Alesha Dixon Dropped By Record Label

Following the dismal sales of her sophomore set ‘The Entertainer’, Pop star Alesha Dixon has been quietly dropped from Asylum Records (Atlantic).

Full story below…

As we reported at the top of the year, Dixon’s postion at the label was immediately cast into doubt after the immense funds pumped into her project could only yield the LP a #84 peak.

It appears the label, her recording home since 2008, opted to cut their losses and severed ties with the Strictly Come Dancing judge last month.

Typically, her management have a different version of events, yet concede to the same end-result. Her manager Malcolm Blair said:

Alesha would like to announce that after discussions with her record label, Asylum/Atlantic, we have decided not to extend her recording contract.

It became clear during our discussions that both Alesha and her label had some creative differences which we were unable to resolve and it was mutually agreed that the best course of action for both parties was to part company on good terms.

Alesha would like to thank Asylum records for their support and hard work over the past 2 albums and wish them all the best going forward.

We are currently in discussions with other labels and look forward to a new record in 2012.

Alesha is proud to have been Asylum Records first platinum selling artist and to have delivered them their first international success with “The Boy Does Nothing” which has now sold almost 1 million copies worldwide and was a top 10 hit in 20 countries. {Source}

When your project delivers such numbers, there’s likely very little discussing to do. Hence, I’m sure the statement is just PR spin to put her on a good footing with other labels. That said, Dixon is somewhat talented – here’s hoping things work out for her in the long run.

Your thoughts?

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  1. nice_gurl June 5, 2011

    It would be hard finding a label to sign you after being dropped. But good luck anyway!

  2. RIHANNA June 5, 2011

    just get back with misteeq. im sorry but alicia is not a particularly good singer and that whole “boy does nothing” era did well out of sympathy for the Harvey situation. She isnt a particularly good “judge” either, “drummer boy” made “run the world” sound worthy of “record of the year” at the Grammys.

    Find a chair, and sit, there.

  3. I see June 5, 2011

    I agree she shud get back with mis teeq….atleast she is still a host

  4. I see June 5, 2011

    Oops i mean judge…haha

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN June 5, 2011

    Best of luck
    I love her

    This remark about RTW is so unecessary (looking for a stan war) but if ever RTW is nominated for ‘record of the year’ I will remember you ass.

    SD:she has the same vest than bey in the RTW vid.

  6. dede June 5, 2011

    Shame… least she still looks good


    wow i hope she rebounds from this.

    in others news..good news for kelly rowland fans

    speaking of kelly rowland (right now i command you to….DANCE!) she is ruling the rnb charts with her #1 smash – motivation (for a second week on top)…..and just when you think she has hung up her dance shoes … she hits you with her 12th..thats right 12th UK top 20 hit “what a feeling” debuting at number 6!!!! WORK!!!!!

    also kelly rowland collaborated with pitbull for his upcoming album titled “planet pit” on a track called “castle made of sand” – heres a brief snippet –

    i love the track and the fact that its a break from dance and it showing her versatility esp as a pop artist. kind of in the same vein as rose colored glasses/just whisper/unity/stole – very pop like vocals from Ms Kelly. Love IT!!!!

  8. RIHANNA June 5, 2011

    *YAWN* u kelly fans are getting wet vagiinas due to ONE SONG.

    lets recall this album had 4 tries b4 getting a hit. Lets also see how many of you buy this album if it ever comes out.


    and RTW will never be anything but foolwag material. sorry. her album wont do more than 200-300k first week.

  9. Imgunnacheckuboo June 5, 2011

    She was in Mis-Teeq? That was my group back in the day. I mean……not really, I just liked one of their songs.

  10. aisha June 5, 2011

    wow. that’s never a good thing.

  11. MISHKA June 5, 2011

    Her flow was unique when she was in Mis-Teeq, as a solo artist she tried to follow the trend but the place is packed.

    Good Luck!

  12. Jamie June 5, 2011


    If you could read, you’ll see that she has multiple hits topping the charts. You can tell which people are lonely and miserable on here.SMH

  13. girlfriday June 5, 2011


  14. WonderLand19 June 5, 2011

    Thats sad. I saw it coming because of the low sales. Its a shame. She should have taken the job at The X factor. that would have given her career new life.

    Her last album didn’t have buzz. no one was looking or even was exciting about it.

    I hope she gets a another deal and makes better music.

  15. PR June 5, 2011

    its because Mis-Teeq are getting back together, thats why she’s been ‘so called’ dropped from her label its a PR stunt to welcoe back Mis-Teeq remember Mis-Teeq did just disappear out of the blue in 2006

  16. Misfit June 5, 2011


  17. Misfit June 5, 2011

    Mis-teeq? Umm, who?

  18. BlazianBarbie June 5, 2011

    YASS @ LYRIC LEE COMMANDER! Preach the coming of Dance Queen Kelly Rowland!

    But, anywho… She had better just get back with Mis-Teeq!

  19. Scooter June 6, 2011

    Who is she?

  20. sugarwall June 6, 2011

    i 2nd that emotion!!!

  21. evil June 6, 2011

    u got the nerve to talk when ur fave could BARELY get pass 200k in her first week . men lie women lie but number dont . Ima remember ur ass when those numbers come in sweetie .

  22. Bey’knight June 6, 2011

    That name rihanna just breeds bad odour. Its laughable that a rihanna dummy can critic someone’s singing or first week sales. Oh the irony lmao

  23. Beyondgossip June 6, 2011

    She’s been dropped before…yea she was better in misteeq loved those girls!

  24. Yellow Gorillah June 6, 2011

    Yeeees Imma need her to get back with Misteeq

    And please let’s keep this post cute!

  25. Johnny June 6, 2011

    The Entertainer is an AMAZING album. WAY better than The Alesha Show. I think the big mistake was releasing Drummer Boy as the lead single. It’s the worst song on the album and just not good enough. Should she have released her duet with Jay Sean as the lead single, the story would have been different (I think). I hope she keeps on releasing music though.

  26. Laurie June 6, 2011

    Oooo please her music is wack anyway !! Good news I hope we won’t hear about her anymore. UK have some great artists Adele, Duffy, Jessie J, Winehouse but aso really bad ones Dixon and Cole

  27. AD June 6, 2011

    Truth be told, NOBODY wants to hear Alesha SING. She’s a rapper; she should stick to what put her in the spotlight in the first place. Every song she puts out I always hear someone say “I wish she would start rapping again!” and truth be told, it’s what she needs to do; or better yet, just reform Mis-Teeq and Bob’s ur teapot. Instant sucess in the UK again

  28. Steve June 6, 2011

    I’m in total agreement with AD, she’s earnt her place in the media spotlight being an MC.

    I was really surprised with her debut solo material as it was all bubblegum pop rubbish. Saying that, before Mis-Teeq hung it up they were becoming increasingly teeny-bop which was a real shame seeing as they hit the scene as a Garage/RnB act.

    If Mis-Teeq do reform, I hope they go back to what made them famous – RnB/Garage.

    Sabrina on the lead vocals, Alesha MCing and the other one just standing there playing with her hair.

  29. Steve June 6, 2011

    It actually wouldnt surprise me if they went back down the garage route actually, it’s a dead cert goldmine, UKGarage nights are always packed out (they are in essex anyway)

    Sunship are knocking out remixes like mad
    Control-S are remixing again
    Artful (Dodger) is back on the scene.

    Keeping me fingers crossed 🙂

  30. JJFAN1814 June 6, 2011

    Sorry, but Rihanna might have done 200k first week with Loud, but has sold 4 million worldwide, produced 3 #1s and she performed her first concert from the LOUD Tour to a sold out show in Baltimore that Rolling Stone gave a positive review of.

    That is all.

  31. jaz June 6, 2011

    i actually liked a few songs on her last album…i think it was underrated

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