Hot Shots: Toni Braxton Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

Despite her medical problems, Toni Braxton is proving that she still has one of the biggest hearts in the industry. The 6-time Grammy Award winner participated in the Autism Speaks celebration of World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Awareness Month at the New York Stock Exchange earlier today.

Braxton has been quite open about the fact that her son Diesel was diagnosed with autism and has served as a spokesperson for the foundation for several years. See more images of the icon below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. lewis April 1, 2011

    am i the only one who thought she was wearing a Lady Gaga telephone hat in the main pic..? LOL

  2. TIMMI April 1, 2011

    ^ LMAOO

  3. MC STAN 4 LIFE April 1, 2011

    Yet another proof that the GRammy’s are a big JOKE

    It’s a complete and utter nonsense that she has more Grammy’s than the QUEEN OF ALL MUSIC MARIAH CAREY

    and Beyonce has 16 Grammy’s

    legends like Mariah ‘THE VOICE’ Carey has only five


  4. MC STAN 4 LIFE April 1, 2011

    Nothing against Toni tho

  5. KaMam April 1, 2011

    Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, & Toni Braxton= Vocal Trinity of the 90s
    Fantasia, Beyonce, & Christina Aguilera= Vocal Trinity of the 00s

  6. TIMMI April 1, 2011


    A trinity is a tree, aka three. So unfortunately, I wouldn’t really consider Toni a part of the ultimate vocal trinity.

  7. TIMMI April 1, 2011

    *A trinity is a trio, aka three.

  8. Robier April 1, 2011


  9. Judge & Jury April 1, 2011

    Toni Braxton = wealthiest bankrupt chica on the planet. Imma sure all those who go into receivership looks as good as her.


  10. Stupid Trent April 1, 2011

    @Lewis you were not the only one lmao

  11. Jasmine April 1, 2011

    Her body is amazing. I also like her short hair cut.

  12. BREEZYTHEBEST April 1, 2011

    She might have money issues but this woman is still beautiful.

  13. theman April 1, 2011

    She is beautiful, but why does herand JHud hold their hand in a crab like position when waving. Oh and Mariah,Whitney & Celine are the vocal trinity period. No replacements.

  14. bored April 1, 2011

    Quote me now… I predict that Toni will be on next season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

  15. dfekndfk April 1, 2011

    how can world autism day be on april fools day.

  16. Anthony April 2, 2011

    What the heck happened to Toni Braxton, she just screwed up her life big time. I remember when she was something, now she has no money and is doing reality shows. What a shame.

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