Behind The Scenes: Chipmunk & Keri Hilson’s ‘In The Air’ Video

Published: Thursday 17th Mar 2011 by Sam

As earlier reported, British chart-topper Chipmunk has teamed up with Keri Hilson for his latest single ‘In The Air’. The pair recently jetted to Los Angeles to shoot the video with director of the moment Colin Tilley.

Check out this behind the scenes look at the shoot below…

‘In the Air’ is lifted from Chipmunk’s second studio album ‘Transition’ (which hits stores on April 18th). The set also features chart-smash ‘Champion (ft. Chris Brown)’.

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  1. Music Lover March 17, 2011

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO. i cant with this lady, Miss Keri Baby.

    Clearly she wants to be Beyonce so bad.

    wtf she rocking a long blonde wig?

    She knows thats BEYONCE signature look.

  2. MISHKA March 17, 2011

    I like Chipmunk but he should change that stage name. It’s hard to take him seriously.

    Why does Keri look like crazy-in-love-live-performance Beyoncé ? Hmmm.

    Colin Tilley is everywhere. Good for him.

  3. YUPPITSME March 17, 2011

    umm keri that wig is a mess noo mam bye girl fly gurl !!

  4. Steffon March 17, 2011

    Keri looks a hot mess from that angle

  5. Beystanbish March 17, 2011

    The f*** on tha h** head?

  6. Bees March 17, 2011

    Wtf skery you knw that’s Bey look smh

  7. kelrowland March 17, 2011

    I was rockin with miss skeri Hilson but she is not going to be COPYING MISS BEYAWNCE AND GIVING ME TOO MUCH FEVER HUNNEE…

    *sips cocoa**

  8. lola March 17, 2011

    LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Skeri looks like Beyonce on crack. WTF at that extra light blonde hair! Skeri, you are black, not white, not half white… you are black! It really seems like she’s trying to make herself lighter and “exotic” looking by wearing these bright a** blonde hair colors and foundation that’s 2 shades lighter than the rest of her skin tone on her body. She looks like a damn drag queen. I just can’t with that bird nose and drunken eyes. She’s one awkward looking chick.

    Chipmunk… his voice is so annoying. He has a British accent but yet, is trying to sound like he’s from the islands and the hood. WTF? This song is wack and sounds like a song featuring Rihanna. Seriously Skeri? That girl can never find her own identity.

  9. lsz March 17, 2011

    Keri Hilson’s success with this album will determine how her future efforts will fare cause this is as good as it can gat for her, I think she’ll flop forever. And this song might succeed because it’s not actually hers.

  10. Yellow Gorillah March 17, 2011

    Keri GURL your look a HOT MESS!

    First she jacked Rihanna style
    now she wants to jack Beyonce

    Lord for give her.

    chipmunk is also a waste man

  11. DUMMIES March 17, 2011

    …….How in the hell is that Beyonce’s Signature LOOK?…..Lmao I can’t with DUMMIES….

    How is BLONDE hair anyone’s Signature?…Lol…Like really?…..Is that all you have?Lol…..

    Wow…..Lol….So I guerss Mary J….Tina Turner…..Jlo….Britney….Xtina….Lady Gaga…T-Boz and countless other Female Artist COPIED Beyonce’ as well then huh according to you all? LOL LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!


  12. RIHLUV March 17, 2011


  13. princebarbietv March 17, 2011

    Keri dont look like Keri

  14. Starburst&Skittles March 17, 2011

    Looking forward to the video 🙂 , but Miss Keri that hair is a no-no. Shes light-skinned so she doesnt need light hair. She needs a color thats more dark and dominant like black or brown. Dye it back Keri. Thank me later 🙂

  15. Legendtina March 17, 2011

    This not beyonce look somebody said keri tryna be a white woman and then say she trying to look like beyonce ummm. idiot wouldnt that make beyonce look white. Who cares bout beyonce she don’t own s***. AND if this is NOT keri hilson’s song as a LEAD artist theny WHY would she have a choice in what wig she can wear. I can see if his was HER video but i doubt she chose the wig. Its funny how people say this chick is ugly. LMFAOO if she never dissed beyonce you ghetto n***** would be all over her p****. Shut that s*** up. And stop posting under the same damn names. its always this 1 person commenting with4 or 5 different names and u can tell by the time they post and same writin structure what an idiot.


  16. BeyonceIsComingHaterz March 17, 2011

    ^^^^ Not all of us beyonce fans are like that. I love beyonce and misskeribaby. This is not beyonce style. She does not own anything.. There were people who wore blonde before beyonce just like tiffany evans wore the long red hair before rihanna. Anyway i love them both. Everybody needs to get a life and stop hating on beyonce and keri hilson. By the way i cannot take any STRAIGHT man serious if he say keri hilson is ugly

  17. Beystanbish March 17, 2011

    smh @ this fatgulera stan. Dumb as f***. What do you mean by this “AND if this is NOT keri hilson’s song as a LEAD artist then WHY would she have a choice in what wig she can wear. I can see if his was HER video but i doubt she chose the wig.” WHAT?

  18. chloe March 17, 2011

    CLEARLY shes copying beyonce from her dereon shoot in greece. its too obvious. the blonde wig with the bangs the shades AND the spiked tops. its too convenient

  19. kay March 17, 2011

    she looks like a lighter version of Alenderia Burke imo. Do you gurls keep up with all of your Beysus trends

  20. KaVion March 17, 2011

    LMAO, she looks sickly and he looks like a child who got into his daddy’s clothes in that picture.

    Lol, still love their music though.

  21. credits March 18, 2011

    Get outta here!!!!! Keri looks hot in that video!!!!! Shut up about the blonde wig too, everybody did it already.

  22. Dana Springs March 18, 2011

    I LOVE U KERI!!!! But this is a hell no!!! Please keep the short bob!!! PLEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

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