Cher Lloyd Signs US Record Deal – With LA Reid

Published: Saturday 17th Dec 2011 by Sam

Look out America! Cher Lloyd is heading to your turf.

 With Simon Cowell‘s X Factor machine serving as the gift that keeps giving, the music mogul is set to unleash Lloyd on the Stateside audience with help of fellow X Factor USA judge  – LA Reid.

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Just 18, the Pop star rose to prominence on the last series of the UK show, where she finished 4th. Ironically, since then, she’s gone on to achieve more success than the actual winner. Reason enough, it seems, for Reid to sign her to the newly restructured Epic Records, which he is heading up under the Sony Music umbrella.

Confirmation came courtesy of Lloyd herself during an interview with BBC Breakfast this week. Peep what she had to say of the lucrative deal below…

While we’ve warmed to Lloyd considerably (‘With Ur Love’ is admitted fire), a worrying trend is emerging here. One which sees one too many British act propelled into the US stratosphere without establishing a rock solid base here. A trend which often sees such acts and labels left scrapping the scrambled egg off their faces (see: JLS).

I mean, as much as we endorse her cause, Cher has only released two singles, with her album only being out for less than a month. Surely allowing her to become more seasoned before sending her to the proverbial slaughter that is the US scene would make more sense?

It’s not as if Lloyd’s talent demands an imperative global launch, ala Leona or Alexandra. There’s clearly plenty of room to grow. Growth being something she shouldn’t be doing before an audience who -in keeping it all the way real- often demand more from their stars than we do this side of the pond.

In any case, what’s done is done, and Ms. Lloyd looks set to make a bid for US stardom in 2012. Stateside readers, will you give her chance? Peep the clips below and let us know what you think:


Randomness: Speaking of Alexandra, she also signed to Epic upon winning the X Factor three years ago. Interesting to note, however, is that this took place prior to the label’s major restructuring this year. Needless to say, her deal had better be intact if they are signing Cher Lloyd. More than anything, her push needs to be just as big if not bigger, as her talent is world-class. That said, I’ve always wondered how the US would receive Alex, who is by and large an outright “Pop” star, as opposed to an Urban one. After all, girls who look like she does (see: light skin/dark skin debate) are often confined to the “Urban” lane. Any way, enough of my rambling…

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  1. Bow Down to The Perrylicious… (The Queen of TGJ) December 17, 2011

    Flop b****!

  2. Dev December 17, 2011

    I can’t stand Cher, but as i said before i’m sure she’ll do well with a re-worked album. In terms of Alex i think her next album will be Kelly Rowlandish in the sense of diverse in sound to appeal to both markets.

  3. Scott December 17, 2011

    Cher will flop she is not talented enough

  4. Wizard December 17, 2011

    Not with that debut trying to be nicki minaj ewwww Lol “with ur love” is hot though

  5. Wizard December 17, 2011

    @scott She is not talented enough Uhm America Got Rihanna? Why can’t she

  6. Roman December 17, 2011

    Go Cher…

    Her singles so far have been amazing and solid songs, swagger jagger being the most memorable from “sticks + stones”.

    I have to admit there is a fine line between catchy + annoying, and Cher does sometimes cross this line… She has an amazing voice, wicked personality and thus has potential to become an instant hit worldwide under the wing of LA, just like Rihanna.

    This is a move in the right direction for Cher. I wish her all the success.

  7. Scott December 17, 2011

    Rihanna is far more talented than Cher and has better songs. LA Reid is a fool, he has been persuaded to do this by Simon who has not managed to make Cher a star in Europe she is going to flop.

  8. MISHKA December 17, 2011

    Well, good for her but it’s gonna be uber though.

  9. Stacey December 17, 2011

    Cher is def talented enough and she has enough personality .. What I’m nervous about is this being too early for her to branch out. Like TGJ wrote, she should have a solid UK foundation before coming here. Because we have some great new artists coming in 2012 and some vets making their return. Idk if this is the right move at this time. Also her album isn’t strong enough to be released here. She should definitely rework a single or 2 and then come here. At any rate, I already bought Sticks + Stones and had it shipped to me. It’s cool. My favs are “With Ur Love”, “Superhero”, and “Beautiful People”.

  10. NT December 17, 2011

    She has talent to come to the states because she’s better than alot of the girls we have here now , but this was kind of OBVIOUS from the way LA was praising her recently. Also if LA can’t make her a star i don’t think anyone can

  11. Gilberto December 17, 2011

    LA Reid loves to give record deals to untalented basic b******.

  12. Ju December 17, 2011

    I’m from America and I reeeeeeeeeallly hope this little girl does not make it across the pond before Alex!!! I absolutely adore Alexandra and hope she makes it huge, her voice is just to stunning to stay in the UK. And I must admit, it is going to be hard for her to sell her pop act over here because of the stereotypes and it really sucks. I just hope her management can start rolling that ball because if anyone can do it, it’sAlex. And as for Cher, I think her image is going to be hard to sell over here as well. Just because she is a “white rapper” coming from a privileged background. That might not go well over here as well. When it comes to the best rappers, they have a story to tell and that’s what makes their rhymes so amazing. Not saying that rappers should come from a ghetto background, just that they have a story to tell the world, they have substance. With Cher I feel like she’s rapping nursery rhymes and have nothing to tell the world. She also needs to start humbling her self a little more, because her cockiness is unbearable! I understand confidence, but there’s a thin line between the two. I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt and listen to her music, but I just can’t take her and that really just puts me off her music.

  13. cray December 17, 2011

    I feel bad for this Cher girll….Honey you don’t want to come here (states)…You will be chewed and spat out. She flop so hard it will be unbearably shameful for her.

  14. Aimes December 17, 2011


  15. Gigi December 17, 2011

    I don’t see much for her in the US. She may have a novelty hit, but her whiteness will be a barrier for audiences. A hoodrat white female rapper will fly over in England, since it’s mostly white and everything is about class, but here in America? Folks are going to be skeptical of her “street cred” no matter how much they spin her being a lower class British girl (99% of Americans don’t know Geordie from RP–y’all are all English).

  16. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) December 17, 2011

    but then, how do you explain Krayshawn?

  17. JacquesDaKing December 17, 2011

    Love Cher can’t wait for her to come out over here in the US

  18. antonio aniello December 18, 2011

    Wow so many spiteful comments here relating to the word b****, cnt really think why she’d be a b**** though, the problem with Cher is that she is manufactured by x-factor and I mean everything from her fashion image to her image as a rapper wannabe, eople who love hiphop and rap will quickly grow to dislike Cher because of what she is doing to that particular lie of music she is not hip hop, she is not rap, she is just a Cowell puppet tarted up to look the part for the younger audience in a desperate attempt to sell her ridiculously fake image and music to all those who believe in the pr spinning and hype of pop factory. Chers biggest problem is that she has an image painted on her by the x-factor that has her labelled as a gangsta wannabe, rapper wannabe, hip hop artist wannabe, who thinks she has swag and attitude. The problem here is that must be the only rapper wannabe that cant write raps, doesnt realise she has no swag and is not a dubstep artist, grime artist, hip hop artist of any kind and instead is running around with this facade hoping that people pour their lunch money just to give her fame without learning he art or craft of something like hip hop. The Americans will want to see why this girl has attitude but when they realise that this girl just doesn’t have the substance just doesn’t cut it for something as serious as hip hop they’ll rip her to shreds just like the UK did to her, hence her material bombed in there. More to the point, didn’t wagger Jagger bomb in the States too? the last I heard iut peaked at number 320 in the US itunes! so that’s just a small taster of things to come. The simple fact is cher has not got the materials to hold her own weight and will need all the publicity and mass media hyping just to ram her name down US throats which will only make the US hate her even more. She can sing, yes of course she can but the fact is now Cher’s been turned into commercial generic rubbish for the lowest common denominator of the wider listening audience. Her debut song was massively frontloaded in the UK after SyCo bought 20,000 copies to bring her debut singles totals up to 46,000 for her firsat week putting it at number 1 and her second single although better still sold less than her debut did and didnt even chart in 5 countries with her album completely bombing. Her career is struggling right now so they thought right try to ram her name down US throats instead as a last gasp measure. Who knows it might work for her but I predict the obvious, storming the States with no credibility or local fanbase or anyone knowing you elsewhere is a bit like me trying to drive a car 5 miles on no fuel.

  19. Tim August 24, 2012

    Aug 24th: first single went platinum, sold a million and counting. Particularly like the idiocy of the comment that she was from a privileged background. How clueless can you get!

  20. Fanny October 2, 2012

    I LOVE HER SOO VERY MUCH, apart of that she has something that makes her special, she has talent not to mention she’s a beauty <3

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