JoJo: “To Deny Brandy’s Influence Would Be Foolish”

Published: Saturday 3rd Dec 2011 by David


Though recent years have seen many try their best to deny it, the impact singer/actress Brandy Norwood has made on Pop culture is in many ways unrivalled.


From influencing a generation of viewers with ‘Moesha‘ to inspiring the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna with her oft celebrated material, Ms. Norwood is without a doubt one of music’s more groundbreaking staples.


Now, fellow belter JoJo has shared her thoughts on the singer she has long cited as an inspiration.

Her comments below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Setitstraighter December 3, 2011

    I Love it when aritst admit that brandy is an influence. Im not saying that that every artist is.. but you can tell when shes been an influence to a singer, song or style.

    I woulnt really call Jojo one of those influenced by Brandy so strongly.. BUt i have a respect for JoJo revealing that she has a respect for Brandy. Thank u that Grapejuice for asking that question

  2. BeeHave! December 3, 2011

    This would be true if you replaced Brandy’s name with Beyonce’s.

    Moving on.

  3. Kingphoenix December 3, 2011

    I’m not trying to be shady but how did Brandy influence Rihanna and Beyonce’s music i dont see the similiarities…Beyonce is the queen of the uptempo’s and even her ballads don’t sound like something Brandy would do, and i definately don’t see how Riahanna has been influenced by any one but Britney and Beyonce with a little carribean flavor. Brandy was great when she was great, but other than being a 90’s Icon added with a dope album in full moon i don’t think ppl are that influenced by her music…but I could be wrong *shrug*

    • Petey Pab September 26, 2014

      If you read the Wiki for Brandy’s albums, Never Say Never, Full Moon and Afrodisiac, you’ll see that many artists from Chris Brown to Rihanna have said that the way Brandy layers her vocals, is like the bible for vocal arrangement for modern R&B. Rihanna said Full Moon was all she would listen to when recording Good Girl Gone Bad. I have to admit, the 2 albums that changed the way urban R&B sounds today are probably Aaliyah’s One in a Million and Brandy’s Never Say Never.

  4. BrandyFever December 3, 2011

    No sweetheart you heard right.
    Brandy. Brandys influence would be foolish to deny.
    Kind of like how it would be foolish to deny Beyonce is a serial thief who has been stealing concepts since The Olsen sisters started their period.

  5. BrandyFever December 3, 2011

    Brandy did influence Beyonce.
    Beyonce came out in ’97 and Brandy was already hot in 93, basically Brandy would have been ONE of the girls B would have looked up to, kind of how Gaga looks up to Britney.

  6. IfIWereAFlop December 3, 2011

    How could Brandy have influenced Beyonce when Beyonce has been relevant for EVERY decade she has existed in.

    She was relevant in the 80s when she was snatching wigs at her local talent contest. She was relevant in the 90s when she slaying lessors as the lead singer of Mathew And Child and she was annihilating b****** in the noughties when she debuted a solo act and made the other b****** wish they had never even heard of a recording contract.

    Brandy on other hand hasnt been relevant since….since…. I just cannot!

  7. JAKE (KING BEY + QUEEN BEY = TALENT + SOUL) December 3, 2011







  8. JAKE (KING BEY + QUEEN BEY = TALENT + SOUL) December 3, 2011



  9. none-yo December 3, 2011

    Rihanna was definitely influenced by Brandy. She said so her self. She listened to aafrodisiac the whole time she was recording good girl gone bad. Chris. Brown is definitely inspired by brandy. His singing. Style. Is just like hers.. Brandy did here thing back in the early 90s, yall are over gratifying beyonce. She good, but she ain’t ‘ God. Yall need to stop act in like brandy was not an icon, or the first do television , movies, sing, and endorsements, and award shows.

  10. BROCKAISGONNASHOCKYA December 3, 2011

    JAKE, eat a poisoned nut!
    Brandy influenced Beyonce and u know it, even Beyonce knows it so why are u acting brand nu.
    At least Brandy is an ACCLAIMED actress, ie she doesnt just get cast in movies cos of her fame but because she can actually act.

    Where is Beyonce’s hit tv show again?
    Where is her Oscar?
    Where is the proof she writes any of her songs?
    Where is her baby?- cos it sure as hell aint in her belly.

  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 3, 2011

    I like Brandy so much, especially ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Full Moon’, but I feel like TGJ just churned out the words “influencial” and “groundbreaking”.I agree with JoJo, Brandy is a brilliant vocalist and from what we’ve seen a great person too, but honestly, “groundbreaking” is a bit too heavy.She did infleunce some new vocalists to a certain extent, but not as much as the article implies.

  12. F*** TRANDY! MONICASLAYS December 3, 2011



  13. YOOSONDALOOSE December 3, 2011

    Awww that sweet.
    Go Jojo, her ‘Disaster’ video has been sent to UK music channels.

  14. F*** TRANDY! MONICASLAYS December 3, 2011


  15. amy December 3, 2011

    JoJo said multiple times before that Beyoncé, Brandy and Jill Scott are her main inspirations. Plus she was born in 1990!

  16. Girrrl December 3, 2011

    Rihanna has stated that GGGB was influenced by Brandys Afrodisiac album. She modeled the album after it and added a pop touch.

    Brandy may not sell like she used to but many artists have cited her vocal style and albums as influential.

  17. JoArmy December 3, 2011

    OMG this is my girl!!!! But this interview old tgj but still nice for putting it up.

  18. WHUT December 3, 2011

    SMH@ the Bey Stans coming for Miss brandy!! SMDH!! We in the navy respect your artistry and influence on the game Miss Brandy gurl!!

  19. Criss December 3, 2011

    @GIRRL Hence, why Rihanna even worked with Timbaland on some of the songs on GGGB. I remember her saying that too, that she listened to Afrodisiac a lot, that that was the #1 CD in her CD player. Rihanna is inspired by both Brandy and Beyonce. And i’m POSITIVE that Beyonce respects Brandy & Monica and all the other female artists that did it big before she did. If she said the opposite, that would be a lie.

  20. Jessica December 3, 2011

    @F*** TRANDY! MONICASLAYS: I still see your still having your hissy fit, LMAO!!! You still haven’t got the HOOKED ON PHONICS BOOK YET??? OH WOW!! LMAO. When are you gonna take some English classes to improve your grammar and spelling? LOL. All this hissy fit that your having, you could’ve used that to go to school and improve your writing. LMAO!!! Why are you mad at Brandy? Is it because she has money? Is it because she’s influential to other artist? Is it because Monica and Brandy are best friends and they are not having beef with each other? WOW YOUR SO DAMN MISERABLE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE. DO YOU NEED MEDICATION OR SOMETHING? YOU ARE REALLY A STALKER AND HONESTLY YOU NEED A DOCTOR PRONTO!!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, CHECK YOURSELF INTO REHAB PRONTO AND GET SOME HOOKED ON PHONICS TO WRITE PROPERLY, BECAUSE RIGHT NOW YOU SOUND LIKE A CRACKHEAD RIGHT ABOUT NOW. LOL!!!

  21. The-Truth December 3, 2011

    I mean She is Speaking THE TRUTH. BRANDY is LEGEND and the other girls get Mad that people are actually Stanning for her Talent, not because she’s “Fierce”

  22. Perfectly human December 3, 2011

    Brandy’s singing style was and still is very influential and very respected to a number of artists wether they have admired it or not. Her albums may not be the best selling these days but her vocals are definitely always flawless. omarion, Nivea, Rihanna, Chris brown, Dawn Richard just a few artists who have tried to incorporate her singing style at some point into their own music.

  23. TO MONICASLAYS December 3, 2011


  24. Brandy Slays f*** what the haters say December 3, 2011

    Lmao you beyonce stans kills me when yall hate on brandy weather yall like it or not beyonce love and looks up to brandy she have said it herself damn why cant people accept the fact that brandy has influenced and paved the way for their favs smh hating and being delusional is very sad and you monica stans can have several seats _/_/_/_/ cause dont nobody in the industry look up to her but her fans so yall are a waste of time This the main reason I love brandy because people like yall (haters) keep denying her talent and influences but deep down yall know she is amazing but if yall dont like brandy why do yall comment on a blog dats about her so obviously its something yall love about her and FYI dont get mad at JOJO cause she stating a fact

  25. The-Truth December 3, 2011

    Beyonce & friends definitely tried to cop Brandy’s Style on “Love” from Destiny Fulfilled.

  26. B&Beylover December 3, 2011

    Well I am a Bey and Brandy Stan. I have been riding with Brandy since day 1. Brandy and Beyonce are totally different(Tamar Voice). So since this is a Brandy post lets just talk about B Rocka. Thanks, management

  27. The-Truth December 3, 2011

    Almost all these new artist are inspired by Brandy Dawn Richards, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd,

  28. BitchPlease December 3, 2011

    Keyshia Cole, Ciara, and Dawn Richard have stated Brandy as their influence. Beyonce does respect Monica because Monica handles business with a Boss attitude just like her.

  29. Hush December 3, 2011

    Unless Beyonce herself has gone on record crediting Brandy as one of her influences, don’t just automatically assume it simply because Brandy came first. I HATE when people do that. Not everyone was influenced by the popular acts that came before them, no matter how much it seems like they would be. I’m not saying Brandy hasn’t been influential, but unless someone has gone on record citing her, don’t just assign them as being someone’s influence.

  30. KNUCK December 3, 2011

    Brandy has influenced sooooo many that don’t even say it.. like name a singer that is a TRUE vocalist that doesn’t cite her?! I mean you have your Mary J (who brandy cites as an influence/inspiration) and Faith, but they came before her. When R&B was changing and heading for it’s peak around the time Full Moon was released nobody was doing the adlibs, runs, harmonies, tones, and textures like our girl.

    I mean even DRAKE is influenced by her and he’s not even a “singer”. So many in the GOSPEL arena such as Tonex, Onitsha, Isaac from Men of Standard, J Moss (who comes from one of the most influential families ever) have all fervently expressed admiration for her style and creativity. She’s a true beast! All of the people who were the biggest influence on Brandy have turned back around and shown much love, such as Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston.

    CLEARLY Jojo loves Beyonce, but Beyonce is not really creative with her s***.. she sings and she slays a vocal but she’s never done anything and I’m like “where the F did that come from?!” This is coming from one of the biggest DC stans there ever was, but when I was a pre-teen DC was hott and we listened to stuff for the beats, not lyrics or vocals for that matter.

    Y’all just wait until Brandy’s new s*** drops!! Yeah, I’m a stan, but I love so many artists and I don’t act like an uneducated fool for mine.

  31. Setitstraighter December 3, 2011

    No matter whos reigning now or wateva.. Brandy has been an influence to many an artist.. Its not about shade.. Beyonce This.. Brandy That.

    Brandy was influenced by Whitney houston.. you could hear it.. and feel it.. but Brandy became Brandy because she found herself within that influence and some..

    Beyonce I would say was influenced more so by MJackson, in terms of career and longevity.. BUt as an Afrircan american female stepping out.. it wudd be ‘foolish’ to not see that Beyonce may have looked up to Brandy and drawn some influence, given brandys teen idol prescence

    Beleive it or not these 2 love each other.. full stop..

  32. KNUCK December 3, 2011


    6. “Focus” by Brandy: “She is a great singer. I love her vocal arrangements. I love the lyrics.”

    This is just one time Beyonce has mentioned Brandy. And hell, we now Beyonce ain’t one to cite her influences!!! you girls need to stop CARRYING.

  33. DMWN December 3, 2011

    “When R&B was changing and heading for it’s peak around the time Full Moon was released nobody was doing the adlibs, runs, harmonies, tones, and textures like our girl. “

    That made no sense.

    #1 – How do you figure R&B was “changing and heading for it’s peak around the time Full Moon was released?”

    #2 – Runs, admits, harmonies have ALWAYS been a component of R&B music. Long before Brandy; with and without her. She didn’t revolutionize anything there, and nothing she did around the time of Full Moon was innovating or game changing. It’s just another R&B/pop album.

  34. DMWN December 3, 2011

    “admits”… adlibs, I mean.

  35. KNUCK December 3, 2011

    @DMWN, poor you. you have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean clearly R&B was at it’s peak around that time. Even the pop girls like Christina and Britney were urban at that time. Urban was IN and was dominating the hot 100.

    And to say nothing was innovative about “Full Moon” is absolutely … insane. The production and vocals are still to this day on another level. I mean, how old are you?!

  36. maria December 3, 2011

    You people seem to amaze me, do you guys even listen to the interview? She stated that she can’t deny Brandy’s talent BUT she did NOT grow up listening to her.

    Brandy, Monica, Beyonce i’m sure pusehes each other, monica even stated she loves Beyonce they were always across the hall at the studios along with Kelly.

    But i’m sure Brandy and Monica influence was Whitney and Mariah. Beyonce influences were Whitney, Mariah, MJ, Prince, Tina etc. She always stated that.

    While you people are going at it on a blog, Brandy, Monica, Beyonce are chilling relaxing enjoying life.

    Beyonce and Brandy are in the same circles, Kelly is GOOD friends with brandy.

    Monica went to the WTT tour chilling with Beyonce.

    JoJo stated that she respects Brandy, that’s all.

    Monica, Brandy, Kelly and Beyonce are ALL the same age, been out at the same time.

    Beyonce and Kelly were signed at 12 years old, so they been out since in the early 90s, became mainstream in 97.

    Michelle Williams was a back up singer for Monica, everythings good, relax.

  37. Katy+GaGa=Queens December 3, 2011

    Beyonce? Yes. Rihanna? I dont see it.

  38. DMWN December 3, 2011


    Clearly I’m older than you because I know better than to buy into any of that BS you’re talking. I very distinctly remember each and every commercial stage of Brandy’s career, from her stint on Thea on up to today…and nothing about FULL MOON — or any Brandy album, for that matter — was innovative. At best her music is good/decent. Game changing or forward pushing? Hell no.

    And Christina and Britney were never “urban.” No matter how hard they may have tried or wanted to be.

    Commercial R&B reached its ultimate peak in the late 90s. By the time Full Moon was out, it was beginning to lose its dominance to Hip Hop. Check yourself, don’t try and check me. And question my age. I remember the world of R&B music back *before* there was a Brandy.

  39. Dev December 3, 2011

    You can tell that most of the people who read this site have no musical knowledge. It doesn’t matter how relevant you are now, its the contribution and legacy you leave…. even if it’s one hit that stands the test of time.
    Brandy for a black girl was breaking boundaries. Hit records, hit t.v shows a cover girl contract.

    Aretha, patty labelle, tina (to name a few) haven’t had a hit in years, but will people deny their influence because they’re not racking up units now? Think before you type.

  40. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Rihanna: “Brandy’s Afrodisiac album really helped to inspire that as well, because that album I listen to all day, all night. When I was in the studio that was the album that I listened to all the time and I really admired that every song was a great song. You could listen to the entire album. And I was like, ”You know what? I have to make an album like this.”

  41. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    India.Arie: “She’s one of my favorite female vocalists in the R&B/soul genre. It’s just my opinion, but I think she’s the best one. This song talks about somebody finding love after a long time of searching. Talking about Ne-Yo made me think of Brandy, because Brandy is one of the few people — women, especially — in modern music whose voice has changed, and when it changed she was even better. “

  42. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Talking backstage at Constitution Hall in D.C. this week, Sullivan spoke a bit about her favorite singers.

    Jazmine Sullivan: “Who would be my fifth? I’m naming all older people…. I’ll say, and a lot of people will be surprised, but I’ll say Brandy…I love Brandy. I do, I do. She’s another one of the young artists who has such a different voice. Her voice is along the lines of mine. it’s low, it’s raspy. It’s different than most singers.”

  43. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Keyshia Cole: “I would like to work with Brandy. Wonderful vocals and she’s very talented. When I first started singing she was one of the people I looked up to.”

  44. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    John Legend: Brandy is one of the best singers of our time

  45. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Jay Z: She has an incredible voice, an incredible talent.

  46. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Kanye to Brandy: You know why you are doing this song? Because you are my favorite singer and I really feel like you can bring this song to life.’

  47. CzarM December 3, 2011


    I love it when people get on here and post a bunch of silly tidbits trying to prove something. Brandy – The Vocal Bible is clearly pressed to be mentioning all of these mundane quotes from people…and giving them their own individual posts at that. What exactly are you trying to prove?

    The day I ever become this pressed is the day I get off a music blog and go outside.

  48. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Rihanna (2): Brandy is the best…and that is just it!!! These vocals NEVER get old

  49. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Dawn Richard (Danity Kane – Diddy Dirty Money) – “I know I am not worthy yet,” says Dawn of a collaboration with Brandy. “I know I’m not worthy. She is the truth. She’s another one people sleep on.

  50. LouLou December 3, 2011

    @Brandy – Vocal Bible..Let’s go!
    Jill Scott -@4everBrandy @iamricolove I am too excited to hear what’s coming from you. Brandy ur amazing!!!!

  51. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    T-Boz (TLC): I love her (Brandy’s) voice.

  52. LouLou December 3, 2011

    All the greatest singers love Brandy. Whoever said that Full Moon was not inspirational needs to be banned from this site. Every true R&B fan has that album in their top 10. If you can not even admit that Brandy’s voice is on another level then you know absolutely nothing about music. Some people are not blessed with an ear for music and it’s okay. She is one of the greatest and all of you will have to deal with it.

  53. WHUT December 3, 2011

    Once again we in the navy will like to show our appreciation towards the gift that Brandy has and the influence it has had on the music industry!!! The disrespect from a certain fanbase that shall remain NAMELESS is quite astounding to us in the navy!!! We are truly saddened by these displays!!

  54. Ciara stan December 3, 2011

    Monica >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  55. UnMutedOne December 3, 2011

    This is comedy. Brandy was never all that and her singing is no great shakes either. I never liked her voice. It’s too raspy for one, and when she’s not mumbling she’s whining and sounding like a chipmunk. I can think of 50 singers whose music and voices hers could never mess with.

    She seems like a nice enough person, so I’m sure most of her contemporaries have no reason to be disrespectful her if an interviewer just happens to throw her name at them, and that they will try to say something nice and complimentary, but I don’t see her influence on anyone…other than maybe Ray-J. (( shrugs ))

  56. B**** PLEASE December 3, 2011

    @whut hi 5 gurl, the feeling is mutual and we the #starz love Riri too. Certain fanbase are just well I don’t even know the word if you know what I mean. That being said and to all the haterz the name is @4everBrandy so recognise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    B**** please………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. DTG December 3, 2011

    LOL@ a certain someone being phony about the “Navy” having respect for Brandy. I know a certain outspoken Navy cretin by the name of Pop Royalty who tends to be anything but…


    Fake ass.

  58. DTG December 3, 2011

    LOL@ a certain someone being phony about the “Navy” having respect for Brandy. I know a certain outspoken Navy cretin by the name of Pop Royalty who tends to be anything but…


    Fake ass.

  59. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011

    Look, Brandy is a singers singer.
    Anyone who really knows about music knows about Bran.

    None of my quotes involved an interviewer throwing out Brandy’s name first.
    They started talking about her as a main influence / as their favorite spontaneously.
    And they say a lot more than “something nice”.
    Check my quotes, google them yourself if you don’t believe them.

    AND we havent really started yet on how the major producers in the industry have Brandy as their absolute favorite. Their muse. Because she delivers what they can never get other singers to do.
    And yes they work with Rih, Mo and Yonka too and no they never said that about them. 😛

  60. C-mo December 3, 2011

    I remember an interview at the 2004 BET awards when Brandy’s “Afrodisiac” had just come out and remember how Beyonce said in an interview she loved Brandy’s new album. “Afrodisiac” is still my favorite Brandy album and one of my favorites of all time. Brandy’s vocal arrangements are untouched by anyone in the game. Her background stuff is always so polished, unique, and epic.

  61. Ci’Yonce December 3, 2011

    JoJo stanning for the REALEST aka by the way Brandy B-ROCKA Norwood. Damn sad to say reading the comments I can see WHY today’s generation is as F***** up as it is today. CLEARLY you kids don’t know MUSIC. Half of you lessors I KNOW grew up listening to Brandy before your OWN fav. Brandy is what made these r&b female singers we have today. I love Beyonce, I’m a Bey fan myself and CLEARLY Bey said herself that she was/has been inspired by Brandy. You stans need to get a grip and DEAL with the FACT that Brandy is and will forever be one of the greatest r&b female vocalists of her time and our time. You don’t have to like Brandy but you will NOT deny that she is that main b**** that make these other girls (singers) look up to her. And shut the hell up with the “But Beyonce remained relevant. Brandy was herself at the time but she fell off” B*******. Brandy NEVER fell off. She had ups and downs throughout her career. But she’s in a better and happy place and now she’s READY to COME and SNATCH WIGZ. Stupid ass stans from other aritists #SIT and get EDUCATED. WHOEVER your OWN r&b female singer that you stan for is INFLUENECED by Brandy. There is NO OTHER way around it. It’s a FACT. Beyonce ( she stated herself),Jennifer Hudson(she stated herself), Jazmine Sullivan,Jojo (she stated herself), and countless others have MENTIONED in the name of B-ROCKA. You F**** don’t want to ADMIT IT because of your IGNORANCE. You don’t have to like Brandy or be a fan of her music, but the comments I read by the same PRESSED haters goes to show that she’s still relevant. #STARZ I can’t express of DEEPLY sorry I am to WITNESS the haters MAD because their FAVS are influneced by an artist that they ADMIRE. So sad and pathectic that a fan would take that as disrespect. Artists have the right to PRAISE and RESPECT one another. Regardless if you like a CERTAIN artist or not they have respect for one another so WHY can’t fans do the same because it’s a problem. Brandy made a mark in her career and she ain’t going no f****** where.

  62. voneeluv December 3, 2011

    0_0 did i just read that b rockais a legend? in her own mind maybe. never got into her music at all, or her corny persona. she sounds like she singing in a cave all the time. wish she would just sing forget the sound altering s***. singing to me is tamia, debra c**, faith, kelly price, mary j, whitney , mariah, j hud, fantasia,monica, beyonce, the rest of those h*** just got a mic in they hand, deuces.

  63. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 3, 2011


  64. LMAOOOOO December 3, 2011

    it doesn’t take much to get Beyonce stans upset. just chill for once. you guys are always so serious. just relax. dang you guys are just insane. no wonder people don’t like you guys. you’re just crazy as hell.

  65. LMAOOOOO December 3, 2011

    you guys know you grow up listenin’ to Brandy, then when new people come, you want to sit up here in diss Brandy. well i’m gonna tell you. Brandy is still doin’ her thing. you don’t have to support her. as long as you know she is a beast too. 🙂

  66. LMAOOOOO December 4, 2011

    To the Monica stans:


  67. KeepItReal December 4, 2011


    Any fool who wants to side step on Brandy because she was so-called “Back in the day” is a moron.

    She was/is/will be a force to be reckoned w/…she’s got the chops and the pipes.

    What kills me about some of you marginal thinking fools, is you still want to equate record sales and popularity w/ talent. I’m not taking anything away from Beyonce, but we ain’t got to take anything away from Brandy either.

    Quit trying to knock one person down to build up another, that’s why B was telling you lames to “Tone Down” cause ya’ll are straight disrespectful, rude, and inconsiderate and if she keep messing w/ ya’ll STANS she gonna be all f’d up in the game cause people are gonna start being turned off by her legion of morons who think they got to eat, sleep, pray, and wash their clothes to the rising and setting of Beyonce’s sun

  68. Rihannastan December 4, 2011

    First of all let’s get something straight: I love Brandy, but how is she the vocal influence to these folks yall are naming when she got her vocal influence and vocal stylings from Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin? If anything, they should be the influence and not Brandy.

    Brandy does the same runs and adlibs as Whitney, and if I’m not mistaken, I sworn i could have heard JoJo mention Whitney as an influence too

  69. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 4, 2011

    I just can’t with this thread…I really CAN’T!!

    People posted quotes of TANK and DAWN RICHARD to prove their point??Really??Tank and Dawn Richard??And you think those 1-line compliments you posted mean something??Most celebrities, when asked a question about someone else, they respond with a slight compliment, that doesn’t show admiration or impact 🙄

    And there were no adlibs and runs before Brandy’s ‘Full Moon’.So they just stopped using 2 entire vocal techniques and Brandy re-established them with one album…Ok…

    It’s actually weird, because I like Brandy a lot and I love a lot of her songs and I agree that she is undeniably an amazing vocalist, especially in her low register, but reading some of the comments I couldn’t help but roll my eyes…

  70. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) December 4, 2011

    I forgot a question mark after ‘Full Moon’ 😳 😆

  71. Bey’knight December 4, 2011

    Its amusing how vindictive some people can get. U wanna accuse a fanbase of being notorious but all the while u are cussing n raging thru ur comments. You’re not much better than them are u? Yall just using a distraction tactic bcuz u cant deal. Bey sayin tone it down dont mean we cant express ourselves. We are her fans surely our opinion counts in posts such as this

    Personally i dont think Beyonce was influenced by Brandy musically. If i were asked to list her influences i’d come up w/ 20 b4 i even think of Brandy. MJ, Tina, Prince, Diana, Barbra, Mariah, even JayZ n Aaliyah amongst others not Brandy and thats my opinion. Im not takin away from Brandy’s brilliance. She’s a great vocalist and im sure she’s influenced some peeps in the game

    Posting those quotes was unwarranted. Noone said Brandy was trash, she’s a wonderful artist so of course her peers wil admire n think positively of her work but that doesnt mean they’re all directly inspired by her. Adele loves Beyonce, Rihanna n Gaga’s music but does hers sound anything like theirs? Exactly.

  72. Bey’knight December 4, 2011

    Lol @ASAP i dint read ur comment b4 posting mine but i see lil bytes of similarities hehe

  73. Rihanna Stans = Broke Navy December 4, 2011

    Unfortunately i don’t see her influence in Beyonce. Beyonce is clearly influenced by the Whitney, Mariah, MJ, Prince, Tina etc. She always stated that. Plus if we wanna talked about the Top black female dominating the industry, that blueprint belongs to Whitney Houston,and not brandy. Brandy was just a popular artist back in the 90s.

  74. arie December 4, 2011

    People need to realise that Beyonce’s fans are as insecure as she is. They think by stating another artist as an influence you are taking something away for your fav when in actual fact you’re not. How long did it take for Beyonce to even mention MJ? She is still not mention Janet but she is all to happy to mention Madonna and if you guys refuse to believe that Brandy is one of her influences then why the hell would you bring up whitney and Mariah coz their styles are different to Beyonce’s as well. Lastly being an influence does not necessarily mean musically it could be about the business side.

  75. B December 4, 2011

    Brandy is HUGE inspiration to R&B music as a whole ever since she came out. It’s not so much that artists have copied Brandy’s vocal style, although some have (Dawn Richard). Her unique harmonies, melodies, and backgrounds are what can be heard on almost ever R&B album since she did it FIRST! Artists like Chris Brown is very much inspired by Brandy’s style of singing, backgrouds, harmonies, and melodies for instance! Do your homeowork people and stop blasting these artists who are doing more than you ever will! LOVE!

  76. R December 4, 2011

    Whether you are HATING on Brandy, or HATING on Beyonce. You are all the same. Haters. NONE of these artists have done anything to deserve any kind of hate. Truly sad to read such foolishness.

  77. JoJo December 4, 2011

    Anyone who has a real musical ear, knows that Brandy is groundbreaking and very influential, you can hear her style in so many artist…Dawn Richards, Tank, Keyshia Cole(she tries) and many others…Full Moon is one R&B’s vocal bibles….and many have been quoted saying that album was a trailblazing album regardless of the success of it…that album was so innovative and I have yet to hear an R&B

  78. Vandrea December 4, 2011

    Don’t try to assign certain celebrities as other celebrities influences. It’s not your place to do that. If someone cites Brandy as their influence, then so be it. Wait for THEM to do it, IF they are going to. If they don’t, then you don’t get to come up from behind and say it’s so.

    This threads reminds me of why I used to hate Brandy in the 90’s. Her fans are annoying as f*** when it comes to s*** like this. Give me Monica over her every day of the week.

  79. Army of queen Aaliyah & Lil kim December 4, 2011

    I Can See MANY Haters Are PRESSED! 🙂 Wow Jojo Is Inspired By One Of The Teen Diva’s Of The 90’s Hell Jojo Is Also Inspired By Aaliyah As Well, So Why Hate?! Now The Claim Queen Bey Is Inspired By Brandy Is Questionable? Go Back To The 90’s & Early 00’s & Ask Bey Who Inspired Her The Only Teen Diva That Will Be Mentioned Is Queen /.\ Aaliyah Also Because Aaliyah Was One Of The First To Embrace DC. I Need To See The Receipts About Bey Being Inspired .

  80. Brandy – The Vocal Bible December 4, 2011

    reading is essential

    the receipts are all over up and down this thread.

    here’s the bey quote AGAIN


    6. “Focus” by Brandy: “She is a great singer. I love her vocal arrangements. I love the lyrics.”

    all these artists said what they said

    no words were put in their mouths

    no one asked them about bran specifically

    they were not forced to say something nice

    they were asked about their influences and their favorite singers

  81. JP December 4, 2011

    Jo Jo’s “This Time” should have been a single. I’ve loved her since the release…and after this…I love her even more.

    Love when other musicians give respect to Brandy.

  82. SLW1 December 5, 2011

    influence does not mean sound alike…..beyonce has been in different mediums of entertainment just like brandy was….I do believe since Brandy came out before beyonce and was a cover girl, acting in movies and tv, became the first black cinderella, all while releasing Never Say Never….I think beyonce has followed a mold…I dont think she tries to make her music like brandys though….but JoJo was right…..the industry would not recognize Brandy as the Vocal Bible if she wasnt groundbreaking

  83. Songscribe December 8, 2011

    I like it when artist tell the truth bout their influences-giving credit where its due-Nobody can rock the mic lyk Bran does, hands down. Bran and Bey hv diff styles of musac, and both are talented. wont tke any thing away from Bey jst to put brand higher. I like Bey’s vedios and Live Perfomances. I think brandy’s vocals are fromout of this world and to be honest most artist would draw a lesson from her even though somewon’t be humble enuff to say it out just as they have drawn from Bey’s perfomances. Above all brandy’s my all time singer and human still buzzing from my speakers. Other albums by some artist that were released same time as human have since dissapeared. Brandy makes timeless music, not club fillers.
    cant wait for her new album

  84. Intelligent Fan January 24, 2012

    My only comment is that the majority of you are complete psychos….I applaud the civil commentators who simply voiced their opinion and backed it up with actual fact. My problem is why are we debating established fact? Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drake, Kelly Rowland, and a host of other rappers and singers have publicly cited her as influences and inspirations. These artists were all asked about influences or spontaneously started talking about Brandy, they were not put in the industry position of someone asking them what they thought specifically about Brandy.
    Brandy was one of the biggest and most visible of artists in 90s, Her portrayal of Cinderella was an inspiration to many a black female artists and fans alike, not to mention Moesha. Brandy also helped promote a wholesome yet hip imagery among female artists. Brandy was clearly influenced by Mariah’s ballad style and Mary J. Blige’s street-wise edge, and wisely found a middle ground. Furthermore who wasn’t inspired by Whitney Houston’s voice? In 2004 Afrodisiac was called the best R&B album of the year by Rolling Stone (who isn’t honestly the kindest to Commercial R&B albums but then again they have been lacking for awhile) and is considered by fan, artists, and critics alike as prime example of a slept on gem.
    Brandy literally has over 100 awards for her voice, the most notable being for her popularizing using multi-layered background vocals (her own voice layered over itself), and her beloved raspy, vocal tone that has consistently been critically acclaimed. She hasn’t had as much success recently as…big deal, Beyonce just took a commercial dip to…can I start denying her influence now? How about Tina, Aretha, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson? They all were huge and faded from the charts can I deny their influence too?? (You Stans sound so ridiculous). Secondly Brandy’s voice is extremely unique, and as with any unique talent it will be revered by more critical people, but the opposite of love is not hate stans, it’s indifference, meaning if you do not feel she is talented you would be indifferent to people revering. The number one rule of being a celebrity is that you will always have fans and people who are indifferent, you just need to keep more on the love side to stay afloat. Thirdly I wonder how many of you listen to Toni Braxton and Jazmine Sullivan but say you hate Brandy’s voice….same with you stans that love Ciara but talk about Britney Spears not being able to sing…with a straight face laughable honestly. Brandy’s runs are out of this world.
    Most of you should be ashamed, even if you do not find her music enjoyable, you have no right to publicly attack her stated acclaim, legacy, or personal life. I would swear the majority of you grew up in a barn, but this is the generation I find myself a part of….sad really. The polite and respectful thing to do (as your parents should have taught you) is to congratulate them on their success and move on with life. I do not personally care for any of Aretha Franklin’s music like that but I respect her stature and acclaim like a mature person does, and I acknowledge her influence. Grow up Stans, it’s not a cute look.

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