That Grape Juice A&R: Keri Hilson’s Upcoming Album

Published: Wednesday 7th Dec 2011 by David

Weeks ago, Urban Pop Princess Keri Hilson confirmed that she has began work on the follow up to her critically acclaimed LP ‘No Boys Allowed‘.

Set to hit stores in 2012, the songbird built anticipation for the project by revealing that its sound may ‘shock’ some members of her core audience.


Now’s the chance to have your say.


All will be explained below…


Listing 12 songs from any genre or period of music from any artist out there, we want you to create the ultimate Keri album, made up of cuts you feel would serve to win over the buying public and critics alike.

Maybe you feel Rihanna‘s  ‘Where Have You Been is just the song she needs to force her into higher chart ground or is Mariah Carey’s ‘Circles’ the sound she should be going for if it’s critical acclaim she desires.

It’s completely up to you.

If you’re feeling extra bossy why not tell us how you would promote the album and how you’d ensure it generates sales figures worthy of competing with the likes of Usher’‘Confessions′ and Beyonce’s ‘B’Day‘.

Who knows? Someone from Camp Hilson  may see your ideas and take them on board.

Get listing below!

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  1. truciebedford December 7, 2011

    don’t think she can do better than NBA. I think it will always be her best work.

  2. Lala23 December 7, 2011

    No one cares. It’s probably gonna sound like a second-rate Ciara album anyway.

    She feels like she’s in constant need to keep up with her because being compared to Ciara is her claim to fame.

  3. THE REAL TYLER* December 7, 2011



  4. THE REAL TYLER* December 7, 2011



  5. creeziiii baby December 7, 2011

    ^^^ True.


  6. Joseph Vryheid December 7, 2011

    I think something along the lines of Ciara’s ‘Promise’ would do her some justice. S*** but still classy and no offense but Keri got a little too ranchy with the ‘NBA’ album.

    PS: ‘All The Boys’ should have gotten the single treatment, that would have went to #1 on the R&B charts.

  7. Lisa December 7, 2011

    Ciara is very entertaining, I can’t wait for her to hit the stage because she give you your money worth so to me Keri can’t touch Ciara in know kind of way, please believe it!

  8. wtfffff. December 7, 2011


    HOMEGIRL NEEDS MAKE-UP BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *runs to keri while digging in my purse*

  9. AdeleSlayedYourFav December 7, 2011

    Ok, here’s my tracklist.

    1. Be Without You- Mary J. Blige (1st US single featuring Brandy and Keyshia Cole)
    2. Party- Beyonce (but featuring Missy Elliott)
    3. Down For Whatever- Kelly Rowland ( 1st international single)
    4. Sleazy- Ke$ha ( 2nd international single)
    5. Rihanna- ‘Roc Me Out.
    6. Pearl- Katy Perry ( 3rd international single)
    7. Don’t Forget About Us- Mariah Carey (4th international single featuring Drake)
    8. Rush Rush- Paula Abdul
    9. So Excited (5th international single)
    10. California King Bed (6th international single)
    11. Never Say nEVER- brandy

  10. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 7, 2011

    why she even care to release an album ?!

    she’s an icon when it comes to being a basic b**** !!! just that !

    her attitude over-shadowed her talent ! so for ppl to accept her she need to make something unusual to make up for all that shade to other ppl , which i do not expect from this shady chicken ! she’s basic at it’s best !

    just a basic b**** who jumped on timbaland’s d*** to get a contract !!!! and ofter her didn’t give her the time of the day , she’s trying to accepting how to live as a basic b**** and get grammy’s cakes !!

    to the left to the left !!

  11. NoFlopsAllowed December 7, 2011

    Love you KERI.

    1. Get it out me featuring J.Cole
    2. Slave 4 U
    3. Toxic
    4. Candy Man
    5. Promise
    6. That’s The Way Love Goes
    7. Fool In Love
    8. My Love Is Like Whoah
    9. Speechless
    10. The Boy Is Mine featuring Mary. J Blige
    11. We Belong Together

  12. MH December 7, 2011

    Keri needs to utilize her RESOURCES! She is a songwriter and she is signed to both Timbaland’s and Polow Da Don’s record label, there is no reason for her not to have a hot album. How do you write better songs for others than you do for yourself?

  13. Mr. GQ December 7, 2011

    I think she should have hybrid of both albums. I thought In A Perfect World… was more Keri and the the new one was trying to be more current (Bahm Bahm, Lose Control). Personally I think her bonus tracks should have been on the actual album (Hustler, Fearless, So Good). So if she can stay true to herself and have mainstream appeal than she’ll be fine. She’s talented so the nay-sayers can hush!

  14. GEO December 7, 2011

    idk why people feel the need to comment negatively on post when it’s not called for! At the end of the day the artist usually has the last laugh because they are getting paid more money than u! I’m Just Saying…. An Keri is just doing this for fun because she was a prominent songwriter b4 she became a artist!So Flop or not she still is paid! so save ur comments.

  15. JOSH December 7, 2011

    Dont like her.
    Ill listen to her album, not buy it.
    I dont think it will be any good, but i hope she proves me wrong.

  16. RosaRubbel December 7, 2011

    Her last two efforts were actually pretty good to me. Especially her ballads (‘Alienated’, ‘Where Did He Go’, ‘Toy Soldier’, ‘All The Boys’). She went a little too raunchy for ‘No Boys Allowed’ and she handled that era completely wrong. She should’ve released ‘Bahm Bahm’, ‘Beautiful Mistake’, ‘Toy Soldier’ and ‘All The Boys’.
    I’m interested in new music, but keep it classy Keri!

  17. DCP December 7, 2011

    Keri don’t listen to these haters! Your very talented anyways..! Your 1st album was the perfect blend of R&B & pop while NBA was a lil confusing & kinda messy but I do have my select favs on there.
    I can’t really say any songs from other artist that will fit you, artist mess up a lot when they go 4 a certain sound so stick to what you’ve been doing like with ur 1st album.. or u can enlist me 2 write some songs for u just sayin lol but u need a 1st single banger like knock u down but u need 2 follow up with a single just as big & I see that when u collab with Timbo the chemistry is perfect! & please dnt collab with drake that’s sooooo cliche now. I hope this helps

  18. stephaniewazhere December 7, 2011

    I’m so over this chick.

  19. Chuckie jackson-Mackey December 7, 2011

    1. Keri Hilson-Turnin me On
    2. Keri Hilson-The way you love me
    3.Ester Dean-Drop it low
    4. Fergie-Fergalicious
    5. keri hilson- So good
    6.keyshia cole-let it go
    7. rihanna- birthday cake
    8. keri hilson-fearless
    9.toni braxton-wardrobe
    10. christina milian-zipper
    11. keyshia cole-you complete me

  20. Mely B December 7, 2011

    @DCP – Keri don’t listen to these haters! Your very talented anyways..! Your 1st album was the perfect blend of R&B & pop

    I agree with you on this point. Personally I was completely turned off of Ms. Keri during her last album go ’round – can’t even answer to myself if it was her attitude, the material or a combo. I didn’t even get her 2nd album and only heard PRETTY GIRL ROCK because of the video.

    I think that she is a marginally talented singer, may be a good songwriter but not evidenced by the number of others who wrote her debut album; she is pretty but has no “it factor” or spark to make me pay attention to her music. It is a shame because I still really enjoy listening to her debut album.

  21. mark ginnis December 7, 2011

    She meed to make an RN B record . She need to make the great lost aaliyah record . or update Jody watley

  22. I’ma have to send her to her maker December 7, 2011

    I was impressed by no boys are allowed. I’m looking forward to seeing what she delivers on her next album. Pretty Girl Rock and the way you love me was my s***. People like keri hilson are keeping contemporary r&b alive.

  23. Elvis Madore December 7, 2011

    Don’t know what 2 say , I was never really a Keri fan. I only bought NBA because I liked Pretty Girl Rock. Keri ain’t really all that. People who start out as an R&B act, should stay R&B & not go with all this dance/techno music like Kelly, Kelis, Ameriie, & a few others.


    Skeri just needs to stop acting fake sometimes and IMPROVE those “singing” and “dancing” skills y’all claim she has….

    Really,No Boys Allowed was a mess compared to In a Perfect world which was at least somewhat tolerable!

  25. hazzzzzzzzzza December 7, 2011

    Its not so much her music its her marketing WE HAVE ONE RIHANNA and she is great she does what she does

    we neeed a keri hilson

    If she don’t bring it on this album and i don’t just mean in terms of music, i mean appearances, her look, performances the lot bring all together

    if she doesn’t then its bye bye Keri

  26. MIXKULA December 7, 2011

    Who gives a s*** about this F-L-O-P!

  27. maria December 7, 2011

    what’s going to be so “shocking” about this album? The only way it’ll be shocking is if she goes rock. Going the techno dance route is cheesy and its not shocking because almost every artist is doing it. Alot of people is turned off by her arrogance, two years ago she wouldn’t pose with fans at her album signing. I think keri might try to take the rihanna route, she might even try to do a live band. Either way I don’t care, keri is fake and she annoys me. If she wanted to just make music just because she loves it, she wouldn’t try to change her style to get hits or more fame. Keri was apart of a writing team meaning she wasn’t writing by herself. No one paid attention to her last record what makes her think this one will be any different?

  28. Jordan December 7, 2011

    She should definitely take advantage of that 90s sound. I wouldn’t mind hearing her collaborate with Missy and Timbaland and Danjahandz for the bulk of her new album. That would be interesting. Maybe some Kanye and Rico Love too…

  29. S***(U MAD?) December 7, 2011

    I think even No Boys Allowed outsold 4.

    Damn Bey dun fell off 😕

  30. Timago December 7, 2011

    1. Baby (Brandy) – 3rd single
    2. Touch It (Monifah)
    3. Love (Keyshia Cole)
    4. The Way That I Love You (Ashanti) – 4th single
    5. I Never Knew (Deborah C**) – 5th single
    6. Turn It Up (Ciara feat. Usher) – 2nd single
    7. Licky-Under The Covers (Shontelle)
    8. You’re Makin Me High (Toni Braxton)
    9. Heartbreaker (Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z) – 1st single
    10. Fallen (Mya)
    11. Roc Me Out (Rihanna)
    12. Slow (Kylie Minogue)

  31. Yellow Gorillah December 7, 2011

    No Boys Allowed was GREAT album I don’t care the first singles did not do it for me but the rest of the album shitted some songs left could have smashed but she done good for a Lesser girl.

    To be honest she is not better then ciara musically.

    I feel like her personality brings her down and she does not have a IMAGE??? Like she is always COPYING Rihanna’s style she is always trying to look edgy I don’t know she just needs to find a style people can recognise her for.

    + YEEEEES @ SAM I NOOOW Know that he P**** pop’s to WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN every friday NIGHT! Such a STAN! He loves TTT

  32. s_w_a_p December 7, 2011

    I love Ms. Keri Baby, I don’t understand what everybody wants from her. Yes her attitude is a little…Kanye-ish, but how somebody is and what they do in their personal life shouldn’t take away from their talent. We’re here for her music.

    WTBS, I’m excited for the new album. I don’t want it to sound like anybody else. I agree with one of the members when they said that artist mess up when they try to sound like somebody else. Stay in your own lane. To me, Ciara and Keri are different. Keri can duplicate Ciara’s music, but not vice versa. It wouldn’t sound right honestly.

    “No Boys Allowed” was (and still is) my s***. Yes, she was a little raunchy with “One Night Stand” and “The Way You Love Me”, but it was great. I want her to stick with the urban pop theme. If she can make a album like “In A Perfect World” on steroids then that would be great. “Knock You Down” was her most successful single, so she and her camp should think about that and run with it. I just hope she doesn’t f*** with this new album cause both of her albums are my favorites.

  33. julissa December 7, 2011

    she needs her own sound, we don’t need knock offs of beyonce, rihanna or ciara. The. girls knows what works for them. What work for one artist may not work for another artist. This may be her last shot. Every writer and producer wants to be a singer, why? She should of stayed behind the scenes. her attitude makes her ugly. Next…….

  34. s_w_a_p December 7, 2011

    Producers and writers that she should work with:

    Ester Dean
    Sean Garrett
    The-Dream & Tricky
    Ne-Yo (he done fell off, but I’m ready for him to get back in the game)
    Missy Elliott
    Jazmine Sullivan
    Frank Ocean
    The Runners
    Rico Love

    With producers and writers like these, she can’t go wrong.

  35. Bey’knight December 7, 2011

    Couldnt care less

    And yes i clicked the post just to say that!

  36. ThankMeLater December 7, 2011

    I’m sorry who..?

  37. mel December 7, 2011

    @s*** Beyonce “4” album is the 7th highest selling album of 2011. She’s almost at 1 million in the U.S. and she’s at 2 million WW. By beyonce standards it might be a flop but overall it’s a success, not like her last 3 but it is a success.

    Contdown is listed as one of the best songs of 2011, also

  38. jill December 7, 2011

    Keri who? She still trying to release albums?

  39. Tyler December 7, 2011

    She needs to do songs like Rihanna cockiness

    When Rihanna sings suck my cockiness kick my persuasion that sounds like Keri voice and lyrics….

    She also needs to go pop… Nobody is checking for lame r&b….. U see beyonce new album ain’t even went platinum yet in the states….

    I love Keri…. I am really anticipating this new album

    1 Rihanna cockiness
    2 Rihanna birthday cake
    3 Adele he won’t go
    4 Keri hilson all the boys
    5 Keri hildon buyou
    6 Robyn call your girlfriend
    7 Robyn dancing on my own
    8 danity Kane ecstasy
    9 britney spears kill the lights
    10 Keri hilson wait a minute
    11 Madonna vogue 2.0 twist

  40. Nicki minaj fan December 7, 2011

    Wait I love nicki Minaj to death but u mean to tell me

    Nicki can throw shade be arrogant and say my next album will snatch wigs… Throw shade and diss I’ll Kim and all this s*** and y’all call Keri hilson fake and say she wrong…

    My point is if u call Keri fake and praise nicki then u are a fake b**** yourself b/c if that was lil Kim on. Magazine and not beyonce and nicki would have did the same thing u f**** would be like yaaaasss nicki yaaaasss Greek… So shut it all y’all fake…. Lmfao

    I like Keri and I love all her albums and songs although I think she should ditch r&b and go all the way pop

  41. I’ma have to send her to her maker December 7, 2011

    I don’t think keri’s style looks anything like rihanna’s. Rihanna stole her good girl gone bad hairstyle from fefe dobson.

  42. RyanS December 7, 2011

    I love Miss Keri Baby! Dont care what haters say, I loved IAPW and NBA! Cannot wait for album number three!

  43. DONT TRY IT B**** December 7, 2011

    I don’t know what it is, but I feel like she just doesn’t have IT. I’m not talking about a gimmick but just SOMETHING THAT SETS HER APART. Rihanna gets it s*** and fun, and gives you a cute foreign girl vibe. Adele makes you feel the music and her voice is so beautiful. Beyonce’ is beautiful and a natural performer that gets you in the mood. Lady Gaga sings and dances her ass off, and makes you think deeper and feel good about yourself. Keri gives me NOTHING. I feel like the music she puts out as singles is one dimensional and as a very accomplished song writer signed to a label with money makers I expect more. All i see is a pretty face singing about a boy. Why do y’all think Keyshia Cole, Brandi, Mya and them are sitting down somewhere? Everybody has heard that style FOREVER, you must adapt and reinvent yourself while still being true to your art. NOBODY wants to hear in an OK VOICE about how your man cheated on you and you love him so much. We need FIRE Keri!!!! We need you to go sit down somewhere, get your attitude right, and apply yourself. If you don’t, you will be on the MILK CARTON forever and we are going to eventually stop searching for your ass. I wish you the best girl, get it together!!!!

  44. RDK December 7, 2011

    nice album pic she looks good,even though i am not a fan i like to see chicks in the game doing them,wish her well on her upcoming project.

  45. NickiKelly December 7, 2011

    In terms of the Tracklisting, I’m not putting anything about that because Keri is unique & her sounds could capture the MASSES if promoted correctly!

    I’m reppin’ The UK. Here’s my promo ideas:

    The main Cities. London, Manchester, Birmingham etc… Perform on the Main High Streets the lead single! MUST MUST MUST be UPTEMPO!!!!



    I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Keri fan and I think over here it’s down to Promo and getting the right “sound” out there. I could write the lead song for her right now!!!!

    She can be a HUGE success but it needs an investment in time and money and PLANNING!!!!!!!!

    I’d do it myself!!!!

  46. Teyah December 7, 2011

    Her next album will FLOP like No Boys Allowed! Nobody cares about her! She’s so basic. Keri has fallin into the list of irrelevant bunch of flops alongside Ashanti, Ciara, Ameriie etc..

  47. Justathought December 7, 2011

    I never really expect much from her BUT I still like her as an artist. She’s iight lol

  48. RatedXXX(you mad because????) December 7, 2011

    I dont see the attitude people are talking about…because shes not licking beyonces butthole, that means she has an attitude?

    please. the majority of yall hate keri because she dissed beyonce..lets keep it real. it has nothing to do with her talents or lack of

    so automatically that makes her a flop……

    if u gonna diss somebody, keep it 100%

  49. RatedXXX(you mad because????) December 7, 2011

    keri, boo dont worry about these bitter bishes….do u

  50. WHUT December 7, 2011

    Miss Keri Hilson has won me over with her recent demonstration on how to shade 101!! She better deliver on the music front now

  51. Kyle December 7, 2011

    I love Keri Hilson! It’s hard to come up with a playlist so I just say take a little bit of what you did on “In A Perfect World” and mix it with some of the stuff you did on “No Boys Allowed” and come up with some fresh ideas and roll it into one album. This site doesn’t really attract many Keri fans does it? Yikes…I’ve never seen what the problem with her was. She has good vocals, makes good songs and sounds s*** as hell!!!

  52. lex December 7, 2011

    I love all her music but she is not better than beyonce or even near beyonce level and will never have that fame beyonce has…..

    Her attitude STINKS

    Where is Lancefronce?????

  53. JoJo December 7, 2011

    what she needs is to get Ester Dean & Stargate back and use them for the whole album get ester to write some Rude Boy & Right There Tracks 🙂

    Keri Hilson – Loose Control <——– Direction of the new album

  54. Stassi December 7, 2011

    I love that Keri stayed true to her R&B roots so for the next album i want her to stick to that and not so much pop. I think we hear too much of it as it is. So my tracklist would be…

    1. Keri Hilson – Make Love
    2. Keri Hilson – Beautiful Mistake
    3. Keri Hilson – Where Did He Go
    4. Keri Hilson – Gimme What I Want
    5. Keri Hilson – Toy Soldier
    6. Keri Hilson – Return The Favor
    7. Keri Hilson – Intuition
    8. Keri Hilson – Turning Me On
    9. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock
    10. Keri hilson – Knock You Down
    11. Keri Hilson – So Good
    12. Keri Hilson – Fearless

    (Notice the artist. i feel like she has her own sound and can be successful if its put together right)

    i want her to work with priscilla renea and hit boy also.

  55. Yayyyerrr December 7, 2011

    i hope it has a good mix of hip hop and r&b. i hope the r&b side is raw tho! like the 90s r&b. i wanna feel the emotions the lyrics are conveying. but the sound has to be right also. production wise(which shouldn’t be a problem cuz she has some of the best producers out) and sonically. i’m not here for her winning the public over. Art should always be a reflection of the artist. and whoever is captivated by it is, captivated by it. and who ever is not, is not. what ever route she decides to takes with album 3, the work will be nothing short of dope. no boys allowed is a solid album and was most definitely underrated.

  56. Credits December 7, 2011

    Keri needs to go back to her “in a perfect world” days, or even her days before that, NBA was too generic with only a few standout tracks.
    She needs songs like:
    Keri Hilson-alienated
    Keri Hilson-Love ya
    Keri hilson-where did he go
    Keri & timbaland-Miscommunication

    Oh there is a little snippet that i think is at the end of Bahm bahm, it goes something like, “tell me baby baby if you wanna make love tonight” she should rework that into a full song, the beat was hot.

    P.S. She seriously needs to finish that song that she and timbo did a few years back, there is a low quality snippet floating around, it’s called “your cover’s blown”.

  57. Credits December 7, 2011

    And Keri’s song “i like” was amazing. she should tap into that sound again.

  58. jDizzle December 7, 2011

    I’m sure Keri would gain even more attention keeping to her R&B roots. her fans now and potential audiences would appreciate that. i say, channel the 90’s R&B (while obviously not shying away from Keri’s own personal R&B style…if you grew up with those songs and had it influence your sound, why not pay a small homage to those sounds & do it justice by putting a contemporary “signature Keri” style to it? maybe even self-titling the LP), the ‘nitty-gritty, heart-wrenching, emotional-filled songs that those R&B 90’s songs used to exude. that would be…EPIC. beautiful.

    Going more pop/dance would leave her core supporters a tad disappointed. of course they’d still continue to support, but what would happen if all the support was because of the fans’ obligation to, and not the incentive to spread music they truly believed in?

    i understand the point of mainstream..getting hits, chart-toppers, and record sales. but the whole point of a career’s longevity is to target a style that’s true, and i know that’s what’s Keri’s all i’m curious to see the kinds of sound and message this 3rd album will have.

    as far as seeing the album’s success…i’ve said it once before and i’ll continue to say it: people are not willing to buy albums with 10 or so songs on them. i think one of the reasons we see a trend in plummeting record sales is because of this reason. and to think people have to spend a couple more dollars for those 4 or 5 bonus tracks? contracts may have something to do with this, but putting in the extra time to add more songs to these albums tells us something about the artist: that it’s more about their music than sales. this is the kind of message record labels should be promoting and supporting their artists through…..if her label backs her up on this, this 3rd project would be effin’ awesome! lol

    and how about a fan-driven approach for promoting the album? why not include a concert ticket purchase with the purchase of an album? it will create an incentive to buy the record if Keri would perform in cities that generated the most album sales. didn’t universal and live nation recently partner together? buying the album would give fans the chance to not only enjoy her music, but enjoy a chance to see Keri live. Genius. 🙂


  59. Keris#1Fan December 8, 2011

    Keri needs to sound more commercial. (Rihanna, Beyonce, J.LO, Kelly Rowland etc) She needs to work with big artists/rappers…Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, David Guetta, Kanye West!!! ithe best feature for her would be JAY-Z!!!! you know with all that beyonce drama! itd clear some rumors and beyonce camp might stop hating on keri!!!!

    1-keri hilson- in a perfect world intro!!!!!!!!!!
    2-Rihanna – Where Have U Been
    3-nicki minaj – turn me on (david guetta)
    4- keri hilson- the way you love me
    5-Rihanna- you da one
    6- rihanna- whats my name
    7- kelly rowland – lay it on me
    8- keri hilson- lose control
    9- jennifer lopez – im into you
    10- rihanna – birthday cake
    11- mary j blige/kerihilson/ester dean – stronger
    12- beyonce – end of time
    13- kelly rowland – down for whatever


    on promotion she needs to go on tv shows like ellen, GMA, bet, much music and more…she needs to promote as much as rihanna, lady gaga and beyonce does and not only promote one song like she did for NBA (pretty girls rock) after watching her promote that song so many times….we all got bored and wasnt that excited to go get NBA!!!!!!

    but honnestly the JAY Z feature would be the key of succes for KERI HILSON! believe me!!!!

  60. JR December 8, 2011

    keri hilson doesn’t have anything special to stand apart .. Rihannas voice is pretty bad but its unique and u kno rihanna when u hear her .. Keri can actually sing but she’s not an amazing singer by any means, she can dance but lil two steps here and there is about all she can handle .. I duno I liked her debut but I dnt see her being a HUGE star like beyonce, rihanna or gaga .. she may be able to make in a lil noise in the urban scene so I suggest she stick with that base

  61. keriii December 8, 2011

    SHE NEEDS TO PROMOTE IN CANADA!!!!!!! tv shows, radio!!!!

  62. China December 8, 2011

    Well, since we’re having an honest conversation here goes:

    I don’t have any suggestions on what she should sound like, I’d prefer leaving that to the artist. I believe in freedom of expression and being true to the art form. However, my preference is R & B – she’s a creator so I think she can take that and run with it. I will not list other artists/sounds for her to try because I’d like for her to perfect her own.

    For me, No Boys Allowed’s flaw was that it was not cohesive. It had a theme but not a sound. I attribute this to laundry list of writers/producers they brought on board as opposed to selecting a few and building the album from the ground up. That’s a pitfall I’d like for her to avoid with this next project.

    Features – the last album was saturated with them. If we’re going to shoot for classic status cutting down on those would be an excellent start. I’d like to see her stand on her own two feet like all the other greats. Two to three is more than suffice. Also, if you’re going to pay an artist to lay a verse please ensure it is hot. Far too many of her features were weak, that can kill a record.

    You can have a solid album but if poor choices are made the quality of the work will be overshadowed. Promo leading up to the last album’s release was handled exceptionally well, but the song choices and the videos that accompanied them were in poor judgment.

    The key to success in any field is understanding your audience. There were times throughout the last era it seemed her team didn’t quite grasp that. Study your consumer, pay attention to the way they respond to particular imagery then zero in and go for the kill.

    There is room for her here. I see no reason why she cannot excel to megastar status. I trust that all the kinks will be ironed and she’ll do just fine. Plus she’s a hard worker, so you can never count her out.

    Here til the end.

  63. @daRealrastaBwoi December 8, 2011

    i wanna hear wat the 1st singlesound like b4 i make any harsh comments.. she is a pretty woman thou 🙂
    follw me on twitter @daRealRastaBwoi and Check my channel and videos out

  64. jdizzle December 8, 2011

    -China: I couldn’t have said it better. Especially the part with knowing what audience to target when picking the singles. Promo was great, but choosing the wrong singles has a great deal to do with how the audience responds to an album..thanks for that insight! 🙂

  65. JohnVidal December 8, 2011

    “Circles” by Mariah Carey??? How is she going to do something like that vocally??? TGJ stuff please get your s*** together
    That being said, her last album was not that bad

  66. NYC-Superstar December 8, 2011

    Who cares…..She can go back to writing she excels at that.

  67. todd December 8, 2011


  68. todd December 8, 2011


  69. keri hilson pop queen December 8, 2011

    ok the haters are out and yes i will be buying the third album it was epic , it was a masterpiece ! critics can say one thing but keri hilson is a class act ! nobody but bey and riri fans are hating on this icon . i am 12 yrs ld and i did find out that beyonce is fake and lies ,steals in the music world , and keri hilson wrote songs for beyonce but beyonce thought she was too good to take them from keri hilson. beyonce treated keri and other r&b artist like they were nothing , beyonces cocky ways went to her head but now keri is charting higher than her. if u look at beyonces chart history vs keri hilson’s pretty girl rock u will see that pgr charted higher than 11 of beyonces singles on billboard charts and thats crazy huh? beyonce might call herself a king but she hasnt acomplished s*** yet and i belive keri will go diamond before her and have more number ones in the future.

  70. keri hilson pop queen December 8, 2011

    sorry about the typos but i’m just stating the truth! keri is a major recording artist grammy nominated and a naacp winner . keri doesn’t have to prove anythin to the haters. even the haters bought her albums but they worship bey so much they turn on keri hilson. people cannot see that beyonce and rihanna are brainwashing folks with their demonic music . i hope keri hilson doent sell her soul like they did ,shes the only singer out there with the swag like mj neyo usher and chris brown . ciara was ok but keri hilson has the pipes and the moves .

  71. terance December 8, 2011

    i think keri hilson should step into the bad era with michael jackson and do more songs like gimmie what i want . keri hilson is like michael jackson neyo usher, and chri brown she needs to team up with them and make a pop rock dirty diana song. keri hilson is bad and she needs to prove that . people love her concerts i think she could be on michael jacksons level with the right promotion . i could see keri having a thriller like album.

  72. wow December 8, 2011

    wow, you guys are ridiculous. yall must be teenagers because i can’t believe that adults would act like this.

    people keep speaking of an “attitude” that she has but i don’t see it at all and i watch almost every interview. Mostly yall are just trying to find a reason not to like her. lol if you don’t like her, just don’t listen to her music or visit anything with her name on it, PERIOD! youre just wasting your time.

    anyways…im looking forward to this album! The last album didn’t really show a lot of growth to me, even though i enjoyed it, IAPW is easily better. hopefully she can top both with this album.

  73. BritBrat December 9, 2011

    Potential. Keri has so much of it. So did No Boys Allowed. It’s frustrating when you’re rooting for someone, knowing what they are capable of doing, and no one else being able to see it. With the right moves that potential can be released and Keri can become a star, but it seems to me as if her team can’t see that for some reason. Like China and JDizzle said, she has to study her audience and once she fully understands them the nail will GLADLY dive its way into the coffin.

    As for the new album, as long as it’s amazing and Keri does not completely abandon her core audience , I’m fine. Her team needs to promote her better this era. The promo leading up to the release of No Boys Allowed was amazing, but soon as the album dropped, it seems like they just gave up. The wrong singles were being released. The videos were mediocre to good. The promo vanished. Why? Her team MUST handle things better next era. It’s vital.

    Being a fan of Keri’s since 2008, I just wanna see her get what she deserves. She works too hard and is too intelligent of a woman not to. She can prove that this next era. She can do it, she can become a star, all she has to do is unleash that potential and she’ll be there. I have faith in her.

  74. jDizzle December 10, 2011

    question! who picks the singles? o_O they really should pay attention to the consumers. i feel that the people getting paid to choose singles are jaded. they’re getting paid & they’re looking at songs differently. i feel like they focus more on what’s hot now, with the type of sound the single has and who’s featured…the two factors that these people think will make the single a chart-topper.

    i guess it works for artists that are already hot on the market. consumers expect hot features and the mainstream sound. but for a relatively ‘new’ artist, they should be picking singles that shows off the artist and the song that’s relate-able. grab your consumers in that approach, instead of relying on features and the particular sound that’s ‘in.’

    for example, One Night Stand i feel was chosen because FAME was about to be released, and they relied on Chris and that song to push for One Night Stand’s success. the audience that they used to determine the next single off of NBA was Chris’s, not Keri’s. Don’t get me wrong, the song was hot, but they shoulda targeted Keri’s core audience. there were other songs on NBA that could have had single potential i.e. Beautiful Mistake and Buyou and Gimme What I Want and even the mid-tempo Toy Soldier.

    So for album 3, i’m honestly suggesting to ask her True Blues about her singles lol (seriously) *wink*

  75. BayAreaMami December 10, 2011

    Keri needs to let her true fans pick her single choices this time and do more songs like:

    I Like
    Knock You Down
    Turnin Me On
    Gimme What I Want
    Where Did He Go

  76. Meezii December 11, 2011

    1)”The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” – Lauryn Hill
    2)”Alienated” – Keri
    3)”Do It” – Keri
    4)”Say It Right” – Nelly Furtado
    5)”Thinking About You” – Frank Ocean
    6)lyrics like “Anything’s Possible” – Johnny Lang
    7)”Tell Him The Truth” – Keri
    8)”When Love Takes Over” – David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
    9)something sensual like “Anytime, Anyplace” – Janet Jackson
    10)”Let Me Down” – Keri
    11)”Trust Issues” – Drake
    12)”Hold On” – Spensha Baker

    I think her promo for NBA was great but maybe if she added a little more morning/daytime tv shows to her promo tour that would help the sales. 

    An MTV “Unplugged” would be great because it would allow people to see a little of who Keri really is, instead of what they think or have heard. Alot of people seem to think they know her but they have no idea who she is or what she’s capable of in my opinion. 

    Maybe she could do like two promo videos for two songs of her choice from the album like the one she did for “Make Love” or the one she did during her IAPW photoshoot for “Where Did He Go”.

    Also a few contests will draw attention to the project!! One before the promo tour, one during the promo tour & one after the release. The one before the release could be something like the one Roscoe Dash has going right now. You take a screenshot of your pre-order purchase and that’s how you enter to win. 

  77. KERI HILSON FAN December 18, 2011


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