Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Certified Double Platinum

Published: Thursday 20th Oct 2011 by David

Responsible for the singles ‘California Girls‘ , ‘E.T‘ , ‘Last Friday Night‘ and ‘The One That Got Away’, Katy Perry‘s ‘Teenage Dream‘ has enjoyed an impressive chart run on the Billboard 200 since its release on August 24th 2010.

Now it has been certified double platinum in the United States.

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Moving over 1.83 million copies since its release, it has spawned 5 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 to date, debuting on the Billboard 200 with 192,000 copies sold in its first week.

Nominated in ‘Album Of The Year‘ category at the Grammy Awards 2011, the project makes Perry the fourth highest selling female artist to release an album in the 2010/2011 period- following Adele, Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj.

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  1. popsicles October 20, 2011

    Adele has sold more copies and had only 2 number ones (so far)


    Adele has sold way more copies than this b**** !

  3. SHESDUMB October 20, 2011


  4. Imgunnacheckuboo October 20, 2011

    Took her long enough. This just goes to show, She’s a singles artist. Ain’t nobody checking for her whole album. They just wanna dance. She’s so disposable it ain’t even funny.

  5. >am so am so proud of you. October 20, 2011

    well even if the person is a single artist are an album artist,you have to give props were it,s due, they are braking records, making money and entertaining there fans n the process keep doing you Katty.

  6. TruthTeller October 20, 2011

    U’re screename suits u just fine.
    You shouldn t even be talking trash about ANYBODY
    Janet has more top10s than Whitney, only 1 #1 less than Whitney yet her sales are 1/3 of Whitney’s.

    You need to worry about your flop fav.

    Katy is killing it.

  7. tyra October 20, 2011

    she probably heading for a 6th number one with the new single good for u katy perry

  8. Army Of Queen A (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 20, 2011

    Lmfaooo Its About Time Girllll But Ummm A GRAMMY, Chile Boo ! Music Is DEAD !


    @ Army Of Queen
    She will never win a grammy…always nominated but never will win one !

  10. SHESDUMB October 20, 2011




  11. EDUCATION STAN- I stan only for education October 20, 2011

    *waits for “BEYONCE CERTIFIED PLATINUM (in sales not shipments) “article

    funny when grapejuice states ‘ we are an unbiased blog and credibe blah blah blah’ being hypocrites with all the shade they throw at others

  12. tyra October 20, 2011

    @ education beyonce got u mind body and soul

  13. EDUCATION STAN- I stan only for education October 20, 2011

    October 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    @ education beyonce got u mind body and soul


    no honey u got me wrong. i have just analysed how this site hates rih and mariah so bad but they worship bey and the rest. if rih were to be certified, i doubt if it would be posted or posted with no shade but we know that TGJ is waiting for bey’s number one song or PLATINUM and willl do 100 posts on how great that is.

    i come to the site just to laugh at the comments and the shade when i take a break from the library. happy exams

  14. Great October 20, 2011

    Thats all? 2 years and a million singles. Adele did that s*** in 3 months

  15. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 20, 2011

    Let’s not even mention adele it’s quite obvious she is in a whole nother league and has won tremedous amount accolades and certification to prove that. But 2 million in this era where ppl download s*** illegally is an accomplishment. Congrats katy perry even tho I’m not a fan but she’s done well.

  16. NaQu October 20, 2011

    Just took 20 years.

    I’m sorry, but who ever heard of an album that spawned 5 #1 singles taking this long to go only 2x platinum? I can’t even wrap my head around the reasoning behind that. That’s bad. An album with that many hits should be over 6x platinum. Her album is a flop.

  17. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 20, 2011

    @Naqu oh plz. Considering she is not the lady gaga, rihanna, and adele of this generation 2 million is a comfortable place for katy. Platinum is NOT a flop and is what every artist strives for. Considering she has no where near the longevity in her career like her predecessors it is not bad.

  18. commanderofthedancefloor October 20, 2011

    Good for katy people do realize that this is just us numbers. She has sold 4 million world wide so that is not bad only adele lady gaga and rihanna have sold more. So how is she a flop music is not selling like it use to. Yes adele miraculously sold 10 milliion but she is the only artist in two years to sell that much with one album.

  19. Theman October 20, 2011

    Congrats to Katy that is still a multiplatinum album regardless. It could and should have sold more but that is still good, especially mow.

  20. Flashing Green October 20, 2011

    What a flop, like realy !

  21. Vandrea October 20, 2011

    I’m tired of people making excuses for paltry sales. 2x platinum for an album where every single hit number one is suspect as hell. And 4 million worldwide is sad too. Truth be told, an album that did that should be 7x platinum in the U.S., and about 20+ million worldwide. This is pitiful. It basically means she only interested people as far as $.99-$1.29 SINGLES go…and that few cared enough to buy her whole album.

    Stop making excuses for wimpy sales.

  22. JohnVidal October 20, 2011

    LOL 2 million after a f****** year and a half is good for a basic artist like her, but………………. with 5 (fake) #1´s on singles chart??????? LOL
    Can you imagine how many copies a true album seller would have sold having 5 #1´s? Just imagine Adele is in her 5th #1, not the second. She would be diamond, or Mariah or many others. Ok I´m forgeting all this only works for real talented people

  23. kool kid October 20, 2011

    Congratulations to her. IT’S difficult for an artist to sell records at this time.

  24. Casual October 20, 2011

    This is an accomplishment. Not many artists sell 2x platinum these days.

    Katy Perry : Adele :: Apples : Oranges

    Katy Perry appeals to a pretty young demographic, and young people don’t buy albums in large numbers. At best, they’ll listen to an album online and download the tracks they like.

    Adele has much broader appeal, including many buyers over 30. Older demographics still buy CDs at much higher levels than younger.

  25. ITSVERYPERRY October 20, 2011


  26. Alex October 20, 2011

    People are really blinded and misguided by these numbers. This is nothing to cheer and celebrate for, if anything it is something her label should be in a f****** panic about.

    MJ’s Bad which was the first album to spawn 5 #1’s for any musical act shipped over 32 million albums worldwide.

    Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream hasn’t even broken 5 million worldwide. That is beyond pathetic. Like there are no words for how horrible this album is doing especially for having so many successful singles.

    Because regardless of their charting the songs have each shipped more than 3 million singles in the US with the exception of “TGIF.”

    And yet that album has yet to even breach 4 million worldwide sales.

    And in comparison albums by Gaga, Adele and Rihanna (God forgive me for mentioning her) which have had less successful singles have sold way more.

    Adele’s 21 has had two #1’s and has sold upwards of 13 million worldwide. And it’s been out for almost a year.

    Gaga’s Born This Way has been out for 5 months, has only had one #1 and has sold 8 million worldwide and with little to no promo and no tour.

    Rihanna’s LOUD has spawned three #1’s but her other singles haven’t been successful only one other single entered the top 10 on the BillBoard’s Hot 100 and the rest never even entered top 50. But the album has managed to sell over 5 million worldwide. Take into account she‘s been on “tour” promoting it (don‘t know if you can call it a tour seeing as she can‘t even break even arenas, but it‘s a technicality).

    And Katy Perry?

    5 #1’s from an album “2nd artist” to “accomplish” the feat, though through meticulous marketing versus musical talent, and still hasn’t shipped 5 million worldwide? Also take into account that her album has been out for well over a year. AND she’s on tour promoting the album.

    This is truly sad.

    But anyways what did we expect from another basic b****.

    And these are the REAL facts boo boos. 🙂


  27. Alex October 20, 2011

    @Casual @kool kid @

    And people need to shut up. It is apparently not as difficult to sell albums if the two top selling albums have managed to shift over 20 million combined in less than a year.

    If you are interesting and a truly compelling artistic force people will buy into you.

    The reason Gaga and Adele sell albums is because they established credibility with the public.

    People can take em seriously as musicians.

    You can’t f****** take Katy Perry seriously or Kesha or Rihanna or Britney.

    Because musical is the last thing those b****** are.

    You can still sell albums nowadays you just have to build a better case as to WHY people should buy your albums not just your singles.

    Sorry but until that KP you are stuck in the singles lane honey. Hey at least you get that singles chart reign right?

    Syke. Haha.

  28. LTM October 20, 2011

    dumb b****, Born this Way has not sold 8million anything. it has sold 4.7million world wide. And Teenage Dream has passed 4million world wide. get your facts straight sweetheart.

    And really? your going to compare Bad to TD when Bad has been out for how long now and was released back when fans brought albums. if your going to compare albums from the past to albums of the present, GaGa looks like s*** too.

    there is nothing artist or compelling about GaGa. its called using Madonnas blue prints to becoming a successful artist. Britney did the same.

  29. Small_Angel October 20, 2011

    Common guys we need not compare sales of previous decades to this decade.
    Its in the trend… We all know that we felt in first with Christina Aguilera Bionic, Beyonce 4, Britney Spears Feme Fatale.. Those are artist that really sells but did not even manage to sell over 1 million album at the present trend.
    People tend to download illegaly, Itunes is everywhere. Youtube.. even facebook. We dont have it way back then. So please.. i still consider it as milestone for perry!
    I love her songs!

  30. Booradly October 20, 2011

    Wow….alot of anger out there. Both for and against. Just listen or don’t. LIke it or not. Who cares, really. If Katy Perry isn’t for you then let it go. If she is then enjoy. Onward folks!

  31. Alex October 20, 2011


    B**** at least Gaga “copies” Madonna.

    Slutty Perry copies Kesha. Stealing her beats for her second hand rehashed recycled Dr. Luke beats.

    B**** f*** off for I put you in your place.

    Don’t be mad your idol is a singles queen and her career is over.

    Gaga’s The Fame has sold more than all of Katy Perry’s record. Matter of fact ANY of Gaga’s 2 albums and 1 Ep have sold more than KP’s total albums sales combined.

    And no huntee. Born This Way has 8 million albums all over the world. 1.8 million in the US and another 6.2 million worldwide.

    Don’t be pressed cause you wish Katy Perry one day in her miserable and lackluster career will never see her album(s) push those sales.

    Born This Way sold 2 million worldwide in its first week and 5 million by the end of the month.

    Expect to be made fun off.

    Katy Perry is nothing without Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Just like Britney and Kesha.

    Gaga has managed to score #1 hits without selling herself to the hottest producer.

    And for all you salty b****** RedOne was not a hit-maker till he worked with Gaga. So don’t even go there.

    And just remember even with YOUR sales for BTW at 5 million it STILL ONLY took Gaga 5 months to OUT-sell what KP sold in over a year.

    Born This Way: 5 months
    US Sales: 1.8 million
    Worldwide sales: 5-8 million

    Teenage Dream: 1 year and 4 months
    US Sales: 1.8 million
    Worldwide Sales: 3.8 million

    B**** back the f*** off.

    And just to correct your stupid and tasteless mind on true good music. MJ’s bad sold over 28-29 million of those 32 million for Bad in the first two years it was released. And 8 million in the US.

    Don’t you ever f****** dare make excuses for MJ. He was a true artist something Katy Perry can’t even comprehend. People liked his music ALL OF IT not just 4 singles.

  32. kool kid October 21, 2011

    Stop lying on Lady Gaga. She had not sold no 6 million worldwide. 2 million at best! according to http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums.htm I don’t make up sh!t for my favorite artists. Don’t bring up MJ, he is dead. Plus, he or no artist can sell 28 million records in 2011. Artists doing those numbers are gone. The internet and bootleg cd had killed that.

  33. JohnVidal October 21, 2011

    I think I love you. There aren´t too many people here on TGJ who know what talent is and you seem to know.
    Only one thing. Gaga numbers are impressive but I think she has not sold 8 million with Born this way

  34. YOOSONDALOOSE October 21, 2011

    That took ages :/
    Well Done Katy!

  35. Alex October 21, 2011


    I am not lieing.

    And Metametric doesn’t give the total album sales. It just gives the weekly sales.

    Gaga’s album has sold over 7 millions worldwide.

    She confirmed 7 million in an interview with Ross and various other sites have recorded 8 million worldwide.

    And those are sites that have contact with Interscope. Or contact Interscope for the information.

    And many times sites have stated that Gaga’s album has sole enough to make it the 2nd best selling album.

    Those numbers are feasible.


    Of course there is no one in MJ’s caliber nowadays.

    But you can’t say it is hard to sell albums when Gaga and Adele are pushing those numbers.

    Gaga in three years has pushed over 25 million albums. Something not seen since the 90’s teen pop s***.

    And Adele’s album is just selling and selling. Beating records set by Whitney Houstan.

    Don’t blame KP’s failure and lack of album sales on the status of the industry.

    Blame it on her being a sad excuse for a singer/musician/songwriter/artist.

    No one gives two f**** about her as a musical artist. They just want the catchy hits that she had little-to-no input on.

    Sorry but that’s the reality.

    And as a testament to that is her lackluster album sales 3.8 million in over a year and with “5” #1’s.

    OH and a tour.

  36. Alexis October 28, 2011

    Well done katy 🙂 She will eventually push over the 2 million mark by the end of the year and hey maybe even more. TD is a GREAT album, was a staple album for me last summer and most of this year, with a very clear, relevant message running through it.

    5 Million wordwide with at least 20 million sold singles off the album worldwide is a great effort.

    Now a message for the Gaga skuzzballs in here….

    Gaga’s album I didn’t buy and for a good reason. A keen ear by people with some musical knowledge will hear it as Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ album on steroids..all in all a rushed effort album, as stated by reviewers.. as an object for her little monsters to ‘put their paws up’ at….

    I am a little humored by the gaga police on this page trying to indoctrinate everyone with the ‘she is greater and holier than thou’ crap and slamming other artists like Katy.

    The hype generated by gaga for her album, naturally got people to BUY it. Who on EARTH makes a pompous and ridiculous statement saying it is the ‘album of the decade’.

    Weather it is good is another thing. She has had some criticism for the songwriting and lack of stand out tracks, all of which have proved she aint all that.

    By the way, Alex, you have hiked those sales up by at least 800,000 copies; the album has probably sold just over 7,000,000; which is quite low considering the world is supposed to be living and breathing gaga right now……..

    Katy is a singles artist, but songs mean a lot more to people than albums do..and in an age where people are buying less and less music, the money is to be made touring and releasing singles rather than albums…

    My last word shall be, lots of artists mean differently to lots of people and that needs to be respected. What cant be respected is when the fans fight amongst eachother spouting LIES and scoring cheap points of eachother….just sit the f*** back and listen to the music

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