That Grape Juice’s Favorite 5 Christmas Performances

Published: Tuesday 20th Dec 2011 by TGJ

5. Christina Aguilera/Brian McKnight


Lifted from her oft-praised ‘My Kind of Christmas’ collection, Xmas saw Xtina bring her powerhouse vocals to holiday favorite ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ with the assistance of R&B vet Brian McKnight. While admittedly at times their joint melismatic cup runneth over (and over and over), the combo was still refreshing and a perfect blending of voices. In this display, one of two live showings the two shared for the holidays, Christina’s vocals shine splendidly as ever.


4. Patti Labelle


It was certainly a silent night as audience members watched in awe of the majesty that is Mama Patti‘s voice. In an acapella demonstration, Labelle sought to remind lessors how, even on holiday, she merrily shuts down the competition. The stunning arrangement, featuring the Perri Sisters (famed background singers of Anita Baker), saw Labelle ring those oft-praise vocals to the high heavens. We’re sure even Zeus gave this a thumbs up.


3. Destiny’s Child – Opera Of the Bells


Destiny’s Child‘s ‘8 Days of Christmas’ was a must-have for any DC3 fan upon his 2001 release. Not only introducing fans to new festive mixes, but also gifting listeners with their special takes on old favorites. And, unlike previous albums, the set saw each member yield yuletide solos – ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ (Rowland), ‘O Holy Night’ (Williams), and ‘Silent Night'(Knowles). Even in all of their holiday offerings, ‘Opera of the Bells’ rings as the penultimate fan favorite – and most attempted on Youtube – of the set. Giving the girls yet another opportunity to display their stunning harmonies for a holiday showing, chime in on this great performance from Destiny’s most-loved children.


2. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas (Live)


For a holiday already set with its fair share of favorites (rendered each year over and over), it takes a special diva to create her own set of classics that are still being blasted almost 20 years later. That diva, of course, is none other than Mariah Carey. Her song ‘All I Want For Christmas’, lifted from her ‘Merry Christmas’ album, is largely responsible for the album now being the best selling holiday LP in history (moving over a whopping 15 million units). And while the song has since been remade with it-boy Justin Bieber (and landing the songstress atop Billboard’s first ever ‘Holiday Chart’), umm…we’ll just take the original. Hit it Mariah!


1. Whitney Houston


If you hear what we hear, then your ears are blessed with the gift that is Whitney Houston. During her ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight’ era, Miss Houston took her holiday cheer to Leno to lend her take on ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’. In this stunning arrangement, the diva took ‘Hear’ to higher heights than any before her (and probably any since). A reminder of a time when this girl could sing the phone book and take it to church. Get into Houston’s holiday number below:


Honorable Mentions

Boyz II Men – Silent Night

Arguably no group before them, and certainly no group after them, have taken command of stylistic harmony in the way of Boyz II Men. One of the greatest vocal groups of all time, their holiday collection quickly became a must-have as it was filled with gems ‘Let It Snow’, ‘Silent Night’, and more. A stunning reminder of their joint abilities is this stirring rendition of ‘Night’ for BET. An audience, who given the status of music over the last ten years or so, was clearly in dire need of a refresher on the power of ‘true vocalists’. Get into it below:

Mary J. Blige – Christmas Song

A welcomed departure from her usual fiery offerings, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul shone royally in this subdued showing of ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)’. Putting her own spin on the holiday classic, Mary moved the Obama’s and audience in this 2009 display. Regal indeed, although it’s been sung many times, many ways…see why Mary does it best:

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  1. JohnVidal December 20, 2011

    How the hell can you put Destiny´s Child and their superFLOP Xmas album and that average performance in such a short list like this one???????
    With mariah´s hiperclassic written by her and with the stunning angel Whitney motherfucking Houston is??????? It´s not just that she can take it to church. That´s so basic. Are you trying to say Destinys Child voices or Jennifer Hudson´s voice for example can compare to Whitney Houston´s???? Can you see the difference?????????

  2. king z December 20, 2011

    john must you troll the posts just to make negative comments? lol get a life. we all have different favorite performances they never said these were the best..just their favorites. i personally like yolanda Adams xmas performances

  3. BooBooKittyFuck December 20, 2011

    Terrible choice for Mariah. Joy To The World was one of her best performances EVER let along just Christmas.

  4. timz December 20, 2011

    Brain and Christina I couldnt take. I stopped after a minutes.
    Patti, just breathless at that one. Incrdible. She commanded the room like it was nobody’s business. She is a DIVA
    Destiny’s Child were good. I didnt find them that incredible though to be put on this list.. especially over Patti.
    Mariah, I didnt watch because that song is getting on my damn nerves. Of course Im sure it was note perfect since its Mariah circa 1996
    Whitney. Flawless. Her voice has so many textures and layers and she plays them so effortlessly. There will never be another.

  5. JohnVidal December 20, 2011

    Not negative hun, I just praised the best artists of the bunch and the other two opinions on here said pretty much the same as me

  6. Theman December 21, 2011

    Mariah’s “Joy To The World” is the best Sam left that off on purpose because it would have been #1, that or her version of “O Holy Night”, which is beyond spectacular…

  7. Cindy December 21, 2011

    How can u not include Mariah Carey’s version of O Holy Night. When she sings ‘fall on your knees with such vocal conviction perfection, you know darn well the reason for the season! Sorry but this list is wack! Mariah should have had minimum 3 songs on this list (Joy to the World/ O Come oh ye Faithful), she is the queen of Christmas, her initials alone confirm this fact!

  8. Lyric December 21, 2011

    Whitney slayed. Gosh I wish she would put out a christmas cd and promote it. Classic and no one has touched her version yet/
    Didn’t really care for Destiny’s child singing
    Xtina was fine until 2:30min and then I had to stop it, her oversinging killed it, Brian McKnight was great, she ruined it
    Patti and her background singers were awesome as well

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