New Video: J. Cole ft. Trey Songz – ‘Can’t Get Enough’

Published: Wednesday 14th Sep 2011 by Rashad

Two of TGJ’s favorite ‘singers’ have joined rising rap star J. Cole for fun in the sun on the set of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ –  latest visual from his debut album ‘Cole World:  The Sideline Story’.  Enlisting permanently pouted lip pop star Trey Songz, the video was shot in Barbados where hometown hitmaker Rihanna was also spotted making a cameo (but thankfully did not lend her noise voice to the track).

J. Cole aptly is quoted as saying:

“It’s like ‘Big Pimpin” minus the million-dollar budget”.

We’ll let you be the judge. We’ve already shown you the sneak peek, now check out the Clifton Bell-directed ‘Can’t Get Enough’ after the jump:

J. Cole, ,

Pretty standard fare

While the song itself is pretty hot (maybe more so lyrically than musically), everything else screams ‘pretty standard fare’ rap video.  Bikini-clad big booty garden tools bouncing to a beat.  On an interesting side note, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ would probably have worked as a title for that other visual J. Cole and Rihanna (allegedly) collabed on as well.  Wonder if it was shot in Barbados too.

(sigh) The world may never know.

‘Cole World:  The Sideline Story’ is due September 27.

Your thoughts?

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  1. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 14, 2011



  2. i usually love everything September 14, 2011

    why are yall so mean to rihanna was there ever a reason or….?

  3. Who gon stop me huh??? (queenbey) September 14, 2011

    I love this f***** song……

    Cant wait for the video I just wished Trey wasnt in it bcuz all he’s goin to do is pout his lips and try to be s***…

  4. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 14, 2011

    F*** Trey and JayCole !

  5. Tru Voice September 14, 2011

    The song is hot!!!! I like that video, goes with the song, and the Rihanna cameo was .


  6. `iLoveYou` September 14, 2011

    J.Cole is extremely talented. His “The Come Up” and “The Warm Up” mixtapes are better than some of these rappers albums. September 27 can’t get here quick enough.

  7. life September 14, 2011

    simple but good. Cole is one smart man. He isn’t trying to be in a big ass loan so he’s keeping things simple but to the point. Nothing over the top [just yet].

  8. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 14, 2011


    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE thought J Cole was PHYNE and Gay Songz was a lesser.

    4 = FLOP FLOP FLOP 🙂

  9. Tru Voice September 14, 2011

    The Rihanna Cameo was cute, she’s pretty.

  10. Bam Bam September 14, 2011

    This s***

  11. Who gon stop me huh??? (queenbey) September 14, 2011

    I love this song and it makes me like the video even more…..

  12. Rich September 15, 2011

    the woman @ 1:22 is gorg!

    where is riri btw? i can’t be bothered watching the whole thing. i need to get to bed lmao.

  13. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson September 15, 2011

    Love the song…. Already downloaded it. Love Trey, of course….. Why are people mean to Riri, she hasn’t done nothing to no body. Still not a fan of J. Cole, I guess because, well I am really not unto rap.

  14. VA STAND UP!!! September 15, 2011

    Well just like I though, typical rap video. Them on a beach in a exotic location with a bunch of scantiliy clad females. Very Typical.

    Trey and J Cole’s chemistry was good but the video kinda lacked a concept and there was no main chick. Out of all the chicks in the video I don’t know why the hell they kept focusing on that one blonde bald headed chick! Ugh! She was NOT cute! SMH.

    I’m guessing Rihanna was just in the video cause she is from Barbados and that is where the video was shot, but it seemed kinda pointless. Her puffing on that cigar trying to look hard was just a fail. Her and J Cole throwing up the Roc sign was kinda cute, even though I still think Roc Nation ain’t doing s*** for him. *shrugs*

    Oh well, regardless of the lackluster video I am sure this song will tear up the charts and can’t wait for his album! I think he might have a No. 1 debut!!

  15. VA STAND UP!!! September 15, 2011

    Who gon stop me huh??? (queenbey)
    September 14, 2011 at 9:48 pm
    I love this f***** song……

    Cant wait for the video I just wished Trey wasnt in it bcuz all he’s goin to do is pout his lips and try to be s***…


    LMAO! I despise the way he pouts his lips too! It’s so annoying cause he always looks like he is trying to be s*** which is soo NOT s***!

    That being said he does look cute to me in this video. I typically don’t find him all that attractive but it’s just something about that tan and his smile! His looks are working for me in this video for some reason. Don’t judge me!!

    I can’t front he did his thing on the chorus too and I am sure J Cole saw Trey as a good look for a feature. This song is just a hit all the way around!

  16. BeyonceandKelly2011 September 15, 2011

    Haters run these blogs… What the f*** Bey got to do with anything here?!

  17. ImSoKhandi September 15, 2011

    Love this song!!! Can’t get enough, can’t get enough!!!

  18. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 15, 2011

    I like this song.It would be even better if the chorus was performed by someone that can actually pull off the register and has a softer and smoother voice than Trey’s.It’s like he is trying to hold back the yodelling, but it doesn’t work for him a lot.He ends up pulling a low register yodelling (wow!).Anyway, the video has a good vibe, nothing special and lyrically it’s not that good tbh.I HOPE J Cole has some next level songs on the album.

  19. penny September 15, 2011

    I like the song. The video not so much

  20. Rich September 15, 2011

    forget about that blonde ho. i only care for rihanna.

    typical rap video.

  21. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 15, 2011

    I’m here for Rihanna

    Don’t know who’s j Cole and I don’t care about the other one

    thank god Rihanna is only making a cameo ….

  22. honeydip September 15, 2011


  23. nice_gurl September 16, 2011

    I love the song. The video was average.

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