Watch: Radio DJs Diss Lil Mama, Bring Rapper To Tears

Published: Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 by Rashad

Self-proclaimed rap pioneer Lil Mama has been the brunt of much public scrutiny over the last two years.  From uninvited cameos in award show performances to making claims that rap’s leading ladies ‘copied her’, the pint sized rapstress has been making a big scene over the industry (for all the wrong reasons).

However, in a recent interview with Charlamagne (famed potty mouth DJ of Power 105.1) the America Best Dance Crew judge’s self-induced attention may have gotten her more than she bargained for.

See what we mean after the jump:

Long interview, but certainly worth the watch.  And, while we at TGJ may throw our fair share of shade, this was just overkill.

Do you think Lil Mama got what she deserved or were the disc jockeys jokes out of line?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kisses July 20, 2011

    Out of line. Period.

  2. ABC July 20, 2011

    I applaud her for holding it together in that situation

  3. Lola July 20, 2011

    I Like That Picture!!!! Anywho, People Need To Get Over The Whole JayZ Thing. LET IT GOOO Now!

  4. Yea ok July 20, 2011

    She Started crying when she was talking about her dead mother an charla is a straight up f** i felt sorry for her

  5. La Shunda N Birks July 20, 2011

    Charlamagne was so dead wrong…he must not have children at all…he’s a monster!

  6. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 20, 2011

    Out of Line…I mean they ohdee’d on the girl….

  7. Justathought July 20, 2011

    Cute pic

  8. savethedreams July 20, 2011

    WOW THAT WAS deep, but she is a strong person. i wish i enjoyed her music. Everybody goes through something in life, most can’t make it.

  9. Star July 20, 2011

    If and when Charlamagne ever have children in his life time if he’s not a gay man…his kids will pay for his insults…then he will feel the hurt of others that he has hurted along his career! 🙁

  10. RIHANNA July 20, 2011


  11. BEYONCE FOREVER July 20, 2011


  12. Stoney-Brie July 20, 2011

    that dude on her right who kept goin ham at her is a b****… that was just too much, who could handle that…?

  13. QueenSize July 20, 2011

    I f****** hate and am sick of this b****!!!!! She is absolutely out of line. Ain’t nobody checking for this b**** at all. By the by, I’m talking about Charlamaine. What happened to the days when the Radio host respected the artist no matter if they are on the charts or not? Lil’ Mama has more of a fan base than Charlashit. I was so proud of her. She held her own in that interview. That f****** b**** Charlamaine did NOT make her cry. She got emotional when discussing her mother. Any person would. That n**** felt like s*** and I can’t wait till he loses his job.

  14. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 20, 2011

    I cannot believe he said she looks old in the face and what not…she’s a young girl have some respect at least…how is someone supposed to move on if the past is continuously brought up? He was dead wrong for everything he said….Had she not brought up her struggle and her mom’s cancer situation he would have continued…You can tell he is a Nicki Minaj Fan….a BIG ONE TOO!!!

  15. JoJo July 20, 2011

    it was over kill but he wasnt lying when he said no ones checking for her but still ott with the shade

  16. Yuh July 20, 2011

    She knew what she was getting into, just like people when they do Wendy Williams video. Why was she on the radio anyway…is there a single she is promoting????

    I feel sorry about what ever happened to her mom, but I think she took it to that level. She was firing shots back about his skin so……

    dish it take it.

  17. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 20, 2011

    I HOPE HIS MTV PILOT FLOPS! I HOPE HIS RADIO SHOW FLOPS! I HOPE HE GETS FIRED! This interview will discourage a lot of young people who also want to make it into the music industry….God bless the few that will stick it out…I still can’t believe it I mean she is like in her young 20’s and he’s like 60 and he’s talking to her like that? does he have kids? i wonder how he treats them…

  18. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 20, 2011

    The first thing he said to her was an insult…..I must give it to her….she is a strong black woman forreal for sticking out and laughing everything off…

  19. BDABOSS July 20, 2011

    wow! lol

  20. Stoney-Brie July 20, 2011

    i just wonder too how this Charlamaine guy treats woman.. including his mother.. how u gon see a young girl shed tears in front of u like that..and u still continue to abuse her verbally… ? smh big ups to Lil Mama for being that strong!

  21. Kenny July 20, 2011

    Dang, that was deep.
    I get what they are both saying though but C comes from a disrespectful place.

  22. Reece July 20, 2011

    I give her much respect, I really want to see her succeed and accomplish so much..Society is foul

  23. Queen Beyonce Stann July 20, 2011

    Out Of Line!


  24. OSO July 20, 2011

    I hate her ass!
    she deserves that, why is she a judge on ABDC again???? I can’t get over that!
    she’s a no one…

  25. Wes July 20, 2011

    in this mess of an interview, valid points were made from both parties. If you gonna proclaim to be the Voice of the Young people, you gotta keep the movement alive. Put that message in the music.

    Secondly, LIl’ Mama you gotta brush up on those interview skills. Gotta stay focused on the project you suppose to promote.

    Lastly, she made a good point about how the media and her own community don’t uplift its own. That’s something I wish we all could do, but that may be asking too much. Even the comments on this site are over the top, see Rihanna posts.

    Lil’Mama got my respect for just being able to be ambitious, and for being able to work in a medium where she can still do entertainment. Many people dont have that shelf live.

  26. its me July 20, 2011

    I would still luv to f*** him so bad and make him hurt

  27. its me July 20, 2011

    I would still luv to f*** him so bad and make him hurt

  28. Ur in a field full of bees so dont be surprise wen ur ass get stung (queenbey) July 20, 2011

    Champion Shoe aint have s*** to say wen Diddy called his radio show to check him , but he wana talk s*** about LIL Mama…….
    Pick on someone ur own size Champion Shoe!!!

  29. bips July 20, 2011

    that man is an asshole period!!!!wtf he was so mean…but don’t u worry karma is a b****….:-)

  30. Chris J July 20, 2011

    that was not even called for smh

  31. Istan4goodmusic July 20, 2011

    Well that’s what she gets for talking about Nicki! She got what she deserved. Stupid, cocky brat. She needs to learn to be self-assuring but humble at the same time. Nicki Minaj didn’t swaggjack you. You swaggjacked gaga and nicki. So sit all the way down.

  32. NikkiIsChillin July 20, 2011

    That charmane or whatever his name is wrong for how he talked to that young girl. So disrespectful. He a bully he would never talk to a someone like Jay-Z or Rick Ross like that. Shame on him.

  33. WildChild July 20, 2011

    There is nothing wrong with critiquing someone but, this is beyond disgusting. Charlene would never have done that to a male rapper to their faces. He usually talks s*** about people and then stays quiet if they come to the studio to do an interview. Examples Diddy, Jim Jones,…..

  34. vicious vixen July 20, 2011

    I have to agree with @YUH… She’s from NY so she HAD to have known what she was getting into when she agreed to do the interview. Anyone that listens to morning radio on the East Coast KNOWS that interviews like this are these DJ’s mo’s. I’ve heard celebrities curse out/hang up on/threaten Wendy Williams (Usher, Busta etc), Charlemagne da god (Wayne), Star (Beenie, Jay-Z), Ms. Jones (got fired for coming @ Bey’s mom), etc… It just comes with the territory. Prime ex. Jay-Z’s “A Million” mentions his dislike for Wendy (Charlemagne is her protegee since he worked with her for a WHILE at the beginning of his career and I see she taught him well). I said all that to say, he (along with the rest of these DJ’s) gets paid for talking greasy to these celebrities. It is what it is.

  35. Queen Beyonce Stann July 20, 2011


    I’m Sure If Nicki Would Of Gone To Charlene, He Woulda Made Fun Of Her Fake Ass & Witch Like Nose OOPS…
    Not To Mention She Thinks She Has GANGSTERS 🙂 LMFAOOO!
    *Sips TEA*


  36. omzir July 20, 2011

    Y’all don’t even know. Lil Mama is a young girl and she has a long time to be able to put a record out. Everybody is on some sort of time line and it just shows how vain and un-compassionate society has become.

    god bless the human race.

  37. PLAYAFLY July 20, 2011

    I agree with most that this was TOTALLY out of line. I understand this is ole boy’s job to crack jokes etc, but he went way too far. This is the reason why we as Blacks will never get ahead. The crab-in-a-barrel syndrome. She is a young artist who is trying to find her way; and doing so in a positive way. I hate too see blacks bashing each other, the white people do it enough everyday we don’t need extra scrutiny. The dude knew he was out of line but I also fault the other two DJ’s there as well who DID NOT step in and let him know he was going too far. I applaud lil mama for staying strong and not cracking under pressure. Hopefully this will fuel her to keep it moving and doing what she enjoys. Much Love Lil Ma!

  38. omzir July 20, 2011

    charlamagne needs to get black head remover.. starting at the neck.

  39. Justathought July 20, 2011

    @istan4goodmusic if Ur a fan of Nicki’s cool but lets not act like she has a style of her own.

  40. the truth July 20, 2011

    lthe man is a d***…….i loved exactly what she said at the end…….i loved how she said she is the voice of the young people. she is she doesnt talk gangsta s*** like all these other rappers she inspires …..dont care if she aint making music….she has her mind right the guy is a stupid idiot man…….i want him off air

  41. mobwife…..f*ck Fox News Corp one and all! July 20, 2011


    SOMEBODY one day is going to: 1) SMACK THE SH*T OUT OF, 2) STOMP THE F*CK OUT OF, OR 3) SHOT THE HELL OUT OF some of these arrogant DJ’s and fake a** TV show hosts! Who are these ppl anyway? Did they (I do mean all 3) feel strong in making this gril cry? How about that b*tch DeviDev laughing and joking about Lamar Odem crying because his diver accidentally hit a 15-yr-old kid! WTF is so funny? Is that the job of these fake a*s hosts? Lets insult a person to the point of bringing them to tears? WTF??

    I repeat……. I HATE THE MEDIA!

  42. JJ July 20, 2011

    Aside from the rudeness of the interviewee, she was BRAVE enough to clearly STATE that Nicki copied her style. Yet when she was asked about it, she SKIRTED around the bush. Now, she can’t CLEARLY reiterate her own words when asked live on air?? Hmmm.

  43. NikkiIsChillin July 20, 2011

    No matter what Lil Mama did, that Char guy on Breakfast club was mad rude and disrespectful. Lemme see if that punk woulda talked to Snoop, Rick Ross, 50 Cent or Jay Z like that. He know who to mess with —“Little Girls.” Dude wrong for that. What a jerk. No man should take to a female like that.


    Lil Mama is so 2007 !!!!!!

  45. BeyStan – That’s Me July 20, 2011

    I don’t like Lil Mama, but you gotta have respect for anybody, that was way out of line and painfull to watch, dumb m***********.

  46. RHI RHI IS QUEEN July 20, 2011


  47. Jessie July 20, 2011

    I dont like her but man he’s an asshole!

  48. tweetypiebabe1 July 20, 2011

    Lil’ Mama held her own in that interview. Very proud of the way she handled herself and didn’t stoop to his level. He should be ashamed of the way he handled things. There is a time & a place for everything and people should learn to address others with respect and not talk down to them like they’re dogs in the street. Shame.

  49. imgunnacheckuboo July 20, 2011

    That was just wrong. You don’t do that to someone’s face.

    That took me back to grade school right there. Literally. Who hasn’t been in that situation before?


    If I was Lil Mama,I would have SLAPPED his ass in the face….That was just offensive!

  51. demi July 20, 2011

    props to lil mama you can say what you want about her but she has heart and she is a strong black woman. This is my first time hearing about this charlamagne character and I hope its the last. he was completely out of line..

  52. Fd July 20, 2011

    i don,t mess with lil mama like that,but what dude did to her was mess up,i didn,t like it,and for lil mama information,nicki isn,t teaching anyone to be no wh.ore,and if lil mama is for the youth as she says and be glorifying,she should put it in the music,and stop getting in the media for the wrong reasons,that make her look like a attention h.oe,even though that dude was an @ss hole i listen to both sides and he had some volid points too,and lil mama still did say what nicki stole from her.



  54. Haiku July 20, 2011

    i’d buy her album. she’s been missing for too long. she better make some music soon.

  55. music July 20, 2011

    God he is an A@$ like no other, he went too far!!! Like these are the people that bring down our artist and don’t allow them to grow, because they are scared to grow and be themselves because they get made fun of like this artist. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say Charla. like foreal, rep SC better than that!

  56. Its Me July 20, 2011

    Charlamagne is a LOSER…he need to understand that he needs to respect people on the air…this is crazy! HE WAS OUT OF LINE!!!!

    Lil Mama handled herself WELL!

  57. maretha July 20, 2011

    Now that made me cry! he’s a ugly m***********!

  58. 4real July 20, 2011

    WOW….Charlamagne has not changed since he was Wendy williams right hand man back in tha day……Lil mama is young….she obviously loves music but has painful connections with it…..she needs to sit down with all the silly behavior but at the end of the day…….she needs to do what she feels like in her own time….!!! No need 4 alla that bashin’ on tha girl…!

  59. carl July 20, 2011


  60. Jamie July 21, 2011

    They couldn’t even get the girl a tissue.SMH No respect for Envy especially Charlemagne. Angie…she was supposed to had been gone so… Much respect and love for Lil Mama, and I wish her the best!!!!

  61. Idol July 21, 2011

    He’s an ass. Just straight ass.

  62. DAMAGECENTRAL July 21, 2011

    despite her unsuccessful rap career, and the controversy around what she did at the vmas (about 2 years ago) , he should of stayed in his lane. now, as for the comments he made about her appearance… i’m glad that it wasn’t me, because i probably would of returned the favor, and knocked him down by going all the way in on his a$$ left and right, and i would of shut his little ego down to the d@mn floor!!


    When she started talking about her mama, my tears started flowing. I watched my mom die from cancer, It will be a year July 25th, U can tell her mom raised her well, She held her own,
    This dude wa picked on in school. When u get your kicks out of tearing others down, u r clearly the one who is torn.

  64. MuzikJunkie July 21, 2011

    He was definitely doing too much. I like Lil Mama and I don’t see why people hate on her!

  65. lola July 21, 2011

    CharlaLAME was a complete a**hole! Wow, to tell her that she’s ugly and old looking to her face was so uncalled for, even though it is true! He’s a big bully. He will go hard on anyone who’s not famous and who is weak. With that said, I didn’t like what she said about Nicki. I mean, Lil Mama, who the hell are you to get all cocky and try to start sh** with Nicki, like she really stole your hairstyle?! That short hair style she wears is a PARIS/FRENCH inspired style, especially with the hats she wears with it. The things he said should have been said if he was asked about what he thinks of her in an interview, not to her face. At the same time, she knows how CharlaLame is. Why would she agree to go on that show if she knows all he does is crack harsh jokes? I am on the fence about this one. I felt embarrassed for her and I applaud her for keeping her head high and brushing the negativity off, but she has got to learn to be more humble herself. The industry can really change a person and she says she’s the voice of the young people, yet, she looks like she’s about to go down the s** sells route in the pic above.

  66. theman July 21, 2011

    Lil Mama is very talented. Her getting on the stage with Jay Z and Alicia was not a big deal. She was in the moment. She just needs to bring it with the music. As far as her music is concerned she has said some cocky things in an interview not to long ago. She needs to deliver if she’s gonna do that. She had a few hit singles, it was just her album that didn’t do anything. She needs the right team, and right producers and then she can perhaps do something as far as the music is concerned.

  67. incognegro July 21, 2011

    I agree with many of the posts regarding the utter disrespect and ignorance that the Breakfast Club displayed during the interview. Don’t get me wrong, the Breakfast Club is known for it’s no-holds-barred type of interviews; however, with that being said, there should still be some level of respect that they must maintain. Sadly however, there are folks out there who enjoy this hateful s***, and who support this negativity with their mean-spirited posts and comments. Lil Mama has not made it easy for herself with some of her previous actions and comments, but in this particular interview, she was humble and honest. So honest that she began to cry. Yet and still, every tagline on every blog is about how the Breakfast Club made her cry, which is not the case. Show me someone who can carry the weight or releasing an album, keep their family together (financially and otherwise) as their mother is dying, and still manage to be a seventeen year-old child – crying would be a best care scenario, compared to depression and/or s******. My point is, as Lil Mama stated (and this will be the first and last time that I paraphrase anything that Lil Mama says), as African-Americans, hell as human beings, we must learn to support each other better. Hate begets hate, and negativity begets negativity, so as all these djs and blogs seek to vilify this woman’s actions and trivialize her pain, know that karma is a b****…and one day you will require support or empathy of others in your pain, and let’s hope that you are meet with better treatment than you shown this young woman. Damn Shame.

  68. KD July 21, 2011

    Wow…Charlamagne needs to be shot DEAD. Asshole

    @incognegro…well said.

  69. Kill Yourselves Haters July 21, 2011

    WOW!!!!! What A. Disgrace!!!!! SMDH!!!!! Keep Your Head Up Lil Mama and Let This Situation Motivate You To Aim Higher Because The Sky Is The Limit. Keep Your Head Up!!!!

  70. YOOSONDALOOSE July 21, 2011

    LOLOL, she shut them up witht the mother bit.

  71. Anita July 21, 2011

    She apologized, but yet she doesn’t regret it? What kind of apology is that? One that you didn’t really mean I’m assuming? Anyway that had nothing to do with her crying. She went there herself when she started talking about her mom. No one provoked that as far as I can see. And yes everyone bashed her for what she did with Ak and Jay Z, because it was wrong. Guess she’s the only one who is still trying to make excuses for whatever reason. It was just wrong. Pretty simple. If you’re REALLY sorry you should apologize and everyone move on but if you don’t really mean it and don’t regret it, why pretend you do?

  72. KASEY JR. July 21, 2011

    Even though Lil Mama made some bad decisions in the past, this was supposed to be an interview discussing her work. Not “Let’s invite Lil Mama down to the studio so we can roast her on the air”. Irrelevant, oops, I mean, Charlamagne shouldn’t be talking about nobody checking for Lil Mama when he’s TRYING to get a show on MTV2 when Lil Mama already has a SUCCESSFUL one on the main network. She has more star power than ANY person in that room even though her music ain’t setting the charts on fire.

  73. Eric July 22, 2011

    Violence is the more common defense in that type of situation, so a huge applause goes to Lil Mama for standing up and using words and her intelligence to cut down all the ignorance with a SERIOUS lashing. It was powerful what she did, and that’s why Lil Mama refers to herself as a voice for the young people. Who is anyone to tell her that she can’t be a leader and example outside of music? She can still have a love and appreciation for music without wanting to go back to a place that makes demands about the type of person and artist she should be. People will always remember Lil Mama for the awards stage stunt, and let’s just say that Charlamagne will always be known for having his a** handed to him on live radio!!

  74. New Era C July 26, 2011

    He only wanted to be nice when she cried about her mom… jerk ass sorry excuse of a man.

  75. Jessica August 6, 2011

    wow she held her ground to the finish…..that’s one strong beautiful woman !

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