Beyonce Scores #1 With ‘Party’

Published: Tuesday 15th Nov 2011 by David

The last few months have given R&B Royal Beyonce much to celebrate.

From scoring a #1 album with her album ‘4‘ to announcing the arrival of her first child with husband of three years Jay Z,  her year has been nothing short of eventful.

Now she has more cause to rejoice.

Her single ‘Party‘ is #1.

Full story below…

As of this week, the single is #1 on the US urban chart, outselling Jay Z and Kanye West‘s ‘Nixxa’s In Paris‘ and Drake‘s ‘Headlines‘ and its follow up release ‘Countdown‘.

Produced by’So Appalled‘ Rapper Kanye West as well as the singer herself, the mid tempo dance number  is currently the highest played number on Urban radio ,despite being released more than a fortnight ago and receiving little promotion by the performer who is gearing up to star in a remake of ‘A Star In A Born’ directed by Clint Eastwood.

With over one million copies moved worldwide in less than five months and responsible for spawning two platinum US singles , now might be a good time for Mrs. Carter’s naysayers to re-evaluate their stance that the ‘4’ has been a failure of a release.

For if they don’t, they may find themselves with egg on their faces when Billboard’s ‘Year End’ charts roll in and prove that the project is one of the highest selling R&B albums to date.

We just hope she  has enough room in her trophy cabinet to house the awards she is likely to pick up at the 2012 Grammy Awards, to add to the 16 she has already acquired.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Jaden November 15, 2011

    Urban chart ain’t s***!

  2. BOWDOWNBITCH November 15, 2011

    She looked cute in the video I’ll give her that…to me, not her best song off of 4…but glad shes reaching some success with 4.

  3. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) November 15, 2011

    Hey, that’s great! I love Party!

  4. WHUT November 15, 2011

    This is the only chart she can get 1 status now. Hard Times. She needs to sit her pregnant ass down and recognize its over. THEY MAD AT RIHANNA GAME..TAKING OVA YOUR EMPIRE!!!!

  5. Xadax. November 15, 2011





  7. wintz November 15, 2011


  8. YaBoi90 November 15, 2011

    BestThingINeverHad was #1 on the Urban charts as well

  9. Jess November 15, 2011

    Yup that’s cool for her, i can’t wait to see her baby!

  10. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE November 15, 2011

    haters never cease to blow me. you hate but yet your fingers are busy typing so dumb s***.

    Anyways BEY always wins

  11. Jamal November 15, 2011

    GO BEY

  12. JER November 15, 2011

    #1 on Urban radio. Where is “Party” on the Hot 100? OR “Countdown” how about you post those positions. That’s like trying to say “Run the World” was #1 on the dance charts. PULEAZE.

  13. Anne November 15, 2011

    Good for her! Party is one of my favorite tracks from 4. Still waiting for mainstream release of End of Time, I Was Here and maybe even Schoolin LIfe. Also looking forward to the Dance For You video.

  14. YEAY November 15, 2011

    I love that song, the beat is sick and the vocals are amazing. I’m a little surprised but Congrats!
    And to all these lame ass that talk s***, go out, make some money then talk… while beyonce is out doing her thing(and not doing electro dubstep pop trash only to fit in like the others) and making money, you’re in your room talking s*** over internet…sad

  15. Arthusandnico November 15, 2011

    haha !
    It’s a life achievement for Beyoncé ! Time to retire !

  16. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 15, 2011

    Why the washed up H** can’t get a #1 on the Hot 100 like Ri??? 😕

  17. Mr. Popularity November 15, 2011

    Funny how ANY OTHER artists charting on Urban charts is cnsidered a “lesser” but Beyonce charts and its an individual headline…. Be fair and unbiased! All this “Stanning” is getting a little ridiculous…

  18. WHUT November 15, 2011


    LMAO at celebrating a no.1 on Urban. If this was Rihanna you know this hating ass bish moderator would be all up in Rihanna guts. He/She’s a hot ass mess with his/her double standards.

  19. Anne November 15, 2011

    The Bey haters stay pressed!

  20. LMAOOOOOO B****** YALL PRESSED November 15, 2011

    B****** keep saying they don’t care about Beyonce’ news, but still take the time to search and comment! Lmaooooooo yall ain’t s***..
    Beyonce runs your minds!! *Cuz We Like To Party aye aye aye*

  21. Laos November 15, 2011

    when your singles fail to make a splash on billboard hot 100 ,start reaching!!! Bey has peaked, now she’s getting old, and riri is about to release talk that talk, it’s safe to say beys done, put her in a jungle with bananas on the side!! anyway being number one on some urban chart is like being number one in Belgium , no one cares!!

  22. Ealdorman November 15, 2011

    Hahaha. I remember when Beyonce stans said that Kelly ROwland’s Motivation’s #1 is a Flopivation… And now the same people celebrates this no worth, nobody cares # of Beyonce…. people full of hatred and double standard. You should take a gun and shoot yourself.

  23. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Cause she is a “flop flop flop” and she is “washed up” Did you forgot that 😕

    a mess.Which version is #1? l hope it’s not the JCOLD one

  24. Ride4Ciara November 15, 2011

    Lol at a #1 on Urban. Is this even top 80 on the Hot 100? Yall was all on Ciara’s jock when Ride was smashing Urban and didnt make ONE post about it and instead talking about how it failed….but now because this b**** gets it, she gets a post? Girl BYE. Ride was more memorable than this was (dont mean to compare) but that got much more attention and the video was one of the best of the year.

    TGJ used to be a Ciara fan and they used to drag Beyonce but now they stan for numbers instead of quality hence why theyre all of a sudden in love with Beyaki. EW

  25. WHUT November 15, 2011

    Time to search? B**** this the headline story LOL. and pressed? nada I’m chilling listening to the queen of the game as I type on this bum bish moderators hate pit of a site. Dont worry tho a Rihanna story will be next cause that’s the only person that matters right now boo.

  26. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Do you have alzheimer? The kelly stans were the one calling RTW a flop while praising Motivation chart run.Please take an adele seized seat

  27. SWAGGAKIDD November 15, 2011


  28. Peggysue November 15, 2011


  29. YOOSONDALOOSE November 15, 2011

    WOWOWOWOW! Very deserving, a great song!

  30. REAL November 15, 2011

    On rnb charts? Chile, Beyonce is on a decline. It took this long, and its just on the freakkin Rnb charts? lol.

  31. Gettinitin November 15, 2011

    Flop. I thought this era would produce at least 1 real #1 hit on billboard 100

    Rihanna has far surpased this b****. Bey will never catch up. rnb chart #1 is a mere pat on the back. Rihanna runs this town tonight

  32. lmao rihanna navy!! 11 #1 but where is that money?? November 15, 2011

    1 850 000$/week (when she takes a year off)

    Beyonce is the highest paid performer in the world THIS YEAR (with NO WORLD TOUR), earning $113,000 per MINUTE!

    The fact that Beyonce made more money from her performances w/o any kind of tour than your fave(gaga,rihanna,britney,katy­…) on a world tour is the best shade EVER! you mad?

    WHERE YALL MONEY??? BrokeNavy?

  33. Callingoutflops November 15, 2011

    RIHANNA #1s on hot 100>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce struggling for one #1 on rnb charts.

  34. Gigi November 15, 2011

    I remember the days when R&B charts mattered to black folks. And you wonder why R&B died.

  35. commanderofthedancefloor November 15, 2011

    the title is very misleading. lol

    but congrats to bey, she is looking s*** as can be in this photo.

  36. TRUTH November 15, 2011

    LMAO, honey. Recognize fact. Miss Bey is Miss Yesterday. Urban and gay is her only audience now.

  37. Get Real November 15, 2011

    I like that song, more than the video, but still.

  38. lololol November 15, 2011

    Call me when Bey gets a REAL #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. commanderofthedancefloor November 15, 2011

    i was rooting for countdown to go #1 but looks like the beehive is not supporting beys singles like they should be. not even supporting her album like they should be! no shade intended

  40. WHUT November 15, 2011

    Maybe she cant take all that supposed money she making and pay off a few radio stations to play her weak ass records hun!!! Then maybe she may break the hot 100 LMAO!! This b****….call it a day Bey just pack it in we wont judge you!!

  41. Tc23 November 15, 2011

    jumping to #1 on the urban chart and 87 to 54 on the hot 100 hmmm .. Party has kinda been the silent climber not bad especially since she hasn’t really been doing anything since the vmas in august .. Anyway I’m kind of over the 4 era it was a cute album it was number 1 (so it didn’t mess up her streak) and it got her the critical acclaim she wanted but now its time I actually think she takes a page from rihannas book but NOT in singing and dancing and PLEASE not in material but in the idea if it aint broke don’t fix it .. Good for her for trying somethin a lil different but beyonce needs to remember she’s a performer first (I also give her a lil bit of break because she was pregnant most of this era) but even if she wasn’t she couldn’t go as hard as bey can with the material on 4 .. I want her 2 have her baby get her body together and continue snatching wigs only like bey can

  42. Crave November 15, 2011

    @tc23 so true and very well said

  43. Rihanna is a GIMMICK November 15, 2011

    Beyonce 4 #1 albums & 16 grammys& 75 million WW>Rihanna 5 non #1 & 4 grammys ^& 25 millioin ww.

  44. Alex November 15, 2011

    I love Beyonce but her ‘stans’ are a flop! the should rehquest her singles more !!! but yeah congrats she has 2 songs on BB Hot 100 (party(50) gonna be in top 40 next week and countdown too) . much love for the baby

  45. WHUT November 15, 2011

    LOL @ 75 mil WW we be counting Destiny’s Child now? This cant be life.

  46. Alex November 15, 2011

    I’m a rihanna stan and i don’t see why all the other riri fans always looking at beyonce?? why yall so insecure?? @WHUT

  47. KC November 15, 2011


  48. WHUT November 15, 2011

    Insecure naw, just bored pointing out the double standards. Not my fault Beyonce fans cant take.

  49. copi November 15, 2011

    lol @thatflopjuice celebrating this Flop, a flop is a flop.
    Yeah, call me when that b**** gets a #1 hot song

  50. PAT November 15, 2011

    ok beyonce stans…take it like a man…yall dawged kelly for an r and b number one on billboard, when no one even knows what this chart is…….#imjussayin

  51. skintightjeans November 15, 2011

    These h*** wigs are lopsided because they hating on Queen BEY! Look at all that fierce sitting in that chair up there you broke h***!!

  52. BC November 15, 2011

    u take the time out of ur day to come on here and comment so u obviously r a fan. u could certainly be somewhere else.

    anyway YESSS Bey will always get those #1s. albums,song,DVDs,perfumes,movies etc.

  53. James227 November 15, 2011

    Urban = R&B someone said Urban ain’t s***. Well how come in the at the awards shows Rihanna is in the R&B category and it seems to never be a problem. But now it’s Beyonce it ain’t s***. You kids are just to much.

  54. Bridgette November 15, 2011

    I just looked on the Urban Chart and she is number 2.

  55. BC November 15, 2011

    is 4 her biggest commercial album? NO
    is 4 a success in general? YES
    Haters will be even more mad when ASIB comes out and when she has that #1 tour and a new #1 album out.
    2012 should have
    #1 movie,new album and new #1 singles.
    but anyway shes accomplished plenty. if she was 2 sit do nothing else her work already would speak 4 its self. like now

  56. Onyx November 15, 2011

    Urban chart that does not count, well i guess is more than nothing, Sam is happy, he make this post thinking (finally something for the haters), a lots artists have number one songs in the Urban chart as well as in the Hot Dance Club Songs, one of the last remaining Billboard charts. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL.

  57. James227 November 15, 2011

    sorry: by

  58. lincy November 15, 2011

    when queen kelly rowland was one on rnb chart,you guys were saying that it aint s***,but now that this flopp is one,you guys are all like eh king beyanka as done it again.fake bumb b****

  59. @TEAMFOXYDONDIVA November 15, 2011

    yes bey, f*** rihanna navy

  60. @TEAMFOXYDONDIVA November 15, 2011

    Lincy f*** you and your hater mother /… b****** is so madd!!

  61. S*** (U MAD?) November 15, 2011

    #YASSSSS B******

    My Alarm Went Off & PARTY Woke my Ass Up!!!!!!!

    B**** just Taking A Break from being the QUEEN OF POP (with IASF) to go back to being QUEEN OF R&B (with 4)!!!!

    PARTY is Coming for MOTIVATION’S Wig!

    WHEN yo FAVS?? 🙂

  62. BC November 15, 2011

    and yes urban chart matters when u r an urban artist. Beyonce is so it does.

  63. Speechless November 15, 2011

    LOL since when does urban radio count towards getting a grammy???? Sam please answer me this.

  64. hey November 15, 2011

    *sniff sniff* I smell GRAMMYS! Meanwhile your faves are getting Nickelodeon awards 🙁

  65. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    4 is not selling.we got it now leave beyonce’s post alone.
    Bey has been a flop since “videophone flopped”.AInt nothing new with that b******* but you Slutanna listeners need to takke your ass out of Beyonce’s post.

    Did beyonce showed her saggy titties in her videos to get a #1? NO
    Did beyonce paid radios stations to get a “1? NO
    Did beyonce used her past abuse relationship in her video to get a #1? NO
    Is beyonce begging and requesting DJ to play her songs on twitter ? NO.

    So you sons of deaf b******,go listen to sheepanna dreadful recycled crap and get out of here.

    SMH those kids seems to forget that Beyonce’s husband found this goat in a hopeless farm and gave her the chance of her life ➡ ➡

  66. BC November 15, 2011

    no need 2 worry. Bey knows what 2 do

  67. Onyx November 15, 2011

    LMAO Someone called Beyonce (Queen of Pop), what makes me laugh is that Beyonce’s name and the nickname Queen of Pop does not fits together, even the Combination refuses to make look good this name and this nickname. One more time this is so funny….Beyonce Queen of Pop.

  68. TruthTeller November 15, 2011

    How is 4 a success?
    It flopped out of the mediatraffic chart without even reaching 1.9 million album sold.
    Even Rated R reached 2.5 Million sold on mediatraffic before dropping off the chart.

    Time for Beyonce to retire.

  69. BC November 15, 2011

    Bey dont just do pop. she sings other genres too. she just the Queen period. is that better?

  70. BC November 15, 2011

    Beyonce’s “4” is the Best-Selling R&B Album of 2011 in the US. It sold 893 023 copies thus far.
    Beyonce’s “4″ is the 7th best-selling album of the year in the US with 893 000 copies sold thus far.
    thats why its a success

  71. S*** (U MAD?) November 15, 2011

    Beyonce getting REAL music to #1 on ANY chart in today’s Time >>>> Rihanna getting GENERIC Ish to #1 on BB Hot 100 🙂

  72. truciebedford November 15, 2011

    Wow finally, and sadly its only on the urban charts. LOL whatever. Now her stans can rejoice.

  73. S*** (U MAD?) November 15, 2011

    900K HERE WE COME! 🙂


  74. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    #HUSH H**!

  75. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    I had a few chuckles reading this post…….

    so now we’re bragging about the urban charts?

    ok congrats beyonce…

    i dont want to hear s*** from any of the stans talking about the urban charts, r&b charts, the dance charts dont mean s***…

  76. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    B**** HUSH


  77. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    B**** what has JASMINE STRUGGLIN Done for R&b LATELY????

  78. Bobby Bulgaria November 15, 2011

    Ha ha ha… 🙂

  79. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011

    #YASSSSS B******

    My Alarm Went Off & PARTY Woke my Ass Up!!!!!!!

    B**** just Taking A Break from being the QUEEN OF POP (with IASF) to go back to being QUEEN OF R&B (with 4)!!!!

    PARTY is Coming for MOTIVATION’S Wig!

    WHEN yo FAVS??

  80. Miss Thang November 15, 2011

    Every since this “Loud” era came about, some of her stans have been cocky as all hell. They better pray “Talk that Talk” matches up to “Loud” success, because they’re going to catch hell from other stans if it doesn’t.

    Congratulations to Bey. I find it funny some Rihanna stans are saying the urban chart doesn’t mean anything, but were boosting to high heavens when Rihanna won an R&B award at the Ama’s 😆

  81. AYNON November 15, 2011

    LOL ‘KAT DELUNA FAN’ – Beyonce has been a flop since video phone….

    beyonce is by no stretch of the imagination a ‘flop’ 310,000 albums in one week is a flop when riri has never TOUCHED that. over 1 million in 5 months without a single hit! a FLOP.

    when bey was 23 she had 8 grammys riri has 4 to date…now bey has 16 lets see if she can win 12 grammys in 7 years.

    something tells me she aint gonna do it with song lyrics like

    ‘suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion’

    when riri is singing at the inauguration, and being beamed out to the international space station and is headlining glastonbury THEN you can say she’s on par with bey.

    until then…


    riri has a chance now bey will be out of the game again for a year or 2 lets see what she does with it.

  82. Bobby Bulgaria November 15, 2011

    I haven’t even HEARD about that Beyonce song…

    Well, I guess her last album is not very relevant and played on the radios in Europe…


  83. Lucifer November 15, 2011

    It is still a relative failure. Despite debuting @ #1, which was expected, it quickly fell down the charts (as predicted) & has yet to sell more than 1 million copies. She has yet to score a Top 10 on the Hot 100. Altho not a disastrous flop – it is still a flop *for her*.

  84. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    beyonce is not the queen of pop..i dont give a f*** how delusional yall stans are..shes not anywhere near queen status in the pop world..

    in the hell even in the r&b world alicia keys is shitting on her so…..

    yes, when u put beyonce up against the ashanties, ciaras, jazmine, jill, heather, brandys, monicas..yes shes the queen of r&b..

    but of course if ur not kissing beyonces ass it has to be deep hatred…..

  85. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 15, 2011

    Sam you dogged other people for making #1 on the Urban charts but being unseen on every other chart, so the one with egg on their face is you.

    Congrats to Beyonce, can’t lie I’m surprised since the song is kinda meh. I figured at least Countdown would get her on Billboard.

  86. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011

    @RATED R

    Only in your DELUDED Mind is HOWL-icia OFF-Keys the Head of R&B or DRUGney the QOP. 😕

    Alicia is NO WHERE Near Bey’s LEVEL Dear not even in the R&B World. CANT Sing for s*** like Bey, Her ALBUMS are Nowwhere near Bey’s, B**** can compete with Beys Grammys (ill give her that), & Shes good with a Piano but Not on BEY STATUS QOU & NEVER even came Close.


    1) BEY
    2) MJB
    3) A.KEYS
    4) The Monica/Ashanti/ & Brandys of the world 🙂

  87. laos November 15, 2011

    she may be the queen of hearts, but imma be the queen of your body parts, no one can do you the way that I dooo boy I want youuuuuuuuuuuuu! I love the second verse and when they add that sparkly sound effect, it sounds like the homerun bat from supersmash brothers(a video game for the wii) and a homerun this song is, very missy elliot, video gotta be on point though and I picture something better than s&m.,,this is and where have you been should be easy number ones, and we all want love is good, especially if she reveals she has Justin bieber on it!!!well I really hear justin, im guessing at least 4 more number ones this era and im counting princess of china, take care could do well, only time will tell, things are looking bright for little miss music of the sun.

  88. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    LMAO how is it a failure when a random songs for her album is #1 on the urban chart?




    Those kids are hilarious,last year it was :” Gaga is slaying Beyonce” ” Gaga is the new queen of pop” then “Adele is the savior” now “Rihanna slays X/Y” B**** please.

    l’ve been on the net for a long time and l know how some of you ignorants fools jump from artist to artist when they get a #1 here on there.A damn shame.

    Beyonce era is a mess.As a bey’s fan l totally upset at the management,promotion and everything but l wont stan for the first untalented h** showing her c******,wearing weird outfits,dying her hair pink or selling 100 k per week JUST BECAUSE……………

    Get you stanlife together

    Who cares? she is the King and Queen you’ve been checkin for years here ➡

    l know right

    we’ll see

  89. S***(U Mad?) November 15, 2011


    Queen Bey and the Bee Hive will be accepting donations towards 4flop

    We are trying to get it to reach 1 million copies HELP!

    I been worried bout da Queen cause she fading

    I been sitting here in my funky drawers with my breath smelling like S***(see my username) worried bout her downfall & flop ass album 🙂

  90. dulce November 15, 2011

    yes ya’ll h*** better stay mad! you rihanna stans should stfu b/c if she doesnt hit #1 or sell over 300k with her new album she will officially be considered a flop. there’s no reason for her not to get either one of these

  91. Teyah November 15, 2011

    So “Party” is #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Songs chart and ya’ll complaining its not enough? LOL. “Motivation” was #1 on the same chart and ya’ll were cheering for that flop Kelly! And to Rihanna’s delusional fans this won’t be the only #1 from the ‘4’ era. I’m ready for Bey to slay us with “End of Time” next year! “End of Time”, “Schoolin’ Life” and “I Was Here” videos have not been released yet and won’t be on the ‘Live at Roseland’ DVD. Meaning that they will be singles next year!

  92. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    let me break it down for the slow ass stans who are so far up her ass that all they taste is b*******…

    4 is considered to be a flop because of beyonces status….

    .yes if ciara, keri, jazmine, ashanti, fantasia, jill, so on, had 4 numbers it wouldnt not be considered to be a flop..why?

    because beyonce suppose to be queen of everything, pop, r&b, rock, classical, heavy metal, country.. so on…she suppose to be on michael jacksons level..hell better than michael..

    bottom line for somebody of her status, she should not be doing those numbers…since shes suppose to better better and above everybody else..

  93. dmb November 15, 2011

    You cant just release EVERY song from an album, and when they all flop say ‘oh they weren’t singles’

    #1 on Urban chart means s***. Party is the worst song on the album, BY FAR!

    Whilst 4 is a flop, I still think its her best album.

  94. Teyah November 15, 2011

    To the haters who are saying she can’t get a #1 on the Hot 100 with this era, that’s because Beyonce went R&B/soul with ‘4’ and Rihanna went pop with Loud, making it easier for her to get a #1 on the mainstream charts!

    Now that Talk That Talk has leaked and the BeyHive have been busy spreading links. I can’t wait to see RiRi flop! hahahaha

  95. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    personally i dont give a f*** if beyonce is number one on the lesser charts….

    its the double standard that pisses me off…i seem to remember people saying the urban charts dont mean s***, the r&b charts dont mean s***,

    but now the same people are bragging about the urban charts…

    I chuckled

  96. K-Love November 15, 2011

    OMG….. It’s always about B against Ri Ri!!!!! PLEASE RiRi CAN”T SING OR DANCE!!! CAN YOU SAY BORING!!!!!!! They are not even in the same lane…. EVERYBODY knows that ….. Ms Fenty is the IT girl now and she is a hook girl… PLEASE!!! get a grip and stop hating on B and how about all the haters RETIRE your wack ass comments… LMAO

  97. The Naked Truth November 15, 2011


    but it’s nothing for the stans to be BRAGGING about….the same Stans were SHADING Kelly for her #1 on the Urban Charts…

  98. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    so let me get this straight….

    people are haters for saying 4 didnt do good numbers..but ur on here wishing rihannas new album to flop….?

    this is why people dont take the beyonce stans seriously..

    u calling people haters, but wishing failure on others?

  99. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    2 R&B HITS IN A ROW: BTINH(#5) & PARTY(#1)

    In an ERA when R&B is at the Bottom of the Food chain!!!!



    B**** you spend way to much Effort into PATROLLING This Blog!

    B**** go GET LAYED!!

    (Or atleast go Figure Yourself being your TOO FAT & lazy to get out the HOUSE!!!!!

  100. College girl November 15, 2011

    There’s really no other very popular artist out right now so I would expect it to go #1.

  101. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


  102. Tommy November 15, 2011

    Until someone can show me someone who can sing, dance, put on a live show and make a album better then Beyoonce then maybe she won’t be the Queen anymore.

  103. Onyx November 15, 2011

    I’m not cheekin nobody, i didn’t know she was so loved and famous until i meet this site, of course i know her before but i didn’t know some people considered her to be a Queen, i mean to me she was another singer.

  104. chile please November 15, 2011

    SHETT that shyt up!!! WHO RUN THE WORLD was no more of an r and b song than SINGLE LADIES was……SINGLE LADIES was just great and WRTW happened to be garbage. Please retire the “this was an r and b album excuse”. Even if it was, Beyonce was supposed to be a big enough star to get those r and b songs into the top 10 of the Hot 100 and it didnt happen. CASE CLOSED. Now congrats on her urban number 1. ( no matter how silly it sounds.)

  105. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    B****, it is Beys *STATUS* thats selling 4 you DUB H**!!

    NOT anything else really since R&B isnt no longer Popular right now. Its her NAME that sold 2 MILLION, Something that others mentioned Cannot do!!!


    Can I have the LINK to TTT???? 😕

  106. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    @ s***..

    ur the main reason why beyonce pads her stomach..the main reason y she has a bodyguard…

    the main reason why she hardly interacts with her fans face to face..

  107. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    do me a favor and go choke on a d***..ur irking my nerves with ur crazy..

  108. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011



    RTW is way more RISKY & LESS CATCHY which is why it went Over PPL’S Heads which is Whats Beys MUSIC is, shes always been Daring & Next LVL.

    If AIR HEADS like you can Appreciate REAL MUSIC then so be it.


  109. Tc23 November 15, 2011

    I’m so glad thatgrapejuice added that lil thing at the end .. Beyonces album 4 has been a quiet consistent seller .. I can’t wait for the billboard year end charts to come out because I think many ppl (haters and stans) are gna be surprised at how much of a flop 4 isn’t

  110. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 15, 2011

    Why do people always say ‘Beyonce isn’t getting #1’s because she’s making R n B music!’ like that’s a good defense. I just keep hearing it from her fans. Arent you guys then just basically saying if Beyonce doesn’t make the music that’s the flavor of the moment then essentially her music is mediocre? I mean you guys basically admitted she sold the initial million off her name but since then the album has failed to reach a larger audience. Frankly that sounds like Beyonce is in Ciara’s position.

    Just saying…good music is good music. If it’s good in any genre then it usually becomes popular and reaches a large audience. I think the problem is while the album may be R n B, her music has been kind of basic. at least in terms of singles.

  111. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    Srry, @S*** tends to have that affect on ppl. 😥

    TISSUE??? 😐

  112. BC November 15, 2011

    u call Jat z and kanye not popular?
    GET OUT!
    just go on ahead and sit on down. u always takin bout how bad Bey stans r but yet u on here commenting with us. go 2 da Rihanna Post with that. go look up the definition of flop cus u dont know it.

  113. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    & Bey outsold WATCH THE THRONE Last Wk & NOT to mention ALL The PPL she Outsold with an R&B ALBUM!!! (COUGH BRITNEY, CHRIS BROWN, XTINA, KELLY ETC) 😐

    4 Sells is consistant with B’DAYs initial sells & RATED Rs sells!!!

  114. BC November 15, 2011

    Bey aint getin #1s cus single choice and her peeps and her r doin things right. not necessarily cus the genre. but it does have a little 2 with it. its an urban album and it producing urban hits.

  115. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Save those bs to someone else.Bey was famous before internet became vulgar .You are lookin just ridiculous now but Ok do you .your opinion has been heard.Bye

    Are you serious? B stans are bragging? you are so bipolar than you will make Nicki minaj seems on Einstein level.

    A beyonce’s album track get to #1.A website made a post about it and the stans are congratulating B.Normal..where’s the bragging?

    Lmao at you acting like we are bullying the rih’s stans when they are the one coming with comment like “Oh only the urban chart,why not the HOT 100 like rih ?”

    Blaming Bey and chris brown stans for everything wont make your fave and theirs happen boo boo #justsayin

  116. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    now r&b is not selling anymore because 4 didnt do good on the charts?

    umm shouldnt that album sell on beyonces name alone?

    i mean she is the only talented person in the whole world right?

    shes the only person who can pop her c******, while singing live, right?

    praise beysus

  117. Crave November 15, 2011

    @Thosethatcannotdo,stan come on now I’m not even a bey fan and I kno the kind of music u put effects the kind of success u have .. I hate brining in rihanna but rihanna has had a lot of success with uptempto songs .. She releases man down and california king bed and they FLOPPED .. Its not jus about the kind of music its about what ppl expect from the artist .. When an artist like beyonces last number 1 single ladies completely shut the world down ppl aren’t expectin an album like 4 .. Yes good music is good music but as many artists find out ppl don’t always buy good music

  118. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @Those That Cannot Do, Stan

    Everyone was expecting more pop from Beyonce following the success she had with the ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’ era. But she went back to R&B/soul with ‘4’ and if your smart then you’ll know that R&B isn’t popular anymore. That’s why there isn’t any R&B songs in the top-ten on the Billboard Hot 100! And puh-lease she is NOT in Ciara’s position! ‘4’ is close to selling 1 million in the US, while Ciara’s ‘Basic instinct’ and ‘Fantasy Ride’ are no where near selling 1 million LMAO!

  119. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    Well can you EXPLAIN the Success of IASF Then, It wasnt tht long ago.

    Nottice any DIFFRENCES B/W 4 & IAS????


    How you Answer will determine your COMMON SENSE lvl 🙂

  120. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Oh plz this album is a flop!!!!

  121. BC November 15, 2011


  122. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Beyonces best album was DIL

    Rihanna’s LOUD sold way faster than ISAF
    Talk that talk will slay 4

    Hell 4 prob wont even slay rated R 🙂

  123. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    dead at ur comment..,….umm im a big chris brown how did i come at his fans?,,so u fail on that,,

    and ur were one of the ones who claimed r&b charts didnt mean s***, when kelly had that number 1 single on there…

    u seem to have that a hit dog will holler syndrome…

    u love to see me comment i see..i bet u cant wait to get on that grape juice to see my name…

  124. Davey November 15, 2011

    @crave yess and shitty music makes it the the top consistently so that good music is good music crap is just that .. Crap … Thank god for adele cuz she’s the only artist really making it big without the watered down crap .. Yes adele has some pop overtones which gives her crossover appeal but she’s one of the few young ppl with actual TALENT doing it big

  125. BC November 15, 2011

    Rihanna stans are bi polar

  126. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug)

    Yeah R&B isn’t popular anymore and the ‘4’ era would’ve been slaying if her team had picked the right singles. I think everyone just stopped caring after “Run the World (Girls)” was released. Not everyone liked that. Then she released “Best Thing I Never Had” which everyone called a flop version of “Irreplacable”. If only she had released “End of Time” as the first single, things might have been different. And Beyonce is one of those artists who slays with her live performances. And theres no tour for this era because she’s pregnant, and that’s another reason why her singles aren’t doing good. She isn’t out there much promoting. Britney Spears is like the only artist who slays by her name.

  127. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    poor little tink tink..

    trying so hard to fit in the beyonce stans circle so they dont bash kat deluna..

    grow some self esteem boo..

  128. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Spank my ass 🙂

  129. BC November 15, 2011

    3 million in US
    7.5 million WW
    1.4 million US
    5.5 million WW
    Kerry hope is dat more? lol

  130. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    B**** STFD!

    All your doing is MAKING FUN of Rih Stans (& Sadly you’re doing a damn GOOD JOB!) 😕

  131. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 15, 2011

    She’s in Ciara’s position in the sense that she made a big splash, sold her highest numbers, then her singles were basically just…not really embraced by audiences. I don’t really buy the pop vs. R n B argument because:1. B’s a huge star as everyone keeps saying. She’s not some small potatoes who needs a really successful single or else they vanish. 2. How much of her fanbase is black? Because I doubt the people who made Party #1 on Urban Charts were checking for some pop songs.

    Also…all the music she’s released as singles are basically just like new versions of older songs. The only songs that have a true R n B sound are Party and Love on Top. Everything else is Pop.

  132. Freddy November 15, 2011

    awww the rihanna stans are cute thinking they can compare the two HAHA beyonce can flop from here on out and we discount ALL of her solo success (the number one albums, sold out tours, 16 grammys etc.) and she would still go down as the lead singer of the BIGGEST SELLING girl group of all time .. But yea rihanna has 11 number one singles (half being features)and had two albums out of 5 with ww sales of over 5 million none of which have ever been number one LOL like are u guys serious?? I mean really ..

  133. Onyx November 15, 2011

    Ridiculous, do you see your name KAT DELUNA FAN, is not Kat Deluna the worst part, is FAN, you should be ashamed, like a say Beyonce was famous befeore but i didn’t know she was so loved until i meet TGJ. Now bye bye baby keep Talking….Talk that Talk.

  134. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Your sales for loud is pityful, loud is increasing 🙂


    You turn out be the best thing I never had 🙂

  135. 4 is EPIC November 15, 2011

    Y’all dumb b****** must not realize party is an urban single!!!!! And the last time I checked a #1 is a #1.!!! *begins singing I was here*

  136. Kevin November 15, 2011

    @thosecannotdostan umm ciara aint never performed at the white house, 4 back to back number one albums, has the most grammys of any female ever, and has ppl like diana ross, prince, patti labelle, barbara streistrand and stevie wonder praising her talent .. B**** bye

  137. BC November 15, 2011

    Britney FF is not selling. it only did about 700k ion the US. Britney needed 2 promote. thats all.
    with the hits it had it should be out selling 4 but it cant touch 4 in sales.

  138. Tk November 15, 2011

    It’s just so funny how there”s still some B stans who refuse to except the fact the 4 underperformed majorly..choose to call it a flop, or not!! Fact is not many people are checkin for her as in the past, point, blank period!! Now u can lie to urself, Stan 5x harder, cuss folks out, label them haters..u know, ur typical behavior (smh), however it’s not gonna change the fact that B is just in good ole fashion decline, and most people (NOT STANS) have seen, or heard all they want from her!! Accept it, live with it, and move on!! 🙂

  139. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    r&b is still selling..yes its not as popular as pop is right now, thats why alot of r&b artists jumps on the pop band wagon..

    buts its still selling, hence the r&b charts..

    like i stated earlier…4 is not a flop for the keris, jazmine, ciara ect..

    but for beyonces status, it is a flop..

    because its struggling to go platinum in the U.S…and beyonces main market is the U.S market

  140. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @Those That Cannot Do, Stan

    She IS NOT in Ciara’s position! Ciara had flop singles/albums. Beyonce has only had flop singles except for “Party”. ‘4’ didn’t flop but people keep saying it did because the first two singles didn’t do well. They need to go back to school!

  141. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011



    Beyonce 4 is flopping harder than you know it, and if it wasnt for Destiny’s child she would not have all those grammy let alone paid for them 🙂

  142. BC November 15, 2011

    its my Birthday yall!

  143. DTG November 15, 2011

    Do you IDIOT ASS R****** Rihanna stans honestly think that Beyonce COULDN’T call up Dr. Luke, RedOne or find some cheesy euro-dance/pop producer and record a faggoty, by-the-numbers, “turn your brain off” synth-pop song for all the white (and wannabe white) q***** and their fat, ugly f** hags to twirl around to that would race to the top of the Hot 100 if she wanted to? LMAO! What a bunch of clowns you are.

    Beyonce is black. She remembered she is black and recorded an album of black music, and is now #1 on the R&B chart. To be #1 on ANY Billboard chart is an achievement. Unlike Rihanna’s corny “what color is she supposed to be again?” ass, Beyonce has proved that she’s no sell out and remained genuine to her audience and genre…despite how dance and electropop is all the rage right now (why it’s all the rage, I have no idea, because it’s corny, lame and gay as f***.) Beyonce could white wash her sound and out-Rihanna Rihanna with some STUPID, corny throwaway, barely-written pop s*** like “We Found Love” will be forgotten in a year if she wanted it that damn bad, but obviously that’s not what’s pressing to her.

    Beyonce is on her fourth #1 album (something Rihanna has yet to do), sells out venues in record time (seconds) — while Rihanna practically has to give her tickets away to get them to sell, is the most powerful and PAID female in music (something that flash-in-the-pan Rihanna will NEVER be), is about to do a movie with Clint Eastwood…AND…is about to have a child. Do you honestly think Bey is somewhere Boo-hooing over not having a damn Hot 100 single? LMAO! She’s been to the top of the charts before. She know what it feels like. It ain’t her drug. Maybe that s*** is pressing for some untalented, large foreheaded Barbadian s*** dog who can barely speak, let alone sing, and will be forgotten as soon as the next open-mouthed s*** who can’t sing or perform is plucked out of obscurity for the sake of making label execs some quick cash…but Beyonce is beyond that being the focal point of her being.

  144. I’m a Rhi-Tard and you will deal! November 15, 2011

    Becareful about THE GRAPE JUICE that you guys are drinking cause the s*** you read on here is sour…lol..Beyonce isnt #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This album has bombed commercially for Beyonce big time. Rihanna is slaying this h**

  145. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    Beys sells are a DIRECT representation of the TYPE of music she puts out!!!

    NOT the Quality of work (if that were the case the singles would go atleast top 5) or Relevance/being washed up (If that was the case MARIAH would have NEVER made that Comeback)

    HOW MANY times do the haters have hear this B4 they finally Get it??

    The SECOND Bey releases a GENERIC (or close to it) Single, it will go STR8 to #1. (see Rihanna) 🙂

  146. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Thats all 🙂

  147. Vinny November 15, 2011

    @kerry she won 3 in destinys child and 13 on her own ummmm what r u talkin about .. #andtheysaybeystansarepressed

  148. BC November 15, 2011


  149. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug)

    Its selling but if it don’t make the top-ten on the Hot 100, people just assume its a flop. And most people know Beyonce as a pop artist. She went R&B/soul with this era that’s why its her slowest selling album to date. But ‘4’ is close to selling 1 million in the US. And once this baby comes, sales will go up even more. Plus she’s got this ‘Live at Roseland’ dvd coming out later this month.

  150. cebodiva November 15, 2011

    lmao! haha it was officially released that Beyonces ‘4’ was no7 on the best albums of 2011 and no1 on the best rnb albums of 2011 so far…and yes NO1…adele is on the soul genre with her too good deep music (Damn tht girl had me in tears this year)! B said 4 isnt about singles hence releasing videos simultaneously! Uhm…with NO single Bees album spent 36weeks at top…and riri had 35weeks on the no1spot with her single but no hit album?! B****** and haters be trippin, B went platinum already… we hopin for Diamond now and her concert dvd always slays, dont trip. B is #1 in this RnB game…fall back* results will be released on Billboard and all yall will recognise the power of B and her Revolution :D…I hate no musician but pls let’s not say Riri is thee best, she can’t sing nor dance…but she has the look! Plain simple* oh and BTW B has sold 75mil records sold…:) Meh

  151. Katie November 15, 2011

    @freddy I always laugh behind my computer when I see the rihanna stans on bey posts .. poor kids dnt even kno wat true success really looks like

  152. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011



    You act like beyonce does all the work, Yes she can sing, yes she can dance, and perform thats it. She doesnt write her music and fact she steals 🙂

    🙂 Diva (Keri Hilson) 🙂

  153. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    so now we going to compare somebody who has sold over 100 million to somebody who has sold over 40 million..

    ok thats vey smart

  154. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Spank me and hush

  155. Teyah November 15, 2011


    Preach! LOL

  156. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    Well thats a STEP UP from Rihanna 😉

  157. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    beyonce did not sell no damn 75 million…not as a single artist she didnt……

    yes she has 14 grammys,,,but she did not sell no damn 75 million on her own…

  158. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    LOL you don’t have proof she doesn’t write her own music. Your just taking other people’s word for it!

  159. BC November 15, 2011

    @DTG had me weak
    Do you IDIOT ASS R****** Rihanna stans honestly think that Beyonce COULDN’T call up Dr. Luke, RedOne or find some cheesy euro-dance/pop producer and record a faggoty, by-the-numbers, “turn your brain off” synth-pop song for all the white (and wannabe white) q***** and their fat, ugly f** hags to twirl around to that would race to the top of the Hot 100 if she wanted to? LMAO! What a bunch of clowns yo

  160. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    So sit down
    Fix me coffee
    And hush 🙂

  161. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    the beyonce stans needs to stop with all these fake numbers…

    and i wouldnt brag about billboard when they were the same one who made up a fake award to give to her…

    beyonce has accomplished alot, but im not going to give the broad fake credits for stuff she didNT do or earn on her own..


  162. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Be cafeful, i have killer lips and I’m not afriad to kiss the hell outta ya 🙂
    Everybody and their momma know that, if not write she steals 🙂

  163. Ricky November 15, 2011

    I’m not here for the constant rihanna versus beyonce crap .. I jus wana say I appreciate beyonce for her album 4 .. When I heard run the world I dismissed her the same way I have rihanna and many other chicks in the business for basically jus recycling the same sound and either adding a guitar riff or change styles and call it evolving, and beyonce had stopped evolving to me .. However I was soo pleasantly shocked and in awe when I heard 4 .. She was actually using her voice as an instrument and the songs were jus powerful to me .. Growth and evolving always comes with a risk and this album not selling millions like all her previous albums is a risk she took .. I just don’t want her to get scared back into following trends .. She needs to keep the mindset she’s in and keep trying things cuz no maybe she wnt have the hot single of the week but it will be appreciated in the long run

  164. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    You NEVER answered my Question B**** so Ill answer it 4u!! 🙂

    IASF Demographic consisted of EVERYONE:

    (Old, Young, Pop Fans, Adult Cont audiences, Hiphop/R&B Fans) Black White, Asian etc

    Now What demographic does 4 Cater Too??

    BLACK, Old school, R&B Fans & Mature audiences. Thats it really 😕


  165. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011



    fake false numbers ineed(cough @BC)

  166. Tk November 15, 2011

    @S***…stop it!! Her not selling s*** has little to do with the genre of music!! I wouldn’t exactly call IASF POP!! Also, regardless, a Queen should be able to sell any type of music because she is that influential, and her fanbase that far reaching-which its not!!!

    That just to to show that save mainstream (white america), and her gay stans..she is nothing!!! And as far as mainstream audience, lets just say that ship has sailed…accept it, or not!! Hel, even her gay fanbase(kiddz) is dwindling!! Many are just outgrowing her, and moving past the ‘fierce phase’ of their lives, while other’s simply dont view her: a rather haggard, visably aging, bloated, MARRIED former super-star, as the ish any longer!! R-E-A-L T-A-L-K!!!!

  167. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug)

    LMAO she has sold 75 million records as a solo artist. Records includes albums, singles, master ringtones, music dvds & music videos. And she has won 16 Grammys! 13 as a solo artist and 3 with Destiny’s Child. If your a featured artist on someone’s song and you win a grammy for it, it counts as your grammy too. If you were a member of a group and you win a grammy with the group, then it counts as your grammy too! Clearly YOU ARE DELUSIONAL and I just wasted my time talking to you!

  168. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    what makes yall think if beyonce did a dance album she was gonna sell more records…..come on now….

    lets keep it 100

    always some f****** excuse to why 4 didnt sell… wasnt pop
    2.she didnt promote it
    3.she didnt choose the right single wasnt a dance album
    5.shes black

    i mean damn can yall accept the fact people just not feeling her as much anymore?

  169. Music4U November 15, 2011


  170. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    TALK THAT TALK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4 🙂

  171. Ryan November 15, 2011

    @ricky YASSSSSSS

  172. COOCHIENESS November 15, 2011

    *fixes hair*
    *checks mirror*
    *looks at nails*


    First of All! This is Coochieness and are my bangs not working for you Copycatter ass H*** out there tryna Copy/Paste a b****.And for my Mac users: tryna Command-C Command-V a b****.


    You will NAWT talk about Queen-motherfucking-Bey with those nappy bangs you got on your head.

    No Ma’am,No Girl

    Party motherfucking slayed this chart girl and you motherfucking stans will deal!Now y’all sit your copycatter ass down before I slay a b**** with my bangs.

  173. Benji November 15, 2011

    @ricky I wish I could kiss u .. U took the words right out of my mouth

  174. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    I need a Kiss Dammit 🙁

  175. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    You can kiss me instead 🙂

  176. BC November 15, 2011

    Who else has 16 Grammy’s, 4 #1 Albums & The Millennium award?

  177. Lax November 15, 2011

    @KERRY JOHNSON,,,,You Behave Yourself Now??? You have me crying with Laughter, i mean you or to Funny,,,,ROTF,,,,LMAO

  178. Kev November 15, 2011

    @ricky perfect comment

  179. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    like i said beyonce hasnt sold 75 million….i dont give a f*** how much u stans b**** and moan about how people are haters…

    she did not sell 75 million…if u break down beyonce album sales..shes not any where near 75, hell not even 50 million..

    s*** if we counting ringtones nows..souljah boy has sold over 30 million albums…

    it we suppose to count ur group sales as ur own sale..than kelly has sold over 50 million..shes not a flop

  180. Benji November 15, 2011

    Nahhh ur a rihanna stan I couldn’t take the smell of ciggs and jack daniels 😉

  181. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @Kerry Johnson

    LOL your killer lips are not gonna do anything to me! You have no proof she doesn’t write or produce her own music. You heard that from a delusional hater and just assume its true! And Beyonce doesn’t steal. She is inspired by many things. Beyonce has never said she was original. She takes inspiration from many things. And everyone including you and I have taken inspiration from somewhere, whether its magazines, movies, music etc.

  182. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011

    November 15, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    @S***…stop it!! ”

    Her not selling s*** has little to do with the genre of music!!”

    I Guess certain PPL will STAY getting the WRONG answer no matter how many times they look over your shoulder & you give them the Right one.

    POP VS R&B = IASF/21 VS 4 🙂

  183. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    LMAO!!!!!! Roger that 🙂

  184. Another Queen Will Be Born November 15, 2011

    Bobby B ,Retarded Ass Blowing X and Many More On The List Of Jealous Ass Non Mother F***** Factors,can you all tell us what ‘sthe color of her s***? I see you assholes followup on her more than her fans do.We All Know She’s The Damn Kang,that’s why yall can’t get her out of your system.Losers, we appreciate the stalkers and haters because you all remind her fanbase everyday,just how much of a star she Really Is.Otherwise you wouldn’t check for her everytime you open your eyes in the morning and go to sleep at night.We know your faves have nothing worth checking for.What A Shame! SMH!!! Get Your Dough Kang B!!!!! Noone can do it better!!!! Bow Yall Hating Asses Down To The Kang Beyotches!!!! Lmao

  185. BC November 15, 2011

    single choice is correct. but the rest aint true

  186. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    Well then b****,

    Whats YOUR “Excuse” for why 4 isnt selling what IASF Sold??? 😐

  187. Greg November 15, 2011

    @ricky yaaaaaasss flawless comment .. I really hope she continues to use her voice the way she did on 4

  188. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011

    POP VS R&B = IASF/21/LOUD VS 4 🙂

  189. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    AWWW i smell just like Beyonce’s breath in the mornings 🙂


    PLZ lol, you know what just turn around and bend over 🙂

  190. BC November 15, 2011

    IASF was pop.

  191. Follow me on twitter @PEGGYHYLTON November 15, 2011

    4is great beyonce is amazing ok we top the urban chart keep on getting it let top the hot100

  192. BC November 15, 2011

    Kerry so now u mad? u gotta start insulting Beyonce? 4 no reason?

  193. Teyah November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug)

    There is a difference betweet records and albums! Beyonce has sold 75 million records (including albums, singles, music dvds, master ringtones, music videos) as a solo artist whethere you like it or not!

  194. BC November 15, 2011

    would yall say party could of made it to #1 without a video. i would. she didn’t need J Cole remix

  195. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Calm down i’m just f****** with ya’ll delusional beyonce stans

    I got mad love for beyonce, i ain’t gone lie

  196. Vinny November 15, 2011

    damn u would swear some of u bey stans live for her .. U kno all her stats and stuff .. I think rihanna is a talentless uninspiring artist and I dnt kno S*** about her singles or albums stats .. I jus found out a week ago she never had a number one album and I could care less .. I never understand spending time on ppl u seemingly dnt like

  197. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    i have to be delusional not to agree to what ur saying? where do they do that at

    we are talking about beyonce establishment as a solo artist not as a group..hence me saying she won 14 grammys

    she didnt feature in destiny child, she was part of the group…..theres a difference between winning a grammy as a group and winning a grammy featuring on somebodys record….

  198. Lol November 15, 2011

    Guys, It’s True Beyonce isn’t doing as well as she did with her previous albums, but she isn’t considered a flop. The Media, The Industry, The Fans, Everyone has placed Beyonce high up, setting high expectations and standards on her, and since 4 hasn’t yet met those expectations, and probably won’t do either, she is just experiencing a setback in her career with mostly good moderate success. but if I may state, Beyonce did state this wasn’t about numbers, but about the music, and yes it’s true, although it’s not a amusing commercial success, it’s probably one of the best albums of the year.
    -She debuted at number 1, something your faves couldn’t possibly do.
    -Although her music leaked in 3 weeks before, she still debuted at number one.
    -One of the best selling albums of 2011 without a big hit smash single.
    -No top 20s,10’s or number 1 in the BBH100 and it’s still selling almost soon enough past 2 Million copies worldwide.
    -It’s only been out for about 4-5 months and will continue selling.

    -Bad promotion
    -Not Enough Budget Videos/Performances
    -Not Enough Interviews/Appearences/Performances.
    -Pregnency slowed her down.
    -No Tour or national concerts.
    yet still a hit album:)

    However, please Fans and Stans, don’t stay hoping for 4″ continuation next year.
    the Era is soon to be over with.
    Indications of the closing of the era are
    -Concert DVD
    -Documentery Special
    -And she has a total of 7 Videos.
    She’s done this time around.
    Don’t hold your breath on End of Time 🙁 or any other single after This Winter.
    Era Was Short Lived, but still appreciative.
    have her baby
    Attend Grammys
    Continue her mini break
    Start making A Star is born
    Recording sound track
    Gets inspired,
    Records music
    And we’ll have an album by 2013:D

  199. Tk November 15, 2011

    Teyah is very, very young I;m guessing!! Beyonce writes her stuff!! Seriosuly..U must be under a rock somewhere, hasn’t this been established for like 6 years now that she writes ABSOLUTELY nothing, but has a team of writers that she pays off to get her name on the album…like where have u been?!! And when the cases arises that the REAL WRITERS aren’t happy with the check, or she jumps the gum on getting the proper clearance form the REAL WRITERS, she consistently sued…she has shelled out millions, upon million settling lawsuits its unbeilvable!! Yeah..probally around 16!!

  200. Will B November 15, 2011

    I hardly ever comment on here and hardly ever defend Beyonce, but why are people comparing Rihanna to her? I think Rihanna makes some good music but Beyonce has been around for a long time and lets face it, Rihanna might make better sells but that doesn’t make her a better singer or a better performer than Beyonce. It’s all media-hype, flavor of the month…i.e. Herman Cain. At the end of the day Beyonce will be able to go up on stage at 60 and just sing while Rihanna at 60 would not have that luxury. No hate toward Rihanna, I think she’s good but you’re all delusional about her impact industry.

  201. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    How did 4 fall off the charts quickly if it was in top 10 For 9 consecutive weeks and 10 weeks in total and 2 weeks at no1 If anything this album is enjoyin a steady chart run. All eyes are on her sales but lif u go check billboard 200 u’d know 4 is not “flopping” on that chart, sales are generally low these times.

    Anyways congrats for this number 1. Imo, the music on urban chart top 10 is way better than the ones on bb top 10. Of course there are exceptions like Adele. To get a hit these days, you need to follow a formula. Bey is not a newbie in the industry, if u guys are so passionate about no1 on d charts go release ur own music to itunes

    I heard rihanna’s album and i thought, is this wat it takes to get multiple no 1s in short span? Is this wats popular in US now? In dat case im more than happy to enjoy flop songs by artists w/o no1. Some people put artistic integrity 1st, dats y i respect R.Kelly more than Usher now. Its not jus about numbers, there’s a logic behind it

    Beyonce’s no1 songs are FAR FAR FAR better material than all of rihanna’s. Dont take my word for it, compare the overall success of those songs in terms impact, chart run & accolades

    Bey is thinkin of long-run. Blog attackd n name-callin are here today, gone tmoro. And for those saying she’s fading/ over. How old r u? Cus every artist has an underperforming album n imo 4 is only underperforming in comparison to her past albums. Certainly not as a 2011 album or an RnB album

  202. Dev November 15, 2011

    I dnt really mind the bey haters .. I kno what beyonce has done and what she can do so how can another persons opinion change that?? Some of u stans take it a lil too seriously .. I throw some shade at riri sometimes and its not because I hate her we jus all have her favorites .. Its really not that serious

  203. Bey Fan… November 15, 2011

    I already knew this would happen, which is why I felt she should have released Party first…

    Party is a GREAT r&b song….

  204. Those That Cannot Do, Stan November 15, 2011

    Y’all are really sensitive about B being compared to Ciara. Especially when I clarified. I didn’t mention where B performed or what her concerts have done. Nor did I mention flopping. I said she came out with a big single like Cici usually does. It wasn’t well embraced and then things got quiet. I never said Beyonce is Ciara.

    @ S***

    You do realize R n B music can be generic right? And that all the music B has released as singles are more Pop than R n B…right?

  205. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    F*** my sweet lips 🙂

  206. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Kiss my HORNY ASS NOW!!!!

  207. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    show me thr receipts that she sold 75 million records…prove to me that im just a big ol hater..

    i dont want billboard reciepts.

    i want to see the receipts u have that she sold 75 million..

  208. Teyah November 15, 2011


    She’s shot videos for “End of Time”, “I Was Here” & “Schoolin’ Life”. I’m guessing they will be singles next year if she’s waiting to release them next year. To me, “End of Time” should’ve been the first single. It slaaaays!

  209. Teyah November 15, 2011


    LMAO So its been known for 6 years that she doesn’t write or producer her own music and yet still no one has proof! I may be young but I’ve know these rumours for a long time now. Ya’ll delusional haters just need proof and not take someone else’s word for it!

  210. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    U are right! The media certainly hasnt turned on her neither has the industry. I meanif she can walk away this era sayin she had Sir Paul McCartney at her concert Thats something. Thats exactly wat it means when we say she has nothing to prove. Her status is cemented. Id say same for Britney. These idiots here are comparing her to Rihanna whose only as good as her last hit. Its no coincidence she’s releasing 6 albums in 6 years. Her bosses know her weaknesses, if she rests the smoke long enough, people’s eyes will clear

  211. tyler November 15, 2011

    Lmfao at everybody bashing other artist for their #1s on the r&b charts then praise beyonce. Lol sorry r&b charts don’t mean nothing. She can’t even pass Rihanna loud sales in the u.s. or world wide. She need to have a seat. Stop making excuses for this chick. I give credit when its due and this album is a flop.

  212. RyGuy November 15, 2011

    One of my favorite things haters say when ppl bring up the fact 4 was number one .. “Beyonce got that because of her name” .. And that’s a bad thing because .. What that means is beyonce has made a name for herself!! The fact that when the album was released despite not having a top ten single and leaking A MONTH prior she still bested the first week sales of loud and femme fatale says the name beyonce means something.. This has been the weakest era for beyonce and lot of factors play a role in that (a leak, material change, changing management, being pregnant for most of it etc.) .. But to the ppl who are counting beyonce out in 6 months after a 16 year career are incredibly foolish

  213. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    its not the media that puts beyonce on a pedistal

    its her stans who puts her on that high pedistal…..

  214. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Pls get lost!
    believe watever you want.
    You’re nobody so noone owes u any proof.
    Its notblike dat will stop u from crap-talking about Beyonce tomorrow

  215. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Beyonce is good I give her that and that only
    However she can longer compeat with Goddess Rihanna sorry bee stans it’s true.
    You will deal 🙂

  216. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    what does femme fatale has to do with this post?

    so u guys cannot make a point without bashing others?

    who the hell said 4 went to number 1 because of her name..?

    hell most of us said because of who beyonce is 4 should have been a bigger hit..

  217. Bey Fan… November 15, 2011

    People keep saying R&B charts don’t matter…..but when artists named LMFAO can come out with a song that says “wiggle wiggle wiggle”…and get a number 1 on the billboard hot 100, hell what charts actually matter???

    We all know that this era hasn’t been as successful as her other….but when I hear Rihanna fans say she’s washed up…ummm did they forget Rated “R” era????

  218. Gred November 15, 2011

    @ryguy thankkkk you!! sooo true

  219. Tk November 15, 2011

    …@ Teyah ‘Proof’?!!

    So Every producer whose written a hit song: Crazy in Love, Baby boy, Single ladies, Irreplace (Rich harrison, Neyo, Dream)..Even the producer of RTW, who have OPENLY stated that they’ve written her material, the numerous writer who have SUED her, to which she paid major gwap to, HER CURRENT TEAM OF SONGWRITERS THAT IS ON HER PAYROLL is not proof, then….’sucks to be right now!! Seriosuly, u must be young. Most Beyonce stans don’t even argue that point of whether or not she writes her stuff, or if she steals..they simply content she can do it because ‘Shay’s Da Kwa-en’ and can do what she wants. Like I stated u about 5 years behind on your stanning….might want to re-up!!

  220. BC November 15, 2011

    there is a big difference between a flop and an under performing album for certain airiest. i see wat ur saying but u need 2 use better word choice

  221. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    Maybe u need to go and read more articles/ reviews on Beyoncé then you’d know how high the media places. Lord you’re ugly bitter person. Totally disillusioned, living in denial

    THE WRITING’s ON THE WALL! Read it and weep

    Beyonce has made history over and over again b4 age of 30 and she will do it again!

    Have u heard she’s the highest paid performer per minute in the world? Im sure u dont believe it lol, if its so hard to live with Beyonce’s greatness jus pretend she doesnt exist lol or better yet invest in ur own life, maybe u wont worry so much about Beyonce’s numbers cus she sure got more than u ever will

  222. Bey Fan… November 15, 2011


    its not the media that puts beyonce on a pedistal

    its her stans who puts her on that high pedistal…

    I disagree….YES her fans sing her praises to high heavens….But the media does too. Not to the extent her fans do, but the media definitely gives her her props…as well as her industry peers.

    But some Beyonce’s fans do act like she the best thing since slice bread……Im totally different tho………….. I think she’s better than slice bread….LOL

  223. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    if im a nobody, why respond to me?


    notice i never even acknowledge ur presence,,,and yet u feel, to come at me even though im a nobody..

    ur an example of how been so far up somebodys ass can cause lack of common sense

  224. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    The ignorants are on full force.No receipts needed

    Lmao you posted already more than me on this pretending to not care? 🙄
    l named chris brownn for the rihanna’s stans & l said your fave for the person unindentified on your avi.

    fine,you didnt know she was loved until you come on this website.Trust me if you stopped on another website you’ll see how much she hated(ie M** or SaR).so excuse me l am having a hard time to believe you.But l understand.Fine,do you

  225. Katie November 15, 2011

    @ryguy soooo true .. If u look at beyonces timeline since 4 has been out isn’t even a blip on it

  226. BC November 15, 2011

    4′ is the No.1 Best selling R&B album of 2011, and 7th Best selling album of the year ALL OVER. Flop isn’t in Beyonce’s vocabulary.

  227. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Letoya Luckett wrote Say my name, beyonce didnt hahha:)

  228. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Taste my underwear beyonce stans 🙂

  229. Christine November 15, 2011

    I love reading these comments .. Beyonce posts are always entertaining!! I wish I could join but I have a job .. Anyway congrats bey!! Love 4

  230. KingBeyStan November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXX and you say flop and your gravatar is Jasmine Sullivan??? hmph okay! 🙂 *now that what i call a FLOP*

  231. BC November 15, 2011

    iight lol but still

  232. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    theres nothing wrong with u being a fan of beyonce..

    its the bashing of others in order to make beyonce seem better, thats f***** up

    ive never personally downplay beyonces sucess, but im not going to give her props she doesnt deserves

    and when i say its the beyonce stans who puts her on that pedistal…

    bashing everybody and their mama, and never give props to others whos not bey…double standards all that

    the media doesnt bash others just to hype up beyonce..her stans does,…

  233. KingBeyStan November 15, 2011


  234. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    U need more people!

    Did rich harrison or the dream ever say they solely wrote those songs or that Bey hand no contribution?
    Even if she writes less now, she wrote DC biggest hits and has been recognised for her songwriting skills.
    ASCAP pop songwriter of the year 2001. 1st black woman n 2nd woman ever!!!!

    Lawsuit? So being sued automatically makes her guilty? Is she d only artist that gets sued? the only lawsuit for songwriting i can rmbr is baby boy. Pls refresh my memory

    Diplo has been defending RTW on twitter since its release. He wrote songs for her. So wat? How does dat prove she’s not into songwriting. Neither of them claimed sole credit

    B4 u mention IIWAB, nothing about d song was stolen, Bey never claimed to write it

    She’s involved in d writin of most of her songs. If d co-writers arent bitchin why r u? No ones forced to sign on d dotted line

  235. SarahBon November 15, 2011

    I’m a bey stan and the haters no more about her stats than I do jeez .. I jus buy and enjoy the albums and go to the concerts call me crazy LOL anyway I looooooove 4 .. Her voice is like honey on it and i love party .. We were blasting it at my college’s football game over the weekend and everyone seemed to kno it .. Cnt wait for the roseland dvd next week!!

  236. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011

    Congrats Bey. I don’t think people understand Bey is a billionaire she can afford 4 to be a “flop” she’s her own manager. She has bigger and more important things now in her life which is starting up her own family. She made a iconic career she doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone anymore.

  237. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    rolls eyes….i dont know why her stans keep thinkin that bashing jazmine is going to mean something to me..

    newsflash stans..unless jazmine songwritting money she makes off ur favs goes straight into my bank account..


    so have fun calling her a flop…because it tickes the f*** out of me..calling me a hater and bashing others…

    all yall doing is proving how dumb and delusional most all yall are..

  238. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


  239. S*** (ITS R&B) November 15, 2011


    THANX! Youre a Doll. 🙂

    @S*** is about to get his @KERRY JOHNSON on!! 😉

    *Dances to Rih-Goat in the Mirror, Grabs sum Hershey chocolate while talking dirty to myself* 😕

  240. Aloyisious Divo November 15, 2011

    I mean, everyone isn’t into the whole Payola thing so, do the charts even matter anymore? Not to Bey, I think the charts matter tho those artists who can’t shine anywhere else. And even those artists have to pay for #1’s.

  241. Ty November 15, 2011

    @ratedXX I hope ur going to the rihanna posts and saying the same thing because everything u jus said “bashing others in order to make beyonce (rihanna is this case) seem better” applies 1000000 percent .. A stan is gna stan for whoever they like .. But for some reason I doubt ur giving the same speech to the rihanna stans (if u are good for u) because it can be argued they are just as bad if not worse

  242. Teacher November 15, 2011

    @RatedXX u spilln sm true T..Lol keep it up

    Congrats on ur #1 Bey!!!!!

    OAN: I thnk Sam tryin to throw shade w/ this post….

  243. KingBeyStan November 15, 2011

    @RATEDXX We do give props ho!
    -Congrats to Monica on her ASCAP award.
    -Congrats to Gaga, Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, The Throne, Lil Wayne, and everyone else who had a #1 album!
    -Congrats to all the artist who’s never sold below 300K their opening week!
    -Congrats to MJB, Monica, Beyonce and all the other artist who’s been dominating for 15+ years.
    -Congrats to Rihanna for her yearly albums
    -Congrats to Beyonce for scoring a #1 with Party! 🙂 🙂
    Happy NOW???

  244. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    first of all…ive never came at u

    u felt the need to get some attention from im giving the attention u ask for..

    second everybody that seen me post knows im a big fan of chris brown

    last but not least hop off my nuts

  245. Vernen November 15, 2011

    @ratedXXX and ur jus as dumb that u keep responding .. I jus scrolled up and uve been going back and forth for awhile .. Beys a flop bey sucks fine go dust off ur old jazmine cds and enjoy and let us toast to our queen =)

  246. Kev November 15, 2011

    @KINGBEYSTAN “congrats to all the artists who never sold below 300K their opening week” YASSSSSS LOL

  247. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    is this ur first time seeing my name on that grape juice?

    i keep it 100%

    hell some of the rihanna stans cant stand my ass either… that should answer ur question

  248. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    By nobody, i imply ur opinion is anybody’s opinion. In this context you’re faceless n nameless, jus a freakin statistic n u know wat category you’ll fall under?

    Acknowledge my presence? Lmao i am right! U are so out of touch with reality. I hope someone cares enough for u to help u seek d mental help u need. Ur train of thought is distorted and polluted

    Dont talk to me about bein far up anyone’s ass, u put twice as much effort in perpetrating negativity. U think so little of Beyonce yet ur comments on her posts are never short of a dozen. Btw havent u been on this blog battling tooth n nail in defense of Britney spears? Exactly so u can wipe that hypocritical sh*t off ur mouth. It reeks

  249. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Kiss my S*** lips

  250. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    ur comments about me being a hater would have more meaning if u didnt call me a ho in the same sentence


  251. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Hey sweeety :)))) * tight hugs* lol how u been? Its nice havin old familiar faces here once in a while lol

  252. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Beyonce didicated love on top to me :)!!!!!!!

  253. KingBeyStan November 15, 2011

    @BEY’KNIGHT do you have a twitter???

  254. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    your bipolar as s haded me because l was a “KAT DELUNA FAN” and now playing the victim because you are shaded by B’stans??? 😆 😆 idiotic bipolar cry baby you are smh

    l came at you because you came on a B’s post to insult her.This B’s stan territory,you come here,you get dragged if you shade.period

    and @rihanna stans,Call me when this girl stops manipulating charts,calling/requesting her song herself,releasing fast-food crappy songs,touching her h***** c******,sounding like a suicidal sheep me when she will be able to have a hand on her career like Gaga (fired Laureann),Beyonce or even write her own s*** w/o the help of 578136742236 persons like Perry.

    Oh no call me when she is able to have a man of her own and stop f****** half of the producers in the game or faking lesbian relationships for attention and #1 on the HOT 100.

  255. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    Hey KK.

  256. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Hey Babe 🙂
    I missed you!!!!

  257. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    using big words is not going to make u seem less delusional…and less far up beyonces ass booo

    if u know my comments are going to be negative, why bother reading them, hell even aknowledge them? it makes u looks like a stalker

    let me tell u whats pathetic..u coming at me for my opinions…unless beyonces check is goin in ur bank account, my opinion shouldnt mean s*** to u…

    u claim im a nobody, and yet ur replying to my comments..again if im a nobody why respond to my comments? do u get off on my name?

  258. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    Hiya. You know studying a lot. Doing a lot of past papers and make revision cards. I also started doing yoga in my uni. It’s really interesting. What about you?

  259. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Daaaaammmnnnnn, I’m so horny 🙁

  260. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    Aw too cute, Missed you too boy.

  261. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    I don’t understand why you don’t have a girlfriend. You look for one so release this sexual energy you have within in lol.

  262. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    HOW MUCH 🙂

  263. Dezi November 15, 2011

    Beyonce is not the female with the most grammys. Aretha franklin 18 – alison krauss 26 TRY AGAIN! Beyonce’s 3 grammys she got with destiny’s child are all added on to the 13 that her dad purchased so technically speaking she has no more than alicia keys as a solo artist.

  264. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    LOL Trust me The LORD himself will bless me with the right one 🙂

  265. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    @kat deluna fan

    im playing a victim to what? and im bipolar?

    show me when i ever acknowledge ur presence, without u coming at me first….

    u the one whos taking a strangers comments personally….a stranger u never met..and im the bipolar one..

    r u really bragging about draggin people? ur life that uninteresting that u have to drag people to make ur self happy….do u need a hobby?

    do u need a friend?

  266. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    I missed you a bit. 😛

    And so you have a girlfriend. Don’t think she will be happy with your comments on here lol.

  267. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Shoud I jack off like I did lastnight or not
    hmmmmm 🙁

  268. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Oh no babe I dont have one yet!!!!

  269. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    Oh. I’m pretty sure a s*** boy like yourself will have one soon. Maybe it will me (Lol that’s a bit wishful thinking).

  270. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    that s*** tickles the f*** out of me when i see people brag about dragging people..

    i mean really..while ur dragging people beyonce is in her 25 million dollar house..

    that 25 million dollar house ur ass paid for..paid for by working two jobs, using ur kids college money, staying in ur mama basement

    in the end the haters has the last laugh…while yall broke asses make beyonce richer..


  271. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    so alisson’s father bought hers aswell?
    Aretha’s father bought her grammys aswell?
    Hate make you brain little 🙄

    November 15, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    poor little tink tink..

    trying so hard to fit in the beyonce stans circle so they dont bash kat deluna..

    grow some self esteem boo..

    November 15, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    rolls eyes….i dont know why her stans keep thinkin that bashing jazmine is going to mean something to me..

    you are a lost cause anyway ………

  272. KingBeyStan November 15, 2011

    @DEZI No Beyonce does not have the most grammys your correct there, but her dad aint purhased no grammy! She EARNED them grammys!!! SO TO SUM IT UP BEYONCE HAS 16 GRAMMYS!!

  273. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    OH babe dont make my d*** harder than it already is lol

  274. Bey’knight November 15, 2011



    I do indeed. D_is_4_dammy

    Omg final year is a nightmare. Cant wait to get it over with at leat yoga wil u help u centre ur thoughts around all the madness. Im not doin any extra-curricular activity this year. Im still a volunteer for youth work though.


    Cus u never take a damn break, 90% of d time i ignore ur wounded soul

    Get off of ur name? Yea keep telling yourself that, emo!

    Dead at u callin me delusional. Lmao, #bless. U shdnt have but … U tried it

  275. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    More like Beyonce has 5 grammies, the ones she actually deserve 🙂

  276. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Look,look at this bipolar mess @RATEDXXX

    you came here to mock the ones who were congratulating Beyonce
    Now they are responding at the mockery by dragging your ass,you are complaining???

    you are silly,you need help

  277. SHESDUMB November 15, 2011


    Kerry Johnson

    November 15, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    More like Beyonce has 5 grammies, the ones she actually deserve

  278. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    i didnt answer ur question, because i dont enjoy kicking down retarted people

    hell even retarted people have more common sense than u so…

  279. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    We dont get paid but we are beaming with positivity. Do u get paid for being a sinister nutjob?

    Hell u have more comments on dis post than any Beyfan. Its ok, take all your misery out on an innocent blog. The hatred in u is a ticking time bomb, so kill time while u can

  280. Theman November 15, 2011

    Lol congrats the r&b charts do matter, but Sam is a hypocrite. If this were Rihanna or some other major artists that he hates on he would have deemed this a flop. Stop stealing from other sites. By the way Alicia is far more musically better along with being a better artist. Some of these clowns know no better.

  281. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    LOL 🙂

  282. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL November 15, 2011


    I advise you do something you relief yourself from study especially for yourself for your final year. I was getting too stressed then decided to yoga and it really has helped me emotionally and physically to academics.


    Lol. You make me laugh. You s*** beast *rubs your …*

    Jokes aside have you heard TTT yet?

  283. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    ill play ur little game since it seems that u obviously needs some friends and ur lonely and s***..

    how did u drag me…

  284. SHESDUMB November 15, 2011



  285. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    Of course if who else to consult if we want to decipher Beyonce’s grammy wins. How about a thick filthy rihanna-obsessed s**-crazed ragingly hormonal teenybopper. He’ll be in the best position to judge!

    Why dont we lobby the grammys to place @kerry johnson on the grammy board. He’ll def make sure the grammys go to those who deserve it.

    She has 16 grammys! get over it. If it matters whether u think she deserves it or not it woulda been open to vote

  286. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Yes 🙂 and I love it
    Roc me out, You da one, talk that talk, watch n’ learn, and we found love are my favorites

  287. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


    as mather of fact i do get paid for having deep hatred for beyonce..

    do u get paid for staking my ass on this blog?

  288. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    And rihanna has 11 #1 hits tied with Whitney and soon to be Madonna, she’s a legend now 🙂

  289. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Yet she sold 2 millions w/o a black friday release,a 1$ deal,hair change ….Thanks you very much


  290. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    She is what 😆 😆 So katty perry is one too cause she ties MJ ….the r****** name is so merited

  291. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Thankz, maybe i’l meditate more often. Im jus paranoid if i deviate my grades will be impacted negatively. Anyways im Offa this now, back to business lol. Talk soon :))

  292. YEABEY is on your mind. November 15, 2011

    OMG! I LOVE SAM! HE BE STANNING! He would fit in over ATRL… I see they use that same GIF…

  293. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    it the haters opinions didnt mather to u stans, why the f*** do u bother replying to their hate?

    if somebody say they dont think beyonce earned her 16 grammys, thats their f****** opinion..

    how the f*** r u gonna get mad at people for stating their opinion

    isnt bashing somebody for stating their own opinion means ur hating on them too?

    get over it, not everybody is going to lick beyonces asshole like u stans…

    if people were not entitle to their own opinions, there wouldnt be a comment section

  294. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Lick my soft spot and ask me how I like it as I moan for ecstasy 🙂

  295. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011


  296. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Wel then labour pains is a waste on u cus ur existence has no purpose

    @kerry johnson

    Of course she is! There’s nothing that screams legend than 11 no1 singles Kerry. U fit right in d navy 🙂

  297. loook it up November 15, 2011

    it was released for urban radio……………… thats why its only charted high there!

  298. YEABEY is on your mind. November 15, 2011

    Grammy noms are in 2 weeks. I hope this snatches a nom in the Rap/Sung category! I can’t wait to see…

  299. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    And you fit right in my bowl of cereal 🙂

  300. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    Lmao who cares if u think she deserves them or not. Hyperventilating and attacking ur keyboard is not gonna put as litle as a dent on those grammophone babies.

    Imma remind u Beyoncé has 16 grammys and counting …..

  301. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    @kerry johnson

    Why do u relish being such a bottom-feeder? You’re like a cliche soap opera character that wont just go away ugh

  302. Naomi November 15, 2011

    While a #1 on Urban may not be as big as #1 on Hot 100, Beyoncé is far more respected in the music industry than Rihanna if you want to compare the two. At age 30, Beyoncé chooses a family over money and chart success (which she has enough of).

    Rihanna is great at getting to #1 but as far as 1) Being a “true vocalist’ 2) Dancing 3) Being a well-rounded business woman, she is quite inferior.

    Also, Rihanna took 11 singles to reach 36 culmulative weeks at #1; Beyoncé did it with 5.

    Now, let Mother Beyoncé rest her s*** self in Miami while her 16 Grammys rest at home.

  303. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    LOL shut your mouth and I just might 🙂

  304. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    U let me down @Kerry smh so disappointed

  305. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    AWWW give me a hug, im sorry 🙁

  306. commanderofthedancefloor November 15, 2011

    ok not trying to hate but beyonce, as a solo artist has only sold 25+ million 50 million with DC but you don’t count that as bey’s, just saying.

    and people going on and on about the grammy’s too, grammys don’t make any artist better than the other, she has more grammys than madonna and michael does that make her better? NO, am i saying she is not just as good? NO.

    beyonce’s pop songs are horrible, just saying i listen to bey for her r&b songs, oh and even if bey did dance music it doesn’t mean she would sell. it wouldn’t of hurt to add a couple more dance ready tracks to her album maybe then her fans would of bought 4. which is better than IASF by the way.

  307. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    ^Lmao bey pop songs are terrible.Go tell that to Halo !!!

    Grammys make her better than her peers that for sure.

  308. Eric November 15, 2011

    the song had been getting cool airplay since the albums release. It’s one of the album most pleasant and the kind of track you’d expect to achieve this feat. I’m very happy for her, because 4 is one of the best albums out this year. She really won over me. “Love On Top” and “Countdown” are also able to go to number one on urban radio.

  309. NICK November 15, 2011

    honestly charts (singles charts) mean nothing when KATY PERRY is tied with MICHAEL JACKSON!!! come on nahhh…the album 4 is a banger — PERIOD, real music!!! I loves Rihanna, she is pop tho, so i never understand y people compare them!!! beyonce made a cd because she loves music & is gonna take a break now that she is having a baby, so #1’s or not, she still slays live on the stage & that is what makes her a BEAST — period.

  310. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Rihanna will prob get at least 16 grammies

  311. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Hugs hun 😉


    How can u say Bey has sold jus 25 million records when that alone makes up her album sales?
    Singles, ringtones?

    Why is it hard to accept Bey’s sales, she was the most certified artist by RIAA in d last decade. Yall know wat dat means?

  312. Dezi November 15, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN – Their dads were not part of the grammy committee TRY AGAIN!

  313. commanderofthedancefloor November 15, 2011


    Halo is r&b, and ya her pop songs are horrible, hell her fans only talk about her r&b tracks

  314. commanderofthedancefloor November 15, 2011


    i never said records! so don’t come at me because you didn’t pay attention to what i wrote.

  315. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Yay!!!! 🙂

  316. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    But michael is not Bey’s contemporary he had his (stiff) competition so Beyonce’s grammys have no bearing on his —> different eras and i dont get the point of bringing up Madonna, why would anyone expect Madonna to have more grammys than Beyonce? Most categories are for vocals. Beyonce is a superior vocalist to Madonna. # Weak analogy

    I dont see d point of bringing artists of yesteryears into this. Even if Bey dint have 16 grammys, they wouldnt give them to rihanna, Alicia Keys will get 20 gramnys b4 rihanna takes home her 10th grammy for rap/song collabo

  317. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Your point? Is there a rule that Commitee members have the right to buy grammys???

    Oh Halo is R&B so Bleeding love is R&B too.
    The grammy she won for that s*** was probably R&B wait,it was pop.

    smh you should stop listening to dancefloor music and educate yourself about MUSIC

  318. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    Well noone said she sold 75million albums so maybe U should think b4 u type!

  319. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    My d*** is THROBBING 🙂

  320. Dezi November 15, 2011

    @KingBeyStan – If her dad could steal millions from her … what would make you believe that he did not purchase those grammys? Don’t worry i’ll wait ; )

  321. Bey’knight November 15, 2011


    U keep repeating her pop songs are horrible like its more than an opinion. The fact dat u think halo is rnb jus shows u dont know wat u’re talkin about. That makes ur opinion even less valid. Jus stick to listening your fav’s afrodisiac bleatings. No rih fan is in a position to judge Beyonce’s music. The music Bey made at age 23 is being named greatest of the decade. Made several great lists. Her songs are inducted, grammy-winning, covered all over d world. When ur fav ‘s album can get a grammy nod let alone win, we’l talk. Hell Katy Perry got one

  322. kerihilson2ndcomingofmj November 15, 2011

    keri hilson has a number 1 r&b album in a perfect world.

  323. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    uuughghghg I need to f*** dammit 🙁

  324. Dezi November 15, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN – I have made my point …get it?

  325. kerihilson2ndcomingofmj November 15, 2011

    pretty girl rock went platinum 5 months ago

  326. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    Lol u have to admire d way d haters have carried on this grammy buyin story all these years. Thats d only way they can deal. I rmbr all d ones they tried, when she was announced recipient of the billboard milllenium award lol. Losers are so unconforyable around greatness

    Pls do u kno how much a grammy cost? Lets donate money n get ur fav one too so u can stop lying to urself or come with sone proof; jus 1 article that mentions anybody buyin a grammy. Why hasnt her daddy bought d biggest ones? -album of d year n song of d year?
    Why did bday only win 1 grammy?

  327. Bey’knight November 15, 2011

    How sad is it that your fav’s biggest achievement is 1 platinum single?

    Has her album even gone copper?

  328. T November 15, 2011

    All these people talking about rihanna music and her sales just go out and buy her new album next week. and if it doesn’t sell more than 310,000 copies in the first week dont talk on another beyonce post. and second with all the beyonce flop, last time i checked her album is still selling each week around 15,000 in the states and 15,000 over seas. and with the promo coming up this week and in December it wont hurt her numbers at all.

  329. honeydip November 15, 2011


  330. ellie November 15, 2011

    LOLLLL, haterz sure are obsessed with Bey just as much as her stans and fans. ……thanks guys, LOL, you should know by now that bey does not lose. The losers are you pinheads who think you know, but really dont.

    well, egg on your face once again…….and this is for an album that leaked a month prior to its release. HOW BOUT THEM APPLES…..

  331. JER November 15, 2011

    I like how a post about being #1 on a chart quickly turns into BEY-sides saying “the charts don’t matter BeYAWNce is respected and has 23422 Grammys. uh huh. Always trying ot have it both ways. When BeYAWNce has huge hits she’s slaying the charts but when she flops suddenly the charts don’t matter PU-LEAZE

  332. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Matthew stole the money cause your ass saw the results of the audit????? EXACTLY.

    you made no point at assume s*** with no receipt or logic in the bacground.We call it ignorance or haterade Digg it?!

    Probably no.

  333. KAT DELUNA FAN November 15, 2011

    Sit when Bey is getting a #1 it’s because Matthew bought it ..come on f*** that s*** ➡

    Those idiots,why did he never bought one for solange that same year he was in the commitee?the last time l checked she released her album before B 😕

    They are too ignorant

  334. Sallyone November 15, 2011

    Party and Miss U is the best songs off the album….

  335. DTG November 15, 2011

    To reiterate…

    Do you IDIOT ASS R****** Rihanna stans honestly think that Beyonce COULDN’T call up Dr. Luke, RedOne or find some cheesy euro-dance/pop producer and record a faggoty, by-the-numbers, “turn your brain off” synth-pop song for all the white (and wannabe white) q***** and their fat, ugly f** hags to twirl around to that would race to the top of the Hot 100 if she wanted to? LMAO! What a bunch of clowns you are.

    Beyonce is black. She remembered she is black and recorded an album of black music, and is now #1 on the R&B chart. To be #1 on ANY Billboard chart is an achievement. Unlike Rihanna’s corny “what color is she supposed to be again?” ass, Beyonce has proved that she’s no sell out and remained genuine to her audience and genre…despite how dance and electropop is all the rage right now (why it’s all the rage, I have no idea, because it’s corny, lame and gay as f***.) Beyonce could white wash her sound and out-Rihanna Rihanna with some STUPID, corny throwaway, barely-written pop s*** like “We Found Love” will be forgotten in a year if she wanted it that damn bad, but obviously that’s not what’s pressing to her.

    Beyonce is on her fourth #1 album (something Rihanna has yet to do), sells out venues in record time (seconds) — while Rihanna practically has to give her tickets away to get them to sell, is the most powerful and PAID female in music (something that flash-in-the-pan Rihanna will NEVER be), is about to do a movie with Clint Eastwood…AND…is about to have a child. Do you honestly think Bey is somewhere Boo-hooing over not having a damn Hot 100 single? LMAO! She’s been to the top of the charts before. She know what it feels like. It ain’t her drug. Maybe that s*** is pressing for some untalented, large foreheaded Barbadian s*** dog who can barely speak, let alone sing, and will be forgotten as soon as the next open-mouthed s*** who can’t sing or perform is plucked out of obscurity for the sake of making label execs some quick cash…but Beyonce is beyond that being the focal point of her being.

  336. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    @@@@Wel then labour pains is a waste on u cus ur existence has no purpose….

    and ur existence does? beside being beyonce c*** rider, whats ur existence?

    i love how u feel im a nobody and my existence dont matter, and yet u saty on my nuts..u cant wait to see my comments to reply back to me…

    seems my existence means alot to u..i dont know if i should be scared ur stalking me or flattered……

    or laugh at ur obvious stupidity

  337. RATEDXx(delusional is a hell of a drug) November 15, 2011

    like i said, if somebody feels beyonce doesnt deserves their grammys..its their opinion..

    all that bitching and whining aint gonna change peoples opinion about beyonce..

    built a bridge and get over it..

    all that bitching and whining over a broad who doesnt even know u exist

  338. WHUT November 15, 2011

    LOLLLL! @ the Bey Stans still up in here trying to validate a no 1 on the RnB Chart. F*** outta here wid that…YOU KNOW DAMN WELL that chart is a flop, Party a mess, 4 a chop and Bey’s career be dangling for DEAR LIFE!!. Get it togetha pack your s*** and join the navy we don’t discriminate ova here!! WINNING!!

  339. BC November 15, 2011

    Beyonce= Best performer of our time!
    and Best artist!

  340. WHUT November 15, 2011

    NO boo that’d be MJ show some respect!!

  341. Army of queen aaliyah & lil kim November 15, 2011

    Finally ! She should have released Party when the album first came out Not the beginning of winter !

  342. Kyle November 15, 2011

    Good for her! I personally think “4” is her best album and compared to the sales of most albums this year (Adele’s “21” would contradict this statement immensely if I didn’t mention it), Bee’s album did pretty well.

  343. BC November 15, 2011

    yes MJ slays too

  344. Army of queen aaliyah & lil kim November 15, 2011

    Lmfao some people on here need to get a life ! They tryna drag Bey but
    their fave hasnt ben relevant or seen pass a Gold certification ! This blog is just to much

  345. Dezi November 15, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN – OH! So beyonce is a LIAR? YES OR NO? I made a strong enough point for you to RESPOND … made an even STRONGER ONE for you to respond back to a question that i didn’t even ask you – Now dig that. And for the record i don’t need a RECEIPT Nor do i need to see results of the audit. Your ass lost all credibility going out of your way trying to convince me that mathew is not FRAUDULENT! Either beyonce is lying or mathew is TAKE YOUR PICK!

  346. jamir21 November 15, 2011

    Congratulations Bey !!!!!!!!

    I still want End Of Time release though

  347. iloveXtina November 15, 2011

    You betta Stan!

  348. Regg P November 15, 2011

    LOL at R****** stans sayin when will she get a number one single like RIh

    when will Rih get a NUMBER ONE ALBUM like Bey. 6 damn albums and not one being #1<4 albums and EACH of them number one

  349. kerihilson2ndcomingofmj November 16, 2011

    4 is a flop

  350. commanderofthedancefloor November 16, 2011


    i said her pop songs were terrible only twice and that was talking to kat deluna fan and i have a right to think what i want, if my opinion was invalid why comment then? like i said before you were the one always saying how classy beyonce fans are, yet look at how you compose yourself. getting mad over a post!

    and before i go on let me say this i am not only a fan of rihanna, she is one of my favs but she is not my only, i like beyonce too. i never said anything negative except that i think her pop tracks are terrible. which is my opninion just like you don’t like rihanna.

    i never try coming at anybody on these post, because i don’t know them. and i can’t honestly judge them. you can’t come at somebody that you don’t know, you are making idiotic assumptions that make you look ignorant.

  351. commanderofthedancefloor November 16, 2011


    bey is one of the best performers of all time! next to michael she dances her ass off all the time.

  352. commanderofthedancefloor November 16, 2011


    one more thing, people were posting before that beyonce sold 75 million albums, and she didn’t she sold 25 million. look at others post you obviously wasn’t looking at what i was. and even if they were talking about records then she would of sold more than 75 million so either way they had it wrong.

    but i was talking about albums regardless of what you think i never said records so get over it.

  353. Casual November 16, 2011

    Party reaching #1 r&b is an accomplishment. Party was meant for urban radio, not the Hot 100.

  354. Hahaha November 16, 2011

    You Rihanna fans betta get a kick out of Beys current music stake, but when that baby drop she’s coming for y’all head. She barely promoted and her singles are found better than those who do promote. Rihanna music isn’t memoriable people only talk about how Rihanna looked she needs to make music with substance, LEGENDS could make any album and get away with. R****** is still singing about s** how 4 years ago. She has 6 studio albums no #1 album but you guys call Beyonce a flop!!!!? Bey has her #1s singles & albums. Beware it gonna start with A Star is Born and end with a 5th album watch a learn

  355. carloss November 16, 2011

    wait you’re serious?

    the SECOND you start having to explain why a song barely anyone has heard of is a hit – it the second that song has solidified into a COLLASSAL-foldable-baby-bump-FLOP.

    just take it as the reality of stanning for a diva. Every one of them – EVERY one has flopped.

    Bey’s having hers now. Rihanna will have hers pretty soon.

    #1 R&B album of the year – big effin deal – NO ONE BUYS R&B albums! having the best selling R&B album with only 800K proves that.

    no hit singles = a flop.

    This is a singles game and you’re only as strong as your last great single. Single Ladies was 3 years now. rihanna, britney, katy Perry, Gaga and Nicki Minaj have all filled a void tha Beyonce left and now she came back thinking people actually cared that she was gone and POOF – no one is singing her songs.

    better get Matthew Knowles back.

  356. Remey November 16, 2011

    This is the ish I’m talking about….

    Sam, I must tip my hat off to you. A good blogger has the power to confuse the masses with his smoke and mirrors.

    He has all you people thinking this #1 is some kind of accolade. It’s not. By hiding behind useless information such as “Urban Radio #1” and “16 Grammys.” You built Beyonce’s “4” like it was Adele’s “21.”Bey has struggled this era… She probably doesn’t care about numbers, but 4 has not made any impressive goals besides numbers sold.

    However, let this be a Rihanna post. You will instantly talk about how she doesn’t have a #1 album. HAVING A NUMBER 1 ALBUM MEANS NOTHING! The Game had a #1, and we all see where his album is heading. Give credit where credit is due next time and stop playing favs….And this is coming from someone who likes Bey.

  357. KINGBEYSUS November 16, 2011

    I love the Queen but this era is a flop. The young stans are just gonna have to deal.
    Rihanna is currently slaying the scene and Kelly Rowland was #1 on these charts for 8 weeks. I highly doubt Party does it with N***** In Paris gaining.

  358. B November 16, 2011

    This is so sad, ever since 4 came out yall been saying the record is a flop, and trying to prove she is a flop. So Damn Pathetic. When the ‘faves” yall are defending ,praise Beyonce themselves. LMAO NUFF SAID

  359. nicegirl November 16, 2011

    Good for her. Urban songs don’t really do well on hot 100 charts anyway and most of 4 is urban music. She wasn’t aiming for #1 singles this era. And she got to #1 on urban charts with no performance of the song, so that’s really good.

    Congrats to her.

  360. KAT DELUNA FAN November 16, 2011

    LMAO those kids make me laugh.Who says “4” wasnt a flop?l do think it’s a flop.l am not as delusional as the other stanbase.she is struggling major balls but for you to come and be upset at “Party” being #1 is pathetic.

    How is “4” such a flop if it wasnt a beyonce’s album? Cause if rihanna,keri or ciara sold 2 millions albums yall call it a #MAJAH cause that their low standards.

    B**** l ask you question and you said,you never saw the audit are assuming things.
    LMAO Isnt B a liar? isnt it how you call her all day? she lies about her pregnancy,hair,song credt …All of sudden you wanna believe her??
    Lmao take a sit.

    yeah every diva flops but how many of them did it pregnant? exactly

  361. ME November 16, 2011

    That Grape Juice got some nerve.. yall wanna call Rihanna a flop, yet don’t wanna admit that four is a flop and a half. First get your facts straight… she shipped platinum….she has not sold platinum. huge difference when you wanna toss numbers aorund. Her sales to date are 890,000. no where near the 3 milli she normally sells. Yet Rihanna is at 1.6 mil and yall wanna talk s*** about her all day. The biased reporting on this site is straight BS. and she got a #1 on the urban charts…. talk about it when party reaches #1 on the hot 100…. u guys must be smoking some serious stuff… the facts speak for themseleves… BEY STANS FALL THE F%^$ BACK!!!!

  362. ajanni November 16, 2011

    That gif is everything! Great post! She will definitely rack up at the 2012 grammys.

  363. danny b November 16, 2011

    Funny how these b****** were praising and kissing Kelendria’s ass when ‘Motivation’ hit #1 on the Urban chart and saying she was slaying Beyonce, but when King B reaches #1 on the same chart and Kelendria is nowehere to be found album OR single wise, these flop b****** wanna talk s***. You all crack me the f*** up and need to have several seats and electric chairs, like really. HATE GETS YOU NOWEHERE IN LIFE.






  365. SNDR November 17, 2011

    Oh my god,
    I am looking to this post, for the first time and all I see are S*** COMMENTS.
    What the hell does Rihanna has to do with this post??

    Congrats to Beyonce for her number 1. Its to bad shes not one at the hot 100.

    I think the Beyonce fans aren’t delusional.
    I am a beyonce fan-stan. But 4 isn’t the same as her other albums. It’s more RNB.
    The singles and album, arent promoted as it supposed to be. I love the album, but there are not exploding hits like crazy in love, irreplaceable, single ladies etc. But like what Beyonce said: Its not an real single album, but only a classic album. I think thats true.
    The album is not a flop. The album is something what nobody expected, after IASF-era. Commercially 4 doesnt come close to IASF..That is something else, not a flop

    On the ‘rihanna comparing subject’
    I dont understand why there is any comparing. The only thing what Rihanna can do better is to deliver hit after hit. (What she didnt (co)write, produced etc). She cant sing very good, cant really dance, etc. (thats my opinion). Rated R was Rihanna’s best album, my opinion.

    Rihanna isn’t like Beyonce and she never will be.

    I’ve seen a article, posted by @Barbie. Sorry for posting it on a Beyonce post, but thats the place where Rihanna fans visiting the most…

    See below:

    Earlier this month, Rihanna’s song “We Found Love” became her 11th single to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Barbadian singer has notched 20 top 10 pop hits in less time than any other musician, and among female solo artists, only Madonna and Mariah Carey claim more No. 1 pop singles, period; Rihanna is tied with Whitney Houston, who also had 11.* Some smashes surprise us, but “We Found Love” sounded like a No. 1 from the jump. A churning, pulsating homage to ’90s Europop in the style of Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” or 2 Unlimited’s “Twilight Zone,” its synthesizer melody is big, brightly hued, as insistent as an alarm-clock beep and only slightly less repetitive; the beat is an unrelenting four-four pound; the vocals are airy and longing; the basic structure is a stack of frenzied crescendos with slightly less frenzied crescendos slipped in between.

    The number of credited songwriters on previous Rihanna songs has cracked double digits but “We Found Love” was written and produced by just one person, the Scottish dance musician Calvin Harris. Harris, who has enjoyed solo success but nothing on this scale, contributes no vocals to “We Found Love,” but he’s credited nonetheless as a featured guest. This isn’t standard practice in pop music—particularly not with a relative unknown like Harris—but the top-line credit reflects the growing prominence, brand value, and leverage that DJs command in the dance-music-saturated pop present. It also reflects the experience of listening to the song: “We Found Love” lasts three minutes and 33 seconds, and for about one minute and 19 seconds of that time, Rihanna is fully silent. For 37 percent of the song, that is, she gets out of the way, ceding the floor to Harris’s ecstatic throb.

    In a sense, getting out of the way is what Rihanna does best. There’s something paradoxical about her: She’s a pop star you almost forget is there. Her presence on songs is, at best, unobtrusive, pliant, less adaptable than compatible, like a chameleon who stays one more or less pleasing color. Extra-musically, she is blurry. Her look changes wholesale from album to album, in an undercooked way that suggests the hiring and firing of stylists rather than, say, some wry, Bowie-style persona shuffle: now she’s a stonewashed-jean Caribbean queen, now an anime fantasy, now a bondage badass, now a Candyland princess, now a ’90s London brat. There’s the nagging impression that her clothes are doing an untenable portion of her identity-building. Rihanna’s biggest headlines came not when she acted out but when she was acted against, viciously, by her then-boyfriend Chris Brown: Rated R, the noisy, brooding 2009 album she released after the attack, carried with it, for the first time in her career, a sense of drama and stakes.

    Rihanna’s successes put her in rarefied company, but she is unlike her fellow chart goddesses, not in the thinness of her voice, exactly (Madonna is no great belter, either) but rather in the thinness of her persona. She is not wholly convincing. Pop stars’ songs, however gigantic, typically function as pieces of a bigger puzzle, chapters in an overarching, ever-expanding saga. Mariah, Whitney, Beyoncé, Gaga—these stars feel like stars. Rihanna feels like something else: a one hit-wonder several dozen times over.

    Her breakthrough single, “Pon De Replay,” came in 2005. The song went to No. 2, but as pop-career launches go, there was something slight and inauspicious about it. Accentuating her Barbadian lilt in a way she would soon abandon, Rihanna plays a self-canceling role as a facilitator of other people’s fun: She counts, calls out dance moves, and asks the DJ repeatedly to turn up the volume. Built around a clap-happy percussion loop called the Diwali riddim, the single also inaugurated Rihanna’s careerlong habit of arriving behind trends, rather than ahead of them: Wayne Wonder and Lumidee had already had their own hits with the riddim in 2003. Other examples: Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101,” which hopped on the tired “rock star” meme three years after it had peaked with the Shop Boyz’ “Party Like a Rockstar”; “Te Amo,” which debuted on radio with a sultry Spanish hook two months after Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” had staked that turf with more verve; “California King Bed,” which brought overdriven power-ballad schlock to R&B three years after Beyoncé had done it with “If I Were a Boy.” (One big exception: Her 2007 hit “Don’t Stop the Music” got to the eurodance revival early.)

    Rihanna’s early singles are diminished by the feeling that she isn’t quite up to the material. She is incapable not only of the ferocity and lusciousness of a Mary J. Blige or a Beyoncé, but also of the icy gravitas of an Aaliyah or a Ciara. The lyrics to 2008’s “Take a Bow” describe the humiliation and dismissal of a no-good lover, but while Rihanna attempts a magnanimous sangfroid, she just comes off kind of sleepy. (Compare the song with Beyonce’s 2006 single “Irreplaceable,” which works similar ground with delicious, breezy disdain—now that’s an ass-handing.) Rihanna is unequal to the lyrical fury of “Breaking Dishes,” goofily playacting at a tantrum. On “S.O.S.” she describes an orgasmic loss of self-control without a trace of it in her delivery; the locomoting force getting us from one end of the song to the other is the prominent Soft Cell sample, not her. The automotive-themed “Shut Up and Drive” features a litany of groaners about handling her curves and piloting her “fine-tuned supersonic speed machine”—ridiculousness even R. Kelly might pass on, and Rihanna is no R. Kelly. “My engine’s ready to explode-ode-ode,” she sings on the pre-chorus, her voice, to the contrary, faint and fading. She is better when the mood is looser: Two of my favorite Rihanna songs are the horny, aggressive “Rude Boy,” from 2009 and the horny, melancholic “What’s My Name,” from 2010, both of which nod towards vaguely Caribbean rhythms and feature spry, playful vocals.

    When I hear Rihanna’s greatest song, “Umbrella,” I sometimes wonder about the version another performer might have delivered. The song was first offered to Britney Spears, who passed, and it appeared destined for Mary J. Blige until Rihanna’s A&R team frantically convinced its writers, Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, to sell it to Rihanna instead, promising to throw the label’s full weight behind the rollout of the song. The instrumental is hefty, built around crushing synthesizers and fat rock drums, and in this context Rihanna’s blankness registers, appealingly, as Borg-ish restraint—Blige, by contrast, might have brought an excess of emotion and athleticism, crowding the music and gilding the lily in a way that Rihanna doesn’t, and can’t.

    What Rihanna brings to “Umbrella” is ineffable. Listen to the original demo, sung by Nash, and you see how closely she sticks to his script. There is a pained catch in her voice when she sings the word “magazines” that always struck me as a winning little flourish; it is there, as is every other last tic, in Nash’s guide track. Rihanna leans into the vocal harder on the finished song, but none of her choices are what you’d call surprising. Listen, on the other hand, to Nash’s demo for the song “1+1,” which he sold to Beyoncé, and then listen to Beyoncé’s rendition: It’s the difference between thinking about a skyscraper and standing on top of one. Beyoncé’s vocal shimmers, quavers, growls, slides deftly off beat, subtly teases the melody. (If it’s unfair to compare pretty much anyone to Beyoncé, one can consult “Saxon,” the demented demo that Nicki Minaj, who isn’t even primarily a singer, made for a never-recorded Rihanna song—it’s impossible to imagine how Rihanna could have improved upon it.)

    Which raises the question of why Rihanna has scored so many hits, despite her shortcomings. Part of it is a matter of sheer volume; she has released an album every year since 2005, except for 2008, and her label devotes tremendous resources to her success: 2010’s Loud was the result of a multiweek, multistudio songwriting “camp,” in which A-list producers and lyricists were teamed up and paid to bang out potential hit after potential hit, with Rihanna holding right of first refusal over the output. This right would be worthless, of course, if she didn’t have a great ear for songs, and she does. Moreover, there is a suppleness to Rihanna’s blankness that allows her to ride shifting commercial tides with more ease and flexibility than a Beyoncé, whose aesthetic choices are held to higher standards of plausibility. (It bears noting that Beyoncé has released only four albums, but that these have sold 75 million copies worldwide; Rihanna has sold 20 million copies of her five.)

    On “Don’t Stop the Music” and “Only Girl (in the World)” Rihanna returned with greater flair to the dance floor anonymity of her first single. “Only Girl,” from last year’s Loud, is a superior song, her voice skipping like a polished stone across bubbling currents of eurocheese on the verses, somersaulting into a genuine fury on the chorus, and setting the stage for “We Found Love.” With the new song, Rihanna has gone all in on the Ibiza trend. Dance music of this sort, oriented around cathedral-size clubs and face-dissolving drugs, requires that the star providing vocals subjugate herself to the sound, allow it to steamroll over her and any of the subjectivities that, in a typical pop-song dynamic, draw us closer to her, make us care about her, and so on (which is one of the big reasons why we don’t care at all about Judith Pronk, the woman who sang on “Better Off Alone”). There is something Faustian about the transaction: Your voice will be inescapable, but it could be anyone’s.

    Correction, Nov. 9, 2011: This article originally stated that, with the song “We Found Love,” Rihanna had released more No. 1 singles in less time than any other musician. Rather, the single makes her the fastest solo artist to notch 20 Top 10 hits. (Return to the corrected sentence.) The article also originally stated that Rihanna delivers a voiceover at the start of the “We Found Love” video; the voiceover is in fact performed by the model Agyness Deyn.

  366. Josh November 17, 2011

    @ BC
    is 4 her biggest commercial album? NO
    is 4 a success in general? YES
    Haters will be even more mad when ASIB comes out and when she has that #1 tour and a new #1 album out.
    2012 should have
    #1 movie,new album and new #1 singles.
    but anyway shes accomplished plenty. if she was 2 sit do nothing else her work already would speak 4 its self. like now

    i agree (:

  367. RockIt November 17, 2011

    Don’t you all think that if she wanted number ones she would have called David Guetta , Dr Luke , Max Martin or RedOne who are btw all producers for the others chicks ( Rihanna , GaGa , Britney , Katy ) who wants #1 . By not doind that she proves that she is the best again and again for trying new things ! Reaching #1 is cool , being really talented is better ! And Beyoncé only BBMA performance and praises from legends like Stevie Wonder or Barbara worth more than 11 #1 !

  368. SNDR November 17, 2011


    TRUE! 🙂

  369. WEFOUNDLOVE November 18, 2011


  370. JEAN GAGA November 18, 2011

    the queen on top!

  371. aROB November 18, 2011

    4 will receive some grammys despite not charting well as far as singles. It has substance, like Adele’s 21. Those two albums to me speak volumes to what music needs to revert back to. I’m tired of pop music for the charts

  372. lol November 19, 2011

    pure lies lies lies beyonces single party is not number 1 stop lying!

  373. beyonces party is a huge flop November 19, 2011

    check billboard for the truth

  374. afsoon November 20, 2011

    hi.very very nice.
    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy zibaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  375. peggyhylton November 21, 2011


  376. SNDR BEYFAN November 22, 2011

    You can say what you want, but party is number 1..

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