Nicki Minaj: ‘I Was Scared Of Sex’

Published: Tuesday 25th Oct 2011 by David

Famed for her outrageous lyrical skill, stand out fashions and the close bond she shares with her  fans, recent months have seen Pop princess Nicki Minaj share a number of  difficult and detailed child hood experiences with the world.

Now, she has unveiled even more shocking revelations.

Find out why the Rapper once had an intense phobia of sex below…

She confessed:

When I was younger, I felt like I had been taught that pre-marital sex was bad, and so I always felt like if I had pre-marital sex I would go to hell.


So when I did, I really felt like…

I really went through years of trying to make myself feel comfortable. Like, ‘OK, I’m not going to hell‘.

The ‘Catch Me‘ Rapper  also went onto share a painful memory she shares with her mother, explaining:

My mother left my dad many different times and came back. He would beg, cry, stalk us… One time, he pulled my mother out of a car and dragged her for two blocks.

Anywhere my mother and I were, I made sure the door was locked, because that was my only way to protect her.

Sure to give a further look into a life that has taken so many twists and turns, here’s to hoping Minaj’s painful past will help inspire any undergoing similar experiences.

For while many of her detractors  continue to overlook the ambition that has turned her into the commercially successful  star she is today, stories like the above will only serve to explain where her undying drive to succeed comes from.


Your thoughts?

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  2. janet October 25, 2011

    she is such a liar.
    Nicki was a hood rat s*** before she became famous. i mean she has b*** shots for christ sake….just look at the old footage and pics of her.

    She was far from hannah montana like she is trying to portray now, but i get that she is trying to inspire young girls but …..chile

  3. TEAMMINAJ October 25, 2011

    So having b*** implants makes you a s***?
    Sit down with that Janet. You’re just mad Nicki isn’t ahoe like your fav Lil Kim, who screwed her way into a record deal.

    Nene must have been talking about women like her when she said ‘close your legs to married men’.
    Kim is a such h** she even has her own urban myth, sucked so much d*** they had to pump the residue out of her.

    Nicki is Queen oF The Rap AND A POP PRINCESS and you will just HAVE to deal.

  4. Love on top October 25, 2011

    Wow janet must be a dumb hoodrat! She wasn’t trying to potray herself as hannah as she Says “everytime I do it” does hannah have s**? You a hater! A s*** do you know her? Did you f*** her? You see these things from pics? You sad girl She been thru a lot obviously she was scared I can’t stand it when other ppl wanna tell YOU what happend in your life and what kinda person you are! F*** get a life and sweep before your own door before you judge others

  5. ISTANN4GAGA October 25, 2011

    That seems sad…

    Anyways,Sam,There have been rumors flying around twitter that Nicki and My fave were supposed to collaborate.Where’s that story at?????

  6. TEAMMINAJ October 25, 2011

    Not to mention that Pink Friday is the third highest selling album to be released by a female artist in 2010/2011. Kim couldnt even sell more than 300k first in her HEYDAY while Nicki sold 375,000 first week with a debut.

    Thats YUMAD b******!
    Kim is swagger jackin Latoya Jackson’s ENTIRE life with that so called face of hers, lets see where her new material charts. Bet you ANY money her new single wont even make the top ten and her new album will slide down lower than a h** in need of her rent.


  7. Ifs October 25, 2011

    Just LOVE HER

  8. Love on top October 25, 2011

    Yes @istan4gaga I heard to I’m so ready for that collab Damn it will be hot

  9. Nahjee October 25, 2011

    I wish team minaj & team Kim would just get along and shut tha f*** up man I’m getting tired of this s***… They can both rap they have tons of money and tons of cars. We got white girls name kreayshawn & v nasty calling us black people n***** and all ya can do is worry bout war & beef. WTF is wrong with ya damn

  10. KNUCK October 25, 2011

    yeah yeah yeah… and now she “throw LIPS to the s***”..

    Kim already did this b****!!!

  11. Malibu Barbie October 25, 2011

    @TEAMminaj Kim was friends with biggie, he saw kims talent as a writer also and put her on… she did not f*** to get her record deal if thats the case then CHARLI BALTIMORE shudda been rapping when kim was too ..and your fave’s stage name means threesome..and she called herself the MISTRESS.. so she f***** wayne. ANYWAYS !

    ” I used to be SCARED of the d***, now i throw lips to the s*** , handle it like a real b****” – Lil’ Kim !
    Nicki give it up already… your a kim fan.. and you are an attention w****. like u say these random things just to get a reaction.. i thought u were gangsta ???

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 25, 2011

    The first thing that springs to mind is Lil Kim’s “I used to be scared of the d***” line 😛

    Anyway, regardless of whether she’s being truthful or not, this statement will possibly mean a lot to some of her younger fans and I think it’s good that she said something like that 😎

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 25, 2011

    Someone else noticed it before me then…

    Epic Lil Kim lyric 😎

    No shade to Nicki, though

  14. Nahjee October 25, 2011

    This goes for everybody! People wake up early in tha day just to get up on tha computer just to defend somebody who can give two shits about you… These rich people don’t give a s*** bout you.. They just tell you they do but they really don’t. All they care about is money, cars. B******, jewelry, and you buying there damn CDs. There out making money while ya sit in ya moms basement and defend these rich people. Do something with ya life cus your fav already has a life

  15. Those That Cannot Do, Stan October 25, 2011

    I really don’t even know why you read Nicki posts Malibu. Lord knows you never actually comment on Nicki, just Kim, and you know someone will say something slick about Kim but you always hop right on like somethings new. Smh. Damn near as stupid as the Rihanna/Sam beef. All this %100 certainty over who f***** whom, has the most s**, when none of you have been within 10 feet of Kim or Nicki.

    Anyway I’m kinda indifferent to what she said, shrugs, good for her. I know and can understand what she’s talking about and know it’ll be meaningful for some girl. For me I just wish black women in general would do better and stop ending up pregnant uneducated teenagers.


    This H** is a GIMMICK with no talent and will fade eventually…she is a FAD

    BTW, Shitty Friday was a FLOP. Garbaj has only sold 1.5 m ww…the h** is LOCAL 😉

  17. Malibu Barbie October 25, 2011

    she’s an attention w****.. did u know kim has been thru way more horrible s*** but shes never called the police,sat down in a interview or mentioned it in a magazine.she’s a gangsta girl, shes street ..she handles her own biz. she dont say random stuff to get attention. nicki is always talking bout how shes the baddest b**** and how great she is in her songs yet she stays talking about her “suicidal past” and how she was scared of s** ?? really ?? like she seems very bi polar to me. one minute shes this. and the next shes that. and the disrespect to lil kim is void. its like chris brown fans attacking michael jackson.. you cant s*** on the woman who opened up a lane for you. cuz before lil kim nobody was doing it. … i dont know if shes tryna drum up buzz for her 2nd album but it seems like shes doing anything to stay relevant.

  18. Malibu Barbie October 25, 2011

    exactly none of us know kim or nicki. so when the nicki fans talk s*** i have a right to talk s*** back BOTTOM LINE. so why are u coming at me.. come at them too

  19. TREAL.! October 25, 2011

    in my eyes, no one can say she is lying because no one has lived her life but her.! it doesnt matter what kinda persona she put off., she maybe didnt wanna reveal that at that present time.! kim portrayed herself as a h** but you people say she was this & wasnt like that.! so you cant base if she is lying off the persona she gives off.! she doesnt need that kind of publicity.! your fav. needs it more than ever.!

  20. youdumbbatches October 25, 2011

    this interview is oooold. came out January times. sitdooown.

  21. QueenSize October 25, 2011

    Nicki is full a b*******. Someone grows up thinking you are gonna go to hell for having s**. Funny once she got d*** she embraced it like no other. Her “JUICEBOX” All the sexual references in her mixtape days. the Lil’ Kim pose. I guess she don’t believe it now. B**** please. Second, I believe her mother and father are still together. Let it go or get therapy.Was this conversation a sorry ass attempt to explain why she is keeping her suitcase hitting boyfriend. Why was this situation never fully discussed. Her pops and her mom s*** was in the PAST aka years to a decasde ago. lets talk about what happen a few months ago in a hotel when the popo was called and her ass is on tape screamng about her mouth and she filed a report and SB was gone. She tried to deny it and TMZ got in her ass. Phony b****.

  22. Those That Cannot Do, Stan October 25, 2011


    First you complain Nicki wants to be like Kim…then when Nicki isn’t like Kim you complain too. This is for an interview, they asked…Nicki responded. But no, you’re right…answering questions is being an attention w****. Furthermore why does Nicki have to live by ‘Kim rules’ and why does what Kim went through have anything to do with how Nicki chooses to live her life? Yep, Kim is super duper street. Applause all around. But not everyone is like that and not all of us look down on people who aren’t ‘street’ enough. I don’t think Nicki is bi-polar…I think what you’re seeing is a human personality. As most of us aren’t robots we tend to change our mind, feel a multitude of ways, and are complex. I guess if you see a strong woman in control of her life and then find out she was abused for years in the past by her ex-husband you’d be confused too. I mean…how can she be really strong now if she was really weak then, right?

    This is an old interview btw, so no it likely wasn’t to promote or bring attention to her for her 2nd album.

    P.S. I’m not coming at you about the s*** talking. You specifically responded to me yesterday about this very same thing On the Rihanna post and then you turn around today and do it again. I think both sides are full of it because you both run your mouths on Kim and Nicki’s post and then want to feign innocence. But in your case…seriously…why agree with me in 1 post and then just feed right into the BS in the next?

  23. Kelly P October 25, 2011

    @Queensize Nice!

  24. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    thats mess up what happen to you nicki,it,s good that you put stuff like that out there because,alot of people in General go through stuff like that too even some of us fans.

  25. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    i hear this story for a min now though,you know christions always put things like that in there young kids head so they don’t have s ex before marriage.

  26. mobwife October 25, 2011


    ” I used to be SCARED of the d***, now i throw lips to the s*** , handle it like a real b****” – Lil’ Kim !

    LMAO….OKAY!! 🙂 She’s been a fan and will always be one!

  27. TREAL.! October 25, 2011

    @THOSE THAT CANNOT DO, STAN ; thank you so much for that explanation.! it seems there are some people on here who isnt closed minded & can make a great point without coming off delusional.! nicki has no reason to live her life based off of someone else.! & you proved that point very well.! of course you are gonna receive hate because as i said, there are closed minded delusional individuals on here but they are the first ones to the people they love to hate post.! but i just wanted to applaud you on that.

  28. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) October 25, 2011

    nicki : I don’t think you are scared now. it will hurt at first , but u gonna be used to it.

    and lil Kim didn’t invented the d***. but I can see the reference , but seriously NO BIG DEAL 😉

    I think nicki fans and Kim stans need to take a break from that stanning s*** , both women CLEARLY care about each other.

    just wait for their albums and enjoy them. Do not fight for them.

    but i started to like nicki , She’s funny !

  29. Malibu Barbie October 25, 2011

    at the end of the day i will say whats on my mind.. there is no politics involved. im no biased either.
    child please ! kim dont care about nicki, nicki is the one who stole kims image, nicki is the one STILL dissing Lil’ Kim in her dumbass pop music.. Nicki Minaj is a huge Lil’ Kim fan so she will always look STUPID whenever she disses her.. its like Beyonce’ dissing Tina Turner

  30. HaterzStayPressed October 25, 2011

    H*** will be h***. Kim, Charli and Faith guzzled the whole damn crew @ Bad Boy. They all got contracts because of who they were f*****. Who cares?

    And what? Now Nicki can’t talk about a traumatic experience without being compared to Kim? Really? What next, y’all compare the wig fibers of Nicki’s wig to Kim’s? Oh oh yeah y’all already doing that.

    And putting up that lyric from Kim shows nothing but skankness. Bragging rights on who’s a h** or who’s a victim first is really f****** lame.

    Black women, come get your daughters because these chicks are trippin’ Ewwwl.

  31. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    Those That Cannot Do, Stan because malibu is Bi-polar simple as that,when she do give nicki props it,s so generic,as you said she said something to you the other day and the Bias b itch came back saying something else today……she need to understand that nicki wasn’t Lil Kims protege/Lil kim artist like how nicki is waynes artist,the delusional b itch is making it seems like kim and nicki is in the same situation as wayne and nicki is dissing kim…Nicki payed homage when she came on the main…and LIL kim on here high horse wanted more so nicki said fu ck it and started to diss the sh it out of her,she deserved what she gets because if she would just took what nicki gave her and leave it at that all would be good but she got greedy nicki don’t own her sh it,she feel like her name Lil kim hold alot of weight in the game like a Jay-z so she felt like she could jump on nicki and run her out of the game,but she didn’t know Nicki had such a strong base and it back fired on her a ss,nicki have her fans and a machine and she is a smart business savvy woman, she knows what she wants,she didn’t come in the game to mess around reach a point and become complacent and fall off,she came with a vision a plane to accomplish certain things and she is working hard on it…..and for you info Malibu Lil kim is the one playing catch up know if you wasn,t so delusional you would see reality how it really is.

  32. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @Janet I think it’s tacky of you to call someone a liar and s*** and you don’t even know them personally or what they went through. Have a seat, lowerclass b****.

  33. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @Malibu barbie “I use to be scared of the d***” Haha. That was probably written by biggie. It’s already vastly speculated kim didn’t write her s*** on Hardcore. He the one that told her to be nasty anyway. So I wouldn’t doubt it for a second kim probably didn’t think of that song herself. I notice how kim only sounds hard on the songs that are ghostwritten. Hmmmm.

  34. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @am so proud of you I agree with everything you said. The h*** just don’t know…smh.

  35. P**** GREASED UP October 25, 2011


    Kim was effing Biggie (not the crew) before they were famous. So in my book she never really effed like them other hoez, even if they weren’t effing she still would get a deal cuz the h** is effing talented. Other than that her persona is a rap diva effing every dude like Madonna.

    Persona not personal life, don’t get it mixed.

  36. HaterzStayPressed October 25, 2011

    @ P**** Greased Up

    Kim’s ass wasn’t getting NO deal w/o Biggie. Please just stop. Junior Mafia wasn’t getting S*** without Biggie, period.


  37. P**** GREASED UP October 25, 2011


    Well duh! Kim owns her career to Big, like Nicki does to Wayne, or do you really believe in that female empowerment over-come the odds crap? I’m just saying her was effing Biggie before he made it big. And remember Puff did it all.

    Females are underrated in the industry, there is always a man behind the artist until the female makes it.

    Kim – Biggie
    Nicki – Wayne & Fendi
    Missy – Timbaland
    Foxy – Nas & Jay
    Lauryn Hill – The Fugees

  38. iSimplyDGAF October 25, 2011

    Im a Nicki fan…but imma say this..B@TCH IF YOU DONT STFU WITH ALL THAT!!!!!

  39. Kia October 25, 2011

    Lying @ss bytch.

  40. Kayla October 25, 2011

    @HATERZSTAYPRESSED And Nicki wasn’t getting no deal without Lil wayne.She went to ten record labels and they all rejected her until lil wayne saw her fake @ss and sign her on the spot.Dumb@**.

  41. Lea October 25, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER Nicki is one big contradiction.She’s fake.She says one thing but does another.

  42. Mia October 25, 2011

    @AM SO AM SO PROUD OF YOU Shut your dumb@** up.No everybody his going to be caught up in Nicki lies like y’all brain-washed fans do.Nicki is fake.I don’t see how y’all Nicki fans take her seriously.She says one thing but does another.

  43. Rossie October 25, 2011

    Nicki just tell the truth.

  44. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    Mia b itch just fall back,on another note malibu what is that link supposed to prove…what one more of your conspiracies in your little never never land,b itch take your meds,the real world don’t see you.

  45. Onyx October 25, 2011

    Nicki Nicki…..really scared of S** for what, S** is better than food.

  46. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    Kayla and you point is? well i gave nicki props for that because she bin turn down so much times no one believed in her,and she kept trying she was just a nobody underground artist in many peoples eyes[worse how she is a female],not even G unit had eyes to see her and they are from the same barrow,even though nicki had something going on for her,she kept trying until Lil wayne discovered her he saw that she have musical talents and charisma and charisma=star power because skills alone don’t cut it in this tima and age you got to have charisma,Wayne gave her a bridge to be on a higher level and she cross that sh it with her head held high stood on here own feet,so nicki didn’t came from out of no were she wasn’t spoon fed so all that sh-it she bin through made her stronger,thats why she is were she is now…so you knocking nicki for being turn down just mad you look stupid and makes you look like someone who is still being breast fed..i on the other hand admire nicki for that i love when people work hard and don’t let opportunities past them by and makes it from the bottom of the pile,Gaga was turned down too and know she and Nicki is at the top of there game….i bet them labels are knocking there heads against the walls now…what don’t kill you makes you stronger.

  47. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @Lea and if you wanna put it like that, kim has definitely contradicted herself too. Don’t make me bring up the receipts, dumbass.

    All you (who arn’t nicki fans) are retarded. You’re taking your dumbass opinion and making it a fact. You’re weak. You don’t know nicki or what she been thru so fall the phuck back, stank p******.

  48. Sallyone October 25, 2011

    Most hood rats have a f-uped family life, thats y they are hood rats! Luv Nicki!!!

  49. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 25, 2011

    @am so proud of you maliboo-boo w**** barbie is probably bipolar. She said on a post once she didn’t hate nicki when it’s so obvious she does and now still be on nicki’s posts talking s*** comparing her to kim. She confused.

  50. HaterzStayPressed October 25, 2011

    @ Kayla – I’m failing to see your point. Lil Wayne signed Nicki, as he did with Drake and other artist. And? The deal paid off didn’t it? The point is if Biggie wasn’t F****** KIM, do you think he would have put her in Junior Mafia? If he wasn’t F****** FAITH do you think she would have been signed to Bad Boy? If he wasn’t F****** Charli, would she have gotten signed to her label?

    What Kim fans don’t get is that she ain’t the only f****** female rapper in the game. Lil’ Kim is NOT an originator with her look, flow, or anything else. You guys act like Kim is the HOLY GRAIL and she’s NOT. Ever single time a female comes out (Remy Ma, EVE, etc) she had something to say and when challenged she ALWAYS backed down. Kim is a beast on the mic. She can rap and she got skills. But so does Eve, Remy, Nicki, Missy, Lauryn, and the rest of the females in the game past, present and future. The game is for everybody and Nicki has SLAYED the game. In another year or so another female will come out and do the same. It’s just the way things are.

  51. Nicki Lover October 25, 2011

    Nicki has said til’ this day that she respects Lil Kim.
    NICKI MINAJ AND LIL’ KIM are two different artists! Lil KIm is a legend, we all know…But you cant be a boss forever it Nicki turn and she is doing a hell of a job. Nicki is one of the BEST MC’s to face this earth. So what in the world does her money making sexual songs have to do with her personal life.. Nothing.. And if you read it. she was afraid when she was younger.
    AND TO ALL WHO SAY NICKI IS FAKE: That’s her alter ego.. Nicki and Onika are two differnt people she said it in one of her interviews.. Nicki Minaj is a one of a kind rapper and nothing like Lil Kim

  52. @TeamMinaj October 25, 2011

    Nicki is a great rapper.. And Lil Kim’ is just jealous.. like come on.. She is taking the throne from you you want the spotlight back for being a great rapper(she is a great rapper though).. she is doing everything and more that you did..
    #1 Best Selling Rapper
    A VMA
    Multiple Awrads
    Tour with BRITNEY SPEARS
    Being found by the greats like Lil WAyne!
    Doing collabs with Usher, Drake, Jay -Z and Kanye and Rihanna
    Mac Lipstick
    Upcoming Nail Polish Line
    Upcoming Fashion Line
    Another Album
    And Many more…
    Nicki is a success.. she is not just successful because of her looks,she is a good rapper. Haters hate on what they cant have.. she wants the throne and cant get it now… Hate.. She will still be making the money she deserves
    *YMCMB ALL DAY!!!*

  53. deontay October 25, 2011

    @malibu barbie..i’m guessin u haven’t seen notorious,a movie based on biggie put they showed kims role in his life and if i;m not mistaken,she fuckked him on the first date b4 she showed him that she could rap…yeah,he jst need a reason 2 keep her around! that’s y he left her ass 4 faith,she was jst a ho3…and uh,b4 black friday she used 2 always say she was a kim fan..u give it the f*** up b**** she said “imma fan first”

    @queensize…u dumb brod if ur illiterate ass read the entire thing b4 u talk,b**** she said she thought that if she had s** she would go 2 hell but AFTER SHE DID HAVE S**,she had to convince herself that she wasn’t goin 2 hell so she could do all the sexual releated things she wants…f***** ridiculous ho3s

    @iamsoproudofyou…..speak the mutha fuckkin truth!!!

    @kayla….bxtch nicki was on The Come Up DvD and was signed to dirty money b4 lil wayne even picked up a Come Up Dvd….what the f*** r u talkin bout 10 record labels..gtfoh

    @Mia….well,that contradicts itself…im mean kim raps about proda and gucci but ain’t owned a gucci bag since she been out…lol…and us kim fanz ain’t brain washed ma,we jst aint so and i quote “one-track minded”when it comes to a female rapper…we like the different in nicki…and how many people don’t say one thing and do another…i bet u get mad and say imma sock u but u dnt do it rite….does that differ 4 nicki or any famaous person bkus they famous…uh….thought so…stfd & NEEEEXXT

    and okay..yeah it resemble that kim lyric but she talkin bout how she basically thought havin s** was a talkin bout how(like all virgins)was scared of s** b4 she suckeed her first d****!

  54. Jane Doe October 25, 2011

    @QueenSize co sign 100%. Nicki has been screwing since her teenage years. Ex: her abortion. How would she explain all the many stories about her & YMCMB (sexual favors). How would she explain sleeping with scaffbeezy aka SB for the past 8 yrs & they live together in LA. Nicki is a habitual liar. She is not scared of s** at all.

  55. LeeLee October 25, 2011

    Didn’t Nicki have an abortion when she was 14??? So I would say that she got over that phobia very early inl life. GREATEST FEMALE RAPPER EVER though…can’t wait for the new album to drop

  56. Those That Cannot Do, Stan October 25, 2011


    Of course you will, but next time save your keystrokes hopping up to say how you agree with me and it’s all a game to Sam on one post and then on the next showing you’re just as obedient in giving him what he wants.

    There’s no politics but you’re clearly biased. You rep for Kim hardcore, shrugs, thats your fave. I don’t care. But your logic just wasn’t adding up. Because Kim took abuse quietly and suffered in silence you’re happy for her? You’re glad she proved how tough she was by protecting people who hurt her? I don’t get that, especially since you say you’re such a fan. So whats the lesson to be gained here? Gangster b****** handle their business…so keep your mouth shut and take your hits?

  57. am so am so proud of you. October 25, 2011

    Jane Doe nab you are really a d umb b-itch,seems you only hear and see what you want to,you f****** b-itch use you brain,Nicki was reminiscing that when she was younger she used to think that having se x would make her go to hell if she did it out of wed lock,[everything she was talking about was in pas pass tense,not the now are the future you r*****],because that,s what chistion tell there kids i don’t know if it,s scare tactic are something real and remember nicki,s mom go,s to church[seems Nicki,s mom is a Christion],man i bet you was one of them dounce who used to run for the back seat in a class room at school,you have so much hate and dread for nicki you will jump out the window and talking any type of sh-it no matter how stupid it makes you look.

  58. Jhentay. October 25, 2011

    @ Janet… it’s clear that you are miss reading her statement…. she could have been stating phobias as an adolescent , eg teenager, not as a young adult meaning now… (late teens, early adulthood)… read between the lines honey… sometimes when you don’t analyze something properly it makes you look ignorant

  59. deontay October 25, 2011

    @JANAE DOE…are u just as illiterate…heres the big word: WAS! WAS! WAS! WAS! WAS! “lil kim WAS the s*** before nicki came along” “george bush WAS the worst president ever” “tyler perry WAS homeless”as u cant tell,the word WAS is a meaning of past tense…fuckkin dumb brod!!!

  60. FeMale Weezy October 26, 2011

    Aaahhhh…yall lil kim fans are so F*cked up..Lil kim is just jealous of Nicki coz she’s at the top and she aint ..and everybody wants a piece of Nicki coz she’s the new Queen Of Hip Hop..lil kim is just Mad coz Nicki is getting all the attention..enough said..end of story!..#TEAMMINAJ 4 LIFE!….

  61. Jonny October 26, 2011

    @DEONTAY Shut your f***** @ss up.What dude your age is agruing on the internet for Nicki Minaj?You need a girlfriend.Real Talk.Nicki don’t know you and wouldn’t give you the time of day.

  62. Tina October 26, 2011

    @@TEAMMINAJ Nicki Minaj is trash.If she was dark-skin she wouldn’t even be getting that much attention.Lil Kim already had all those deals and more.Holla at me when Nicki sells 12 million albums.Her next album will be her last.Believe that.

  63. stbaby October 26, 2011

    it sad that people are so pressed to see the down fall of a person they dont like? however as for Minajesty ,she is here to stay as far as anna winsor has cosign her. Not only that she is a beast that can easily transfer to other genres of when you guys were saying she is on her 15mins last year ,i was laughing cos i know she will last forever unless she decides to stop making music.So you haters can take your sleeping pills and go back to sleep cos God has ordained Onika and she will eventually and continuously surpass all your expectations.LONG LIVE MINAJESTY ,NO 1 FAN FOR LIFE.

  64. stbaby October 26, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE as for your fav she is about to go down even ciara career will be better than hers.i for once never take her as a rapper because all her entire career has been ghostwritten which can be done for me and i will appear to be the master on the go back and wait for her floping ass and lasting what is holding her over 3 months proclaimed single ,LOOKS LIKE IS A FLOP.

  65. honeydip October 26, 2011


  66. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 26, 2011

    @Tina you ignorant b****. What does dark skin gotta do with anything? You’re retarded. Lauryn Hill and Missy were successful. They are dark skin. Dumbass, stfu. Nicki is successful cuz she grinding. She got that mentality. Skin color aint gotta do with s***. Jealous h**.

  67. Shawnie October 26, 2011

    Ugh I am not feelin this disrespectful s*** about Kim. Nikki ain’t s*** never will she’s fading and only had one album already a baddest b**** would of already had new album out already like beyonce FOH about being scared about s**. It’s about money y’all Nikki know she got these young kids listening to her come on now Kim don’t talk about her personal life it’s not deep to Kim. Enough said to y’all h*** from a real lil Kim fan since hardcore

  68. stbaby October 27, 2011

    @SHAWNIE ,well if Nicki is not all that i dont see why you are on her post and commenting because it clearly shows how stupid you are,and please learn how to spell NICKI MINAJ.As for her second album just wait a little cos we are on our way to conquring the world.BEELEV THAT.

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