Kreayshawn Speaks on Fellow Female Rappers at Summer Jam

Published: Tuesday 23rd Aug 2011 by Rashad

Kreayshawn was one of many stars in attendance for this past weekend’s Summer Jam.  Though the freestyle failure ‘Glam Rap’ starlet has been building a buzz with fans and critics alike, the ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapstress has also been under fire for remarks she’s made about fellow hip hop stars Rick Ross, rumors she was dating Da Brat, and more.  In a brief interview, the up-and-comer took time to address the aforementioned as well as (affectionately) mention fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj.

Hear her after the jump:

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  1. IS†ANN4GAGA August 23, 2011

    There you go Sam….now was that hard at all?????

  2. IS†ANN4GAGA August 23, 2011

    Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi FLAWP!

  3. pop royalty (RUDE BOY) August 23, 2011

    seeing posts like that make me laugh !

    sam : you are a joke !

  4. honeydip August 23, 2011


  5. jamir21:bey,rihanna,brit,gaga,nicki >>>>> KERI ! August 23, 2011

    Why are posting posts about this flop….who will last until 2012 !

  6. MelyB August 23, 2011

    Why don’t you give us “yanks” info on Rebecca Ferguson the runner-up of X-factor. I saw her performances on youtube & will definitely support her when her album drops but you could use this space to promote her instead of this “rapper”.

  7. Get Real August 23, 2011

    Young lupe…yea right B****. -_________________-

  8. Misfit August 23, 2011

    This broads voice make me cringe. Yuck. Side eye for that shot at New York restaurants. Even our crap hotdog and burger stands, get written up in the Zagats guide. B**** stay in oakland with mc hammer. Everything about you is tired……

    Poof! Be gone!……

  9. RHI RHI IS QUEEN August 23, 2011


  10. King B August 23, 2011

    So you guys can give attention to this joke, but absolutely nothing for Florence + The Machine.

    This blog is getting to be the same quality as Krawfish’s music.

    @ Misfit:

    Co-sign all the way. NYC is too classy for trash like Krawfish.

  11. Malibu Barbie August 23, 2011

    You should thank nicki.. thanks to her you got a spot in this game.. u no longer have to be a rapper just find a weird style that fits you.. write down simple abc lyrics and ur GOOD TO GO!

  12. Misfit August 23, 2011

    @ True Blue

    Dead @ Krawfish! I’m so tired of these gimmicks, so lame.

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 23, 2011

    WAIT…I hope she didn’t just imply that Ke$ha is a rapper.If she did, then this…human being is clueless about hip hop.I thought she was about to put the last nail in the coffin for the rap game, but her single isn’t doing anything, so I can chill and listen to some Nas now.

  14. mobwife…..I hate idiots August 23, 2011

    This B*TCH right here needs to sit her two-tone hair non-rapping tail down and go back to the trailer park she crawled out of!!

    WAIT, WHAT? She has made a stamp on the industry? I am tired of these non-talented chicks being propped up in the media! “New Artist” nominee at the MTV VMA’s really? Wait is she whining about ppl attacking her? Girl BYE, Lindsay Lohan you need to be luck somebody bothered to mention your wack as*!

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 23, 2011

    And DEAD @ her using the “bisexual/homosexual” trick to get noticed.Everyone uses that these days to get a career…

  16. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 23, 2011

    Sailor Moon…Whoo I can’t.

    Anyway she was whatever in the interview, I’m indifferent.

  17. vicious vixen August 23, 2011

    “And whitey’s on the moon…” ~Gil Scott Herron

  18. AMEN FASHION!!(AKA GAAGLOO) B******! August 23, 2011

    @King B
    August 23, 2011 at 5:24 pm
    So you guys can give attention to this joke, but absolutely nothing for Florence + The Machine.

    This blog is getting to be the same quality as Krawfish’s music.

    _Amen! Plus Janelle Monae and Marina & Diamond!!!

    Sam deserves a slap!

  19. Leila August 24, 2011

    She just say the true about the haters and everything.. people expect her to talk bad about other female rapper.. Kreayshawn doing her thing, just leave her alone! People like to diss new stuffs anyways.

  20. Mickie August 24, 2011

    DEAD xD @MalibuBarbie

  21. NYC-Superstar August 24, 2011

    Is this forreal? Is she a real artist…. Im really serious

  22. nice_gurl August 24, 2011

    Her music is awful and so is her personality. She will last 6 months at most in the industry.

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