Watch: ‘Aaliyah : One In A Million’- BET Special

Published: Friday 26th Aug 2011 by David

In remembrance of Aaliyah‘s untimely passing a decade ago, BET has aired a special honoring the late songbird, documenting her meteoric rise to fame and her tragic passing.

With commentary from some of her closest confidants, the special also features footage from a number of her videos, which include ‘Rock The Boat‘ and the now iconic ‘One In A Million‘.

Watch below…

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  1. Justathought August 26, 2011

    I was an emotional mess the whole tribute. It’s just so unfair that she’s gone! I wanted to turn cause I was so sad just watching it but couldn’t resist. Something about her is so magnetizing.

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    I can’t wait to watch it!I hope they did a good job…
    R.I.P.Aaliyah.We all miss you…

  3. The Throne BK August 26, 2011

    I watched it yesterday and was disappointed i like Missy and Timberland and their discussion and some of the throwback footage but i just thought it woulda ben more. Youtube tribute videos were better than this. 10 years later and this was all they could do. But i guess they tried…………………

  4. Dequan August 26, 2011

    @The Throne BK

    Agreed! That was the best they could do? This would’ve been more acceptable on her one year anniversary but TEN?! I was sorely disappointed. But then again, when does BET do anything right?


  5. JUStQua August 26, 2011

    I watched this last night and I think BET did a good job. Its not much anyone could really do w/o her family’s ok. Her mom and dad have power over her Estate, and w/o them nothing can get approved. A movie was going to be made, but her brother said on twitter “Its not happening”. Aaliyah mom said she was a privite person when it came to her personal life and a movie wouldn’t be something Aaliyah would want. With that I feel BET did a good job with everything they was allowed to use. As an Aaliyah super fan I have to say I really like it.

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    Aaliyah had guts and she worked with a non-factor back then in 1995-1996 and after all they managed to create a revolution in the urban farefront.She was a brave artist!!The whole story about the plane always seemed suspicious to me.All the flop rappers had a private jet, why couldn’t the damn label get one for an icon like Aaliyah??But this is the same label that doesn’t re-release her material and most of her albums are now out of stock…UNFAIR!

    R.I.P. Aaliyah

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    The talk about RTB was heartbreaking.She was about to do the VMA’s, the AMA’s most probably, the Grammy’s; she was in general about to take over.That’s the thing about Aaliyah; she never peaked.We didn’t see her full potential.I was shattered when she said “I’ve just begun to show you what I’m capable of” in that MTV Diary show.And if ‘Aaliyah’ was rushed and they didn’t give her enough time to record it, imagine how her 4th album would be with adequate time and more producers.DAMN!

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    And of course the tribute was not that good, but I appreciate the fact that BET did that anyway.I know it could be much worse and I’m just glad that we can still watch some tributes…I wanted some performances for the tribute, but it was more like a documentary, which is fine with me.Anything Aaliyah related is amazing…

    And I agree about the biopic.Aaliyah more than deserves one.Her family, however, seems to have some legal issues and they cannot support any tribute or event being created.I am hoping for a biopic anyway.*crosses fingers

  9. The Throne BK August 26, 2011

    @Dequan yeah BET can never get anything right. It was just like is this it. And theyre suppose to honor her on the BET HIP Hop Awards but im not sure if i even wanna look forward to that just to be left upset. Cause like they coulda put this in 106 & park and used that 3rd hour they dont need and have the audience do something. I meant like something more than this. Or Had clips of this on the Bet Awards leading up to the Hip Hop Awards. I Just feel they coulda did more.

  10. NATE August 26, 2011

    I’m surprised they skipped over Try Again, that was her biggest record, won her a VMA, they skipped over that as well. Leave it to BET to drop the ball. I need a biopic ASAP!

  11. aisha aguilera keys August 26, 2011

    Watching this hurts. It just reminds me she’s no longer around. I remember the day she died- I was shocked and in lots of pain, I grew up listening to her songs. RIP Aaliyah.

  12. NATE August 26, 2011

    Im also disappointed they didnt talk about her performing at the ACADEMY AWARDS!?!?!?

  13. NATE August 26, 2011

    I feel the only reason for her parents to deny the biopic is to avoid discussing the R.Kelly issue. Which is unfortunate Aaliyah did many amazing things in a short period of time, a great movie cements legacys for decades after. Aaliyah should always be remembered in the world of R&B

  14. Justathought August 26, 2011

    Yea a lot was left out on that tribute

  15. Jwellz August 26, 2011

    They did an okay job.One thing I like what they did was they gave us a little more info & told us things we didn’t know.”the whole album being rushed” situation.But I wanna know is when is Aaliyah going to get a REAL tribute.I’m talking about at an award show,where people are performing some of her biggest hits.When they give her an award for her music/career.

  16. BeBeJuJu August 26, 2011

    she was insanely gorgeous! like her beauty was just like WOW! simply beautiful!

  17. BEYONCE QUEEN OF FLOP! August 26, 2011


  18. Nichole August 26, 2011


  19. swagg August 26, 2011

    i pretty much agree with everyone else they could have done alot better i was hoping for maybe 30-45 second clips of videos but they didnt show none of her performances nor did they interview half of the ppl i thought they would ..any way R.I.P Aaliyah love ya

  20. Yellow Gorillah August 26, 2011


    Ok Im greatfull they even TRIED and gave Aaliyah a tribute but a real Aaliyah fan know sthat there are BETTER Aaliyah tributes on YOUTUBE So this is a little dissapointed. I was left wanting more but hey it is what it is.

    And I don’t understand why her family are not going through with the movie. I think a movie would be an amazing way to tribute her life. Nobody even cares about the whole r.kelly thing she has accomplishe dbigger things then that. To be honest they should have tribute dher at the net awards but I’m greatfull they di dnot because it would have been a HOT MESS.

    R.I.P Aaliyah we lost a superstar but gained an Angel

  21. fan August 26, 2011

    I think they could of get more celebs to talk about aaliyah and put rare performances and interviewers on it too.

  22. O s c a r August 26, 2011

    Personally, I think they did a great job with the tribute. It was what’s expected. Let’s not forget, BET was the only channel/network/anything that gave a s*** about doing it. MTV, VH1 etc could care ALOT less and they did which I don’t like. At least BET did do SOMETHING to honor her which I think was a very nice thing to do. She’s been more than deserving of this kind of thing for a while. The only kind of recognition she got for the past years was a shoutout on 106&Park. So, not too much on the good BET, at least they did something and I could appreciate THAT.  

  23. O s c a r August 26, 2011


    Im not gonna say anything out of respect for her family, but the fact that they pulled her CD’s, cut her biopic and didn’t even do part of the tribute……………WOW.

  24. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    @OSCAR Did they really pull her cd’s???I thought it was because Blackground (her label) moved from Virgin to Interscope so Virgin has the rights to her 2nd and 3rd album and just doesn’t re-release it.

  25. O s c a r August 26, 2011


    That’s just something I had heard, people have been saying it on the Internet and like a week ago I went to purchase her first CD from Target, they said it’s been pulled, and the same at F.Y.E. And on the Internet they’ve been saying the same and that her mothers responsible because she no longer wants anyone benefitting or profiting off of her sales now that she’s gone. But just that’s just what I’ve heard…

  26. O s c a r August 26, 2011


    That’s just something I had heard, people have been saying it on the web and like a week ago I went to purchase her first CD from Target, they said it’s been pulled, and the same at F.Y.E. And on all these blogs they’ve been saying the same and that her mothers responsible because she no longer wants anyone benefiting or profiting off of her sales now that she’s gone. But that’s just what I’ve heard…

  27. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) August 26, 2011

    I really enjoyed her tribute. I like how BET showed videos from the beginning of her career to the unexpected end. I just wished they showed more of Missy and Timberland….

  28. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) August 26, 2011

    @OSCAR, @ASAP-

    I think Aaliyah family just dont want to profit of her death.

    But I think it would have been a good idea to release a album with her best hits/songs on it for her 10th anniversary…..

  29. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    @QUEENBEY I don’t know if it’s just their need to be respectful.They have stated themselves that there are legal problems stopping them from supporting any posthumous releases or evenets.Anyway, I couldn’t agree more about the ‘Greatest Hits’ collection.Something needs to be released.’Ulitmate Aaliyah’ was so sloppy and poorly thought and it’s currently out of stock in many major territories.I also hope that her unreleased tracks will surface sometime in the future.

  30. antertain August 26, 2011

    I absolutely HATE hearing bout the plane crash story.
    Just a sweet beautiful woman inside and out and her spirit was warning her but the schedule just got her moving quickly.

    What all of them must have felt on there.
    What a great shot video from Hype for Rock The Boat.

    Just upsetting.
    Aaliyah was my fav female artist at the time and it was just her cool nature, tomboy swagger that really drew me in.
    All her songs she connected to and fitted her vocal ability.


    Felt it 4 Timbaland when he shared that they didn’t last talk on good terms.

    Expected a bit more but was cool just to see her appreciated 10yrs on.

  31. O s c a r August 26, 2011


    Yes, a greatest hits album or maybe some unreleased tracks would be great, especially for the 10th anniversary, absolutely.

  32. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    Btw, it was kind of uncomfortable watching their version of the ‘Are You That Somebody’ video.It was obviously recorded on a tape and the image was not that clear at times.I wish she had a worthy label to provide these networks with good quality videos.Poor BET used a damn 1998 video tape to broadcast the video…Sigh…

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 26, 2011

    @OSCAR Apparently, Aaliyah had recorded enough songs for one more full album (leftover tracks from her 3rd album studio sessions mostly).However, her label is a mess, so they don’t release anything…There is a rumoured release date in 2014 but that might be anything; from a greatest hits collection to just a deluxe version of one of her albums…

  34. swagg August 26, 2011

    they really should release her old tracks on an lp i read somewhere she did 57 songs for the Aaliyah or 1 in a million cd before selecting tracks so she def has enought material for at least 2 more cds…her fam can just do an idependent label or just release it on itunes and donate the proceeds to charity if they dont want ppl to profit

  35. perhaps August 26, 2011

    she was so original and soft and calming, its so crazy how this happened. She is soooooooo missed so so so so missed. There will never be another.

  36. Teflon Boy August 26, 2011

    Honestly, the saddest and most disappointing thing about these kinds of tributes is that Aaliyah herself can never be a part of them. Esp’ as ten years on you see the progression and development in everyone else involved Missy, Tim and also her contemporaries…, Aaliyah was a flower in bloom and despite the ignorance of some who raise her name in order to promote their fave, there was no question that the best of Aaliyah’s career was in front of her.

    22 as an age to die feels more and more shockingly young as each year passes. But not only to have achieved so much by that age but to have BEEN that much at 22 is/was incredible in itself. There is a reason people miss her so much, and there’s a reason why she has never and likely will never be replaced. Aaliyah will always be a sweet memory to me, rather than a pimped out annoyance to be branded and marketed in death. I can’t question her family’s decision but I am positive that they know what they are doing in keeping her memory untainted….., lastly, I will say that biopics more often than not are cheaply made and shallowly rendered and Aaliyah had too many subtleties to just get some singer/actress to play her. I for one don’t want to see Aaliyah eulogized that way and I’m sure neither do her family.

  37. TommyZ August 26, 2011

    I don’t want to upset ANYONE, but usually the truth does that. I think that the reason Aaliyah’s mother doesn’t want a biopic is because it will expose a lot of things about Aaliyah. In the early 90’s, she had a bad reputation, not just for R. Kelly; but for partying alot., being promiscous and having grown disposition. If you notice after Age ain’t nothing but a number, she disappeared from the spotlight. And Brandy and Monica took over. Even Damon Dash couldn’t talk about their relationship because at the time he was in a relationship with his current babymother Rachael Roy. Making a movie would expose her in ways that would hurt her fans and the public in general. I agree that the only way to keep her legacy alive Is by not exposing her public life.

  38. Teflon Boy August 26, 2011

    @Tommyz…, u’re probably right. It makes sense that for a biopic to work the producers would need a lot more grit to make it compelling, also to make it something you couldn’t see by just plugging into youtube for a couple of hours. That said, any true fan of Aaliyah’s despite the constant ‘she was an angel’ guff, knows very well that she liked to move in the shadows and not have a lot of light shone on what she was up to when she wasn’t working and more power to her. I liked the fact that she only showed her fans what she wanted them to see but still never pretended she was an all out good girl like Brandy (and I loved Brandy too btw).

    She had a very sensual quality about her from quite young and was clearly very in tune with her sexuality and knew how to handle men. Not to be crude, but Aaliyah died in a plane crash not as the result of an untreated STI so comments about her morals and sexual pastimes are merely theories and should be treated as null in void. I do have to say though that Brandy and Monica both came out in the latter phase of ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’s release by which time Aaliyah was on tour in Japan hence the ‘disappearance’, also their music style was much more commercial and familiar, though not to take away from their obvious talent.

  39. onyx August 26, 2011

    Damn! thats is BEAUTY, her smile was uffff…..speechless.

  40. TommyZ August 26, 2011

    @Teflon Boy,

    I agree with you %100 but what I will saying that the rumors of her past time behavior is what caused the decline in her career; and I mean just watch the special and listen to the way Damon referrs to her– its not at all respectable… but again he can’t say MUCH.

    I feel like she was apart of the trinity (whitney, mariah, madonna) and Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica. The trinity theory is that the one with the least vocal capablity is always the one that is more successful. Now she couldn’t sing as well as the other two but she could dance wway better, she way better looking, and her music was ahead of its time– she had the recipe for great sucess but her personal behavior forced her to give up her chance until people forrgot about her.

    By the time “are you that somebody” came. Out people forgot she was the same girl with the reputation, but she had to start her climb to the top all over again– which put her behind Brandy and Monica. And yes they both tried to be good girls, and from what I know, Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica all dated grown men when they were teenagers: Wanya, C-Murder and R. Kelly. So none of them were innocent

  41. CJ August 26, 2011

    I love Aaliyah. There was no artist like her. Her voice soultry, soft , unigue, larean stated that she danced like water which was the truth when Aaliyah danced it seemed effortless like it just flowed through her naturally. Words can’t explain. I’m very disappointed in the tribute myself. I though it was going to be artist singing her songs or something along those lines. but at the same time. I don’t think no one can deliver a Aaliyah song like here. Her voice was magic with the beats she sung too her tone was so unique. Loved this girl truly the Queen of Hip-Hop R&B. In my opinon had she still been here the game would have been different for R&B.

  42. VA STAND UP!!! August 26, 2011

    Well I was expecting a bit more but I think they did a pretty good job. They basically just took us through her career, showed some videos and eventually got to her death.
    I noticed they danced around the R. Kelly situation, but I guess that was out of respect for her family. No need to address a situation when she isn’t here to speak on it and defend herself. And I am sure the family doesn’t want R. Kelly to speak about it either.

    I know people are always bashing BET and think they can’t do anything right but
    unlike MTV, VH1 & the other music channels at least BET did SOMETHING! We all know BET isn’t the best at this sort of thing but at least they gave her some sort of recognition. Basically ever other music channel & news outlet ignored the 10 year anniversary of her death. I was expecting MTV to show some videos on their channels and maybe VH1 to show her Behind the Music but they didn’t do s***. I applaud BET for doing something for Aaliyah. She may not have been a huge star when she was alive but I truly believe she became a legend in her passing. She still has a impact on r&b music today. And for all the youngins that didn’t know who she was or weren’t aware of her music hopefully they got a better idea of who she was as an artist and person and have become a fan.

    The important thing is is that here we are ten years after her passing and she is still being recognized and paid her respect. RIP Aaliyah.

  43. yeah.. August 26, 2011

    Did someone say it should of been Beyonce that died….that is tacky! It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Beyonce or any other artist, but to wish death on someone else is low! I don’t get it, I don’t understand what Beyonce has done to make someone feel like that!?!? But anyway AAliyah was a great asset to the business it would be amazing to see where she would be today success wise!

  44. nice_gurl August 26, 2011

    She was such a gorgeous woman and I can’t believe her life ended shortly after the Rock The Boat video. I believe that if she was still alive today, she would be a very well-knowned r&b singer and music would be so much better. RIP Aaliyah.

  45. Dane August 27, 2011

    it was very hard to watch this….RIP AALIYAH love u always…

  46. lelo August 29, 2011

    Miss you AALIYAH VERY MUCH!! Never got a chance to meet you NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO YOU.

  47. L-Nic September 3, 2011

    Truly believe Aaliyah was the ultimate triple threat, she would have been a massive superstar if she was still around today. Was listening to the Aaliyah album last week, it’s amazing how current it still sounds. She has paved the way for so many artists today.

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