New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘The Christmas Song (Ft Usher)’

Published: Monday 24th Oct 2011 by David

We may be in the middle of October, but that hasn’t stopped Pop upstart  Justin Bieber from getting in the festive mood.

For today a track from his upcoming Christmas album surfaced online, ‘The Christmas Song‘ featuring long time friend and mentor Usher.

Listen below…


Though we’d like to say the standard of Bieber’s vocal came as a pleasant surprise, that would be a lie. It didn’t.

Subtly laced with auto tune in an attempt to give it some ‘bass’ , his delivery was mediocre at best. However, the two part harmony between he and Raymond does make for enjoyable listening as was the beautifully produced guitar solo.

All criticism aside, we commend Justin for branching out of his usual territory to deliver such well loved classics in his own way.

Though he lacks the vocal ability possessed by many of his male contemporaries, if the rest of the album is anything like this release it will be sure to prove his worth as the kind of entertainer who can tackle any genre of music with ease.

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  1. Late October 24, 2011


  2. BooBooKittyFuck October 24, 2011

    Can’t listen the player is f***** you n00bs

  3. Bria October 24, 2011

    no thanks I’ll pass

  4. TIMMI October 24, 2011

    Don’t you guys PREVIEW your posts before you publish them?

    Anyway… The only thing I’m interested in is the “AIWFCIU” re-make with Mariah…

  5. Popeater October 24, 2011

    I swear Justin Beiber looks like a lesbian. Looks just like Hillary Swank from that movie when she played a trandsgendered character.

  6. Tangie October 24, 2011

    LOL @ popeater!!

  7. Nahjee October 24, 2011

    Who cares bout this man won’t ya post a video with beyonce & Rihanna fans Fighting in a parking lot or something. That my friend would be a classic

  8. THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE. October 24, 2011

    This little white girl is a DISGRACE to music…Shame on you usher for signing this CLOWN !! 😕

  9. honeydip October 24, 2011


  10. VA STAND UP!!! October 24, 2011

    Damn! Lil JB’s label snatched this down already did they?!

    Anywho, I’ve already heard it and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Of course Usher stole the shine from lil JB and his vocals were much smoother and enjpyable, but overall it was a pleasant version.

    I do agree with Sam though, I think they added autotune to make Justin’s voice sound deeper and he did too many uneccessary runs but other than that the song was quite enjoyable. *shrugs*

    I wonder if the rumors of him working with CB on the album are true. I guess we shall see. *shrugs*

  11. JohnVidal October 24, 2011

    We are here waiting for Mariah! the kid can´t sing

  12. ummm no. October 24, 2011

    I agree that Usher overshadows Justin’s vocals, its not a bad song though…. Mc’s vocals are going to slam it down on AIWFCIU, so its going to be interesting if justin even gets heard. I just wish he would put a pause on all those unnecessary runs…

  13. Kathy October 24, 2011


  14. Remey October 24, 2011

    I know Usher is JB’s mentor, but Usher clearly overshadowed JB. However, that’s understandable. Usher’s vocal delivery has had much practice. JB is getting there. I think it’s a great start…I like it for what it’s worth.

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