Beyonce Beams For ‘Downtown’ Magazine, Graces Glamour Paris


Despite many-a-print (falsely) reporting that mommy to be Beyonce spent her New Year’s weekend welcoming baby Carter to the Carter clan,  fans can now see the diva afront a few approved publications.  Lending her look to Downtown Magazine and Glamour Paris’s winter covers, the former’s feature story sees the songstress earn yet another thumbs up for her work with First Lady Michelle Obama in their joint ‘Let’s Move’ campaign.  ‘Move’, for which Knowles imparted a revamp of her pop hit ‘Get Me Bodied’, has been a leading initiative in the United States to combat childhood obesity.

Elsewhere, the diva’s hustle continues as she graces the cover of Glamour France’s February 2012 edition.  The cover shot of which sees the svelte songstress shimmer in a form fitting bronze number.

The prints make their way across the net as fans and followers anxiously await real word that the diva has delivered the latest addition to the Carter Clan.  Such, as Bey has already made known, will be shortly followed by a few other highly anticipated deliveries – new movie, new album, and a new tour.

Until then, see more of Bey below:


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  1. LAX January 3, 2012


  2. :-P January 3, 2012


  3. Bey Fan… January 3, 2012

    my Bey….looking pretty

  4. LAX January 3, 2012

    I cant wait for her to have her baby and do her thing again….she is a very good women and she hard work to please her fans and give them 110% nobody can’t say she doesn’t work hard.

    She got it all

  5. haterzstaypressed January 3, 2012

    Beyonce looks a lot like Solange in the B&W picture.

  6. David January 3, 2012

    @LAX some ass clown told me that kreayshawn is tha hardest working women out.. And I don’t even know who she is they told me on rap up site.

  7. Nahjee January 3, 2012

    @david I think that was white girl mob who was behind that account on rap up cus she been on here being a troll for kreayshawn for a while.

    But beyonce I think is tha hardest working women out now

    1. Beyonce 2. Adele 3. Lady gaga 4. Rihanna 5. Katy perry

    Kreayshawn doesn’t have a career really she is only a Internet sensation like Rebecca black. She a local Oakland rapper that’s all

  8. David January 3, 2012

    @nahjee no the name didn’t say white girl mob it said something else but all I know is that he or she was saying how kreayshawn is tha best & hardest working female in tha music industry in stuff. Now I’m a big hip hop fan I love me some lil Kim & 2pac.

    But never even heard of this kreayshawn chick or any music lol

  9. Nahjee January 3, 2012

    @david yea kreayshawn has a hit song Gucci Gucci on youtub that landed her a record deal so yea nothing much else. She barely crack tha billboreds charts at #82
    With Gucci Gucci.. Tha whole world is calling her a one hit wonder which she is because it’s 2012 and Gucci Gucci came out may 16 2011 still no other singles out yet lmao.

    I don’t really like to talk about irrelevant artist on a post like beyonce who is selling records like crazy and has back to back videos that I love

    I hope I filled you in on kreayshawn tho

  10. LOL January 4, 2012

    BEYONCES walmart-parking lot live experience TOUR !

    she’s currently sitting at the top spot at NArnia’s iTunes chart for most epic songs ever and she’s nominated for best vocal performance AT A WALMART BOB FOSSE COPYCAT EXPERIENCE

  11. LOL January 4, 2012

    BEYONCES walmart-parking lot live experience TOUR !

    she’s currently sitting at the top spot at NArnia’s iTunes chart for most epic songs ever and she’s nominated for best vocal performance AT A WALMART BOB FOSSE COPYCAT EXPERIENCE BEYONCES WALMART PARKING LOT S** SKIT

  12. Licious January 4, 2012

    @ David/Nahjee We all know you are the same person. Just stop. No one cares or is looking for out for her. Post/Promote her on HER updates. Oh wait, she doesn’t have any… ANYWHERE. Guess she’s not that important or “sensational” after all.

    Anyways, loving that cover B!!! Get that baby out and raised so we can get #RoundV WOOOOOO!!!

  13. LOL January 4, 2012


  14. Mr Bradshaw January 4, 2012

    okay im a HUGE beyonce fan but this has to be said

    I am not feeling the fact that Beyonce is super pregnant right now yet on every magazine she has been featured on since announcing it you wouldnt be able to tell. its like she not really pregnant at all. Every photo, magazine, performance has been pretaped, prerecorded, pre shot to time all this out and i dont get it.

    I know she prolly isnt trying to be an atttention w**** but something bout all this just dont sit well with me. Especially when ive followed tons of other celebrity pregnancies. I rather her not do these covers at all right now. Either enjoy your pregnancy and be in the public eye or go sit down somewhere till u have the baby and you really are back to this shape we see on the covers of these magazines. cuz she isnt that size right now. its sorta like false advertising for me.

  15. ThankMeLater January 4, 2012

    GET IT B <3

  16. MISSY January 4, 2012


  17. Teyah January 4, 2012


    LMAO aren’t you forgetting No Boys Allowed flopped hard plus most of it’s singles. Beyonce’s ‘4’ sold millions more than No Boys Allowed. You better re-think about who your calling a flop b****!

  18. dickhead January 4, 2012

    not pregnant

  19. danny b January 4, 2012


    Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is not your average celebrity which is what sets her apart from the rest. She doesnt do things because other people want her to, she does them because she wants to. So what her pregnancy isnt like everybody elses ???? Its HER damn life/pregnancy and she BEYONCE so she’ll carry it how she feels comfortable. If anything, all of these videos, covers etc are putting put out for the ans and fans alone because she knew that once she got really into her pregnancy, she wouldnt be able to do any of what she had pre-taped and pre-shot, so to keep us satisfied until shes completely able to get hands on back in the game, shes left us with such media to keep us sustained until such because as fans and the media in general, we’re ALWAYS begging BEYONCE for new music, material, videos, performances etc. So when the album dropped, it would have been a let down to go right back into hiatus with no type of long-term promo or anything. So just be happy she’s even considering us in this life-changing experience of hers. Geezus.

  20. MISSY January 4, 2012

    pretty girl rock actually charted higher than 11 of beyonces solo singles

  21. 4 flopped hard on billboard charts January 4, 2012

    still no number one hit

  22. end of times January 4, 2012

    so tired of this media rat

  23. KINGBEY January 4, 2012


    B**** BYE…. Keri hilson has no career……..omg are you serious dont u ever ever ever in your life compare….. keri hilson and beyonce…..please lets be REAL

    Every album keri hilson drop has FLop…….

    even Jill Scott sold more than her without even trying

    Jill Scott>Keri Hilson Whole Career

  24. Quinouchette003 January 4, 2012

    Looking beautiful! <3
    @ Danny B, I 100% agree with u

  25. Teyah January 4, 2012

    @4 flopped hard on billboard charts
    ‘4’ has passed 1 million sales in the US anyways, so she doesn’t need a hit single from the album. Don’t you know that singles are released to promote albums lol. Beyonce hardly promoted ‘4’ because she’s pregnant and ‘4’ has already sold more than 1 million copies in the US! She’s not flopping b****!

  26. Teyah January 4, 2012

    LOL who cares!!!! Best Thing I Never Had charted higher than Pretty Girl Rock. Why are you even comparing Keri to Beyonce? Beyonce has achieved a lot of success where as Keri is flopping. Stop being delusional h**!

  27. Teyah January 4, 2012


    No Boys Allowed > FLOP

    Energy > FLOP

    Return the Favor > FLOP

    Make Love > FLOP

    Slow Dance > FLOP

    Change Me > FLOP

    Breaking Point > FLOP

    One Night Stand > FLOP

    Lose Control > FLOP

  28. Teyah January 4, 2012


    Beyonce isn’t the only huge pop star who has performed at Walmart b****. She doesn’t need Walmart gigs for her albums to sell millions where as Keri desperately needed that gig because No Boys Allowed hasn’t passed 300k LMAO! ‘4’ has already sold more than one million in the US and Beyonce didn’t promote it that much!

  29. MISHKA January 4, 2012

    January 4, 2012 at 12:22 am

    okay im a HUGE beyonce fan but this has to be said

    I am not feeling the fact that Beyonce is super pregnant right now yet on every magazine she has been featured on since announcing it you wouldnt be able to tell. its like she not really pregnant at all. Every photo, magazine, performance has been pretaped, prerecorded, pre shot to time all this out and i dont get it.

    I know she prolly isnt trying to be an atttention w**** but something bout all this just dont sit well with me. Especially when ive followed tons of other celebrity pregnancies. I rather her not do these covers at all right now. Either enjoy your pregnancy and be in the public eye or go sit down somewhere till u have the baby and you really are back to this shape we see on the covers of these magazines. cuz she isnt that size right now. its sorta like false advertising for me.


    She’s still on covers because her name sells and believe it or not, the whole world is awaiting for her to give birth to Jayzus.

    Glamour is a magazine for white people, especially in Europe, they only put Black celebrities who can rrrreally sell.

  30. Bey’knight January 4, 2012

    @mr bradshaw

    Bey announced her pregnancy 2 mths after 4 was released. So u expect her to just abandon a new project cuz she’s carryin? Well too bad if u dont like it, her fans incl. have had great pleaaure in enjoyin what little promo we can get from this era besides covers are shot months in advance for every artist anyways, not just Beyonce and why should Bey have to go into hidin cuz she’s pregnant?

    Pregnancy is not a disease! Ive worked with many pregnant women. What makes u think shes not in peace? She wont stop livin her life or goin about her biz jus bcuz paps will take her photo. If thats the rule, she’ll never leave her house and she doesnt have to carry her pregnancy like anybody else. Besides many celebs cover mags while they’re pregnant showin their bare belly

    @end of times

    You’re not that tired, u still summoned the strength to click on her post and leave a comment. I mean someone tired of Bey woulda ignored this post, click d next one or go to another blog entirely.

  31. YOOSONDALOOSE January 4, 2012

    She does look lovely, but I don’t like that they use old non-pregnant images of her. She looks just as beautiful preggers she should have done some covers pregnant.

  32. danny b January 4, 2012


    PREACH that good s**t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Theman January 4, 2012

    This is not one of her best photos. Why do y’all keep addressing folks that say the same stuff. Just leave it alone. Don’t y’all get exhausted with the stupid propoganda. It’s the same ole same ole.

  34. Bey’knight January 4, 2012


    Maybe they couldnt get her to do a photoshoot

    I really like the black and white. Bey has the most beautiful eye brows ever. Mine are kinda like that except a bit thinner.Thats just how they made us

  35. Me January 4, 2012

    I can sit my ass down the whol f***** day reading comments on Rhi and Bey posts. The navy and beyhive are two interesting *establishments*. Thanks for keeping my lonely self entertained.
    SN: good look bey but are u ashamed of yo pregnancy. Y use old shots for covers.*suspicious*
    #hoping onto new brandy post#

  36. Candy January 4, 2012

    Has anyone noticed that everything Beyonce does wrong gets swept uder the rug with all kinds of exuses? Like overshadowing her group members in Destiny’s Child. “Retiring” a group that only existed about 10 years at their peak. Taking a break makes since, retiring doesn’t. I don’t think that Beyonce, as a little girl singing and dancing with her friends overshadowed them on purpose. I do think her parents put her as the front runner. I also think when she started getting all the attention, she took it and ran with it. There was no reason why they each couldn’t have signiture songs. As far as the last two albums Kelly and Michelle were still over shadowed. Everytime they were supposed be singing lead you could still hear Beyonce’s big mouth all over them. Why does she get away with things other celebs don’t get bashed for. For example, Mariah’s dad died in June of 2001, which was the reason for her depression. Exshuastion is when your body is natrually sedated/or nearly commatose. Meaning someone found you, couldn’t wake you and dailed 911. Which what Mariah’s mom did and why she was hospitalized. Not for mental probems. Instead of people sending condolences and and making sure she was alright, they outcasted her and made her feel like something was wrong with her. Beyonce had a meltdown because the orignal DC members refuse to sing “DOO WOP POP POP!” In a group that was equally their’s. “E! True Hollywood Story” on DC was focused on Beyonce. VH1 Behind the Music DC was also focus on her. “Beyonce Revealed” while promoting DC projects. Everytime something happened she always had a straight face while lying through her teeth. Mariah’s Glitter album was released on 9/11 and still sold around 4mil world wide that year and has several potential hit singles and sold @ 20mil over the last few years. Because it didn’t sell what people expect of Mariah they considered it a flop. Beyonce annouced her pregnancy 2 months after debuting “4” and has not sold what people exect her to. People are using that and a few other things as a reason. I do thing that this pregnancy is suspitious. I mean how was she performing at Billboard and American Idol and then 6 months at MTV VMA’s? Flying around the world after the VMA’s and how did she just so happen to have prerecored performances throughout the last few months. As talented as she is, it is hard to be a fan knowing that she is a lying, cheating, low-down, back stabbing , fake ass, so-called friend. I grew up in the same Mossouri neigborhood in Houston. She refuses to comunicate with local stations because they are constantly calling her out on her BS. Even though they supported DC when ther were “Girls Tyme” and no one knew who they were but us…. Sigh…sorry for the rant. Just had a lot to say.

  37. Candy January 4, 2012

    lol Dang I really had a lot more to say than I thoght. lmfao!

  38. arfa January 4, 2012

    the word ‘flop’ is getting thrown around far too much. beyonce and rihanna are not flops, kelly rowland and keri hilson are flops. i dont underdtand how a #1 platinum album is a flop. you stans are retarded.

  39. fatu sankoh January 4, 2012

    you go bey god bless you the baby jay and your family for life i like the magazine cover you look so beautiful as always happy bday to miss tina

  40. Those That Cannot Do, Stan January 4, 2012

    …I hope that’s just the tint of the screen or a bad Internet copy and she doesn’t look THAT shiny. It looks like they slathered her in crisco!

    Anyway it’s pretty but she seriously needs to give gold mini-dresses a break. I have 3 mags of her in some version of a gold mini dress and it’s becoming a bit expected.

    No comment to the pregnancy and why she chooses not to be photographed/perform in that beauty since her initial reveal. Shrugs.

  41. JER January 4, 2012


  42. YOU MAD? January 4, 2012


  43. YOU MAD? January 4, 2012


  44. EGYPT January 4, 2012

    beyonce is a lying theif with an overrated voice.

  45. Kingphoenix January 4, 2012

    Damn Beyonce trying to get more mag covers than Naomi, Cindi, and Kate combine…Do ya thang Mutha!

  46. Bey’s Bad January 4, 2012

    Beyonce Is That Bish That The Lessors Could Only Dream Of Being! Ughhhhhh Too Bad Your Lives Suck Lol!

  47. EGYPT January 4, 2012

    @bey stans beyonce will never be an icon she steals too much!

  48. beyonce the stealing icon of our generation January 4, 2012


  49. Bey’s Bad January 4, 2012

    Wish her only the best because I just love me some Bey! Shes one and a million.Shes going to love her baby to pieces .I wish I could see her and Shawn’s face after the hold their little one for the first time! WOW that child will be surrounded by pure unconditional love.

  50. beyonce the stealing icon of our generation January 4, 2012


  51. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 4, 2012

    LOOKS super-hot !

    Hottest b**** in the game ! #FACT

    now let TGJ tricks start their tired s***. especially that lonely BIRD stan. 😡

    but so bad the BIPOLAR ghetto s***-starters lifeless basic&bitter B****** aren’t in the building still …

    they will arrive soon with their irrelevant and Tired recycled ghetto s*** 😡 !

    hope they entertain me this time cuz i’m bored as f*** ….. :/

  52. beyonce the stealing icon of our generation January 4, 2012

    @@@@pop dream on f**

  53. beyonce the w**** January 4, 2012

    After her performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend, many fans are wondering: is Beyonce an unoriginal copycat? Or is she showing that she’s Lorella Cuccerini biggest fan? And we’re wondering if she’s really that much different from artists like Jack White and Johnny Cash.

  54. beyonce the w**** January 4, 2012

    “My makeup artist showed me the performance of Lorella Cuccarini a year ago, and it inspired me so much,” Beyonce tells AOL Music, exclusively. “I then met with the talented people who worked on it. The technology and concept were so genius. Thank god for YouTube or I would have never been able to steal it . I never worked so hard on anything in my life as that performance for the Billboard Awards.”

  55. beyonce the w**** January 4, 2012

    Right now, and after watching the video above a several times, I think that Beyonce’s performance is way too close to Cuccerini’s performance to be called original.

  56. TRUTH January 4, 2012

    There’s a difference between taking elements of an artists performance to create your own interpretation, and completely ripping off someone else. When we do the latter it’s like just putting a different coat of paint on a stolen car, scratching off the VIN number and calling the car your own.

  57. TRUTH January 4, 2012

    Awww she afraid to deliver that pillow early… LOL

  58. JER January 4, 2012

    look at her chest…. Bey isnt pregnant im sorry. Yea everyone carries their preg different but im not buying this [EXPLETIVE] with a two dollar bill PASS

  59. CLIM January 4, 2012

    Unless I see that baby pop out that stank cooch, im going to believe it’s a test tube baby made in a lab like that clone sheep! Special effects green screen baby! With her hoodini belly…b**** better sit down and think of another way to promote her flopped (every song a b-side) failed album! 4 WAS JUST TRASH MAN!

  60. N****** January 4, 2012

    Beyonce is the satan of music.Her stans demons,brainwashed,delusional and hypocritical.Beysus is not #1 at everything.She couldn’t even beat out Adele and Lady gaga’s sales.Did she even beat out Rihanna’s #1 hits LMFAO.The best selling album of 2011 is queen Adele 21.Still no news from 4.MJ,Tina Turner,Mariah Carey,Madonna,Celine Dion will always be above all because they didn’t need the internet.No way in hell beysus will reach queen Mariah’s status not even with her 16 grammys.Get out of that delusional hype.Mariah is the #1 Diva in the industry.Beysus only tries to keep up with Mariah.

  61. N****** January 4, 2012

    @POP HOEALTY@redd_sexi BOOOOO FUKN HOOOOOOO! That b**** will never get an Oscar with Obsessed getting a half star out of 4 and I would like to see a bank statement on that 850 million because on Forbes Top 400 richest people in america Bey and her “mans” aint no where on there. Ooops I forget those are REAL business owners not s**** turning musical tricks for their p******** perverted daddies. Maybe she’s on the hip hop version of the Forbes list. Her and P Diddy and the rest of the Step N Fetch coons people with REAL money laugh at! Now as for my color Im lighter than Beyotch and richer too. Choke on that b****. Bey is a joke and always will be with her old ass trying to compete with younger prettier girls. Her cow stomach looked like she already had 5 kids. Like I said that h** need to site down and so do you!

  62. N****** January 4, 2012

    You crazy ass Stans are scaring Beyonce!!…….allegedly she just wrote y’all and open letter………”Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner
    You got some issues Stan
    I think you need some counselin’
    To help your ass from bouncin’ off the walls
    When you get down some
    And what’s this sh!t about us
    Meant to be together?
    That type of sh!t’ll make me not want us
    To meet each other
    Sincerely yours, Beyonce
    P.S. tone it down Stans!!

  63. MINA January 4, 2012

    True, but the fact that she wears any type of padding at all is childish to me. Beyonce is 30 years old and these little games with the media is not necessary. Just go through the pregnancy like any other woman and announce the birth of your child when you want to. Celebrities can have those private moments if they really want to.

  64. tone deaf January 4, 2012

    My friend showed me these video’s this weekend, and it really got me thinking. She showed me all this stuff on the illuminati, and how they use music, and movie stars to ‘divert” us but at the same time desensitize us to Illuminati. At 1st I thought she was nuts, but after watching all of this it makes me wonder. IS beyonce a demon?

  65. yani January 4, 2012

    @tone I honestly don’t believe the illuminati exist, or if they do, it’s in the form of something else. I would look towards the Bilderberg Soceity, or the Council on Foreign Relations if you’re looking for the “illuminati” or those like them. Before you dig in, be careful what you believe and accept from any and all sides, because things aren’t always what they seem.

  66. yani January 4, 2012

    Whoever said entertainment is not spiritual is a lie. Jay Z knows and admits that he follows Lucifer. Beyonce’ literally admits demon possession and cries out for a savior in her interviews and songs… pray for theIr REPENTENCE and SALVATION.

  67. derrick January 4, 2012

    @ yani In this article you will see various links that will expose the language, patterns, and symbols that prove the open and outright devil worship that the music of Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Omarion, and others is inspiring around the globe. Language, patterns, and symbols are signs of intelligence, and signs of a designer. To deny the truth after seeing it is preposterous and self-condemning.

  68. derrick January 4, 2012

    Hey y’all,stans I have talked before a little bit about Beyonce’s alter-ego Sasha Fierce and how it is basically the demon that possesses her when she gets on stage to perform, after she sold her soul for all that she has now, she herself said that Sasha Fierce was born during the shoot of her video “Crazy in Love” which is, as usual in them, full of symbolism, showing how Jay Z basically kills the good Beyonce to give birth to the evil Sasha Fierce through an obvious visual ritual as you can see in the video below. After that check out the picture from a Rolling Stone article on her, putting it all very clear right on the title, then lastly check out the video from a revealing interview in which Beyonce goes into a lot more detail concerning Sasha Fierce even to the point of explaining how before she enters into the scene, she raises her hands and how the first time literally felt the entity enter her, is real people; peace

  69. derrick January 4, 2012

    Foolishness. If any of you believe that Illuminatist, Luciferian, False Christ Worshipping, Demonic-Possessed singer Beyonce (Sasha Fierce:Demon of Lust that possesses her), you need to seriously WAKE UP!!!! God is no respecter of persons, therefore you better see these so-called stars for who they are and willfully want to be:SINNERS/UNBELIEVERS. They are no more important than my next door neighbor or yours. I believe she has heard the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, so there will be no excuses for her. Don’t let her deceive you right into hell now. CAN WE PLEASE WAKE UP BODY OF CHRIST BECAUSE JESUS IS SOON TO RETURN. And while we are waking up keep a watchful eye on the couple (the Carters). Check the pyramid (not dynasty) signs, V signs and so-called OK signs (Demonic Masonic signs) they always show in pictures. Research promo pictures for this I AM (Blasphemous)…Sasha Fierce (I already informed you) album. LOVE:JESUS:TRUTH

  70. B January 4, 2012

    Lordie..Lordie..Here we go, another day of b******* theories about who else Beyonce…Give it the f*** up people. Beyonce ass isnt going anywhere any damn time soon..So just deal with it and move on and live your own damn cheap ass life..Stop hating on that woman, she aint worried bout that s*** yall saying…at the end of the day, you aint getting what you want. She’s not gonna prove she’s pregnant to yall(mainly because she doesnt have to)..She isnt goin to stop making music or videos or performing..She is forever gonna remain silent laughing all the way to the damn bank. BHAHAHABHAHA!

  71. Bey’knight January 4, 2012

    Sammy pls can u block these trolls.

    This is supposed to be a comment section. I dont understand why one psycho would go on a mission to copy n paste unfounded stories splashed about d net. Its just irritatin. Believe wat u want stop shovin ur mania down everybody’s throat. She’s just a singer for God’s sakes. If u dont like her/ her music, leave it geez. Whatever she believes are her business. U cant be much of a better person if u go about your day tarnishing d image of someone u dont know. Her fans dont need u tell us wat she said in her interviews. I dont care dat u waste ur time n have no life n obv obsessed w/ Beyonce. Havin to scroll past all that s*** is annoyin in itself. Just Eff off!

  72. pony January 4, 2012

    bey stans are dumb

  73. pony January 4, 2012


    Many commenters also called on those reacting to the music video to simply take it or leave and not make a big issue about the clip.

    “Omg its a video, who cares,” wrote Lucinda Talton on Facebook. “Too much going on in the real world, helloooo! If you like it great, if not turn it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.”

    This is not the first time fans have questioned the content of Beyoncé’s work, and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, has also been scrutinized for his lyrics seemingly questioning the validity of Jesus Christ and the church and the use of Masonic symbols in his Rocawear clothing line.

    Most notably, Jay-Z appeared in 2009 in a video clip wearing a t-shirt that read “do what thou wilt.” The phrase references a quote by British occultist Aleister Crowley.

  74. Bey’knight January 4, 2012

    @ those that cannot ….
    & others commenting on the covers

    These pics are not new as in they arent specifically for those issues. The mags just used them. Downtown cover is from IASF era, they dint interview Bey, the article is from her MYB campaign

    The glamour cover is from this era too but that pic is not new either


    Wat happened to “Beyawnce”? Anyways you’re daft. If her belly is flat from d pic (an old one btw) how do u expect to be able to tell from her chest?

  75. pop January 4, 2012

    beyonce only has 3 stans on this blog commenting over and over under 3 differennames. bey knight and pop royalty are the same person , lax and bey fan are also the same person. nobody checks for this flop but the haters spreading truth.

  76. Bey’knight January 4, 2012


    You’re a fool

    Does it look like Beyonce or her fans are beggin u to like her? Believe watevr u want. If u dont like her, dont buy her music period. Stop trolling her posts across d blogosphere. Go n support your perfect favourites. Is Jay forcing his beliefs on u? If not, get a life, failure. They’re musicians not philosophers/ preachers.

  77. vick January 4, 2012

    most of the stans are f***** upin the head . how can they ignore how decilish beyonce really is???

  78. Bey’knight January 4, 2012

    Yea we’re d same person indeed. Smh lunatic, u need an intervention, ugly lonely emo

  79. vick January 4, 2012

    poor beyknight is beyonces only stan from the 4 era posting under all those fake names to lol

  80. navy January 4, 2012


  81. TODD January 4, 2012

    Where is lacefront ?this b**** is not giving birth to a human maybe a demonic spirit

  82. TODD January 4, 2012

    @bey knight you are the only stan of beyonce . I WAS GONNA PASS ON THIS POST BUT THE PIC OF BEYONCE WAS MISSIN HER BUMP.Everybody will have their opinion on beyonce ,remember not everyone is her fan. beyonce stans always claim miss missing bump is the best with 16 grammys . grammys don’t make u a great artist. whats the difference between beyonce having 16 and diana ross having none? diana ross remade songs but she didnt copy dance moves. diana ross is a great actress /singer ,she has no grammys but more respected in the industry than beyonce.u say if you dont have 16 or more grammys you are not the best? sounds dumb as hell.

  83. SEAN January 4, 2012


  84. MEKA January 4, 2012

    i’m glad that people are finally catching on to how much of a flop copycat beyonce really is.

  85. MEKA January 4, 2012

    @sean yes she’s dumb as a box of rocks!!!!!!!!!

  86. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 4, 2012

    January 4, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    beyonce only has 3 stans on this blog commenting over and over under 3 differennames. bey knight and pop royalty are the same person , lax and bey fan are also the same person. nobody checks for this flop but the haters spreading truth.

    you are confusing ” beyonce” with your brokeUNKNOWN fav clearly. 3 fans ?!

    keri hilson takes the cake for having less fans here , she ONLY got 1 fan here under 1283893890830 usernames and YOU are this one h** 😉

    bey stans run TGJ ! DEAL ! 😆

    @MEKA :

    watch out your hemorrhoids gurl. getting mad is not helpful 😡

  87. D3IM2NTEII January 4, 2012

    Alot of people on here have mentioned Beyonce copies. OK. Tell Me, what is Beyonce? Oh thats right .. a recording artist. Does she ever copy any lyrics? Does she ever copy and background music or beats? No. Alot of people say she copies because of her music videos. She gets inspiartion from them. Could you do any better than Beyonce? No. So don’t criticize her because she stole 1 dance move etc. Its her music that counts. She’s doesn’t take advantage of her success .. ‘4’ may not have been her best album .. but look how she bounced back with ‘Sasha Fierce’ .. she isn’t a flop. She’s a legend. And ‘4’ was Beyonce demonstrating her classical appeal. Just wait and see what she does next. Either way .. she’ll never be a flop.

  88. riri January 4, 2012

    beyonce alway look the same in every magazine cover. blowing the hair and same pose. At least I can gave props to other artist (like keri, rihanna, even Janet)that do WOW magazine cover!

    so this cover is nothing special!

  89. Jesse lopez January 4, 2012

    so so soooo greasy… the hair and the face, why?

  90. Bey Fan… January 4, 2012

    I really think ppl are stupid…..Like seriously ignorant.

    And after reading these comments, I better understand why Bey and other celebs ignore stupid s***….

    Smh….. you ppl need a life

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