Keri Hilson Talks Fashion And Freaks With Fader

Published: Wednesday 10th Aug 2011 by David

In an interview with Fader Magazine, ‘Pretty Girl Rock‘ performer Keri Hilson has openly discussed why she feels women should embrace what she calls their ‘freak’ and why she feels the mystery behind record making has been destroyed in recent years.

Watch below…

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  1. Harvey August 10, 2011

    Yess Keri…Now where these haters out?

  2. JJFAN1814 August 10, 2011

    Rihanna Spotted In Barbados Eating Food

    Keri Hilson Sings About Brad Pitt In Her Bathroom

    Beyonce Spotted Shopping At Walmart

  3. RihannaNAVY August 10, 2011

    Why does TGJ keeps talking about this flop b**** so much.
    She ain t even a star.
    Her albums all flops, her single all flops (except the one with Kanye), her tour is a flop….
    Come on now, ain t yall got some real stars to talk about?

  4. honeydip August 10, 2011


  5. Madonnalover August 10, 2011

    I dont like this b****.

  6. Dance August 10, 2011

    I Love her song “Lose Control”

  7. bey’knight August 10, 2011

    wat songs where she talkin about, i feel like the interview was chopped up

  8. vicious vixen August 10, 2011

    Here we go with this flop b**** again… She’s just a walking, cocky contradiction! Just sthu Kerri! And btw Kerri & fashion should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence bc she ALWAYS FAILS in that department.

  9. mindgames August 10, 2011

    Fader… fitting

  10. Dance August 10, 2011


    Hey boo!

  11. Coockie August 10, 2011

    She’s cocky in interviews but her music sounds immature, not a lot of substance.

  12. Dance August 10, 2011

    Why did you even apologizing to them?????

    Are they gods that you have to bow down and kiss their ass???…….

    These are just internet clowns, they may not even be real

    The thing you should have done was to dis-communicate with them……

    You won’t see me apologizing to nonentities because I didn’t join this website for friendship

  13. pop royalty (I’M SORRY @YEABEY & @QYEENBEY) August 10, 2011

    @dance :

    hey gurl ! i missed u like crazy 🙂 !

    how u doin’ ?!

    xox !

    i love your new name btw !

  14. YEABEY AND THE LESSORS DON’T MIX August 10, 2011


  15. pop royalty August 10, 2011

    @dance :

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😉 !

    u go girl 😉 !

    i missed u the most here !

    btw what’s new on your dance playlist ?! 🙂 ! i love your picks !

  16. pop royalty August 10, 2011

    i will check them 😉 !

    i love that u always ignore fool pp BTWl 🙂 !

  17. its whatever August 10, 2011

    Lol, is Keri paying TGJ to feature her all the time?

  18. pop royalty August 10, 2011

    wow !!!!! i have those those songs already ! great minds think alike ! 😆 !

    another reason to like u ! but my fav from them is Ya BB ! play & win are so cool !

    dance dance dance ! wohoooo 🙂 !

  19. Dance August 10, 2011


    I am loving the “Only” song yous posted by Pay and Win 😉

  20. Dance August 10, 2011


    I also love YA BB….I love that song 🙂

    It reminds me of my good time in Cape town….You should definitely visit Cape town….It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is AN AFRICAN CITY

    The nightlife there is crazy….lots of hot boys there 😉

  21. jamir21: bey,rih,gaga,brit SHITS on janet & keri ! August 10, 2011

    F*** THIS FLOP B**** !!!!!!!!!!!
    *plays ….Baby One More Time* !

  22. pop royalty August 10, 2011

    @DANCE :

    YEAH , I THOUGHT THE SAME , IT’S SUCH AN ENERGETIC VIDEO KNOW CAPE TOWN ! i have some friends there ” facebook friends” ! and i love them so much ! they keep talking about this city and how it’s beautiful ! i want to go to SA so bad !
    i love MAMA AFRICA !

    CHECK ANDREEA BALAN – TRIPPIN’ ! i believe she’s the Romanian Britney spears there 🙂 !

    u will looove it 😉 !

  23. Tyler August 10, 2011

    Lawd man this chick is just like justin bieber she ain’t going nowhere and she has sooo many haters and fans. If u post in this thread then u are a Keri Hilson fan. Get over it girls. U are all fans. And to the idiots posting under different names lol stop it. We see u.

  24. beyoncesaysshelikestopartaaaay August 10, 2011

    I must be the only beyonce fan who loves this chick. I don’t care. Keri is the my b**** I love her and bey

  25. nice_gurl August 10, 2011

    All she’s doing is small interviews like this. Where is she? She’s giving no performances.

  26. pop royalty (RUDE BOY) August 10, 2011

    @dance :

    inna is so sweet ! i just love her ! her french accent is perfect !

    i love this song of andreea balan ! i believe she filmed it in “greece” !! it’s a cool vid , but the song is epic !

  27. TYLER August 12, 2011

    ^^^^ @nice gurl

    she just said she on tour with wayne dummy didnt you here. the tour is like in 20 different states. those are performances and they are at large venues. reading and listening is fundamental. the web is not the only promo.

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