Beyonce Names Her Favorite Songs Of 2011

Published: Thursday 29th Dec 2011 by Sam

With the year drawing to an end, the annual influx of “favorite” lists are hard to avoid. Yet, it’s doubtful anyone will be avoiding Beyonce‘s window-peak into which tracks she enjoyed most in 2011.

Check out who had the mother-to-be leaning and rocking over the last 12 months. Some picks are surprising to say the least…

Via official site:

Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj— “Dance (A$$)”

Future —“Tony Montana”

Jay Z & Kanye West—“Ni**as in Paris”

Kelly Rowland—“Motivation”

Adele— “Someone Like You”

Drake—“The Motto”

Rihanna— “Man Down”

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown—“Look At Me Now”

James Blake—“The Wilhelm Scream”

Frank Ocean—“Novacane”


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  1. Flashing Green December 29, 2011

    Now i know why she makes shitty music.

  2. carlz SoCrazy Thomas December 29, 2011

    She’s So Gangsta . She Loves Being gangsta tho . Thats My Beyonce . See Her And rih Have No Beef either

  3. Malyeh December 29, 2011

    Love the fact that she’s still a down to earth chick and that she respects her peers. Gotta love her !

  4. Jason December 29, 2011

    She thinks that’s Justin Beiber on Look at Me Now?
    Someone needs to get their hearing checked.

  5. Beyoncé December 29, 2011

    This Is Beyonce GrapeJuice , Now I Wanna Give These Music As A Little Sample To My Next 5th Album , Its Gonna Be Hot . But Its Gonna Have More I Am Sasha Fierce Feel With A Mix Of B’Day , And A Feel of Hip Hop Beats , Some Ballads Like Novacane Something With A S*** Simple Feel. – Beyoncé

  6. Bey’knight December 29, 2011


    Ur tryna throw shade but its an epic fail. What has hearing got to do with a typo? There was only 1 singer on LAMN and that was Chris Brown himself, so hearing has nothing to do with this discrepancy dumbo

    This is something lovely she’s done yet no-life losers will find a way to hate about it. Clearly Beyonce only has to breathe to get some people’s blood pressure rising

  7. TruthTeller December 29, 2011

    I think flopping got her to go mental. She’s just crazy now.

    Justin Bieber ????


  8. carlz SoCrazy Thomas December 29, 2011

    All These Negative Comments Are So Rude . Ya’ll Need To Chill What The F*** My Gworl Beyonce do to You s Yu Have Several Seats Ya Heard Ya Dig Yall So Dumm Diddity Have A Mufucking Seat Low Life Ass Bishesss : ))))

  9. Bey’knight December 29, 2011

    Lol thats a good imposter. Sounds like something Beyonce would actually say lol and using her twitter account as your URL, clever 😉

  10. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music December 29, 2011

    You guys know that CHRIS & JUSTIN have look at me now on CB’s BOY IN DETENTION MIXTAPE!

  11. carlz SoCrazy Thomas December 29, 2011

    @Bey’Night You Know What Im Saying Their Clearly Just Rude , Negative Ass Haters, And I Dont Like Being arund it s they need to get that Officialy Fixed. Bey Had Bad Promo And still Selling More Than Their Faves With Heavy Promo They can Have SEVERAL SEAAAAATTTSS ——> |___—-____—–____—-|

  12. E11 December 29, 2011

    Not even going to lie, Man Down is a tune. I can hear Bey busting that one out.

  13. Bow Down to The Perrylicious… (The Queen of TGJ) December 29, 2011

    who cares about this flopped b****??
    She is irrelevant…that’s a fact.

  14. HALF AMAZIN December 29, 2011

    What’s that? Bey likes a Rih song yet you stans have wars and swear they hate each other? No, I think it’s just you guys….and youre dumb for it.

  15. Bey’knight December 29, 2011


    Thanks for clearing that up. Now these two early morning fools @jason and @lieteller can pick their faces off the floor. Rihanna is a bigger flop than Beyonce will ever be 3 times and counting


    Dont blame em, their unhappy with their own pathetic lives n insecure their favs will never be as celebrated as Beyonce no matter how many times amazon slashes prices or groupon sells their ticket for pupil lunch money

  16. Supersashafierce December 29, 2011


  17. number1k9 December 29, 2011


    Your comment was too funny!

  18. PaigeJ December 29, 2011

    Justin Bieber ft Chris Brown Look At Me Now??? o___O when did Justin do a song with Chris called Look At Me Now? LOOOL.

    Maybe she meant Ladies Love Me which is Chris FT Justin. Get it right Bey 🙂

    Or maybe she watched Chris & Justin’s performance in Australia where they performed LAMN.

    She got everything else right. Frank Ocean Novacane>>> that song STILL slays

    Rihanna- Man Down>>> still love it

  19. COOCHIENESS. December 29, 2011

    Yesss Ma’am B****!

    First of all!
    THIS is Coochieness B**** and are my bangs not working for you copycatter ass h*** out there.


    I seent it girl I seent it.Queen Bey-motherfucking-once done clocked the T on them h***.YASSS B****!

    Now watch Miss Glacier Brown try to drop her ass to these songs looking like a hot ass mess

    *slangs bangs*

  20. Bey’knight December 29, 2011

    Yall leave Queen Bey alone lol, mama loves her hip hop u can gear the influences in her delivery of songs like upgrade u, diva, video phone, run the world, countdown, back up, ring the alarm, lost yo mind

  21. COOCHIENESS. December 29, 2011

    Yesss Ma’am B****!

    First of all!
    THIS is Coochieness B**** and are my bangs not working for you copycatter ass h*** out there.


    I seent it girl I seent it.Queen Bey-motherfucking-once done clocked the T on them h***.YASSS B****!

    Yes ma’am,yes girl

    Now watch Miss Glacier Brown try to drop her ass to these songs looking like a hot ass mess

    *slangs bangs and proceeds to vogue out the room*

  22. PaigeJ December 29, 2011

    @LegendTina The Goddess Of Music… LIEEES. Chris doesn’t have a song with Justin on his mixtape called Look At Me Now. I think you’re confused with Ladies Love Me. Maybe that’s what she meant lol.

  23. pop royalty ( I Do The Wiggle Wiggle ) December 29, 2011

    ugh .. oh .. this is LATE as f*** 😡

    let’s just end this mess happened earlier !!

    yes CB and JB had a song together had the same vibe as LAMN :

    but i do not tolerate JUSTINE , so ….
    my 2 cents :

    i can not with her loving that stupid song called DANCE (A$$) ! shittiest song ever ! odd choice.
    2. where’s gaga “her friend” on that list ?!
    3. basic simple b****** need to realize that beyonce loved “man down” , A RIHANNA song , so her NAVY need to respect this lady and know she like rihanna. to the point she loved a rihanna “flopped” single …
    4.her taste in music is diverse , so she is kinda cool ! but does she have an iPod or a CD player !! cuz i want to see a pic of her ipod 🙂
    5. loved her stanning for “JAY” and kanye !
    6.half of other songs i never heard of them , time to google them.
    7. she is keeping on promoting “kelly” while kelly forgot to promote her flopped album herself.
    8. i respect @sam’s choice of that pic , he always pic the coolest beyonce pics for her posts , GO @sam. 😉
    9. i know bitter simple jobless ghetto h*** will be in this posts like ants around a dead cockroach.

    Go JuJu ! 🙂

  24. pop royalty ( I Do The Wiggle Wiggle ) December 29, 2011


  25. Bey’knight December 29, 2011


    Gaga may not be on her top 10 but u do know her ipod holds more than 10 songs rite? Lol besides Gaga already said Bey loved BTW songs b4 the album was released

  26. MISHKA December 29, 2011

    As much as I love Queen Bey, I vow she never releases something like this again.

    Granted “Man Down” is very well written but the “Look at me Now” remix with Justin Bieber is awful.

    Never again, The Queen. The idea that you may have poor taste in music doesn’t do it for me .

  27. Scottie December 29, 2011

    Um? She released an album this year. At least ONE of her songs should be on here. Ugh..I like Beyonce and all, but I stan for Sasha. I’m about to take my stanship elsewhere if she don’t pull her s*** together.

  28. RIHYONCE December 29, 2011

    Since i’m pretty sure Samantha won’t mention it, Rihanna has Ranked #7 in the World With Her Loud Tour with $90,000,000 after 99 shows! Here is Pollstars Official Link!

    Rihanna’s LOUD Tour is the 7th top grossing world tour of 2011

    The annual Pollstar ranking of the concert industry’s top performing artists is out! Rihanna’s LOUD Tour is at No. 7 with:

    Gross: 90.0 million
    Average ticket price: 74.95
    Average tickets: 15,395
    Total tickets: 1,153,846
    Average gross: 858,750
    Cities shows: 78/99

    Rihanna is behind U2, Take That, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Roger Waters and Elton John. Click here to see the full list.

    The tour consisted of almost a hundred arena dates this year, including a record-breaking 10 sold-out London O2 dates due to demand, Rock In Rio headliner, and her first stadium concert in Barbados. The tour, featuring over two dozen of her biggest hits, was acclaimed by critics and applauded by fans.

    Congratulations, RiRi!

  29. TrucieB December 29, 2011

    Idk why Beyonce stans refuse to let her grow as an artist? lol she stays bland and boring for her dumb ass stans. SMDH I hope this baby helps her do better creatively where her music is concerned.

  30. pop royalty ( I Do The Wiggle Wiggle ) December 29, 2011

    @Bey’knight :

    LMFAO .

    i know BB and lady gaga are best friends !
    but i just heard “judas” in the background while beyonce was getting her promoshoots for “4” ( see year of 4 documentary)

    so i was kinda amazed , but it is OK 😡 ! so she is preferring a NM song that can be used as a rodenticide and not a single LG song ?!
    that was a shock , sorry !!! but i think it is ok !

    LG stan for BB though :

    she showed some LIL monsters her youtube vids history and ( dance for you ) was one of her most viewed vids for this year !!!!!

  31. TEAMFOXYDONDIVA December 29, 2011

    Haters suck a d*** and keep it moving

  32. Bey’knight December 29, 2011


    Its not a. NM song she was just featured.

    People can u live n let live? She dint say BEST songs of 2011 n all my stans/fans must love them cus i love them. She said MY FAVOURITE songs. Is it so hard to respect other people’s opinions? Ugh the foolishness

  33. YUP December 29, 2011

    There was a Look At Me Now Remix with Justin bieber on Chris’ mixtape where JB was rapping…so maybe that’s what she is talking about

  34. YOOSONDALOOSE December 29, 2011

    Decent list, Bey songs are better!
    Go Bey! Surprised to see Future on there!

  35. KAT DELUNA FAN December 29, 2011



  36. Girrrl December 29, 2011

    Before my imposter comes in here:

    Man Down was a great track. I thought that would have been a hit instead of S&M.

    That tony Montana song makes me upset bc I hate it so much.

    Motivation was good bc of lil wayne

    In Paris is great

    Dance Ass is pretty good

    Drake Adele and frank ocean are always great

    Haven’t heard the others

  37. REE December 29, 2011


  38. Yellow Gorillah December 29, 2011

    Yaaaas The Mother Better Stan for the Daughter!!!

  39. REE December 29, 2011


  40. Tee December 29, 2011

    Yall do know that Justin Bieber did a look at me now remix while yall tryna handle the Queen!

  41. REE December 29, 2011

    FLOP B****!

  42. Freeway December 29, 2011

    This doesn’t PROVE anything, Beyonce is hateful, jealous and insecure, this is a feeble attempt to project otherwise. HEr ACTIONS, however, not a list, have already shown her true nature. Beyonce=#1 Hater in the GAME

  43. beybey December 29, 2011

    Uhhhhh.. I dont think Beyonce is actually a music fan.. This is her list??? Nothing but radio songs?? Really.. I thought this list would b a lil more personal.. Man down and novacane are the only songs I agree on. Smh. Come on bey

  44. fatu sankoh December 29, 2011

    god bless our bey for life i love you so much i wish you all the blessing in the world for you the baby your family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in all your business long live the queen

  45. jaysun December 29, 2011

    y’all better take several seats, i think she meant chris brown ft justin bieber – ladies love me which is on browns boy in detention mixtape and was look at me now part 2

  46. JohnVidal December 29, 2011

    What a bad list! Like really, even Sam´s list is almost a better one lol

  47. fagswerkmynerves December 29, 2011

    wack..wack and mo wack~ she sucks just like her music!

  48. ricknblack11(JUST LIKE BEY) December 29, 2011

    This is her list , who the f*** care what yall think. Damn if she do damn if she don’t.

  49. Minajesty December 29, 2011

    how is she a flop when all of her albums are platinum? cant say the same for rihanna…

  50. pop royalty ( I Do The Wiggle Wiggle ) December 29, 2011

    @Bey’KNIGHT :

    what’s wrong with U ?!

    i didn’t say she must like a specific song or anything ! or that she must choose better songs cuz her fans’s lives will be better if she picked a certain song !! i was just amazed there was no ” GAGA” !!!!

    and i know NM was featured in that song , thanks for the info which made no change to my opinion about this stupid song !!

    and yes , i’m still amazed at her selections !! how can u like NM and adele at the same time ?!

    sorry , that list sucked at some parts ,but that’s not a thing which will affect my love for her after all !

  51. @Rihject December 29, 2011

    cute list, Dance A$$ is my club song right now!! *shakes A$$*

    I like her list, except for future and that Chris Brown, Bieber song..

  52. Morgan December 29, 2011

    Stfu truthteller, bow down to perrylicous, ree and,freeway!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce is not a flop all her albums go gokd. Unlike ur lames fav. So since u hate bey so much get the f*** off of her post. God I swear u haters get on her post juat ro p*** us stans off. God get a f****** life!!!!!!

  53. Taree December 29, 2011

    didnt justin beiber do a remix to look at me now or something? maybe thats what she meant

  54. DamnAirFresh December 29, 2011

    That list is on point. Big Sean did the damn thang!

  55. Bey Fan… December 29, 2011

    It’s just list of songs she liked….damn.
    Y’all acting like she said she said she wanted to be like these artist.

    The fact that she she made this list supporting artists of this generation is cool. Esp since most of those artist look up to Bey.

    Love this woman……

  56. Phil Don-V December 29, 2011

    I totally love her shes awesome lol can toyally see her buzzing to motivation!!

  57. Another Star December 29, 2011

    She Was Too Busy listening to other peoples Music That’s Why 4 Was Garbage and a Flop

  58. Ha Ha December 29, 2011

    Poor Taste Bey!!!!

  59. Onyx December 29, 2011

    Really who care about her favoriye songs:
    Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj— “Dance (A$$)” —-Bad song
    Future —”Tony Montana” ——— BAD SONG
    Jay Z & Kanye West—”Ni**as in Paris” ———-What her fans have to say now about Rihanna using the word N when this is one of your Queen favorites song of the year.
    Kelly Rowland—”Motivation”————I have to agree with her on this.
    Adele— “Someone Like You”———–The best song on her list.
    Drake—”The Motto”———–really Drake, i don’t even like him when he collab. with RiRi.
    Rihanna— “Man Down”—————-I love it, the English patois Part is just perfect.
    Justin Bieber and Chris Brown—”Look At Me Now”———–Bieber really and you shade Rihanna for say Katy Perry is a Legend, i guess they’re in the same boat.
    James Blake—”The Wilhelm Scream”———Another bad song.
    Frank Ocean—”Novacane —————the taste of Beyonce this year go beyond the sounds that she make in 4 and we all know the end of the story.

    I’m not an artist i just a person who enjoy Music but i not permit myself to listen to Bieber and this is the artist people in this site consider to be a legend, Mariah who after collab. with him, you will never heard of Madonna listen to a Justin bieber song or collab. with this kid, is like the whole Music industry has surrender to this kid, i dont get it, well i guess is because i don’t know nothing about him, i can’t even name a song from him. Anyway Good for Beyonce if these are her fav. songs of the year.

  60. KAT DELUNA FAN December 29, 2011

    December 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    She Was Too Busy listening to other peoples Garbage Music That’s Why 4 Was Garbage and a Flop

    FIXED 😆 😆

  61. Songscribe December 29, 2011

    Major Highlight of the list-Man Down. This means that bey don’t realy giv a damn bout the stan war. She’s smart. So next time be4 u post a nasty comment against riri, think about this list and this also applies to riri stans too.

  62. JER December 29, 2011

    a predictable list. Her reps made sure she included a Jay-Z song, a Rihanna song, a Kelly Rowland song, an Adele song, and then BS

  63. BeeBee All DaY December 29, 2011

    @Jason Chris Brown and Justin Bieber did a track on Boy in Detention sampling LAMN so…yeah that attempt to throw shade was a fail.

  64. D. Scott December 29, 2011

    Justin Bieber and Chris Brown? O_o I wonder how Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes (the people who were actually on the song) feel about not being mentioned

  65. WHUT December 29, 2011

    Hey Samantha you flop ass bum b****

    Where are my WW numbers this week?! KIIIIIIIIIIIII


    For those who dont yet know the QUEEN has amassed an impressive 365k WW this week in sales.

    Which brings her total to 1668000 in JUST 5 WEEKS

    Practically 1.7m in 5 weeks!!



  66. lyric commander lee December 29, 2011

    love how she showing love for her bandmate ms kelly!

  67. Sweet Tea December 29, 2011

    “Cuz we like to flop yeah” lol this flop b**** needs to have a seat and respect Queen Rihanna! I see the shade B by putting one of Rihanna lesser known songs that flopped on your list lol…at least she didnt flop with five singles in a roll off the same album.

  68. honeydip December 29, 2011


  69. NT December 29, 2011

    There’s like no way to please you people , she said she liked a Rihanna song . She said she liked a Kelly song ; what more can she do? I respect her for not including her songs in the list because that would have been a little vain .

  70. GREG December 29, 2011

    this chick better had of said Motivation or i was bout to set it off up in here

  71. Army of queen Aaliyah & Lil kim December 29, 2011

    Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj— “Dance (A$$)” <—– Both Big Sean And NM Can't Rap On This Wack Ass Song, NM Made That Song Even MORE Unbearable But The Beat Was Good I Have The Instrumental 😉

    Future —”Tony Montana” <—- Really Bey?! Lmfaooo #iCant

    Jay Z & Kanye West—”Ni**as in Paris”<—–Of Course Your Have To Have You Hubby 🙂

    Kelly Rowland—”Motivation”<—– Kelly SLAYED This Year ! Minus Lil Gremlin !

    Adele— “Someone Like You”<—— SLAYAdele Slayed Countless Careers And Snatched Numerous Wigs I Love Rolling In The Deep But This Song Was COOL !

    Drake—”The Motto”<—— Not His Best But It Was OK Minus Lil Gremlin Its Amazing!

    Rihanna— “Man Down”>>>>> Man Down

    Justin Bieber and Chris Brown—”Look At Me Now”<—— Bey You Just Lost Some (I Mean ALOT) Of Respect For This I Mean I Love Me Some Chris But JUSTINA BEAVER?! Girlllllll BYE !

    James Blake—”The Wilhelm Scream”<—– IDEK What Or Who Made This Song So IDGAF ! 😉

    Frank Ocean—”Novacane”<—– Frank Did His THANG This Year ! Finally Some Good R&B From A Male Artist, Wish He Leave Tyler The APE And Those Other UNTALENTED Misfits !

  72. ADELE December 30, 2011

    @truthteller, and @ sweet tea At the end of th day Beyonce still has more talent in her little finger than your fave, and she earns more to. Beyonce have one flop in 15 years in the game and Rihanna has three flop albums and a flop tour in seven. Do you hear that? three. Beyonce had an RnB album, promoted her perfume more than she did the album, when Riri did three months of world promo, and had a world tour for Rated R, and still FLOPPED. That trick also got busted for paying top 40 radio station in the US for playing her songs. Now that’s a FLOP. To the Katy stan, focus on Katy Flop tour, and album. All that trick is good for is #1 singles.

  73. aROB December 30, 2011

    I liked her list, I thought it was surprising. It made me see her differently though, I’m glad she still listens to her peers work. I didn’t see the Justin Beiber version on the other list I saw from other sites, but okay. The Motto was a real shocker, I never would have thought she would even listen to that, or Dance.

  74. aROB December 30, 2011

    It’s funny though, haha like Beyonce and RIhanna fans don’t like each other. But I think once they see that the two have nothing against each other like Bey and Gaga, that will bind the fans together.

  75. I’ma have to send her to her maker December 30, 2011

    Nicki Minaj STAYS on famous celeb’s playlist. Now all you will deal. I f**** wit this playlist, bey.

  76. Suchahhdread December 30, 2011

    Ok…….. it says “Beyonce’s favorite songs” lets loosen our grip on her crotch region and allow her to like what she likes.. smfh ..If you don’t like the songs listed.. don’t put them on ya ipods

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