Beyonce : “I’m Going To Miss Etta James”

Earlier today, it emerged that ‘At Last‘ legend Etta James had passed away aged 73.

So, in honor of her life, ‘Cadillac Records‘ actress Beyonce has paid a moving tribute to her via her official website.

Her comments below…

This is a huge loss. Etta James was one of the greatest vocalists of our time. I am so fortunate to have met such a queen. Her musical contributions will last a lifetime.

Playing Etta James taught me so much about myself, and singing her music inspired me to be a stronger artist. When she effortlessly opened her mouth, you could hear her pain and triumph. Her deeply emotional way of delivering a song told her story with no filter. She was fearless, and had guts. She will be missed.” – Beyoncé

Peep Knowles reenacting a pivotal moment in the icon’s life below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Fan… January 20, 2012

    Can’t believe she’s gone. I heard she was sick, but Etta is a fighter. Thought she’d be here a little longer. RIP

    Beyonce is my girl….. *waits for this thread to turn into the bashing of Beyonce* ….smh

  2. Another Star January 20, 2012

    RIP Mrs.James!!!!

  3. Another Star January 20, 2012

    RIP Mrs.James

  4. Another Star January 20, 2012

    Dayum Internet Sucksass! Geesh

  5. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! January 20, 2012

    Beyoncé sure did throw out the F bomb a lot in that move! R.I.P. Etta!

  6. Bey Fan… January 20, 2012

    i sure BET is about to play Cadillac records over and over…..

  7. Aaron January 20, 2012

    Didnt Etta throw shade at Beyonce?

  8. josh January 20, 2012

    Awe, thats a cute picture.

    Rest in peace Etta.

  9. KAT DELUNA FAN January 20, 2012

    She did @AARON but beyonce is a mature,smart and classy girl.she does feed negativity.Etta loved her but she was insecure.

    She also shaded Obama but he is not going to say dumb s***.I mean any mature moffo will understand that.

    Anywho,it’s so nice of Beyonce !!

  10. Real Talk January 20, 2012

    that fake bish (BEYONCE) she did not even meet with her PRIOR to playing HER she was good and alive then.

    I knew this parasite was going to play on the public’s short memory and try to capitilize off of her DEATH.


  11. Bey Fan… January 20, 2012


    yeah Etta did, but she later apologized. Well kinda apologized….not really…lmfaoooo… but everybody knows Etta didn’t give a damn. She says how she feels.

    And Beyonce never responds to the negativity. And I absolutely admire her for that. But even if Bey would have responded to Etta’s comment, she wouldn’t have said anything disrespectful.

    Everybody knows Etta paved the way for so many female artist…

  12. Yellow Gorillah January 20, 2012


    *Sips M***** Juice*

  13. JER January 20, 2012

    uh huh. Now she can finally put her name on the credits of “At Last” and say she wrote it.

  14. INK. January 20, 2012


    At Last isn’t Etta James song soooo *shrug*

  15. kimberly January 20, 2012

    I must admit cadallac records was the s***. I felt etta’s pain nad beyonce did a fantastic job as per critics and viewers. Her rendition of atlast at the inauguration was flawless. there was no better person to represent. I love them both and please i must admit that i wasn’t checking for etta songs from “netherland” since beyonce sang atlast. i have heard it but that encouraged me to research on her music and learn more about her. I bet alot of people felt and did the same.

  16. fatu sankoh January 20, 2012

    bey you are classey star that is why you are loved by god and we your fans you play cadallac record so well i love that movie rest in peace etta

  17. notinbeyoncename January 20, 2012

    Now Beyonce can go on singing Etta’s timeless classic as if it was her own without any guilt not that she had any in the first place. Stealing credit is what her legacy is becoming anyway. RIP to a true legend.

  18. Kingphoenix January 20, 2012


    That was seriously distasteful and disgusting, someone has lost a life…that was simply uncalled for

  19. INK. January 20, 2012


    Stealig what credits? AT LAST wasn’t Etta James song also Etta wasn’t the first to sing the song so find a seat

  20. kimberly January 20, 2012

    what better tribute but by the one who portrayed you in a movie. I hope she sings live at her tribute maybe at the grammys.

  21. Bey Fan… January 20, 2012

    I think ppl have forgotten that Etta was sick for a long time. And although she was alive, I don’t know if she was even well enough to sing at the inauguration…

    But beyond that, Beyonce was asked to sing. Beyonce has never taken credit for the song, and everyone knows Etta was the best to ever do it….not the first, but the best.

    Etta’s alzheimers caused her to kinda do things out of the ordinary, as it does with everyone, and I think ppl intend to forget that. Beyonce, nor the Obamas did anything out of disrespect. Even Etta’s own son admitted that her illness caused her to sometimes act out of character.

    Just think it’s sad that Etta can’t die in peace without the drama , and Beyonce can’t live in peace……. but actually they can because these idiots on blogs don’t know anything and just type s*** to get a reaction….

  22. mel January 20, 2012

    @ bey fan

    so true Etta had dementia. She couldn’t perform in 2008. Beyonce had given her many tributes and Etta loved her.

    Roseanne barr was bashing Obama, Beyonce and for some reason Jay Z on twitter. Many many celebs gave their condolences BUT for some reason people want target Beyonce.

    To be honest everyone wants to act like they care after the artists dies just like the Michael Jackson case.

    A woman with an extraordinary voice just passed and dumb asses want to bash someone? smh

    People are so damn careless/heartless…..

  23. Anne January 20, 2012

    @REAL TALK Bey did meet with Etta while filming the movie and Etta was pleased with Bey at the time. Bey doesn’t hold Etta’s bitter comments against her. That only makes her mature and forgiving, besides she loved and respected Etta for her contributions as a female artist and that outweighs a couple of comments that were made during a moment of jealousy. Like other said above Etta made the song famous but she did not write it and was not the first to record it. Add that to the fact that Obama certainly had the right to have whoever he wanted to sing and Bey killed it, Etta never had a legitimate beef and rightfully apologized. Anyway, may she RIP.

  24. Anne January 20, 2012

    @BEY FAN Good point, since Etta’s condition contributed to her behavior at times that may be an explanation for the comments. I also suspected that she may not have been healthy enough to do the song justice as she would in her prime.

  25. Real Talk January 20, 2012

    You are a LIE, I remember clearly both Etta and her SON said Beyonce did not come to her until after she had wrapped the film

    She only wanted to use Etta as a VEHICLE as she has used everything else to propel herself to greatness

    She is a user, fraud and has benefited from a good team, unlike the GREATS, the real ones who made it on their OWN

    Beyonce and Etta don’t even belong in the same sentence

  26. JER January 20, 2012

    ??????? LMFAO Suddenly “At Last” isn’t Etta James song. Just because she didn’t write it, it’s HERS. Unlike your 4lop fave, Etta had style and a signature sound and she put her STAMP on everything. “At Last” is Etta James song and you WON’T get it twisted

  27. StraightRecordSetter January 20, 2012


    Not only did Etta not write ‘At Last’ she was ALSO not the first to sing it. Please do YOUR research before getting online and publicly embarrassing yourself, due to your lack of knowledge on topics of which you have no right debating about. Your lack of right being linked to the fact that, at the very least, if u must debate, have YOUR facts straight – which you clearly do not.

  28. Jay Scorpio January 20, 2012


  29. said so January 20, 2012

    R.I.P Etta, people stop giving Beyonce credit for everything unnecessary! Someone has died, that is what matters at he moment! Love you Etta.

  30. Xadax January 21, 2012

    B’s version of At Last was so boring & not moving. I would even skip that part whenever she sings it ive on her concerts – she’s not connecting with the song.

  31. Anne January 21, 2012

    Funny how the mere mention of Beyonce’s name seems to bother the same individuals who always pop up on posts concerning her. Guess she’s just someone that some people LOVE TO HATE.

  32. A Nu Day Has Come January 21, 2012

    R.I.P Ms.Etta James!! She was a class act, and had a voice to match!! I f***** hate you b****** try to insult this great “LEGEND, REAL ICON, REAL TALENT” Damn shame she had issues with Beyonce, but this further proves how much a big b**** Beyawnce can be! F*** that b****!! Ms. James you were the “REAL” deal!!


  33. riri January 21, 2012

    R.I.P Etta!

    f*** you grapejuice! you did not include her on diva list! c****!

  34. Arie January 21, 2012

    Dejavu! Once again Beyonce and her fans have managed to make this about Beyonce. In the exact same way she did with MJ when all along I and her husband were under the impression she was Prince’s fan.

  35. riri January 21, 2012

    well arie this is ABOUT beyonce giving Tribute to Etta just like Christina . Equally, there are people throwing shades at beyonce. Let stop with hypocrisy please!Beyonce speak fondly of Etta and how she inspired her! Just like Christina did! And the beyonce fans are answering criticisms.

    do you know the most offensive comment in here and actually making fun out of someone’s death? Look below:

    Yellow Gorillah
    January 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    *Sips M***** Juice*


  36. MichaelAngelo January 21, 2012

    Well she might not have fancied Beyonce in private but she was all hugs and kisses with her in public. oh is that fake???

  37. arob January 21, 2012


    How did Beyonce steal? She played her in the movie, she was supposed to sing her songs. You sound so damn stupid.

  38. africandoll January 21, 2012

    People are stupid. People have been covering Etta James for years and because Beyonce has , now its a problem. How stupid. Smh rip Etta James

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