Britney Spears Announces UK Leg Of ‘Femme Fatale Tour’

Published: Monday 6th Jun 2011 by David

British fans of Pop sensation Britney Spears have cause to celebrate today, for the 30 year old mother of two has announced that her long awaited ‘Femme Fatale Tour‘ will indeed make its way to the UK.

Ms.Spears will treat supporters in the country to a performance of songs from her extensive back catalogue.

Find out when below…

According to Live Nation, tickets go on sale on June 10th for the following dates:


THURSDAY       27         LONDON           O2 ARENA

SUNDAY           30         BIRMINGHAM   LG ARENA



If the last few Britney performances are anything to go by, the only thing her fans can look forward to is a first hand example of how a wigged zombie reacts to pulsating dance music. For one could find more life in the variation of Lil Kim‘s facial expressions than they could ever find in a ‘showing’ put on by Ms.Spears.

No doubt, juxtaposed to the bright lights, well thought out staging and well rehearsed dancers she will be the least interesting aspect of her own show. The only creative solace that is likely to be found in this affair is the existence of opener Nicki Minaj, who should hopefully liven up the crowd before the ‘Toxic’ singer arrives to pay homage to ‘The Night Of The Living Dead’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Charlie June 6, 2011

    If Perez Hilton can stop being a massive b*tch so can you. Stop hating, or at least stop posting about artists that you hate on so much. The same drivel that you roll out in every Rihanna and Britney post is getting old.

  2. Topman June 6, 2011

    Nicki’s confirmed she’s not opening for her in the UK. DIgital Spy say these are the dates:

    October 25 – Belfast, Odyssey arena

    October 27 – London, O2 arena

    October 28 – London, O2 arena

    October 30 – Birmingham, LG arena

    October 31 – Birmingham, LG arena

    November 2 – London, O2 arena

    November 3 – London, O2 arena

    November 6 – Manchester, MEN arena

  3. yaaaasss June 6, 2011

    @Charlie that’s so damn true. They go on about their hate so much that you can’t help but think they’re the definition of pressed. and I’m not even a Riri or Brit fan myself. btw Brit is 29 not 30. unnecessary shade lol

  4. Diana June 6, 2011

    go brit brit keep lip syncing…keep your name on the papers. lol

  5. Hayden June 6, 2011

    agreed. I don’t even like Britney or Rihanna, but stop spending time writing these long rants about how bad they are. seriously getting old. we get it, you think Britney doesn’t perform well. WE GET IT. if it weren’t for Brit or rihanna, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A BLOG. I guarantee if she (or anyone you’ve ever hated on) happened to grant you an interview or a shout out, the tune would change.

  6. kimberly June 6, 2011

    Who ever thinks this site is throwing shade is dumb. Sam and others always keep it real and everything they type is true. From my point of view they sing the same songs I do. The reason for fans retaliation is that they cannot handle the truth. Britney last performances is just an example of what you are going to get for your money. If you wish to go there don’t complain. This chick doesn’t care about her show qualities. The reviews on her last tour was pure s***. She was lousy. Everyone hoped she wouldn’t lip sync for billboards and she did right in the camera. well lets look forward to her tour in london. Will anything change?
    No wonder her fans are so pressed lately because they just cannot handle the truth which is thrown right at her.

  7. Charlie June 6, 2011

    @YAAAASSS and @HAYDEN Thank you, i am glad you agree. I praise TGJ for their timely content, but then again, I expect that from any full time blogger. I am seriously bored of the Ri and Brit hating, especially as 50% of their content comes from those artists alone. It is petty and I am seriously close to unfollowing on Twitter due to this fact alone.

    Sam – you will lose fans this way.

    In addition, it is worth noting that may times when you “hate” a song, your readers actually class it as a “hit” on your poll. Surely that is telling you something about your audience?

  8. Hayden June 6, 2011

    @CHARLIE. totally true. If SOLD OUT arenas of Britney fans aren’t TGJ’s target demographic, I honestly don’t know who is. you’re only doing a disservice to yourself, Sam. alienating your CORE audience.

  9. aisha June 6, 2011

    LOL at the thought of BS performing and LOL at “If the last few Britney performances are anything to go by, the only thing her fans can look forward to is a first hand example of how a wigged zombie reacts to pulsating dance music. For one could find more life in the variation of Lil Kim’s facial expressions than they could ever find in a ’showing’ put on by Ms.Spears.”! y’all are too much!

  10. aisha June 6, 2011

    guess tgj staff went through some tough boot camp led by sam on how to be sarcastic. HA!

  11. Robert June 6, 2011

    If y’all tired of TGJ talking s*** about S******…. Why come to the site? Y’all putting money in dude’s pockets. Delusional s****** stans… Her ass is played. She just need to release records without visuals and performances.

  12. Aamiy Blanco June 6, 2011

    I already knew when i clicked on the link… Britney’s latest performances would be brought up… lol but really homage to “The Night Of The Living Dead”… im done….lol

  13. thetruth June 6, 2011

    LOOOL “ACCORDING TO LIVE NATION” Y’all know perfectly well you got this from digital spy as you do the majoity of your news and then went on the live nation site to use ‘confirmed’ dates! Why don’t you just regurgitate the stuff like you do normally?

  14. Damn Right June 6, 2011

    I love Britney’s Femme Fatale CD but I have no desire to see her in concert. She is not a live artist – she doesn’t sing live. I bet she’s never actually sang any of the tracks from this album since she recorded it – and even then she’d have recorded it a line at a time. Not thanks.

  15. Anonymous Coward June 6, 2011

    So the album received no marketing push and she never came over to perform.
    So why should we then spend money to see her in concert?

  16. Christian June 6, 2011

    I love me some Britney and I’ll be seeing her in July but that “Night Of The Living Dead” had me cracking up. LMFAO!!!! See you next month Brit Brit 🙂

  17. bey’knight brutal June 6, 2011

    lol sam isnt losing visitors , he said on twitter that tgj had its highest traffic in may since inception besides this isnt the only blog to hold strong sentiments against artist(s). you’ll give yourself headache if you’re expecting a high degree of professionalism. in this age anyone can become a blogger.

  18. Kerry Johnson June 6, 2011

    NUFF SAID!!!

  19. Robier June 6, 2011


  20. AndySaysSmile June 6, 2011

    I’m excited and planing to go! I know she will lip sync and if any people are planning to go and then complain that she wasn’t singing live I advise you not to go IN ADVANCE. Fair enough she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but what’s the point in going to see her if you’re gonna complain?

  21. KYLE June 6, 2011



  22. Adam June 6, 2011

    Why is this site always throwing shade. It is honestly the most negative site I go to. It reminds of what that Perez Hilton site used to be like. It’s sad, used to love reading stuff here. But it seems like a little bit of popularity got to Sam’s head.

  23. Cummage June 6, 2011

    ain’t nobody trying to see Britney spears..sit that a*** down..:)..
    …They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my

  24. BAA June 6, 2011

    GAGA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the untalented s**** Britney, Rihanna, Kesha

  25. lax June 6, 2011


  26. Kerry Johnson June 6, 2011



  27. i’m a s&m lovin billy goat…”it aint no new thing” June 6, 2011

    “a wigged zombie reacts to pulsating dance music” <—- THIS IS STRAIGHT UP DOWN EVIL! LMAO…….and I love it! 🙂

    Stop it, leave this child alone. I hope by the time her tour begins her ppl stop feeding her those zombie causing drugs and let the girl do her thing. I feel back for her fans. She, like Rihanna, could never boast of strong vocal ability but Britney unlike the other, could copy a Janet Jackson move better than the rest!

  28. BAA June 6, 2011

    Im not here for whores who walk across the stage bac and forth and their delusional stans calls it performing LMAO BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA LIKE IS SAID GAGA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>my asshole >>>>>>>>>>>>> the s**** r****, s******, messha

  29. SWEETHE♥RT (A.K.A. ICON) June 6, 2011

    After I went the Circus Tour I swore I will not go to another Britney concert. Brit is great though I have seen no one recover that well after a major breakdown like hers.

  30. irene46 June 6, 2011

    never (not even in her glory days) have i seen britney come near to anything resembling a janet move!!! NEVER, NEVER, so just stop it!!!

  31. Faye June 6, 2011

    Sorry but I have to agree with Sam, I love the girl but I wouldnt waste a penny on her, I have seen her recent performances and they are awful she doesnt even make a effort and to be honest I dont think its fair for her to charge so much money for tickets when shes not even giving a good performance but then again if people are that stupid to waste there hard earn money on seeing someone walking around a stage lip syncing then thats on them, I know she never used to sing live but people didnt really care because she used to put on a good show, but now when shes on stage it just looks like she doesnt want to be there, she doesnt even pre record her vocals to make it seem like shes singing live and the ballads are also lip synced and there is no excuse for that as she is not “dancing” then, she used to dance way more back around 04 and she sang ballads live. Come on Britney I wanna see performances like this

  32. BAA June 6, 2011

    @Faye Sweetie that Britney is long gone. U might as well get use to it and savory the memories. The only Britney u are getting is the trainwreck, 58year old looking, that performs like a sloth. Her new name is Sloth Spears.

  33. lax June 6, 2011

    @baa,,,, one thing about these WHORES and that is the FACT

  34. lax June 6, 2011

    TRUTHFUL WHAT YOU SAY R NULL&VOID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ON88 June 6, 2011

    Sam please stop the hate with Brit and Rihanna your getting old. Stop it seriously you are getting so f****** annoying.

  36. BAA June 6, 2011

    @LAX I guess u are rite. They are some paid s**** and u fail to mention they are also some untalented s****. Question# You said they are some paid s****, so i guess that make u a BROKE S*** because u are not paid BWAHAHAAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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