Fergie Airs Out Conflict With Will.I.Am In ‘Allure’

Published: Friday 17th Jun 2011 by David

Black Eyed Peas beauty Fergie is Allure Magazine’s cover star this month.

Hitting stands on June 21st, the issue features an in depth interview with the 36 year old, a feature which sees her discuss how she feels about age and more interestingly the problem she says she has with group member, Will.i. Am.

Find out more below…

Speaking on the ‘Check It Out’ performer, she revealed:

‘There is conflict, he’s very protective, and it drives me nuts because I do a lot of my best work, writing-wise, when I’m completely alone/I need balance in my life, and the guys understand that … I don’t think Will ever wants a break. We’re very different in that way’

Whilst this may come as a surprise to many a ‘Peas’ fan who like the rest of the world was unaware of this so-called issue, it perhaps is more hilarious than shocking.

For it is laughable that Will.I.Am is allegedly putting such pressure on an artist as gifted and respected as Fergie, whilst he enables and endorses Cheryl Cole‘s habitual lack of discernible talent at the same time.

Mind you, perhaps he feels that the ‘Fight For This Love‘ performer and ‘The Duchess’ are two different kinds of artist who both have different creative goals. Which may explain the pressure on one and leniency on the other.

Either way, maybe if he pushed Ms.Cole as much as he is allegedly pushing Ms.Ferguson, her voice wouldn’t have the depth of a dieting pancake.


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  1. Tigerlashes June 17, 2011

    Smh. Gold star for using the word bulimic.

  2. nice_gurl June 17, 2011

    There’s always going to be conflict work-wise between group members. I’m not surprised.

  3. Scott June 17, 2011

    will i am just does not like women only f** hags like Cheryl

  4. mk June 17, 2011

    Lol you had to bring Cheryl into this

  5. MISHKA June 17, 2011


    You don’t know if Will.I.Am doesn’t put pressure on Cheryl Cole so your point makes no d%mn sense. Btw, Cheryl Cole is not a Pea, she’s not in HIS group.

    Look at you trying to start some BS…

  6. aisha June 17, 2011

    lol Sam @ the comparaison of C’s voice to a dieting pancake! Crazy! Otherwise I don’t really qualify what’s going on btween Will and Fergie as a conflict, but hey…

  7. lola June 17, 2011

    This was a stupid post. I was expecting Fergie to totally bash Will. Plus, you really called Fergie a beauty? WTF? Everyone knows she’s one of the ugliest celebrities in hollywood. She looks like a man and had like a 100 plastic surgeries.

  8. Me June 17, 2011

    I wouldn’t complain about someone who looked beyond my looks and made me a star.

  9. Linda June 17, 2011

    Um, one thing in this article has nothing to do with the other. How does him not wanting to take a break and wanting to write with Fergie rather than her being alone to write have anything at all to do with him working with Cheryl? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t. He’s also not pushing her because he doesn’t think she’s doing her best. He’s pushing her because he works in a different way than her. So again, nothing to do with Cheryl. Needless to say her name was thrown in to generate hits.

  10. JER June 17, 2011

    Fergie needs a 2nd solo album. Very deep, non-radio friendly. Very indie rock. She could pull it off

  11. T June 17, 2011

    I want Fergie to make another solo album.

  12. Rampage June 17, 2011

    funny..he might be smashing..
    ..They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my dorm..lol http://goo.gl/cIyWe

  13. vicious vixen June 17, 2011

    OH THE SHAAAADEEE!!!! Meh LoVeS it!!! Lmao @ dieting pancake!!!! The commentary = priceless!

  14. latin86 June 17, 2011

    Fergie just needs to hook up with Polow whatever his name is and make sum jams without WIl.i.am, once she has had her break……

  15. gio88 June 17, 2011

    Will.i.am ha ruined black eyed peas.Fergie must go Solo.

  16. The Man June 17, 2011

    I like Fegie, she brings the spunk and so much more to the group. To me she’s the main factor in it, and everyone else is centered around her including Wll.I.Am. He’s to self absorbed. He goes way to far with this whack futuristic crap.

  17. mobwife……(dirty billy goat…baa) June 17, 2011

    DAMN FERGIE LOOKS BAD!!! Those years addicted to CRYSTAL METH has finally caught up with her! what……..LOL…… “her hot bod secrets”…..HIDE HER FACE! 🙂 I still love her voice though!!

    Will I Am gets on my nerve so I can amazing how he is to work with….ewwwww! This is really not a conflict though….LOL I’m sure things will be fine in “PEA LAND”!

  18. thetruth June 17, 2011

    she sucks too; the peas are certifiably terrible live; musically, lyrically they are all image and no substance. just agenda puppets.

  19. jeremydante June 17, 2011

    depth of a dieting pancake?
    – is this a british language barrier? you were out of synch on the concluding portion of this write up sam.

  20. SerferTJ June 18, 2011

    I don’t know why these clowns pretend that Cheryl Cole has no talent.
    She can dance! And put on a better performance better than 95% of the pop world!!!
    She a star.
    U a hater.

    And as for Fergie. She just needs to go off and do a solo album. Her talent is being wasted on sh*tty music In BEP. The Peas should recruit a new female altogether.
    Maybe a female rapper…

  21. IfierceMonster June 18, 2011

    WHEN is she doing a second SOLO album!

    F*** the rest!

  22. NY-Superstar June 19, 2011

    That’s not a good picture of her.

  23. real talk June 19, 2011

    I think you missed the whole point of the excerpt.

    Her wording was carefully crafted to say he is controlling (not protective). Fergie went triple platinum with the Dutchess and would easily do so again given the same backing as last time and the B.E.P. group and fans support. William doesnt want that because he could not achieve the same solo with his album (which was shelved)

    However he is a great producer and musician.But a solo album from him would more than likely include a guest feature on every track, unlike Fergie.

    It seems like its almost the same situation as The Fugees with Lauryn Hill and Wyclef. And that is not to compare Lauryn Hill to Fergie, just situational similarities.

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