind us with bikini shots? So many questions, no real answers. Maybe people would take her music and her as an artist more seriously if she left something to the imagination as someone previously said. I know a few girls who are models, (not saying that I think of Rihanna as just as model), that rarely do photo shoots of them in bikini’s, lingerie, or anything of that sort because they want to be seen as more then just a s** symbol or whatever and would rather be taken seriously for the art. I also don’t think it’s right to say she’s a model because she always does the same poses, she’s somewhat predictable, and while she looks fantastic she makes it harder for real models by showing so much skin that’s not needed. And she’s not the only celeb that does this of course. As I mentioned, I have a few friends, one whose successful where I’m from, that has been in magazines, ads, and commercials but did it in a way that was sophisticated and I respect. She never took her clothes off and it was really hard for awhile because she had those standards for herself but in the end, faaar end, her hard work and determination payed off and her modeling now pays the bills and she makes some decent cash. Photographers want a lot of models to shed the clothes like the celebs do because it sells. It makes it real hard for the actual models. That’s just a small rant. Sorry. 😛 Anyways, Rihanna looks gorgeous and I still adore her.

  37. theman March 28, 2011

    Lol Beyonce’ stans are the worst some of them anyway. Rihanna was successful when Beyonce’ had an album out, and she still is. Gaga had the biggest selling female album in quite a while, why the hell would she be worried about Beyonce’ when her single has been number one for a while. It doesn’t matter whose out Gaga is gonna do great things period. The artists you mentioned aren’t lessers at all, rather threats, thats why foolish people like @S*** is always here. This post isn’t even about Beyonce’ yet he/she feels the need to bring her up. Find something to do besides kissing Beyonce’ a** and not receiving a damn dime to do it. You are not Beyonce’ understand that.

    Lets see Beyonce’ get an instant number one like Gaga/Britney, lesser my a**, some of y’all are pure haters. Beyonce’ is not the only female artist in this industry, just understand that for those that can’t comprehend s***.

  38. theman March 28, 2011

    Back to Rihanna she looks beautiful here. Trent this is really getting tired. Everyone knows that u aren’t a fan of hers, ok move on. You don’t have to rash her every chance you get. Just leave alone sometimes. There was no reason to bring Beyonce’ up. You do this for hits.

  39. theman March 28, 2011


  40. KaVion March 28, 2011

    @THE MAN
    ONE Bey stan came here talking s***..they don’t represent all of us.

  41. theman March 28, 2011

    @Kavion well that can only be a great thing lol.

  42. S*** March 28, 2011


    YOU are such a BASIC B****, LMAO, PATHETIC!!… 😆

    Like I said in the other post H**, Beyonce is THAT B****


    LIVE it, BREATHE it, OWN it, ACCEPT it. 🙂



    Beyonce is outdated. She’s sooo 2008. Stan for another girl lol

  44. LOL March 28, 2011

    The “Not Beyonce” is to make all of you all comment.
    Trent is smart. But that don’t make any sense, Beyonce ain’t what everyone is looking for in an artist ! She has no soul..
    *Listens to Ledisi’s last album*

  45. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally known as Rhitard The Goat March 28, 2011

    Lets b honest here- Rihanna isnt famous 4 her singing ability, she is famous 4 her exotic features and her fashion sense. #thatsall

  46. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally known as Rhitard The Goat March 28, 2011

    Lets b honest here- Rihanna isnt famous 4 her singing ability, she is famous 4 her exotic features and her sense in fashion.

  47. royalkev March 28, 2011

    I think Rihanna looks great. She’s s*** here and I think this looks 10x better than the cover. Some of you quys need to quit it with the Bey bashing. It comes across as very insecure at times. If you feel that your not that into her or that she’s not one of your favorites that’s fair. To deny that she’s beautiful, is delusional. Also, to ignore what she’s done in her career and insult her talent – is twice the delusion. It’s really a debate that’s been lost by her haters a billion times with every era Bey has proven herself with!


  48. TheRealBabyDre March 28, 2011

    U know what annoys me… when someone says that “Beyonce can’t sing” .
    B**** why would you say that !?!? O_o
    She may not be a really great dancer BUT saying she can’t sing !
    I can’t !

    *loggs off*

  49. theman March 28, 2011

    @S*** you personify the word ignorance, make a complete sentence of substance without cursing. If Beyonce’ is so much then why are u in a Rihanna thread trying to prove her greatnes… GTFOH and do something with yourself. So we know that you can curse, is there anything else that u can do other than always show how amazingly ignorant u are. Rihanna is doing her thing, and thats that. So you accept that and move on.

    You’re always talking about Beyonce’ when no one gives a s*** but u. U should’be been got the picture fool. Another thing being constructive about Beyonce’ does not make u a hater. That saying has been ran through the ground by her stans, not everybody sweats Beyonce’ the way some of you delusional people do. @Royalkev, pot calling the kettle, people should stop talking about Beyonce’ then tell her mentally challenged a** fans to stop talking about other artists when the post clearly have nothing to do with her, if that ain’t insecurity at it’s best then i don’t know what is.

  50. theman March 28, 2011


  51. theman March 28, 2011

    Beyonce’ fans some of them take this stuff way to seriously, none of you are getting paid, nor are u on her payroll. So who looks like the fool now. You do this free of charge. Should’nt you be out here making you’re own money instead of worshiping her every chance u get. It’s ridiculously. You can tell @S*** is pretty much doing much of nothing lol. Beyonce’ this Beyonce’ this, shut the hell up. NO ONE CARES. Bringing up another artist for no apparent reason unbeknownst is a sign of insecurity, why would someone who has multiple hits a platinum and album in the states, and selling greatly across the world factor Beyonce’ into the equation. Your real smart. Not…….

  52. daniel March 28, 2011

    at the man…can u quit posting the same s*** over and over again goddamn ya’ll kids need to grow up

  53. theman March 28, 2011

    @Daniel who the hell are u. I don’t post the same thig over. Try a few people above. You just can’t deal with facts. Here you go out of nowhere with you unfamiliar a**. If certain people would shut up with the stupidity then may’be you would’nt have to see certain things.

  54. theman March 28, 2011

    Rihanna thread remember, all invaders, should make there exit that way >>> theres the EXIT, get to stepping …………..

  55. JayCi March 28, 2011

    #DEAD @ the “not beyonce” comment

  56. Dahlia March 28, 2011

    Can she just have a nice, tasteful photoshoot w/o showing her ass?
    I mean i understand that she has ZERO talent and she has to be half naked to distract people from that fact but seriously?

    No wonder CoverGirl dropped her…who wants a crazy, coke head,man beating s****, to represent them?

    Not a good look!

  57. johnathon March 28, 2011

    this is a free damn country so to the f***** guy that calls himself theman..u don’t own this damn website other people can come on here when the want to rihanna stans are the most dumbest people on earth and delusional if somebody got something to say they gonna say it that dont make them a hater tho they just speak their minds and the truth cause the truth hurts the girl cant sing or dance she not a good performer im not hater im stating the facts ..pattie labelle is da queen cased close

  58. Wendell “wendy” williams (aka i’m a billy goat) March 28, 2011


    LOL well damn, you left nothing for me to say! 🙂

    f this girl didn’t whine about Chris Brown and shake her nasty tail feathers in public no one would know she was live! With every interview she does there a2 things we can all be assured 1) SHE WILL BE NAKED and 2) SHE WILL MENTION CHRIS BROWN and her poor tortured life with that then, TEENAGE BOY!

  59. Dahlia March 28, 2011


    She is an Violent Attention W****…She can help her self. She wont stop talking about Chris because she know that people (aka the media) will take her side in a minute because they like to pick on CB, but in the end she loses. She has No number one album, a flopping US Leg tour, and she likes to beat on men (her brother,Chris Brown, Matt Kemp), and she is a drug addict!

    But she has a hell of a team. Imagine if she didnt have them? What would she have left? Her ass?? ROTFL….

    Bye Rih.

  60. True Blue March 28, 2011

    Desperate for some site hits, eh Sam & Trent?

    Sad b****** you are.

  61. theman March 28, 2011

    @Johnathan what a b****. I’m not even a Rihanna stan u azzwipe. I was just basically telling everybody to stick to the script you stupid b******. People fell right into the trap. Like i said Beyonce’ has some ignorant a** fans and you are one them, get ur panties out of the bunch girl lol. Stop acting so damn fruity. Did someone hit a nerve over there lol. Also, if you had any common sense or if u could see properly u would know that i didn’t mention anything about Rihanna being a good performer, or singer. Illusions of the grandeur. Next, time before u open ur retarded a** mouth u might just wanna pay a little more attention, and leave it up to a Beyonce’ fans to speak unintelligently, alot of u know no better. Go do yourself a favor and pick up a book and educate yourself fool a**.

  62. theman March 28, 2011

    @Johnathan does all of this to turn around and say Patti is the queen, lol are u sure u ain’t one. Why didn’t u just say that she’s the best or something. Funny characters stay lurking on this site. To bad for most of you being a character isn’t a paid gig.

  63. chimmy March 28, 2011

    She looks cute but still can’t sing. I will give credit where credit is due.

  64. johnathon March 28, 2011

    to the fool that call himself themann… as i said pattie labelle is the queen and i aint no beyonce fan ..but when it ‘s all said and done beyonce is better than this trick she is a good performer and can sing…. but rihanna aint nothing but a posed up model and u quit lying u f** u r gay u dont even know what queen means ..let me point it out for u…pattie labelle n****

  65. DION-ISH March 28, 2011

    OK……Dont get the “not Beyonce” comment….makes no sense AT ALL. <_<

    But Anyway, Rihanna looks amazing! Loving the theme….The Interview should be a very interesting read. Already Got my Vogue Cover. I unsubscribed from RS a long time ago because they've sucked lately! …Instead i subscribed to NME magazine and there Wayyy Better!

    But Anyway:

  66. TheRealBabyDre March 28, 2011

    LOL @ TheMan …
    You ….. is so mad !!! WHY ??? I AM a Beyonce “ignorant a** fan” !
    You got a problem with that ?!!?!
    Everybody talks about who the f*** they want ….
    U don’t tell nobody what to do with their lives ! Be worried about your ignorant b**** life !
    If I want to stan for Beyonce! I STAN …. If I wanna curse at Rihanna or other b**** in here
    I Curse ! If I want to talk about Rebecca Black on a Rihanna thread I do !
    So please … please do me a favour and kiss my ignorant ass !
    and if u got more problems with Beyonce’s fans hit me on my website:

  67. johnathon March 28, 2011

    at the..the real baby dre..i agree with u 100%..let that f***** n**** know what’sup

  68. tatiana March 28, 2011

    beyonce fans dont play and im one of them beyonce is a veteran in this music biz she ‘s been here for 15 years and still going strong ..she letting these girls have their shine cause we all know when she do comeback it’s gonna feel like a tornadoe hit us ..that woman just has it… riri is a cute girl but she just dont have the singing ability or dancing skillz or is she a good performer…but one day she may be a god performer hopefully..but anyways trent i know what you’re saying(lol) u a mess ready to be entertained again beyonce where u at hurry up and get back in the game im bored

  69. TheRealBabyDre March 28, 2011

    Annnd I got one more issue :
    You always say that no one cares about us “Beyonce’s ignorant a** fans” and no one pays us for stanning for her (Beyonce) !
    BUT is your fav paying you or giving a damn about you
    NOPE …..

    @TATIANA …. YASSS ! Agree !

  70. CRAMPED March 28, 2011

    @THEMAN – Why are u attacking all Beyonce fans/stans? I dont see get your point. Arent beyonce allowed to support and defend her just like anybody else is doing for their idols? This is a blog, people are going to express themselves, lie, go over the top, get emotional just like Rihanna stans do 120% of the time, and you’ll just have to deal with it.

    You’re the only ignorant a** here thats taking this s*** serious with your 10 comment. NEXT!

  71. CRAMPED March 28, 2011


  72. X,Y,”and Z” March 28, 2011

    @Trent –

    (What do we think about…)That picture..?!

    Rihanna has zero talent; AGAIN resorts to selling p****, and will talk about/around Chris Brown till she “near-fatally bludgeons your sensibilities” and you’re forced to pay her attention (then relenting, if not retreating, you surrender your ‘hard earned’ no-so-discretionary funds to Def Jam’s coffers.)

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  73. X,Y,”and Z” March 28, 2011

    Hey Trent, I might just head your way (shortly dipping toes in sand/ocean.. Check my IP Addy!)

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  74. theman March 28, 2011

    @[email protected] ?Aka BabyBitch > @Johnathan Aka Queen A** all of u shut that s*** up. Do you dummies understand that i’m not really even a Rihanna fan. @Johnathan you are nothing but a queen is disguise, holla at me when u can speak with substance. All i see is a bunch of poor as cursing. U are a pathetic excuse for a person, u and these other losers. Beyonce’ is not y’alls income. None of u jerks are getting a damn penny. You said something to me Johnathan when i was in the right thread. I was discussing Rihanna, this is her thread. Your gump a** came out of nowhere with all of the ignorance. To the rest of you that can’t speak english you are free to say what u want, but why are y’all talking about Beyonce’ in Rihanna’s post is my point. Threatened very much.

    It’s funny how her stans always claim people ae hating when they say something about Beyonce, yet they are in every other artists post talking about Beyonce’ and her a** ain’t even got a damn single out. Get that s*** outta here. I don’t care what her fans play or not, i’m not here to play. What y’all say is a crock of s*** most of the time anyway. Stop hating on other artists. They are successful to.

    One other thing Baby Idiot Aka Dre i don’t stan for an artist this way i leave a comment and keep it moving, i ain’t seeing no money so it ain’t that serious. Y’all are here oh she this and that and y’all broke as s***. Get a gig that pays. Mature people would just focus on the pictures and state whether they are nice or not, but because she’s doing her thing y’all are pissed. Not To Whom It Concerns>>> To Beyonce’s idiotic stans not the few with common sense go play in traffic and forget u did it. Dummies.

  75. theman March 28, 2011


  76. theman March 28, 2011

    Oh and to the person who said go to yourwebsite nah i’m good i ain’t tryna be exposed to anymore garbage it’s already enough on here. Thatgrapejuice needs to do “ThatGrapeJuiceSweep” and sweep up all of u bum a** Beyonce’ stans, you are some of the most repulsive losers out there.

  77. theman March 28, 2011

    Keep kissing her a** while she doesn’t even notice ……

  78. djy2kmalone March 28, 2011

    all this hating on Rihanna is crazy and you stupid people praise Chris Brown the nerve enjoy that #1 album because that dont mean nothing today

  79. theman March 28, 2011

    Get Emotional? For what reason it’s the internet buddy. It ain’t that damn serious at all.

    @Cramped If you shut ur mouth and open ur eyes u would get the damn point. It’s not about basing ur opinion. It’s just why are y’all talking about Beyonce’ in Rihanna’s thread. If you don’t like her singing or dancing cool, but why bring Beyonce’ into the equation, that is insecurity. She has not a damn thing to do with it. Thats my point and if u don’t get that then stay lost. Y’all always talking about other people hating on Beyonce’ only to turn around and do to every other artists. Y’all are critical of every damn artists, besides Beyonce’ like she’s perfect not. You can give credit to other artists while having a favorit artist.

    Then y’all are always talking about putting somebody in there place well that ain’t a factor with me, because this is the internet not a real occupation. The quicker y’all learn that the better off y’all will be. “Just A Lil Food For Thought”.

  80. HALF AMAZIN March 29, 2011

    I’d totally be a lesbian for this b*tch. Love or hate her….she’s s*** as hell. The bikini pic is givin me LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  81. Rebecca Black Stan March 29, 2011

    Queen of pain in tha arrrrrrrse. HANG IT UP GURL, we ain’t buyin’.

  82. TheRealBabyDre March 29, 2011

    @THEMAN Boo you have a problem with that “income” ! Stop it !
    Actually my sorry ass got parents and I don’t have to work !
    So I’ll be here all day everyday , 24/7 kissing Beyonce’s ass !
    Not all day ’cause I got classes !

    Anyone else mad ???

    One more thing ….
    I’m here just for fun and stanning for a b**** is f****** funny ! ^-^
    *I need to grow up*

  83. djdunkonthatbitch March 29, 2011

    100 Millions times hotter and more talented than that c*** Kelly Rowland

  84. matreiya March 31, 2011

    She’s attractive. Janet called and asked for her velvet rope style back. This is the “queen” of style jacking. First she knocked off Fefe Dobson, Kelis, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Beyonce, Grace Jones and Tina Turner. Nothing about her is new, exciting or edgy. She is on borrowed time. She is an attention w**** who resorts to discussing Chris to get her stupid album of singles an extra bump on the charts. If she focused more on her vocals than on trying to convince everyone that she is s*** maybe she could sing on key and write a song.

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