Behind The Scenes: Britney Spears – ‘Femme Fatale Tour’

Published: Friday 30th Sep 2011 by David

Currently on its European leg, Britney Spears‘ ‘Femme Fatale‘ is undoubtedly one of the most talked about concert showings to kick off within the last year.

Now watch as Ms. Spears and co take her fans behind the smoke and mirrors to explain what makes the show tick and why they say it is her best piece of work to date, below…


What do you think of the Femme Fatale Tour?


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  1. QUEEN MARIAH >>> YOUR FAV September 30, 2011



    OMG It looks amazing…cant wait for it to air !
    Britney and Pauly D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    @ Queen Mariah >>>>> Your Fave
    B**** shut up always hating on some damn body !
    I like Mariah and Britney but come on give Britney her props !

  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 30, 2011

    It was cool, I liked hearing what the choreographers had to say about it.Britney didn’t talk much (even though you shade her like as if she talked for 2 hours).There is no chance in hell this was her best tour yet, because she’s not as present as she used to be and the theatrics overshadow her, but this is the tour that proved that if she tries she can get right back to the top of her game 😎

  5. TYLER September 30, 2011

    I’ve never been to one of her concerts…. is it a good show?

  6. TYLER September 30, 2011

    I think seeing Rosie O’ Donald on tour would be kinda boring even though the dancers had good things to say about her… but I doubt if she would be good in concert.

  7. Trae September 30, 2011

    where is her “new video” i want moree

  8. TGJ LOVES THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. September 30, 2011


    The Femme Fatale Tour has been EPIC ! 🙂 Much better than ANY of BLEACHonce or T***** Cacas’ tours 😉

  9. tyra September 30, 2011

    yes we knw britney aint wat she used to be the same old comments all he time their getting stale its unfortunate but wat u get knw is as good as is gna get she aint claiming to be world best singer or entertainer lets just appreciate the britney we have now its better than nothin

  10. tyra September 30, 2011

    lace fronce u r a joke since wen ave u liked britney u changed ur tune up untill now u didnt like anyone but ashanti now u stn for riri and britney

  11. Skeetizm September 30, 2011

    Do you actually think the dancers are going to say “She’s horrible! She’s stiffer than a dead goldfish” of course they are going to say she’s great. Everything is always promoted as better than the last, I don’t believe the hype.

  12. TYLER September 30, 2011


    You must be a r*****…. Rosie O’Donalds tour doesn’t even compare to Beyonce’s or Gaga’s!!!!

    Adele is more entertaining then hers! and All Adele does is stand there. Brttney Can’t dance or sing anymore, and her extentions are horrid just like her vocals! the only tour she is probably better than is Rihanna’s!

    But I still feel that Rosie Can clean it up!

  13. TGJ LOVES THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. September 30, 2011

    Britney >>>>>> Michael BLEACHson.

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.



    Jeffree CHRIST>>>>>>>SKANKANNA.

  15. Skin. ⁽ ƒєммє ƒαтαℓє ⁾ September 30, 2011

    Mda !!
    Best Tour Of This Year !! 🙂
    Femme Fatale >>>>> Flop Hater !! <3

  16. I AM ME September 30, 2011

    I hope this is her last era. Afterwards, she can take a much needed break and get some stuff together. If Madonna comes out next year more energize and vibrant at 53, Britney should feel ashamed and crawl under a rock somewhere. Rihanna has more energy than Britney.

  17. Nichole September 30, 2011


  18. irene46 September 30, 2011

    the only props britney should get are that she was a big record seller in her ‘teen queen’ days. she gets treated with huge media hype as if she’s in the selling catergory with beyonce, gaga and even other female artists who are far outselling her.

    the media show ‘nancy grace’ covering the mj death trial even had to infuse britney into things by showing a still pic of a performance they did together years ago. obviously there’s a britney fan on the staff but this is no place for sly britney promo. team britney has no shame!

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 30, 2011

    @IRENE Seriously, chill!ALL of the high profile females are getting insane and over the top media hype and the only one that is FAR outselling her in the US is Adele…And I know you don’t like her, but please don’t complain about the same ol’ thing.If Britney was so loved by the media as you’re making her out to be then how come they tore her apart from 2003 to 2008???That’s 5 years off of a 12-year old career, so the media has been shading her and slamming her for a huge part of her career.

  20. irene46 September 30, 2011

    @ asap…

    the other females that get hype are females that have actual talent. beyonce, and lady gaga are outselling britney and their albums were released weeks after hers. adele is outselling her and let’s not forget taylor swift (who has fallen off the media radar) sold more in 1 week than britney has in 25.

    the only one that gets a lot of hype with low record sales is jlo but at least jlo has
    T-A-L-E-N-T. if jlo brought a performance to the stage as to as bad as britney, she’d get laughed out of the industry and columbo would not have been able to find promo for her.

    from 2003-2008 the media had a love/hate relationship with her because she went from goody-goody virgin girl to kissing madonna to save sliding records sales. then she went totally off the rails by first flashing a bare crotch and then a bare head. then of course, there was the notorious vma appearance.

    the media laid on her until her ‘blackout’ cd started to flopand it looked as though they may do permanent damage to her career. they started sucking up and music industry started piling on awards that she didn’t even get in her better days. they haven’t stopped since.

    mariah sold 10 million ww copies of her new cd after her breakdown comeback but didn’t get half the hype of ‘blackout’ which hadn’t sold even 2 million ww. so if it wasn’t for the media that you claim hate her so much, britney would be just a memory.

    so if you think me and others keeping it real about a talentless britney means i don’t like her, think what you want.

    i think she seems like a very nice person. a very ‘talentless’ nice person!

  21. Rob September 30, 2011

    I was at the Chicago show and I will say I was very impressed. I was skeptical going because her TV performances suck, and I got the cheapest tickets in the house. I honestly went because I had nothing else to do. But she did a damn good job and I was thinking the whole show “why doesn’t she perform like this all the time”. She danced her ass off, but the scenes that they show to the public don’t display that at all. And she sang live in the mic and surprisingly sounded good!

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 1, 2011

    @IRENE I totally agree with some of the things you say, but at the same time do NOT try to make Britney to be the equivalent of Ke$ha for the early 00’s, because she wasn’t.And since you mentioned J Lo, you have to admit that Britney was much more talented than her during her peak.She danced better (J Lo is a perfect dancers for styles that Britney will never reach, but when it comes to modern pop and r’n’b’ choreos, Britney slays Jennifer) and Britney used to co-write songs, especially in the 3rd and 4th album.She even co-wrote one third of ‘Circus’, so she’s not that untalented.Back in her peak, the media loved her because she made them her b****.Sorry, but it’s true.Britney was hard to miss back then and she was slaying pop culture, so of course the media are always going to be compassionate towards her.And I am talking as a person whose faves either get ignored or slammed, but I can’t be mad at Britney for making the media love her at first (and she deserved that love from 1999 to 2003) and then just trying to maintain that love…

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 1, 2011

    *perfect dancer

  24. rose October 1, 2011

    Her concerts are alwaays amazing …she is way better than she looks on youtube… I have been to many concerts and Britney is the best entertainer, full on , no breaks, 90minutes non-stop pop!

  25. lolax October 1, 2011

    I loved


  26. irene46 October 1, 2011

    @ asap…

    asap! lol!!! i must not, can not, and certainly will not cave to the total bs that britney spears will ever and HAS ever danced as good as, let alone, better than jlo in ANY catergory! jlo is a professional dancer. she danced on ‘living color’ so what kind of dance catergory do you think she was in if not r & b? jlo mops with britney in any dance form.

    just curious, but what kind of dance style do you feel that jlo does that britney could never obtain? of course you know my opinion is any style that’s been invented.

    here are some others who britney has never been able to touch on the floor. janet, beyonce, ciara, kelly rowland, nicole (pussycat doll), mya (lady marmalade video), the late aaliyah (who britney stoled her snake dance from) and even christina (see candyman video).

    sorry, but i’ve never seen any example of britney “dancing her ass off” as you and others claim. even at her best she was just ok with a lot of dicing and spilicing in her videos to make her look good.

  27. irene46 October 1, 2011

    @ asap…

    you’re right! back in her peak the media loved britney dearly and she played them like a fiddle. back then she was a pretty and sweet little blonde girl who was the closest thing to janet and she got over.

    however, those days are gone and even though i can understand compassion it’s wrong to keep trying to project her as something she isn’t just because the media is still carrying the torch for the good old days. it makes her look like a joke to those who appreciate real talent.

    i don’t blame britney because it’s the fault of the media and the music industry that tries to punk the public. those who wish to fall for it i guess it’s their business.

  28. irene46 October 1, 2011

    why would britney need to take a break? she’s leaving most of the moves to her dancers, she climbs in and out of stage equipment and sits down, and she certainly isn’t exhausting herself singing.

    why would you tube show her as always under performing? it looks like most of the footage is posted by fans from cell phones? always some excuse!

  29. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 2, 2011

    @IRENE Of course Britney cannot touch J Lo in dancing in general but when it comes to modern pop dancing, Britney was better and more exciting.J Lo can pull off all the dancing styles perfectly, but in pop choreographies Britney prevails!Now, most of the dancers you mentioned (you didn’t have to put a parenthesis for Mya- I know my facts and I know her) were great dancers, better than Britney technically, but they never did 100% pop choreo, so the comparison is not valid.Now I am SOOO happy that someone else think Britney ripped off the ‘We Need A Resolution’ snake.YES!SHE DID!!And she didn’t even do it justice like Aaliyah (R.I.P.).Now when it comes to my other fave, I’ve been begging her to dance for years, but she just doesn’t feel like it.You really cannot judge her, let alone compare her to someone else, based on few choreographies in 3-4 videos and her ‘Burlesque’ movie.

    Now, as far as the “underperforming” thing is concerned, could you please wait until Britney is under a real label??Jive has decided to shut down since the beginning of the year and they released ‘Femme Fatale’ to cash in on Britney as much as they can even in their final year.The videos were rushed, sloppy and messy, the tour was even more rushed and she hasn’t rehearsed as much as she should have and even her promo was a hot mess.Just give her some time to get her label stuff together and then you’ll see if she’s indeed underperforming or not.

  30. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 2, 2011

    @IRENE OK, wait a second, from ALL the dancers you mentioned I just saw that ONE name…BEYONCE????Beyonce is not an excellent dancer, Irene.High energy movements, wig tossing and shoulder popping does not equal choreography.Beyonce is an amazing overall performer, but she is NOT a great dancer.She is a pretty good dancer and due to her tireless rehearsals, she can pull off a lot of choreos, but she stil isn’t on the level of Janet, Aaliyah, Ciara and the other girls you mentioned.

    And you’ve never seen Britney “slaying”?? (fast forward to 1:00)

  31. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 2, 2011

    @IRENE OK, wait a second, from ALL the dancers you mentioned I just saw that ONE name…BEYONCE????Beyonce is not an excellent dancer, Irene.High energy movements, wig tossing and shoulder popping does not equal choreography.Beyonce is an amazing overall performer, but she is NOT a great dancer.She is a pretty good dancer and due to her tireless rehearsals, she can pull off a lot of choreos, but she stil isn’t on the level of Janet, Aaliyah, Ciara and the other girls you mentioned.

    And you’ve never seen Britney slaying???
    I can’t post those links because I’ll get moderated, but just search “britney slave dance”, “britney me against the music leno” and “britney vma 1999”

  32. Asiriya October 2, 2011

    Looks great! I’ve adored Britney since day one so she can do no wrong in my eyes. People always b**** about her lip syncing, but whatever. She sings when she wants and interacts with the audience more than ever. BTW, if you ever want to just have fun with your girls (and guys), go to a Britney concert. I saw the Onyx Hotel, Circus and Femme Fatale shows and they were all so much fun.

  33. irene46 October 2, 2011

    @ asap…

    asap, i’ve never seen any difference in britney’s dance style than any other female singer dancer. but the ones i named have more intense movements than she did. anyway they all seem to be just emulating janet and michael. britney was able to perform some dance moves but to me they were just adequate and nothing outstanding.

    what do you mean i can’t judge christina’s dancing ability from 3-4 videos and a movie? her dance moves were on display in all the videos and her movie way long enough to tell the girl can heat up a dance floor. how long does it take you to figure out if someone can dance?

    britney has had from 2007 to now (4 years) to get her act together. any other female wouldn’t have gotten 4 days. i’m going to take a peek at some of her old footage. maybe i missed something but i don’t think so.

    yeah! britney ripped of aaliyah from the snake to the belly dancing outfit and nobody breathed a word about it.

    gotta disagree again, asap. beyonce certainly is a good dancer as she has proven in her ‘crazy in love, baby boy, naughty girl, and single ladies’ videos. also there is another video where destiny’s child competes against their clones (i bet you know the name…i forgot it). you confess she is a good performer. well, her dancing is part of what makes her so.

    gotta go check out spears now!

  34. irene46 October 3, 2011

    @ asap…

    ok! i’ll throw the slight bit of shade first just to get it over with. christina’s performance with madonna was faaar better than britney’s. christina moved like true unvirgin floozies they were portraying. however, britney was rather stiff.

    now to the stuff i guess will please you. i researched the sites you gave me and even found a 20 of britney’s greatest performances site. i had no idea britney could shake it down the way she did. the girl COULD dance and i must say more than adequately.

    she could hold her own with most the females i named. she was very pretty and had hella stage presence. now i see why it’s so hard to let go of the past britney.

    well, gotta go! i have crow to finish!!

    p.s. they still need to give christina a break!

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