Kelly Rowland Hangs With Bleu

Published: Monday 18th Jul 2011 by Sam

R&B force Kelly Rowland recently chilled with our friends over at Bleu magazine. The ‘Motivation’ songstress, who is set to perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno next week, spoke on a number of topics including preferring being solo (over in a group), her thoughts on the set of the sensual ‘Motivation’ video, and more.

Interview after the jump…

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  1. gio88 July 18, 2011

    she must do tv promo !!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley July 18, 2011


    HERE I AM in store in 8 days!! Go get it.

  3. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN July 18, 2011

    my gurl looks tired. Can’t wait one more week to go 7/26/11.

  4. that_lala July 18, 2011

    i bet she does enjoy being solo because she is getting so much more publicity than being a background singer in DC.can’t wait for july 26th 🙂 love kelly!! <3 🙂

  5. Harvey July 18, 2011

    Come on where’s the rest of the tv promo…Ima have to stay tuned to

  6. GREG July 18, 2011

    she’s really pretty

  7. beyonce forever July 18, 2011


  8. KING B HAVE THE HATERS MIND, BODY AND SOUL LMAO Bwahahhahahahahhahhahahahha July 18, 2011

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS GO GO GO GO KELLY! Im so happy to hear shes finally doing promo. I hope she does 106, Wendy, Ellen and more nest week. I want her to promote so much…………I wanna say “Kelly do u have to b everywhere” LOL I cant wait til next Tuesday!! Lets Snatch Some Wigs KELLY…………..GO GO GO GO!

  9. laharris979 July 18, 2011

    @beyonce Forever you tired t***** im livin because Kelly is shining and all you pre op ho’s can’t take her lol yesssssss werk Kelly.

  10. Keepin it 100 July 18, 2011

    She needs to go on George Lopez, 106 & Park, The Monique Show & Good Morning America. There are alot of ppl who still don’t know she has an album coming out!

  11. mhud July 18, 2011 happy for my baby..i cant wait to get my copy of here i am.guys,pls do ignore all the haters coz they are all motivating her.queen kelly rowland 4eva.

  12. LADY KELS July 18, 2011

    Yes I agree with Greg she is pretty

  13. muni July 18, 2011

    Kelly is so s***!! I love you #HereIamJuly26th

  14. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 18, 2011

    Promo has FINALLY begun…FINNAALLLY!!

  15. remmy July 18, 2011

    I get so scared for her when she performs live…she is just not good at singing live. Tho she has improved A LOT (and yes the BET performance was not live, don’t feel like debating it but it wasn’t) her voice in the studio is so nice without all the pressure…good luck next week

  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) July 18, 2011

    Ms Kelly is so pretty .. I LUV HER !! Work It Gril ..

  17. antertain July 18, 2011


  18. Independent Thinker July 18, 2011

    What is this little two minute interview suppose to mean? Is she on the COVER of the magazine? Does she have an ARTICLE in the magazine? How exactly is this promo? She didn’t talk about THE ALBUM!
    I read on another site that her Jay Leno appearance is on the 29th. That’s three days AFTER the album is released. I’m glad she’ll be promoting while the album is in stores but she should also be promoting BEFORE the album hits stores.

    I wonder if the label has plans to release a promo commercial for the album. Something that will at least get the release date out to the public; because as it stands, if you don’t visit urban pop culture blogs, you don’t know when the album is coming out.

    I’m sorry. I’m just getting antsy. The album is being released in eight days and there’s still no word on any SUBSTANTIAL promo.
    We shall see what happens the week of and after July 26th. Kelly better pull a rabbit out of her hat.
    I hope her label intends to milk this album for the remainder of the year (tour and all) because one single and one performance is not my idea of outstanding label support. She could have stayed up under Matthew knowles thumb for that.
    Where are you Universal Motown?
    Where are you Kelly? Instead of going to all white parties thrown by ball players, you need to go to WORK.
    I mean really, EIGHT DAYS!?!?

  19. NikkiIsChillin July 18, 2011

    So happy for Kelly. Tell em girl! Its her time to shine. July 26 – HERE I AM

  20. NikkiIsChillin July 18, 2011

    Yay. So happy for Kelly.

  21. lost1wons July 18, 2011

    this gurl is definitely a sista. I luv it, ….i was like is she really playing pool?! THat is a down ass chick, not only is she Glam, but she goes HAM. I could see Kelly drinkin beer with the fellas too.

  22. lost1wons July 18, 2011

    her talking voice and swag in the first few secondz sound like and mimic Solange. Dont it?

  23. lost1wons July 18, 2011

    This girl got love all over her. I felt it magnified of course when she started or literally said “s**”. She has definitely found a new way to express herself. LOL

  24. williNalli July 19, 2011

    I am definitely seeing her confidence shine through in this video.

  25. musik_lover July 19, 2011

    Kelly Rowland will be guest starring on VH1’s Single Ladies next monday!!! Yesssss she kept that on lock! I feel like she’s gonna come out the gate running with promo next week.

  26. nice_gurl July 21, 2011

    Love Kelly, but where’s the promo? 5 days until the album comes out.

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