Nicole Scherzinger Covers Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Published: Sunday 29th May 2011 by Sam

Pop starlet Nicole Scherzinger flaunted her X Factor this weekend at a private Hugo Boss function. As well as performing her own catalogue of material, she took a shot British belter Adele‘s ‘Rolling In The Deep’.

With the singer currently an unstoppable chart force at the moment, it’s natural Scherzinger’s version will get the magnifying glass treatment. Find out how she fared after the jump…

Though by no means a patch on the original, the X Factor USA judge certainly held her own. So much so that I would not be averse to her dabbling in such a sound when it comes to her future releases.

For now, however, it’s clear chart Pop is her lane – for good reason too. The 32 year old hasn’t necessarily lit up the charts, hence it’s a case of playing it safe until you’re creatively free to do otherwise.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Perrylicious is taking over… May 29, 2011


  2. Aryo May 29, 2011

    She NAILED IT!

  3. MUSICISME May 29, 2011

    Sam make your mind up… In one paragraph you write ‘With the singer currently an unstoppable chart force at the moment’ then after watching the video you say ‘The 32 year old hasn’t necessarily lit up the charts’… Which one is it????

  4. Aryo May 29, 2011

    She KILLED it!

  5. Aryo May 29, 2011

    she’s such a true star! i bet adele cant sing it as well as nicole live!

  6. msbridget May 29, 2011

    She did a good job, but I had to stop watching cuz if I saw that broad grab her ponytail one more time I was going to scream! I guess she was making sure it didn’t fall off and fly away in all that wind.

  7. tim3495 May 29, 2011

    DAMN !! why she yelling at me? :S

  8. JUDAS May 29, 2011


  9. chasing_history May 29, 2011


    Don’t be so silly. Sam’s referring to Adele as the “unstoppable chart force”…

  10. BBhome May 29, 2011

    WOOOW I ACTUALLY LIKE HER VERSION BETTER!!!!She’s a great singer!Too bad she’s a flop!

  11. Aryo May 29, 2011

    hahaa, lol @ msbridget
    i was thinkin the same thing, but i recommend u to watch the whole video, cuz she defenitely nailed it

  12. Aryo May 29, 2011

    she’s so underrated and she doesnt deserve it, but no worries,she’s gonna gain a lotta fans when x factor gets aired!
    just like the way she gained fans in UK!
    a world has yet to know how talented she is!

  13. aisha May 29, 2011

    that was awful. she was actually struggling to sing that.

  14. aisha May 29, 2011

    wondering how Aguilera will do.

  15. Allie May 29, 2011

    She sounds great, different from what she usually does. Everyone at the F1 qualifying that was there said that she sounded amazing.

  16. nail May 29, 2011

    @aisha You’re either tone deaf or a true hater!!
    Oh wait you’re a Xtina stan?! I guess too much Screamtina destroyed your eardrums!

  17. Aryo May 29, 2011

    LOL @ nail

  18. aisha May 29, 2011

    @ nail
    i’m not a stan, just a fan. whatever.

  19. SKITTLES May 29, 2011

    really people i dont really agree with some of these weird comments that are based on nothing to deal with the talent she posseses. I mean one complaint is she was holding her ponytail while singing. I MEAN COME ON. she is a s*** lady with one the most healthiest beautiful hair, she got to work her charm and sexiness.Now she is a flop . her song right there just premiered a few weeks ago and has charted pretty decent on billboards both us and uk with a cute video to go with it. FYI same s*** was said about kelly. where is she now on top without promotion. This girl has been hustling despite the p**** cat doll stigma of which she has proved why she was the lead. This is a hard song to sing and she did an amazing job to it. LOVED IT We have got to give credit when its due unless you want keri hilson to do this rendition after the Whitney fiasco. It just frustrating when people hate for the sake of provocation and to get people defensive .

  20. Rihstan May 29, 2011

    She had nothing on Adeles version. She straining and seems to struggle with the song and also is a cold woman who sings with no emotion. Maybe thats why she cant break the US because nobody can connect to her. Hope she flops on X Factor she showed her true scheming egotistical ways the way she just stepped into Cheryls shoes without any compassion. This woman is a snake who only cares about herself like she did when she was in PCD because she needs attention even though Melody was a way better singer. And shes gonna keep flopping all over America because no one likes her.

  21. Aryo May 29, 2011

    u better change ur name to chezzastan
    cheryl fans are the most pathetic fans ever to think that it was nicole’s fault that they fired cheryl!

  22. YOOSONDALOOSE May 29, 2011

    She did alright, her single isn’t doing well in the US charts! I would nervous if i was her! Having said that, this is only her first week!

  23. ManDwn May 29, 2011

    F ++++++++++++++ She needs to stop

  24. henrytots May 29, 2011

    lol @ these comments. give the girl a break. She did great

  25. Malachi May 29, 2011

    *Looks at Cheryl Cole* Can U do this?


  26. OLW May 29, 2011

    well she sound good BUT she adds nothing to the original song… just singing trying to sound good as adele… who sings it effortless contrary to her…

    the problem with nicole is that she don’t bring something different… she really have to find her sound or her style or something that doesn’t remind her something in the business or the PCD…

  27. _ITSTT_ May 29, 2011

    That was tragic *smh*

  28. chrisj May 29, 2011


  29. Carlson May 29, 2011

    This is good. Adele perform it live is also great, and nicole perform it live is fabulous…Both are good, stop saying bad on Nicole…

  30. Beysbetter May 29, 2011

    that was actuallly really good. I’m suprised and happy for her!

  31. Harvey May 29, 2011

    She did amazing but the song is so Nicole cause her voice has a Rock sultry style too it.

  32. May 29, 2011

    She sounds Country to me Lmao

  33. imgunnacheckuboo May 29, 2011

    @BBHOME, You seriously have the worst taste if that’s what you think.

    Nicole Scherzebrazzer has NO soul in her voice NO notable range and NO clue how to carry a song of substance.

    She’s just used to singing about shaking her overly muscular ass in some club. Pretending to be Kim Kardashian so she can get free drinks.

  34. Aryo May 29, 2011

    u dumby w**** better stop hatin on Nicole ,
    almost whoever watched this said she did it well,
    ur just jealous of how beautiful n talented she is!
    get a life plz

  35. The G-List Society May 29, 2011

    Better luck next time, Nicole…keep sleeping around, and you’ll finally achieve success as a soloist.

  36. Trucie May 29, 2011

    Wtf that b**** betta fall the f*** back. Not even gin bother to listen cuz i know her version is s***.

  37. Aryo May 29, 2011

    so why did u waste ur time to say sumthing about her if u dont like her? #jerk

  38. Henry May 29, 2011

    BTW Nicole is Killing on the Radios with RIGHT THERE.

    47 +3 NICOLE SCHERZINGER Right There 667 +70 404 +51 5.650 +0.531 2 47 667 404 5.650
    48 -1 BEYONCE Run The World (Girls) 630 -34 -436 -19 2.343 -0.034 18 35 1285 242 5.356


  39. ERIC May 29, 2011


  40. MrIncredible May 29, 2011

    I’m shocked. She can actually sing.

  41. Poisonous May 29, 2011

    @IMGUNNACHECKUBOO Lmao. B**** you must be an unemployed cockroach.. U’re a fucken hater. All u do is just s*** on your PC and f*** away your nasty s***** comments. H** s*** da f*** down.. @ALLHATERS its not her fault that u dont have dinner for tonight

  42. JAY May 29, 2011

    Yes she hit the notes but it wasn’t nearly as soulful as Adele. I think the biggest reason why she hasn’t had much success in the states is she has no personality and no identity as an artist. She used s** as a marketing tool in the Pussycat Dolls but that won’t work for her as an solo artist.

  43. Ineedtohearyousing May 29, 2011

    People are saying that she has no range, she has no soul, she doesn’t know her identity…marone a mi! Her range is a bit over 3 octaves, she puts a lot of soul into whatever she does, and she knows her identity (she is a VERSATILE artist; if you can sing almost every genre and sing it well, then why not do it). The majority of you are haters. And I hate arguing with people, so try not to respond to my post 🙂 all the best

  44. Twista May 29, 2011

    I was ready to knock it but she actually did a great job. Perhaps she should think about tackling another genre because the pop field is really cornered right now with Bee, Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kesha.

  45. Jamie May 29, 2011

    I was pleasantly surprised. She really did a good job, and I’m not even a fan of the girl. Those of you who disliked it, are just hating. Give credit where it’s due. I did!

  46. Misty Jean May 29, 2011

    I love her voice. deep and sultry.

  47. Allie May 29, 2011

    I see all the Cheryl stans are hating in here as well. When was the last time Cheryl performed anywhere? Oh, no she only performs when the X Factor is on. At least Nicole releases music outwith the X Factor and is trying to make it on their own. I don ‘t understand why their hating on Nicole though – what was Nicole supposed to do turn down the judges seat when it was offered to her. It was clearly the reason she was there in the first place – as a safety net for Cheryl when she inevitably screwed up/the US audience didn’t take to her.

    I wonder though if Nicole got paid for this or if it was just a favor for her boyfriends sponsors?

  48. Leila May 29, 2011

    Nicole new look is a copy from Cheryl Cole, the hair, the dress, the make up eyes.. And what I think its only because Rihanna write right there for her, And she do a duo with 50 cent, that her career is upgrade and that she steals the job of Cheryl. But this is a huge mistake lol.. It wont make the show more popular because of her. And Cheryl, uk need her to come back on X Factor uk, she will be paid 1.2 million for 4 days on us factor lol, and she will be double pay if she decide to return for them.. But Jay-z is looking for her, and BBC competitor want her on The Voice next show! Ahah! Cheryl will be back and take revenge XD

  49. sheaintnodiva May 29, 2011

    She’s definitely reading the lyrics off the stage…

  50. mobwife May 29, 2011





  51. Kingofleon May 29, 2011

    she sounded great, dont know why every1 below is being so harsh. It may not be as good adele buts shes not adele. My only critism would be for her to try and make it more her own

  52. Aryo May 29, 2011

    @Leila joon
    honey, its not nicole’s fault that US didnt want cheryl

  53. SipDatBoyz May 29, 2011

    Nicole Scherzinger is the definition of underated…with artists like Rihanna,Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj lighting up the charts..and clearly she holds all the talent they do not!.

  54. Justin May 29, 2011

    Really guys? You call the woman who belted and sustained a B5 in chest voice during an interview somebody with no range? Somebody who earned rave reviews for her performance on Rent in broadway?! She’s a technical singer and trained in opera and classical singer. Somebody who doesn’t sing won’t be able to appreciate her style.

  55. lola May 29, 2011

    She’s an awful singer. She sounds like an old grandma who has been smoking cigarettes for years! Plus she’s ugly and looks old. I swear, you guys think anyone who is “exotic” looking is pretty.

  56. Henry May 30, 2011

    Really guys? You call the woman who belted and sustained a B5 in chest voice during an interview somebody with no range? Somebody who earned rave reviews for her performance on Rent in broadway?! She’s a technical singer and trained in opera and classical singer. Somebody who doesn’t sing won’t be able to appreciate her style.



  57. Dunno May 30, 2011

    Nicole a trained opera singer? Delusional just like her! She couldn’t fill a room with that paper thin voice of hers.

    Instead of a boob job, she should have gotten a soul or a personality and people might be able to relate to her.

  58. Ineedtohearyousing May 30, 2011

    UH, Dunno, clearly you are living up to your username…Nicole is indeed a professionally trained opera singer, and there is indeed proof.

  59. Dunno May 30, 2011

    Where’s the proof? Oh wait that right there isn’t because she never sang in an opera house! LMAO

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