Hot Shots: Drake Tributes Aaliyah…With A Tattoo

Published: Monday 26th Dec 2011 by Sam

Aaliyah‘s untimely death aged 22 in 2001 left the Urban community in shock. And while the masses have since coped with the loss by celebrating her legacy, Hip-Hop heavyweight Drake has opted to immortalise the singer on his body.

Spotted playing tennis with basketball star Carmelo Anthony, Drizzy (in the white headband) inadvertently revealed his latest ink work. Check it out after the jump…

Peep his back…

{Image Removed As Requested}

WOW. Although, his love for Ms. Houghton isn’t new news.

In an open letter to the late starlet, the Canadian recently wrote:

“Dear Dana,” Drake begins, referring to the singer by her middle name. “I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I remember getting the news that you had passed and it connected with my heart like a clean shot from Muhammad Ali. I was crushed.”


Your thoughts?

Randomness: Drake recently lashed out at the tattoo artist who inked his name on a fan’s forehead.


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  1. Carl Neufville December 26, 2011

    He’s suchhhhh a weirdo. Idc what anyone says.

  2. gee December 26, 2011

    just stupid! didnt a fan of drake just tat their forehed ?

  3. bey’knight December 26, 2011

    Aaliyah’s features are stunning gosh and she was only just blossomin into the full bloom of her beauty. RIP babygirl

    Drake is settin his own path. by now yall should know he’s not the 2nd comin of your conventional “hiphop heavyweight”. the tattoo is a bit too much if u ask me but hey, thats just me. i think im still reeling from my indulgence

  4. CRE8TIVEi December 26, 2011


  5. ? December 26, 2011

    is that his d*ck on the main picture?

  6. meme December 26, 2011

    What wrong with this young man?! lol

  7. voneeluv December 26, 2011


  8. TheTruth December 26, 2011

    I don’t see Carmelo

  9. NAUDISWEET (Xtina Stan) December 26, 2011

    He’s so damn strange, I mean he never even met her.

  10. B**** PLEASE December 26, 2011


  11. jennifer December 26, 2011

    Drake is creepy

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 26, 2011

    I LOVE Aaliyah and his tributes to her are the only reason why I even remember Drake’s name, he helps to keep her memory and legacy alive…

    And of course the tatoo is an OTT decision, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect any OTT stuff from him.He probably had a crush on her 😉

  13. jill December 26, 2011

    This is not cool at all, didn’t he just talk about his fan that got the tattoo. Drake is very creepy. I can understand being a fan BUT this is just out right creepy. He seriously needs help!!

  14. NICK December 26, 2011

    it’s cute, Aaliyah is def an artist to remember –

  15. Chet December 26, 2011

    I mean, who really cares? People get tattoos of icons all the time like Biggie, Pac, Marilyn Monroe, etc. This is no different. She’s obviously “a positive motivating force” within his life when it comes through his music, so chill. Let it be. And it’s not like he got her tattooed on his damn forehead. That would be a different story lol.

  16. YOOSONDALOOSE December 26, 2011

    Lovely, good tribute.
    R.I.P. Aaliyah!

  17. MISHKA December 26, 2011

    He got a tattoo of Aaliyah on his f*cking back .

    I mean, yes we all miss her but let’s be clear she was not a legend already when she passed away so … a tattoo of her face though? And we heard about this days only after Timbaland confessed he was in love with her. What part of the game is this?

    I don’t care what nobody says, AUBREY IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A SANE PERSON. This morosity around his persona, the fact that he loves every girl he meets (Rihanna, Nicki, Serena) including a dead person (Aaliyah), something smells creepy around him.

    Like I heard people say, don’t get caught up in a n*gga moment, Drake. You’re chasing waterfalls, you’re playing with fire. This is not going to end well.

  18. Those That Cannot Do, Stan December 26, 2011

    Uh….no. No. No. N-O. No. I think people make too much of Aaliyah to be honest, she was awesome but…yeah, not the end all-be all. As for this, straight foolishness.

    He didn’t know her. A tattoo is a creepy way to remember someone, ESPECIALLY a face tat and on his back…rolls eyes.

  19. pop royalty ( BIRTHDAY CAKE ) December 26, 2011

    and ….. ?!!

    how is this tributing her ?!

    SMH ! i can’t with this kids BS 😡

  20. Carl December 26, 2011

    Haughton* not Houghton Sam lol

  21. Onyx December 26, 2011

    I used to have a crush on her in my t*** days, to me she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. A lots celebrities tributes her idols with a tattoo, Megan Fox have a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, i have a crush on her too oh! i still have a crush on her, she was the beauty in person.

  22. Yellow Gorillah December 26, 2011

    Aaliyah was one of the most beautiful girls to come out into the industry and she still is the most beautiful…

    Drake is just LAME…I don’t use him there is just something about him that just robs me the wrong way.

    And Aaliyah is a RNB Legend please let’s not come for her legacy the girl died way to young she just began and no one knows what she could have done if she was still with is

    R.I.P Baby girl

    Drake is still lame to me

    *Sips M***** Juice*

  23. Army of queen Aaliyah & Lil kim December 26, 2011

    Awww That Is Cute, I Would Rather Him IDOLIZE Aaliyah (Someone With ACTUAL Talent) Than Gimmick Minaj And Rihanna !

    To The People That Say Aaliyah Wasn’t A “Legend” Well She Is One To The Urban Community, She Is Called The Princess Of R&B Or The QUEEN Of URBAN Pop For Nothing So Have A Seat!

  24. Keyta December 26, 2011

    Haughton not Houghton.

  25. WHUT December 26, 2011

    His backhand form is a flop.

  26. Princess Of Darkness December 26, 2011

    Megan Fox never met Marilyn Monroe. Alot of people got MJ tattoos (especially celebrities), and they they never met him, or probably didn;t even know he existed.

    Now all he needs to do is get a portrait of Rihanna on his d***.

    His d*** wants RiRi, but his heart wants Aaliyah.

  27. leo December 26, 2011

    RIP Aaliyah
    just saw a cool video of t pain , kelly rowland and weezy in africa at

  28. Junior in Jamaica December 26, 2011




  29. Junior in Jamaica December 26, 2011


    HIS* persona
    Uber STRANGE*

    Typing way too fast!

  30. YAAAS BOO! December 27, 2011

    Drake, you’re such a f**.

  31. Dev December 27, 2011

    I think he needs to keep his top on…..

  32. swagg December 28, 2011

    i know i might be late on this post lol but you young bums need to quit throwing shade at greatness its the same thing u do to kim just because nicki is current.. obviously Aaliyah isnt here anymore so she isnt making music to stay relevant but too say she want that big or didnt have that big an impact is baseless claims..everybody acts like beyonce is the pinnacle of success but she still hasnt sold as many worldwide records as Aaliyah (in her solo career)with all those grammies yall love to talk about 🙂

  33. @4evermelvin December 28, 2011

    my favorite unreleased Brandy songs Drake wrote are Freedom, List, one thing, porcelain doll, believer, too little too late (solo), stand back, maximum risk, bet u didnt know, and feels so good oh and today

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