Lil’ Kim Working With Timbaland For New Project

Fans keeping up with ‘Lighter’s Up’ femcee Lil’ Kim will be pleased to know they can expect to see much of her in the coming months.  For, as reported here, the pint-sized rapstress is penning a book and accompanying documentary detailing her stint in the slammer.  Speaking with 754 Media, Kim shared details on the book – ‘The Price of Loyalty’ – and news on what her loyal fans can expect from her forthcoming project (including work with ‘The Jump Off’ collaborator Timbaland).

With the rapstress reporting hip-hop hitmakers Ryan Leslie, RockWilder, Wyclef Jean, and Bangladesh all onboard for her future tracks, Kim is certain to excite fans with news of her studio efforts.  Find out what else Ms. Jones shared after the jump:

No strangers to working with each other, here’s hoping Timbaland and Kim’s assembled crew of hitmakers can concoct another hit to get Ms. Jones back atop the Paypal charts. A little diversity on the female forefront of hip-hop is much needed.

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  1. Malibu Barbie December 8, 2011

    Many corporate business use paypal … so why are u throwing shade ??
    im sure if someone sent you a million dollars through paypal you wouldnt turn it down… Nicki Minaj used paypal to sell her mixtape.. she dissed kim with it in tragedy and it was WACK. cuz kim made MONEY offa it. so let that go already.
    keep sleeping on KIM. because SHE WILL save female rap. and will takeover this Female Rap game once again..and things will be like they should. The KIM impersonator can only undeservedly win for so long…..
    its about time Kim’s clone had some REAL competition. hopefully Eve,Missy ,Da Brat .put some s*** out next year

  2. blancobee December 8, 2011

    Its ok not to like her…but give respect where its f****** due….nicki only revived what the queen started….just wait kims coming back hard….plus half of the raisins articles are about kim….f****** secret fans

  3. Greg December 8, 2011

    Why even post about Kim when it’s obvious that you can’t stand her?
    You guys probably can’t see, but it really does cheapen your overall great site with all these hateful Lil Kim posts
    & f she’s such a non-factor washed-up paypal mess, you wouldn’t still be drooling on her d*** all the damn time

    Hint: Instead of talking s*** about Kim, rave more about your faves like Nicki


  4. The-Truth December 8, 2011

    Kim look so Flyy

  5. Justathought December 8, 2011

    she’s so tiny and…cute. Anyway, I would like to hear more music from her.

  6. I’ma have to send her back to her maker December 8, 2011

    @Malibu barbie Tragedy was not on the beam me up scotty mixtape that nicki released 2 years ago. Why would nicki be talking about lil kim’s paypal in the song when black friday came out in 2010? Oh yeah and nicki made a million from Beam me up scotty and she was still under she’s BEEN winning, fyi. But I’m not here to down any fans. Just giving you a taste of reality. Hope all goes well with kim’s new material. If not —–> _/

  7. Malibu Barbie December 8, 2011

    never did i say it was on her wack me up scotty wacktape.
    and where the receipts to show she made a million offa dat.
    Kim birthed Nicki. so you better pay respects to the Queen Mother BARB. which is LIL’ KIM love her or hate her.. she is the heart of this s***.

  8. OOOHSUMTHINWRONG December 8, 2011

    Kim is sooo adorable here……Cant wait to hear gimmick free raps from a real b**** , Do ya thang Kim #LoveYa

  9. adalmao December 8, 2011

    you got me grape juice lmao i thought ya actually was gonna write a nice article about kim lmao good one!

  10. Lifee December 8, 2011

    I’m excited. Go Kimmy!

  11. HaterzStayPressed December 9, 2011

    Good luck Kim…. you’re going to need it.

  12. DONT TRY IT B**** December 9, 2011

    Lil Kim be looking a hot ass mess, I don’t see how yall say Nicki is fake and a gimmick when Kim bleached herself and got multiple surgeries to fit in? Im so over Lil Kim, girl your new record is gonna contain
    1. you talking s*** about Nicki
    2.You saying for the 100th time how good your s** is
    3. You claiming you are so real and hood
    4. You rapping about gucci and prada
    ect ect!
    Don’t nobody wanna hear those tired ass subjects! You need a ghostwriter like YESTERDAY! Get it the f*** together!
    Yall can say what yall want about either of the ladies but as of RIGHT NOW, Kim is a broke down dusty RECESSION FRIENDLY has-been assed h** and Nicki is getting shine and making money from all over, and that is FACT. Kim im not gonna doubt you can come back, but DONT TRY IT B**** and come back with that same s*** you been rapping about since 1996, GIRL BYE

  13. OOOHSUMTHINWRONG December 9, 2011

    @ DONT TRY IT B****
    can you elaborate on wtf nicki raps about?
    hmm lets see
    1. subliminal shots at Lil Kim
    2. her silicone injected ass
    3. her sqeeky p****
    4. the rest of the s*** is nursery rhymes and gibberish, i think the b**** be speaking in tongues or sum s***

    Nicki Minaj aint no f***** 2pac, she dont have s*** to say….half the s*** she says doesnt even make sense, so DONT TRY IT B****……..lame ass

  14. ChrisBBeliever2 December 9, 2011

    @Don’t Try It B****

    I’m with the previous poster. Since Kim’s rhymes aren’t up to par as you claim. what should she do? What should she rap about? Elaborate, because if my memory serves me correctly, isn’t it Nicki that recycles bars? She has said the same rap in one song or another. I have nothing against Nicki, but it’s pathetic you have to downplay Kim in order to make Nicki seem like something she’s not.

    Now on to the main topic, Kim has some really great producers on her hands. But in order for her music to catch on, she has to re-invent herself because Nicki is shining with her past image. It’s only going to draw comparisons, and create unneeded drama. Lastly, she needs promotion! She has to perform, and let everyone know why she’s the Queen Bee. She has the supporters, all she needs is that one song to get her back up top where she belongs. I’m rooting for you, Kimberly Jones!

  15. Liver December 9, 2011

    I agree with Don’t Try It B****…………. LIL KIM IS DONE she need to give it up

  16. Sierrra December 9, 2011

    @DONT TRY IT B**** Shut your dumb@** up.Nicki is wack as f*ck with her nursery rhymes.Y’all Nicki fans mad cause Kim is still making moves.

  17. kayla December 9, 2011

    womp womp womp…as much as i hate you,i agree with the flawless situation..the most sexiest chick gotta get her hands dirty to b the most sexiest chick,but if you referrin to nicki,ho3 clearly you been lackin on yo late night nicki scan…she has got her hands dirty,she has taken many chances and she is who she is..idk if you or ya sideline click know but nicki minaj was dropped 4rm 3 labels before wayne found she get’s her’s on to..but anyways anywho,even if you are a hustler,is that part of the reason your mad..that when you come outta jail and expect to sit on your throne,nicki is posted and smilin??AHA!! i guess that jail tyme hustlin didn’t do the trick..!!

  18. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 9, 2011

    anyone who worked with timbo knows what that mean … ! instant HITS !!

    but missy is the one who take it to the next level while working with him …

    we will see LK …

  19. YOOSONDALOOSE December 9, 2011

    If it is it true then this could be big!

  20. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 9, 2011


  21. Lax December 9, 2011

    All hell stop trying to knock One to up the other, you all keep that silly
    s*** going on for days with RIHANNA And every dam thing she does while steady talking s***. KIM Was here first and shes a Icon in the Rap Game and we all with a working Brain already know that. Nicki who’s new to the game is doing her thing and Nicki is not supposed to not keep working her Ass off for Greatness, dam there’s enought Paper for Both Women.
    Dammmmm some of you brain dead people need to get your heads out of that stank pot of yours and come up for air and a nice refreshing drink on the House to get your thinking right. You never see people trying to down Britney Because Lady Ga Ga Came on the scene, Gheeeeeez!!!!!!!

  22. Lax December 9, 2011

    By the way many of the people think they or trying to say that since Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Cher, Aretha, Tina Them came first then you or saying that Xtina, britney, beyonce, monica, mary, them should have not been Artist who has succeeded in the Music Industry, that make no kind of sense to me.

  23. Truth December 9, 2011

    Go Kimmi!!

  24. josh December 9, 2011

    Damn, every single picture i see of kim now is sick.
    She looks like a man trying to be a woman.

  25. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN December 9, 2011



    “JUMP OFF” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  26. Babigotbackk December 9, 2011

    @josh shut up hater.put up a pic of you and we’ll be the judge of that. kim looks beatiful you’re just another hater.bye

  27. Independent Thinker December 9, 2011

    Kim actually looks very pretty in this clip. I don’t know if it’s the lighting, the hair or the make-up, but you can’t even tell her face is plastic in this clip. I hope every thing turns out well for her. She seems excited and genuinely happy about what the future holds. A new book, new music (she said she was a hustler); love her or hate her, she’s keeping her name in your mouth, which means, she’s still a commodity.

  28. The Naked Truth December 10, 2011

    Still a LEGEND in the game. You will RESPECT HER!

  29. @antertain December 10, 2011

    Kim looks decent now in this clip..
    At the end of the day though where would female rap be if Nicki never revived it with fresh burst of energy.

    I Love KIM but she stayed off the game way toooooo long after prison.
    Wether we like it or not Nicki has given Lil’ Kim the enthusiasm to drop some music again.

    Eve, Foxy, Kim & Missy all went AWOL (for there own reasons). Trina not enough care for and the rest of em are mainly hood chicks with manly flows..

    Nicki accepted the free entry to stardom with NO competition in sight & that’s the REAL-T

    The door was left WIDE open with no locks & no keys. She grinded, found a team, gathered her (YES) inspired looks & sounds (Kim&Fox) + her own vision (split personalities/characters), ran with it & gained HUGE success.

    Who’s to blame for that?

  30. Poison December 10, 2011

    Every Year It’s The Same S***, ” [Insert Year Here] Is Kim’s Year!” *In Pressed Stan Voice.* It Is What It Is, Kim Will Flop In 2012. Yes, She Still Has A Die Hard Fan Base But They Are The Minority. No One Is Checking For Kim. She Gives Broken Promises After Broken Promises & Her Fans Eat That S*** Up. & Kim Knows This, Why Else Would She “Update A Pic To Twitter Of Her & Timb Working”? Like, Who Gives A F***. Being A True Fan Isn’t Being A Yes Man; It Isn’t Telling Her That She’s Winning When She’s In Fact Losing. If Kim Wants That Top Spot She Needs An Entire New Camp. IRS Are Only With Her Bc Of Her Past Credibility, They Do Not Have Her Best Interest & That Is Apparent In This As Well As Other Footage. Within The Time She’s Been Released From Prison Kim Could Have Accomplished So Much More Than This Dingy, Poor Quality, Hallway Promo; There’s No Excuse. As A Seasoned Vet Kim Should Be In Business Suits, Conducting Conference Calls/Executive Producing. Either That Or Making Music That Uses A Subject Matter Outside Of Sexual Advances, Not Talking About How Mark Zuckerberg Can “Get It”. Kim Failed To Grow With Her Craft & The Industry, Hence Her Starting From The Bottom Up, Again. Plenty Of Artists Have Taken Time Off & Came Back Out On Top So There’s No Excuse.

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