Preview: Cher Lloyd’s Album

As the release of Cher Lloyd‘s single ‘Swagger Jagger’ draws nearer, the starlet and her team treated fans to a preview of her forthcoming album.

Boasting contributions from the likes of The Runners, Mike Poysner, RedOne, and Busta Rhymes, the LP is shaping up to be quite the ecclectic affair.

Take a listen after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kyria July 29, 2011

    Really ? …Who cares about that flopy Giirl ?

  2. elena July 29, 2011


  3. JJfan1814 July 29, 2011

    This is no good at all…!

  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 29, 2011

    I have a feeling that she’s going to ‘rap’ a ‘verse’ on every ‘song’ on the ‘album’.Disgusting!The material is not as horrible as I thought it would be; it’s actually rather decent, but her presistence to ‘rap’ (a disgrace to even use the word) ruins everything and makes it childish and cringeworthy.’Dub On A Track’ sounds promising, as I love dubstep, though

  5. LaLa July 29, 2011

    It has some nice tracks…. yep that’s all.

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE July 29, 2011

    She is growing on me.
    Not even going to lie.

  7. Scott July 29, 2011

    She is just terrible her rapping is amateurish and the songs all blend into the same sounding noise.The sooner her career flops the better.

  8. UGh July 29, 2011

    can’t lie. the preview sounds good.

  9. aisha aguilera keys July 29, 2011

    Lord. Sounds like a preteen’s album. One or two songs are OK, the rest horrible.

  10. Cameron July 29, 2011

    To be 100% honest here I loved the previews.

  11. JUDAS666 July 29, 2011


  12. YeaBey HATES KELLY’S FAKE FLOP STANS! July 29, 2011

    I only like Busta Rhymes verse in the first song

    But this Album……NO WAY!….This is prime example that anyone can make it into the music industry!

    I think she has a great voice but it sounds so forced to me…She should probably get some vocal training….Even the greats get vocal training so I wasnt trying to be rude or anything..

  13. pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) July 29, 2011

    and the fact JAY-Z signed her !! smh ! DAMN , JAY-Z IS SO KIND AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY “NO” ! LMFAO !

  14. t July 29, 2011

    Who is Mike Poysner? Its Mike Posner! I wanna hear SuperHero and that song with MP but the rest is crap… :\

  15. Gareth July 29, 2011

    Wow, sounds awful :-/ I think she built up a bit of credibility on the X-factor, she’s gonna watch it burn to ash with this album :-/ definately expected better considering the names attached to it and her talent!

  16. person July 29, 2011

    its soo crazy how everyone i bashing her, if u dont like her dont be biased to automatically dislike the music. if you dont like the music, move right along.

    being we only heard SNIPPITS of FOUR tracks from the album, i’ll hold complete judgement.
    its sounds very teen-pop, “fun”. . she doesnt have a bad voice and seems versitle.
    she’s working with sone pretty big names. . .

    looking forward to hearing more, goodluck to her!
    (by the way, stop saying jay-z signed her. she is signed to syco under simon cowell)

  17. Richard July 29, 2011

    Sounds okay to me. Different than any other XFactor star – she has come away and made something her own and not what the usual run off the mill stars chuck together in the months after the show.

  18. KD July 29, 2011

    she’s not meant for an american audience, you assholes.

  19. SerferTJ July 29, 2011

    I love Cher, but the album sounds a little to “kiddie” IMO, but I’ll hold my judgement till I hear a couple songs in full.
    But the songs don’t sound too bad! At lest she’s the opposite of boring, like some of the X-Factor winners of the past…

  20. OH STOP July 29, 2011

    if you ask me, she’s asking to get slaughtered again online. quit while you’re ahead cher…superhero was the only meaningful song from this preview. WHERE’S THE EMOTION, WHERE’S THE PASSION, WHERE’S THE STORY, yes, albums need a little dance track in the middle, but this is just a pointless album. i have a perfect title for it. ‘AUTO-TUNE’

  21. nice_gurl July 29, 2011

    Is this a joke? There were only two snippets that were average..which is Superhero and With Ur Love. Otherwise, this is such a childish album.

  22. Leila July 29, 2011

    I like Cher, but the album sounds like candy pop for teens.. But for her first album it’s very good I think. I like the fact she use dubstep, and sounds good most of all.. I will prefer if she raps more than sing. Cher say in an interview that she was not sure of some of her songs because sometimes it seem like its for teens public.. I think, for her first album she didn’t have the choice to do what people expect her to do. It’s great but I expect more from her.. because I know its not exactly her element : pop music.

  23. leam July 30, 2011

    such a great preview- loving all songs esp superhero, with ur love, grow up… the others are good as well- dub on the track is very edgy. Well done cher, most exciting album this year 🙂

  24. true July 31, 2011

    I didn’t like Cher Lloyd on x factor & I have not taken to her since she left the show. But
    I though the album would sound like the single so I’m surprised, some of the song were good. Not a bad effort for first album good luck to her. If she improved how she carries her self in public more people would like her & not over look her music. I don’t think it sound like her album that she put her heart & soul into because it sound like a producer helped her make alot of this album but if she a true artist she will learn how to do that on the second album.

  25. jane August 4, 2011

    luv the sogn superhero she has a brilliant voice xx

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