Watch: Beyonce Thrills With Michael Jackson Tribute

In her 15 years on the scene, Beyonce has undeniably established herself as Pop royalty. Naturally, then, it was only fitting that the singer gave a nod to the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Advised not to travel due to her pregnancy, the 30 year old and her troop of dancers staged a tribute spectacle to the late, great great star, beaming it in to the Millenium Stadium at last night’s ‘Michael Forever’ show in Cardiff last night via satellite.

Peep her show-stopping rendition of ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ after the jump…

Having actually been in the arena, it’s safe to say Ms. Knowles stole the show despite being thousands of miles away. The definition of a show-stopper. Great performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AIROGUE October 9, 2011


  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 9, 2011

    It was a brilliant vocal performance.I don’t know if it was 100% live, but I loved her vocals from beginning to end.I didn’t really appreciate the choreo, but it was mostly about the vocals, so it was a good performance.In all fairness, I’m just glad that Christina and Beyonce were there to salvage this trainwreck of a tribute 😳

  3. Jess October 9, 2011

    She outperforms everybody! Brillant! 🙂

  4. KIMBERLY October 9, 2011

    Beyonce just has that star power that overshadows everyone. That I love. Beyonce has a great voice. That was film at roseland where she sang all her songs from 4 live. Why wouldn’t that song be live? Beyonce is great and some people just cannot take it. There is no denying her legend status in the future.
    My past school mates said the same thing, she did steal the show. I believe you Sam, well why not


    This performance is SHITE!!

    A young MJ sang it SO MUCH better 😕

    She RUINED it!

  6. Ms Lovely October 9, 2011


  7. TruthTeller October 9, 2011

    LOL @ Beyonce being pregnant and serving killer vocals. The best performance of the night. from the intro to the vocals. Plus she looks beautiful.

  8. bey’knight October 9, 2011

    ah love it, im outta compliments lol, i watched this ealier via twitter. she never lets me down when it comes to her live performances 🙂

  9. thetruth October 9, 2011

    i dont know why i f****** hate michael jackson children cause each time i see them they remind me the bad side of him (changing color skin,mental slavery about white is better than black and others stuff like that) at their place it should have been beautiful black children but what do we see? a bunch of white bastards yeah cause they’re white and its not their real children they didn’t even have his DNA what a shame for mic hael that i love for the music but he was really sick in his head sorry but i had to say that

  10. CHLOE October 9, 2011

    i know it really eats the haters that michaels kids THEMSELVES said what they said about beyonce. beyonce fans have been telling ppl this for YEARS! beyonce is the closest thing we have left to michael artist and performing wise. and P.S watch someone reply to my comment and swear they’re not a hater lol

  11. aisha aguilera keys October 9, 2011

    “Great performance.” Normal, she’s already performed this song. I don’t see anything amazing about this performance, it was decent, period. Then they accuse others of screeching.

  12. Lax October 9, 2011

    A Great and moving Performance by bey, she always Deliver with her
    grown breaking performances. She truly did a great performance and
    BEYONCE Truly love Michael and has showed that she does in many
    different ways, over view nothing less tham one of her great and wonderful

  13. aisha aguilera keys October 9, 2011

    @ Chloe
    I’m more bothered by the fact that none of his kids look like him. So much that I skipped their presentation, so I have no idea what they said. Label me a hater if u want.

  14. hahaha October 9, 2011

    i gotta admit beyonce is really great she has the voice and stage presence… beyonce stole the show!

  15. Akasha October 9, 2011

    lipped as always

  16. RHI RHI IS QUEEN October 9, 2011


  17. Aurelius October 9, 2011

    Why these wars with every Beyonce post? Beyonce shines live all the time. That’s her thing. Sure she lip syncs parts of songs sometimes(but she even lip syncs better than every other artist), but any singer that performs that much should….or they end up like Adele with all sorts of voice problems. You cant full out sing for 3 hours every night without damaging your voice. The entire world knows she has the goods to perform live, so if she lips it sometimes to save her voice, Im cool with that. So, why everytime there is post of a B performance is their 50 responses talking about how she stole the show from everyone else? It’s a forgone conclusion that she will be standout….there’s no need to shade everyone else to give her her props.


    @ Rhi Rhi B**** SHUT UP !
    So that was her with that afro !

  19. CHEZ October 9, 2011

    so wait, if u adopt children, which is obviously the case with michael jackson, they should not be considered your own? and they must look like you??

  20. BigTeam Ciara October 9, 2011

    I love this,she kill it

  21. tee October 9, 2011

    It was okay…she could of did without that wig (distracting). I get what she was trying to do but like I said it was an okay performance – nothing major…

  22. TIMMI October 9, 2011

    Beyonce is so consistent and her vocals killed it.


    I actually hold similar feelings, though you put it a bit harsly. I don’t hate them because they hold no blame or responsibility for anything, but it’s difficult because they are a reminder of Michael’s mental slavery and deep rooted issues with looking black. So much that he couldn’t even produce MIXED/half black children. A shame.

  23. thetruth October 9, 2011

    @CHEZ sorry boo he didn’t adopt them he simply decided to fabricate them to his white image with debby roe cause he asked for a white s**** to fecond her sorry but he coulds at least jack off and give his own s**** to debby roe if he realy wanted this children cause for me its not an excuse theve not been adopted theyve been fabricated and that all the truth

  24. thetruth October 9, 2011

    @TIMMI thank you so much for your support my friend

  25. antertain October 9, 2011

    When she is on stage it’s GAME OVER!!!

    Hope i see this energy in the End Of Time video.

  26. scorpio October 9, 2011

    As should be expected!

  27. Nana Yaw October 9, 2011

    F**k you haters! They are 100% biologically Michael’s children. The children are clearly biracial.

  28. Jess October 9, 2011

    I really cant believe Michael’s kids skin colour is being brought up. Grow up! Who cares what colour they are? Does it make a damn differance? No. Some people..

  29. KAT DELUNA FAN October 9, 2011



  30. Jessica October 9, 2011

    People are so damn disrespectful about MJ children its not even funny. Look, that’s his kids regardless, You people don’t know them, you don’t live with them, so STFU!!!! Paris is mixed even I can tell, even the Prince II aka Blanket is mixed, just because his hair is pressed straight, that doesn’t mean that he’s mixed. Ok, what if all MJ kids were full dark skinned kids, you people are gonna insult them about they are too dark or whatever. You Americans are soo damn lost its not even funny. Until you people who are haters have proof that they are not his kids- SHUT YOUR DAMN ASS MOTHER F*CKING MOUTH!!! Do you know mixed people look like when the are younger?? They look white, I should know, when they get older, there skin color changes, don’t no one know biology?? People stop talking s*** and go back to school!!

  31. porkey October 9, 2011

    Even from a far Beyonce is a CLASSIC, this is why she was asked to do the tribute. Beyonce is the KING!!! no question.

  32. Classy_Guy October 9, 2011

    This pregnant b**** don’t miss a beat! She needs to be somewhere sitting down resting and stop pushing herself into overdrive!

  33. lol October 9, 2011

    Bey did a great job she rocks

    @the lames talkin s*** about Michael kids

    Shut the f*** UP!!!!!
    Mj had vitiligo,and lupus as well as many strains of other diseases in his bloodline, he suffered for many years with various alemnets , i wouldnt want to have bilogical born kids either if my dna was that diseased why dont you think Janet and her other siblings decided not to have children, michael didnt believe white was better than black he imbraced his culture said several times before his death that he looked at himself as a BLACK artist , he even accused record labels of being racist and not giving black artist the credit they deserve. secondly Mj loved and cared for those kids ,so what if they arent biologicaly his kids, they still Know him as father . He sang to them damn everyday before he died. S*** Brad and Angeline adopt black kids every five seconds know one white ever says “oh, they think black kids are better”. ugh ignorant a** n!ggas sorry but that what ya’ll are educate ya damn selves

  34. JER October 9, 2011

    BeYAWNce did NOT steal the show. She’s never stolen a show, only in the mind’s of you Bey-side stans. BeYAWNce is rumoured to be somewhere and she’s not, so they film and edit and RE EDIT and re-ecord everything til it’s just right and then air it “oh she stole the show” pulease. IT’s disrespectful that she couldn’t even show up, yet STILL had to be there. B**** please

  35. Tiburones5 October 9, 2011

    What a lame performance!!! That was average at best. Nothing outstanding at all. With all her swagger jacking I’m sure she has enough civil lawsuits to deal with atm. No wonder she toned it down.

  36. Aloyisious Divo October 9, 2011

    Beyonce is obviously the King of today, which is why no matter what she does, everyone from haters to fans make every post with her name on it the most talked about. It’s obvious, and now it’s official since the seeds of Michael have said so…

  37. jayz realest fan(aka)terrence October 9, 2011


  38. RICHANDBLACK11 October 9, 2011

    she got them mad

  39. S*** (U MAD?) October 9, 2011

    @JER = PRESSED (as per usual)


  40. CJ October 9, 2011

    Queen Bey… What more can i say.

  41. thetruth October 9, 2011

    @jessica SHUT YOUR F****** MOUTH B**** SINCE WHAT TIME PARIS AND BLANKET are mixed,,,,???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THEY RE MORE WHITE THAN YOU THEY ARE CAUCASSIAN SO PLEAZ STOP IT OK? DO YOU FEEL RIGHT THAT MJ HAS KID WHO DONT EVEN RESSEMBLE HIM?????NO NO NO ITS SAD IAM SORRY BUT ITS LIKE THAT AND I FEEL VERY UPSET WITH YOUR COMMENTARY WE RE TALKING ABOUT A SERIOUS RACE ISSUES and about accepting yourself or who you are its not just talk for talk mj took the s**** of a white to mak children and that and evidence how dare you contast that when it has been proved biogically????????????

  42. BeBeJuJu October 9, 2011

    OK,i may be alone on this one BUT,WHY DO I HAVE THE STRONGEST FEELING THAT @S*** AND @THE GREAT LACEFRONCE KNOW EACH OTHER,OR BETTER YET STILL,ARE *GASPS* THE SAME PERSON!!! thing is i actually like s***(but your stanning can be a bit much lol,but i’ve told u how hilarious u are before) same with lacefronce’s hating self! like i actually chuckle at some of the comments he/she makes! but hmmm…IDK there is something about the way these 2 comment that is very similar. idk,*hides behind weave before i get attacked by both parties*
    anyway,back on topic,YAS,Beyonce’s just amazing! nuff said!

  43. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 9, 2011

    Blanket looked so MAD. O_o And michael’s daughter, forgot her name, looks like nelly furtado! Beyonce did a great rendition! GOOD.

  44. JohnVidal October 9, 2011

    Are we supposed to believe she was singing live? LOL I don´t care cos she was putting on a good show or whatever but this goes for her stans, those who say she always sings live

  45. Theman October 9, 2011

    It was okay. Her voice kinda seems one dimensional.

  46. huh? October 9, 2011

    Not sure how everyone is judging off of this video, it’s not even that of a great sound quality or picture. But you can tell she looked great and I didn’t hear any bad notes. She is great to me, just waiting for better quality.

  47. jesse lopez October 9, 2011

    live?? I think not….vocals were nice but the performance was blah….to me, but she looked beautiful.

  48. Bootylicious Shelly October 9, 2011

    i LOVED IT
    S*** WOMAN

  49. LJ October 10, 2011

    Micheal is such a cop out of his own RACE….who do these kids belong to? Come on yall white kids? for real? Adopted??? WTF???

  50. STOP THE DISRESPECT October 10, 2011

    To all of you speaking negatively of Michael’s kids….YOU’RE F****** DISGUSTING!!

    There are plenty of biracial people who don’t look black

    Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin
    Rashida Jones
    Mariah Carey
    Amanda Marshall
    Wentworth Miller
    Jennifer Beals
    Cash Warren
    Leila Arcieri…the list goes on

    You’re all just MAD & JEALOUS that those 3 kids are inheriting MJ’s money and yall are broke!

    Yall would say “those aren’t his kids” even if they were dark with nappy hair because yall think he was some idiotic asexual freak who would buy s**** from 3 different men!!

    MJ was not an idiot! Those are his kids. Blanket looks exactly like him. Prince looks like Michael’s grandfather Samuel. Paris looks more like Debbie & La Toya

  51. celine October 10, 2011

    Remember folks. Every time you buy a MJ album, a video game, a poster, etc, you are putting more money into the hands of three already rich children, who by the way, are not even his real kids. Arnold Klein two white children are profiting very well from money being made off stupid MJ fans. There was a trust fund set up for them at the concerts that went down last week. Can someone explain to me why a trust fund from ticket sales is going towards some millionaire kids? The three kids know this and they are going to be pimping out themselves at all opportunities so they can make more money. Meanwhile hardworking Americans are losing their jobs, their homes and filing bankruptcy. It is an insult for these three children to try to represent a black man and call themselves black.

  52. malia October 10, 2011


    You are so stupid, it is not even funny. None of the people you listed above looks all white. They all look like they are mixed with something. Mariah Carey can never pass for a white woman. Prince and Paris look just like their white mother and their white father Dr Arnold Klein. You only have to see Prince and see Klein. Blanket does not look like Michael Jackson. Blanket may not be white, but he sure as hell is not a black child. Admit it, you got duped by MJ, and you have been made a fool of. You just don’t want to admit that your idol was a self hating freak who did not want black children.

  53. dont make me laugh October 10, 2011

    chloe is a delusional obsessed stan! no one cares what some WHITE children michael ADOPTED said about beyonce. she isn’t the best and she’s nowhere near michaels level. her last album flopped and rihanna put that last nail in the coffin that is her career! ya’ll stans kill me with this beysus crap. beyonce is so overrated.

  54. dont make me laugh October 10, 2011

    stop the disrespect is another delusional mj stan i see!

    Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin-dont know who that is
    Rashida Jones-her siblings aren’t all white looking like mikes and she does look mixed
    Mariah Carey-her natural hair and pre surgery nose says shes black
    Amanda Marshall-dont know who that is
    Wentworth Miller-curly hair, big nose, looks ambiguous
    Jennifer Beals- clearly not white
    Cash Warren-clearly not white
    Leila Arcieri-clearly not white

    ya’ll delusional motherfuckas kill me! them cracker kids are the spawn of klein and rowe! no way in hell are they michaels! you can draw all the charts you want and compare them to other people who KNOW for FACT they are mixed it still won’t change that them two is white and blanket, poor blanket has no clue where he came from! god forbid they have health problems they won’t know where to turn! watch, one day one of those jacksons will spill the truth! its a damn shame and quite hilarious how you all think they are his! even paris knows which is why she tries so hard to convince herself she’s mixed and bakes herself in the sun and self tanner!

    @MALIA! CO-SIGN! these fuckers are clearly in denial!

  55. WANKERS October 10, 2011

    You lame ass d**** need to go worry about your own lifes before hiding behind your computer screens disrespecting and bullying a 9,13 and 14 year old!!! F****** ridiculous, the whole lot of you who are being hateful – pure scumbags.

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