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Published: Tuesday 17th Jan 2012 by Rashad

We asked and boy, did you answer.  With a whopping total of over 21,000 votes, the faithful fans of Aretha, Celine, Cher, Diana, Janet, Madonna, Mariah, Patti, Tina, and Whitney replied in groves to support their favorites in this showdown.  One of our best yet, we asked ‘Who is the ultimate diva’?  In arenas of fashion, influence, and more, you voiced your opinion on which of the aforementioned divas reigned supreme.

‘Control’ diva Janet Jackson was undoubtedly in control of this panel, sweeping most of the categories.  But does she come out on top?

Without further adieu, the results of the tight race to choose the ultimate diva await:

*All polls represent data calculated by 12a.m., January 16th*

Best Biggest Hit? (32% of votes) – Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You’

Multidimensional Diva? (27% of votes) – Janet Jackson

Fashion?  (24% of votes) – Janet Jackson

Still Got It?  (24% of votes) – Janet Jackson


Influence/Most Emulated? –  (23% of votes) Whitney Houston

Best Catalog/Discography? – Mariah Carey (29% of votes)

Best Live Performer – Janet Jackson (27% of votes)

The Ultimate Diva, besting her runner-up by less than 1% of votes as chosen by you, is….






There you have it.  ‘The Voice’, as she is known, came in #1 in this tally with 22.2% of the overall votes. Her runner up barely missed the mark – racking up 21.9% of votes!  Click here to see how everyone else fared.

And now that we have your thoughts on divas, head over to That Grape Juice TV for divas sharing their thoughts on other divas.

Thank you for voting!

Your thoughts?


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  1. Ass January 17, 2012

    Ms. Jackson still making it rain!!! Ha b******!!! Can’t wait for the new stuff the concert tour last year was dope!

  2. Spunkypoop January 17, 2012

    QUEEN JANET!!! All friggin day long! Oh and I can’t forget about my other fav Whit! Whit! Congrats to them both, they are still causing alot of traffic noise! Holla…

  3. White girl mob January 17, 2012

    N***** thinking me and kreayshawn and v nasty is fake we posers man ya don’t know s*** bout us we come from the struggle man we come from the hood dog ain’t nobody f****** with us man ya the fake ones on here ya would not dare come down to Oakland on 35 street and disrespect us. We will put hands on ya fake b****** n***** out here know are name man kreayshawn pimp h*** while selling dope block to block fools v nasty been to jail for doing real n**** s*** we bout that life man ya come f*** with us man ya don’t know man

  4. THE REAL TYLER January 17, 2012










  5. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    No complaints! Not 1!!!!! I’m not even mad at Mimi winning in the category she did, but Janet & Whitney are my favs & are the most talented in the bunch hands down!!!!! Period!!!!! Alllllll day! Well done folks.

  6. Ass January 17, 2012

    Congrats to Nippy! If Janet nor Diana could win, you were the next best for me. Looks like sanity reigned up in here. Nice to see.

  7. pat January 17, 2012

    Janet and Whit are my two fav divas of all time….No complaints here

  8. KenKen January 17, 2012


  9. Ass January 17, 2012

    Could you guys just put the poll results on this page please, @TGJ? When I click on that link it just takes me to the voting post. I don’t see the results of the poll.

  10. TrucieB January 17, 2012

    Mariah’s right on with the musical catalog. That b**** has great music!

  11. Ghetto Fab January 17, 2012

    Queen of Pop Miss Janet Jackson, THe VOICE Miss Whitney Houston and the Golden girl Mariah. The 90s girls>>>>>>>>

  12. NippyVocalBible January 17, 2012

    Yes!!! Whitney is the best of them ALL!!!!!!!!!

  13. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN January 17, 2012



  14. BrutallyHonest January 17, 2012


    January 17, 2012 at 10:35 am










    Janet is more hasbeen than Whitney. Last time I checked, I Look To You went Platinum while Janet’s last 3 CDs flopped. And we all know Whitney has the better movie career.

    Sparkle 2012 Getting To Happy

  15. AC January 17, 2012

    @BRUTALLYHONEST – 2 of those 3 albums you are referring to (Damita Jo and 20 YO) both went platinum. Does that mean I Look To You flopped as well??? Please check your facts boo.

  16. BrutallyHonest January 17, 2012

    BTW, how did Janet win best live performer when she lips everything? How did that happen?

    Anyways, she’s still beneath Queen Whitney. Whether Whitney is the center of jokes, she is STILL the most emulated and guarded of them all; her downfall has not effected her true stance in this business which is Top Diva


  17. BrutallyHonest January 17, 2012

    @AC, stop lying, neither of those 2 albums went Platinum. They went cardboard

    Take Seats with your flop

  18. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    Oh , this is only TGJ. and is it a coincidence all of them are @sam’s favs ?! 😉

    anyway , Congrats Whitney 🙂

    but the ultimate diva for me is MADONNA. sorry 😳 !! we didn’t say ” the best voice of the bunch” !!

    The world say :
    MADONNA is the baddest of them all. she’s the ultimate diva !

    Performing :

    Madonna Is :

    The highest grossing tour ever by a solo artist.
    The highest grossing touring female performer of all time.

    janet is the best live performer ?! 😯

    oh , that’s why she Lip-sync her Tours shamelessly and her dancing.

    -Fashion :

    Madonna is a cultural icon in that One.

    -Discography :

    she’s more versatile than those girls above. her discography is interesting and for everyone. the dance-music lover , the R&B lover , etc ….

    and No ” SHE’s a Jackson” were in her career , it’s all by her OWN 😡 that’s why she is more relevant than the others !

    not only there because her brother was there. and became relevant again after his death cuz the name ” jackson” was Buzzing everywhere. 😡

    that’s why madonna will always be The Ultimate Diva. she made it all by herself INdependently !!! she didn’t use her brother’s name/death to get back to business.

    Janet is just a good dancer to me WHO accidently happened to be having a famous brother and an average voice which her fans can sleep on while she’s on stage and will forgive her for lip-syncing. and starting from that point, u can predict the rest.

    she’s only relevant in TGJ. so over-hyped , so glorified in TGJ. but outside it , u know it ….

    Janet is in a lower lane than Madonna. everyone knows it @sam 😉

    she’s famous because she is a good dancer and MJ’s Sister.

    Truth Hurts !!! 😥

  19. Diane January 17, 2012

    Whitney Houston, of course!

  20. stacey January 17, 2012

    each category is 20 something percent! whitney, mariah and janet did not win by majority? i was expecting 40% or more. but hardly any of them made it to 30%!

  21. Ghetto Fab January 17, 2012

    Madonna didn’t do S*** by herself. She’s did nothing but copy Cindy Lauper and others.

  22. Ass January 17, 2012

    Janet is the intimate diva to me because she was the MOST vilified for a damn 3 sec of nipple. She held her head up and went about her business giving 100% and never letting them see her sweat!

    That’s why she is the best in the game. Some people on this list went crazy, are crackheads, are thieves, are liars, etc, and have there business out there. Not very diva to me.

    No shade just the truth. Janet has held it down while most were losing it in one way or another.

    The poll is over so stop campaigning! Find a bridge and get over it! Janet won most categories because she is that b****! Stay mad b******! Won’t change the results! 🙂

  23. Ass January 17, 2012


    Look @ the peasants mad that Queen Janet ran the poll. They still campaining for votes, but the poll speaks for itself. Throwing all this shade cause their faves didn’t win majority of s***.

    Can you smell the sour grapes too? Lmao! Keep coming for Ms. Jackson. The results aint changing fools! LMFAO!!!

  24. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    @ASS :

    it was just a f*****’ Poll in a GHETTO blog.

    Janet didn’t win a grammy in here to do all that. 😆


    I just don’t think she’s the Ultimate diva. yes she is a hard working DANCER. but she ONLY ultimate Diva in TGJ. and TGJ is not the world. 😡

    and Janet was shady towards Madonna. let’s not act as if janet was a sent from above angel 😡

  25. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    @Ghetto fab :

    and where’s your 100% Original Cyndi NOW ?!

    Oh well …. 😥 😥


  26. Ass January 17, 2012

    Pop ROYAL

    your the one acting like Madonna lost a Grammy to Janet up in here! All was peaceful before you and “truth” showed up.

    You have made it clear your feelings about Janet. Over and over again. What was the need to reiterate that s*** on the results page.

    We could go back and forth all day about who started shading who 1st tween Janet and Madonna but I don’t have the interest.

    Madonna didn’t win, Janet and Whitney did. If you don’t care about this “ghetto” poll then congratulate the winners and stop talking s***.

    If it didn’t matter, you would keep it cute. 🙂

  27. TheMan4u January 17, 2012

    i do agree Whitney is the ultimate Diva and all the winners deserved it except janet with the multidemensional award, her acting career doesnt even come in second to Whitney/Diana or Cher but the rest i can agree on, she does still have it but i think Patti still having it in her 60’s is a bit more noteworthy

  28. Ass January 17, 2012


    Don’t be a hypocrite like your fave you came in here poppin s*** and when you got called on it ,you tell me to chill!

    You stay doing the most!! Look in the mirror and say chill to that to the person you see, my dear.

  29. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    People attacking Janet have to realize:

    That #1 She wasn’t entitled to anything because of her last name. Her brothers and sisters have all failed at having a long lasting career that was half as significant as hers and they were all “Jacksons” (besides MJ of course).

    #2 MJ didn’t appear on any of Janet’s albums. He wasn’t featured, he wasn’t doing background. Everything Janet has earned was because of her hard work and determination. She was on MJ’s “History ” album and by that time, teaming up with her brother served her no purpose.

    #3 After SB, Janet still managed to sell platinum status (with Damita Jo and 20 Y.O. ). She was banned from radio and MTV at the time (which was crippling at the time) . The FCC was one of the major reasons Janet has been at a disadvantage in her career. So looking at her stats since 2004 and seeing that she still managed to do a million + despite the odds not being stacked in her favor is quite impressive.

    Discipline was abandoned (due to label issues). She wasn’t seeing eye to eye with those that was overlooking the project and still did 466K(BTW, these sales haven’t been updated since). Now, that was after 2 videos that era. Let’s not compare this to some of her peer(s) that have done 500 – 700k that have let their entire era play out. Tamar Braxton voice: Doing 100 or 200k more than Janet, when you’ve promoted your album fully is not hot!

    Those attacking Whitney:

    Yes, Whitney’s personal choices have hurt her career, but let’s not pretend that those issues could ever take away from her artistry. This woman has:
    A record for 7 consecutive #1 singles
    A record for having the biggest selling soundtrack / era (for a female to date) ever (44million, since the 90’s)
    A record for having the biggest selling Gospel album
    A record for winning the most awards for a female (over 400)
    No Whitney studio album has ever sold under a milli in her entire career!
    A flawless winning streak at the movies (BodyGuard and Waiting To Exhale – Huge – the sequel will be too).
    The voice was slaying before drugs and after, so let’s not!

    Both women have very different circumstances, but have still been #winning since the 80’s!

  30. AnthonyJCRM January 17, 2012

    Ultimate Queen Ms. Janet wins in a land slide. No surprise there. Real recognize real. She’s everything these girls try to be. No shade.

  31. The G-List Society January 17, 2012

    TENS FOR ROYAL KEV!!! Let them have it, b*tch! Let them HAVE!!!



    ALL DAY!!!

    Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga stans may have several seats…in the jungle of the Amazon.

  32. Kig January 17, 2012

    Be mindful that nobody won by landslide. If the winner only wins by 20 % of votes then that means competitiob was stiff!

    Also to see the percentages u have to vote again. Doesnt matter tho since your votes dnt count anymore

  33. socialstudy1 January 17, 2012

    I love the results

  34. Lina January 17, 2012

    Whitney shitted on em

  35. Maria January 17, 2012

    The poll results are different from what this article says! If you go and “view poll results” it shows that Whitney Houston came out on top in the Best Live Performer category and Multidimensional Diva category. Which explains while she came out #1 overall.

  36. Bey Fan… January 17, 2012

    Im sorry, but the “Still Got It?” category should have went to Celine …. I mean have yall seen her live shows in Vegas….. Her voice is just ass good now as it was then.

    No other woman up there sings as good now as they did back then (well maybe except Janet and Madonna….but lets be honest, they didn’t have great voices back then)…

    But all the ladies are great….. I love me some Janet.

  37. Tru Voice January 17, 2012

    Diva Whitney!!!!! LOVE IT!

  38. FanOfMusic January 17, 2012

    Cute for Janet and Whitney but how can Janet still have it??????????????

    Janet hasn’t had a hit in like 20YEARS. Her recent performances don’t pack nearly the punch as her old performances when she had a ton of energy and actual put on a helluva a show. And Janet for fashion. That’s beyond laughable. Her fashion style has NEVER been emulated and she is never on best dressed list.

    How can a woman show her full titty to men, women, and children, in the afternoon on national tv around the world and still be respected??? Oh thas right she isn’t respected anymore, hasn’t has a hit since, was banned from MTV altogether, and is known for being a surgery queen who took 95% of her dance moves, singing style, and mannerisms from her brother Michael.

    Im done………….

  39. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    @ROYAL :

    i didn’t attack janet. if u call Truth = attack then it is.

    and yes , she is lucky cuz MJ was her brother. it will always be like that. don’t tell me MJ presence beside her wasn’t a factor. and Mj’s other brothers didn’t have the same share of spotlight on them as the case with her.

    and stop making excuses for her Flopped ass already. she waited till her brother died to revive her career. this is so proving my point. without MJ : there’s no JJ !

    when ppl attacked him , she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
    when he was Up , she was Up.
    when he was down , her career was down.
    when he started to be relevant ” just b4 his death” , her career started to revive again.
    and after his death , since he’s MJ and his name is that big WW , she , as an opportunistic person, found it is the last chance to get her career back on track. so she wanna have a comeback 😡

    expected ?!

    but the bad news is that the scene now is super-saturated with younger acts to have a 90’s diva trying to get her shine again. 😥

    if she wasn’t that strong from the start ” a al madonna/celine dion” , it won’t be easy. 😡

    sorry , i’m not a janet stan and that dishonest talking is not any interesting to me. if she was that “legendary” she would have been sucked it up and did her thing. so you are saying ” because MTV and radio blocked her , she is expected to flop” ?!
    so without MTV , Janet will Flop ?!

    seriously , if the album is good , it will sell no matter what , i don’t like stans who create excuses to justify their favs Flaws.

    and i have her albums before u talk , 20 Y.o was a step back from her older albums , i stopped liking her since that ” damita Jo” album. her album started to have like 2 Cute songs per album and that’s it ! like ” all nite/don’t stop” was the only good song in DJ ! ” call on me , get it out me in 20 Y.o” , etc …
    average albums since SB , so no matter how much she gonna promote them, the content sucks 😡 , so why trying ?!
    it will flop anyway ! 😡

    and do a Legend/Ultimate diva need that much promo to promote her albums ?!

    then what she left for younger artists if she need to promote that much ?! where is her legendary status at ?!

    Legends need minimum to no promo while in the era , cuz they are legends , not new artists still in the beginning !!!! all what they have to do is making quality music , and her latest 3 albums weren’t it for her stans , let alone the casual R&B listeners !!!!!!

    sorry , i’m not a janet stan like u 😡 , that’s why i’m not thinking like u ! i say it as i see it.

    @ASS :

    call OUT ?!

    where ?!

    i really regret saying the truth in this post. Yup , keep celebrating this win as if it is that important.

    and what is your business with my fav now ?! i don’t see i compared her to your janet .

    so again , chill ! 😛

    if anything that is the opposite to your opinion gonna be called “talking s***” then it is , i’m “talking s***” and u will deal. 😉

  40. Ciara January 17, 2012

    And “fanofmusic” proved their completely stupid.
    1 Janets last hit was more recent than anything Whitney’s done in the last 10 years. Stop trying to hate or throw shade without doing any research cause your failing misrebly.
    2. sorry but her fashion has ALWAYS been emulated and copied and still copied to this day, get over it, dumbass
    3.When did Janet show her tity to anybody? When did that happen, when did she with her hands, show her tit? I remmeber Justin TImberlake showing her tit by accident, which it was ruled by the FCC & the supreme court. STAY MAD.

    Thanks for proving your a pressed & pissed little b****, LOVES it. Its always funny when people who know the bare minimum about someone tries to throw shade, really shows how dumb you are, I mean “Surgery queen”? You KNOW your lying. because your pressed.

  41. mobwife January 17, 2012

    I’m not mad at all at the Ultimate Diva outcome! Whit-Whit is still my girl. And Ms. Dameta Jo gives the best concert performances I’ve seen since her brother Michael and his ” son” Chris Brown! LOL 🙂

  42. Ya Daddy Trick January 17, 2012

    I’ll accept it. But I still say either Patti or Aretha should have won. They helped pave the way for Whitney and Janet so that automatically makes them the ultimate Diva. They wn by default in my book.

  43. The G-List Society January 17, 2012


    So, Miss “Pop Royalty” can sit her queeny behind down and quit hatin’ on Janet’s greatness.

    It is SOOOOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS that Beyonce stans keep saying how 20YO and Discipline “flopped” when Beyonce’s sales cannot even match “Control” “Rhythm Nation” and “janet.” and have the same impact on pop culture because ALL THREE of those albums have ranked in best albums of all time by MANY critics.

    At least Janet DANCES, Beyonce does the same hip and booty shaking routines with her corny ass Tyra Banks’ style lyrics…have several seats!!!

    Beyonce’s stans are the messiest b****** and do not understand that they are the reasons why she ain’t hot no more.

  44. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    @ Fan of Music
    Janet last hit was 20 years ago???
    Janet last #1 on the Hot 100 was in 2001(All For You), #1 R&B, 2006 (‘Call On Me’) as well as a top 20 hit in 2008(‘Feedback’, the same year she earned her 6th #1 album).

    Janet does Still have it. She has more energy now than many of these artists that look up to her that’s 15 years younger. #Fact

    You really think her Fashion isn’t copied? …
    Janet –)

    Kelly Rowland –)

    Britney –)–)

    **** Don’t tell me Janet didn’t help step these girls lingerie game up.

    Xtina, Pink, Mya, Lil Kim –)

    Janet red hair –)

    Rihanna red hair –)

  45. MYLAS January 17, 2012


  46. Rent w**** January 17, 2012


    You will deal with the fact that Janet won. Like it or not, your so praised Vadge is not food at singing or dancing and you know that. You Stan for mediocrity and it shows hum!

    Deal with that you dumb ass b****. 😉

  47. The G-List Society January 17, 2012


    Janet will ALWAYS slay because she has produced hot music since 1986…and did get help from MJ AT ALL…and amassed #1 hits within 16 years with competition against Mariah, Madonna, Whitney, Mary, Celine, Shania, Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah, Britney, Christina, Jennifer, Paula, Karyn, Jody and everyone else as competition!

    Remember Mrs. Carter started her solo career in 2003 with less competition on the charts AFTER BEING IN A SINGING GROUP (which was her ONLY option to jumpstart a solo career) FOR SIX YEARS and an ADDITIONAL TWO YEARS after being a solo artist.


  48. Rent w**** January 17, 2012


    You will deal with the fact that Janet won. Like it or not, your so praised Vadge is not good at singing or dancing and you know that. You Stan for mediocrity and it shows hum!

    Deal with that you dumb ass b****. 😉

  49. REALRasta January 17, 2012

    Congrats Aunt Whitney,, u was my Top pick ,, I will alwys love me some whitney too

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  50. Dunkfan January 17, 2012

    Haters are going to hate…. lol 30 years in the game and yall are still hating.

  51. Dunkfan January 17, 2012

    If 20 y.o Flopped then 4′ tanked since it hasn’t pushed double platinum status from the 5 singles she released, compared to Janet’s two singles off 20y.o.

  52. mobwife January 17, 2012


    Well I guess it depends on what your criteria are? According to publish reports singles queen, Rihanna or soon to be queen of #1 singles from 1 CD, Naked Perry should be declared the Ultimate Diva. They are part of the few who are supported by the music/media industries! I don’t think the number of digital singles sold or this other rigged crap means they have or will have the lasting impact of say a Whitney, Janet, MC, Madonna, Aretha, Pattie, Chaka Khan etc! IMO

  53. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    My comments are being held , because I was posting pics (receipts). This is basically what I said.:

    @ Fan of Music
    Janet last hit was 20 years ago???
    Janet last #1 on the Hot 100 was in 2001(All For You), #1 R&B, 2006 (‘Call On Me’) as well as a top 20 hit in 2008(‘Feedback’, the same year she earned her 6th #1 album).

    Janet does Still have it. She has more energy now than many of these artists that look up to her that’s 15 years younger. #Fact

    You really think her Fashion isn’t copied??? …

    Check out Janet ‘s “I Get So Lonely” video then,
    Kelly Rowland’s BET ‘Motivation’ performance
    Check out Janet’s ‘Velvet Rope’ album cover and era and tell me if that looks similar to Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ era.

    Also all these women like Britney &…
    Xtina, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim (lady Marmalade look) in lingerie and those females through the years wearing bustiers (and even ties and suspenders) usually look very Janet. Janet’s style has been imitated for YEARS.

  54. Realtalk101 January 17, 2012

    It’s clear that most people posting don’t know much about the music industry and it’s history. Whitney had the potential to stand alone at the top but fell off miserably. Mariah was a Whitney clone without the soul and power. Janet would not be Janet if her last name wasn’t Jackson taking nothing away from the great songs Jam and Lewis ingeniously created for her. Diana Ross was the first Diva when she was with the Supremes and then as a solo artist. No other recording artist has a more critically acclaimed acting debut as Diana in Lady Sings The Blues. Diana was a star, with the glamour, style and iconic voice to match. Whitney was great but fell off hard in her prime and is barely hanging in there to date. I’m a huge Janet fan but Janet lip-syncs to this day so how can anyone say she’s the best performer? Patti Labelle NEVER lip-syncs and consistently gives great performances even at 60+. Do your research people before posting.

  55. Ass January 17, 2012

    Oops! Someone is still depressed over Janet winning a poll on a website! you stay pressed @pop, as soon as you hear Janet’s name, lmao keep talking s***, Vadge didn’t win cry baby. Awww…

    *In my Whitney voice* KiSS MY ASS!!!

  56. Yellow Gorillah January 17, 2012


    They are WRONG For coming for QUEEN JANET!!

    + YAAAAAAAAS For the SISTAS! Leading the POLL. Janet dragged them by their scalp even after being blacklisted she still SERVES and gives you LEGENDARY Performances! The queen will return SOON,,

    Shout out to All The JANET KIDS That voted!!

  57. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    @ G-List Society – Don’t let Pop Royalty rep the entire Bey Fam. I’m here for Bey and not half these artists around and I love JJ with a passion. So, that’s not the word from us all.

    @Pop Royalty –

    Your a bit mistaken about many of your points.
    Janet didn’t use MJ, those opportunities came around because she fought for it. Her first 2 albums weren’t successful. If MJ was a factor she would have been from the gate.

    Also when people was attcaking MJ(after the child molestation charges), Janet was attending award ceremonies (MTV) wearing a shirt that read pervert to make a statement about her brother. This was at the height of her career, so she wasn’t backing him because she was trying to gain something. That’s actually where her comments on Madonna came from. She went after her because Madge was disrespecting him. This is the order of how things all started. Janet is not using MJ to revive her career , he died in 2009 (Janet has yet to release a new album since). You’ve only see her in court rooms to once again support her brother.

    As far as her success and album content – Janet has done well enough. I personally think her material is above average and better than most of the music we’ve all been subjected to for the last decade. All that you’ve stated about janet not being hurt by the lack of MTV video play was not true once again. MTV was still really big then and Janet was one of their biggest stars that have made then what they are(the award show is still a big deal, even now). Janet’s video translate her music and she was untouchable when it came to that. Janet can stand on her own and dazzle at any award show, but that was still apart of the package(her videos). We can go back and forth with the banning, but she clearly was INSTANTLY. If you see her track record prior to SB , Janet stayed making top 5 hit’s like it was no tomorrow.

  58. Realtalk101 January 17, 2012

    Don’t get it twisted Im a HUGE Janet fan but I gotta call it like it is. Diana was the queen of the greatest record label of all time (Motown). Motown created the most influential artist/music of all time hands down and they couldn’t even put the artist pictures on the label in the beginning. Gotta give props where their due.

  59. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    why u can’t defend janet without bringing other names ” including my fav” into the conversation ?!

    u didn’t even discussed anything i have said. you just said your tired comments and gone 😡

    Childish much ?!

    i said my s*** and U can remain mad and pressed 😉

    i’m only mad at your stupidity b******. 😆

  60. Theman January 17, 2012

    Mariah wasn’t ever a Whitney clone, and Whitney wouldn’t have been alone because of a woman named Mariah Carey. Do you know how ignorant you sound. I think Mariah won more but Sam basically picked categories to give to certain artists. I don’t believe this poll. It should’ve showed the percentiles when everybody voted. Mariah is easily the most emulated female artist.

  61. Realtalk101 January 17, 2012

    @TheMan: When “Vision Of Love” came out most people thought it was Whitney, don’t know where you were but you should do some research. You don’t have to know much about music to hear the similarities. Whitney reigned supreme over Mariah but Mariah was more consistent. I got mad love for Mariah but she’s never really been a performer while Whitney is from a church where you don’t get the mic unless your coming strong with it. Mariah is a horrible actress also but a damn good songwriter. If Whitney didn’t fall off she would probably be called the greatest to ever do it. Although Mariah is great no one would call her the greatest to ever do it. Great but not the greatest.

  62. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 17, 2012

    Lets be honest, you can vote more than one in these polls… all it needs is for a couple of stans to keep voting for the same artist.

    That would explain why janet won the “still got it” when shes not had a hit.. in about 5 years or more.

  63. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    @ The Man
    Mariah holds her own, but Whitney was the blueprint for creation Mariah. I think Whitney greatness is unmatched, but Mariah is far more consistent.
    I actually am glad that we couldn’t see the results while voting, that would have only made everyone continue to repeated vote over and over until their fav have a lead. I think it was wise of them to hold off on showing the results until the polls were closed.

    As for those speaking on Diana. She has paved the way and she’s the diva that has a piece of them divided into most divas that followed her. I agree with alot of you that are making these points about Diana. You have to know some of your history before discrediting these legends.

  64. MISHKA January 17, 2012

    I did not participate but I ‘ve never met a single person who doesn’t think Whitney is the ultimate diva so I approve.

  65. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    @ROYAlkev :

    i do understand you are a janet stan , trust me i do realize it. 😉

    but it is just that. she’s there because she’s a jackson ” plus being a hard working woman with determination , being s*** and having her over-sexualized image On in 3/4 of her career 😉 , etc … ” i can really list things which contribute to be what she is.

    she is a hard working dancer. TO ME !!

    and ‘m tired of going back and forth with that topic.

    her first 2 albums flopped because of their lacking content. notice i said her first albums were great content -wise and that i just don’t like her stuffs after ” DJ” 😉 !
    her being a jackson didn’t make up for how bad those albums were. but her being a jackson was a big push to her career. don’t tell me presence beside her wasn’t a factor for the second time. this point is not even arguable.
    he was a major factor, but she is a hard working woman , i will give her that. so it was still dependent on her brother’s fame ! it is what it is !! 😡

    and i don’t expect a sister to not to support her brother when he is down. but she always was in his shadow. i don’t know if u do know that. she depended on him.
    and used him to get her career back on track.

    and u didn’t discussed the all points i have stated , but whatever ! thank u for your comment , but it didn’t change my mind.

    i’m gonna tell u what i think :
    1- the media capitalized on the SB because at this time , everything was against the jacksons , so since she is a jackson , she got her fair share of the media bitterness , this again show how influential and essential Mj’s name was to her career. when he was down , she was down and the media whipped her ass once she fell ” SB incident ” ” beside the stuffs she was doing : her over sexualized s*** , lacking content , etc .. ” ! she contributed to her fall from the public eye. and her being a jackson ” Mj’s sister” made it rolling in the deeep for her. so blaming ONLY the “SB” for her fall is not True. she contributed to her fall 😡
    2-todays music is not great. so of course any music from 80’s and 90’s “before britney’s days” is better. at least to me !
    3- she was shady to madonna. i would have respected her if it was because madonna supposedly disrespected MJ. but again , no one asked her to talk and she didn’t shade madonna because of Mj , she said ” madonna’s stuffs aren’t classy and that Janet had so much class to her stuffs” !
    don’t just go there with that madonna vs. janet s*** , just stay on topic about janet …..

    and MTV is a media outlet ! ” go see point 1 ” !!!

    and please don’t be one of those basic clowns who will involve beyonce into this , if u wanna have this conversation with me , stay on topic 😉

    u sound wise though , despite i know talking with janet stans is like talking to myself , but whatever …. i will listen to other opinions , i might know something new 🙂 , or even change my mind , who knows !!

  66. Dunkfan January 17, 2012

    Michael Jackson lip syncs does that mean he wasn’t one of the greatest live performers/entertainers?

  67. Realtalk101 January 17, 2012

    Michael has been singing live since he was 5 years old. Youtube little Mike and you will see why he get’s a bye when he Lip-syncs. I love JJ but she lips 90% of the time and always has. MJ’s greatest began at a very early age when you had to be a real singer.

  68. Ass January 17, 2012

    Do you even read what you write @ pop? You brought up madonna not me!!! Read YOUR post where you were talking about Janet dissing Madonna, which had nothing to do with the post!!!

    You are so full of yourself like your fave. Now read your OWN statement over and tell me who brought up Vadge, cause he wad pressed about Janet on this poll! SMH

  69. Royol20 January 17, 2012

    How come we all just cant Congradulate the winners. SO MUCH DEBATE JUST LET THE S*** GO. ATERS ARE GOING TO HATE. Some people just cant stand the fact that THERE FAVE ARTIST DIDNT WIN.(THATS ALL THAT IS).EVERY ONE OF THESE FEMALE ARE DIVAS IN THERE OWN WAY. Some people need to learn there facts about an artist befor they open ther mouths.(you may make an ass out of yourself).AND THE EVE POPULAR ONE “SHE ONLY FAMOUS BECAUSE SHE A JACKSON AND BECAUSE OF MJ)BLAH BLAH BLAH .There was a point when MJ needs JJ(Sream Video) caues he wasnt doing so hot. She works hard fro her and so does every ohter diva in the catagory. Can we just leave it at that DAMN!!!

  70. Ass January 17, 2012

    All these long ass thesis papers to discredit Janet?!! If u didn’t care you would have let it go. Keep showing how pressed you are. Click click click. You can type till the cows come home the votes are in.

    #urstillpressed! 🙂

  71. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 17, 2012

    Whitney has a wonderful gift but she is NOT the ultimate diva. Sorry. MC is.

  72. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    @ass :

    can U forget about madonna then ?!

    but since she was one of them to be chosen , she is still relevant to this post in a way.
    so bringing her up is allowed , this is not a janet post 😯 , is it ?! *looks above*

    so that was my opinion , then what am i doing ?! i think madonna is the ultimate diva , hence the s*** i do 😆

    and if u have a better way to talk and to prove she is the ultimate diva you are welcome to talking to me , if you gonna clown and waste my time :

    and why u still wanna involve my fav into this ?! can u stop being a child for a moment ? 😡
    *Plays M.I.A’s internet connection* 😡

  73. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    i can’t with ppl thinking any opinion opposite to their opinion is HATING.

    i thought Uk and US were that of free countries who will actually LISTEN to ppl who have different point of view ! i was wrong. shame on me !

    i regret voicing my opinion in here , what the f*** i was thinking ?! TGJ is filled with ppl live in their own worlds.
    in a world in which janet jackson ain’t a jackson 😡
    so i will get basic :
    congrats whoever the f*** won. even if it was a non-realistic non-reflective kiss-ass poll. 😡

    i’m done with those stupid h***. i can’t talk with such ppl with low IQs !! 😡


  74. JUSTICE January 17, 2012


  75. Ass January 17, 2012

    Whatever you ass clown. Not a single f*** was given for your fave. You brought her up so I once again called you out for your b*******. She was part of the vote and didn’t make the cut. Deal!

    If u wanna talk about can’t sing can’t dance, and hooker performance style Vadge could win those categories any day! 🙂

    Talk all your MJ theories about Janet you want, all we hear is blah,blah,blah, you big dummy!

    No one can be successful in one way or another in show biz for 30+ years because of a last name d*****!

    If it’s so why not the rest of the family? You dumbasses with that theory always ignore that question. Hipocrites an parasites all up on here, and your the ring leader.

  76. Royalkev January 17, 2012

    @ POP, let’s step outside! (Chrissy voice from Love & Hip Hop) 🙂

    Dude when did MJ take her by the hand to help his kid sister get established? That didn’t happen and like I said if all it took was being a Jackson, then Rebbie would be celebrating millions of sales now too. Same with Marlon and Tito.
    Heck wouldn’t it work for everybody, Solange would be snatching wigs! Ray J too! You need more than a famous relative to get that jump start in the business. Success doesn’t just pass down to everybody’s siblings. You can believe what you want to though. More power to you. 🙂

    I agree with some of your comments on bringing down the Jacksons and SB, but Janet could do very little at the time to turn it around. I’m just glad that she didn’t let it stop her.

    As far as the Janet and Madge beef- Janet made the comments about Madge after a series of events. Trust me. Madonna was shady ever since the “date” she had with MJ was over. He basically wasn’t interesting in what Madge had in mind. That’s why she was #maaaad. She attacked MJ from that point on here and there and Janet had enough and was ready to put her in her place(which she did althrough out the 90’s)… I won’t stay on that topic because, you say this is going off topic but keep bringing this up.

    I won’t bring Bey into think like you requested… I haven’t done so in this post (except to say that all her stans weren’t hating in here).
    #We both here for Bey! 0___0 helloooooo!
    Anyway, I think we’re writing too many essays. Lol. So let’s agree to disagree.

  77. Ciara January 17, 2012

    LOFL @ the thought that the only reason why Janet is successful is because she’s a Jackson. Yea that last name sold her well over a million albums, all those awards, all those nominations, a Oscar nomination, and THE MOST billboard awards than anyone on the planet. I mean clearly Rebbie, LaToya, Marlon & Randy all have the same accomplishments to back up that claim dont they?

  78. earl January 17, 2012

    Whitney ‘The Voice’ Houston aka Nippy slayed! I’m happy she won. She IS the blueprint for the modern diva and the vocal bible.

    She is the most awarded female singer with over 421 awards
    her over 20yr record for an unparralleled 7 consecutive #1 hits beating the Beatles have not been broken
    She has the best selling worldwide cd of all female singers – The Bodyguard
    she has the 6th best selling cd of all artists in the us 17x p
    She has the most American Music Awards of all females and the 3rd of men and females
    She won the most AMAs in one night
    Shewon the over 8 Billboard awards in one night
    Her songs are the most covered of all artist on American Idol/X Factor- why? cause she is the Vocal Bible
    none of her movies have flopped
    Her debut the Bodyguard made over $421mil WW, making her the best singer turned actress debut
    She is coming back with Sparkle and Exhale 2 that will slay
    She was a professional model being one of the first black girls on Glamour and teen magazines
    She appeared on Gimme a Break and Silver Spoons early in her career
    She has sold over 180mil records with the least output of al the 3 main divas
    She is the only modern singer to have not only starred in hit movies but also produced. All of her movies she produced were hits- The Princess Diaries I and @ and The Cheetah Girls
    She produced and starred in Cindereall which gave ABC their highest ratings ofr a family movie in decades and had the best selling disney video from a tv movie
    Best Selling Gospel cd
    The template for Mariah Carey
    Sang back up for legends, Chaka Khan, Lou Rawls, Dionne Warwick
    Been in the game over 30yrs
    Last cd #1 on R & B an dBB 200 charts
    One of the first highest paid black actresses reportedly making $10mil for The Preacher’s Wife

    I could go on and on. She has influenced your fav and your fav’s fav
    She is so humble and has helped so many other artists career from Brandy to Monica to Mary J Blige to Faith Evans toJordin Sparks- they all sing her praises.

  79. Marcus January 17, 2012

    Janet I love you. You are the worlds greatest female entertainer. You work hard, and you deserve every thing you have. You write your own music, and your music is timeless. Even in times of hardship you still stand head held high. I love you my beatiful, talented, strong black queen. Nobody can ever take away your legacy!

  80. ShareLove January 17, 2012

    1.Whitney(Mariah couldn’t see Whitney vocally 1985-1995)Please get over it MC stans. I love me some Mariah but during the 90’s during her prime there were better singers than she was. Including her own 2 background vocalist (Kelly Price&Trey Lorenz)
    2.Mariah…amazing voice outsold everybody during the 90’s
    3.Diana Ross(the first true black pop star)
    4. Madonna(Best Selling Female Artist of all time and nobody excels at reinventing themselves like she does)
    5.Janet Jackson(Is like the female version of Michael,minus the vocals he had during his younger days(Michael wasn’t that good of an singer after bad,just being real)

    Aretha,Patti,Tina,&Barbra are in leagues of their own. Put onstage with any of the pop divas I’ve mentioned and 1-5 would be out sang by Aretha,Patti,Tina,and Barbra.
    Move wise Tina didn’t need to execute precise dance routines. Her energy was like lightning none of ladies 1-5 posses the energy of Tina turner.

    The poll was cool though but there is an difference. Plus what about the TRUE DIVAS?
    Ella Fitzgerald,Dinah Shore,Billie Holliday,Ethel Merman,Judy Garland,Peggy Lee,Doris Day,Mahaila Jackson,Ma Rainey,Bessie Smith,Lena Horne…just to name a few

  81. Small_Angel January 17, 2012

    If there will be a modern day DIVA poll pitting Britney, Christina, beyonce, gaga, Rihanna, Katy, Kesha and new bunch of Divas.. For sure the result will be manipulated by grape Juice we will see Beyonce winning on all categories.. though i like beyonce, but this site as we all know is BIG BIAS!!!!

  82. Demarcus January 17, 2012

    I love Janet!!! She deserved to win those categories. I can’t wait for her new CD

  83. LiCari January 17, 2012

    I can’t even hate. Although I would’ve loved my queen MARIAH to win everything LOL, the results seem right.

  84. AMD January 17, 2012

    JANET – that’s my girl!

  85. mrDIEGO January 17, 2012

    how is Janet still even relevant?
    i would take this seriously if people actually bought Janet’s songs.

  86. maryaj January 18, 2012

    How is it that Janet won four of the categories, Whitney only two or three and Janet lost, I’m confused. Please tell me who emulates Whitney…

  87. honeydip January 18, 2012


  88. Theman January 18, 2012

    @ShareLove you need to sit all the way down. Kelly Price was nowhere near a better singer than Mariah, she doesn’t have the tone, pitch,control or artistry. Trey was just a good r&b singer that sung backup for Mariah. What are you talking about. No other woman took their vocals to where Mariah did on her first album. She did it perfectly as well. Whitney is/was not better than Mariah. Her delivery was unmatched that and her presence. But as far as technical singing goes Mariah was second to none. Period………

  89. Theman January 18, 2012

    Madonna also isn’t the best selling female artists her label inflates her numbers all the time.

  90. Theman January 18, 2012

    Mariah is not a horrible actress. Whitney’s no Meryl Streep herself. She basically played herself in the bodyguard. Mariah in “Precious” >>>>………… All Whitney does is sing songs that were writtern for her. Mariah writes songs,composes,arranges and her voice is the most flexible, she’s also techncally better, and she’s the better musician. I’ll give it to Whitney her stage presence is unmatched, but as a singer just simply as a whole is not better than Mariah. I actually think that Mariah won, but Sam is a hater, so he rigged the votes.

  91. Theman January 18, 2012

    @Share Aretha,Patti and the other lady with all due respect would not outsand the top5. Yelling doesn’t make you better. Aretha sounds like every other gospel singer.

  92. Ultimate Diva – Whitney Houston January 18, 2012

    Whitney Houston was, is and will always be – THE MOTHER OF ALL DIVAS!!!

  93. Theman January 18, 2012

    Mariah Carey >>> Success,Vocal Ability, Song Writer, Composer, Arranger, Hitmaker

    Nobody else on that last has done that to her magnitude.

    Sorry but she’s #1…………..

  94. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 18, 2012

    @ROYAL :

    ok we are cool. 😉

    i do agree with what u said. and i’m here for Bey ” and adele TBH 😳 ” !

  95. JohnVidal January 18, 2012

    Well this must be the first pole TGJ made that makes kind of sense. I´m so glad Whitney won most ctegories (and what a pic of her, stunning)
    Glad that Mariah won one, the one that made more sense for her to win. So it´s great.
    Janet Jackson, sorry but she is not all that to almost dominate. Clearly too many fans on here, not the ral world
    Anothe rprove is that Celine Dion didn´t get almost any vote in any category, when it´s a fact for example that the biggest hit ever after “I will always love you” it´s “My heart will go on”
    These kids need to learn some things, but still it wasn´t bad 🙂

  96. JohnVidal January 18, 2012

    I usually agree with you in all haha but one thing Whitney is better (and it´s important for being a diva) is live singing and stage presence. I agree mariah is obviously better as far as artistry goes


    Janet>>>>CRACKney &BIGriah 🙂

  98. Dunk January 18, 2012

    Janet is the Queen

  99. kim January 18, 2012


  100. Time To Flop January 18, 2012

    Flopnet? Good fir her for topping such polls. If her stans took as much time & effort with her music, she should have at least a real hit within the past 10 years. Unfortunately for flopnet, at least mariah, madonna, whitney had some hits the past 10 years. Like real hits. Flopnet’s time has passed, all her records post All For You have been very redundant. I think among her contemporaries, she had the longest string of flop albums & singles in the ’00s.

  101. c*** January 18, 2012

    lol no… flop poll!

  102. Ciara January 18, 2012

    LOL Lookat all the pressed pissed b******, Im sorry Janets better than your faves, the world knows it, so deal with it

  103. Troll killer January 18, 2012

    HEY “Time To Flop” whats the name of Whitney’s hit from the last 10 years? I mean the song that went #1 or top 10? Oh wait, it dont exist. Janets had some so stop lying

  104. RihannaNavy January 18, 2012

    Old Divas
    Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Cher, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston

    New Divas
    Adele, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

  105. Tini January 18, 2012

    Yeahhhhhhh….Whitney THE VOICE won:-))))))))))))))
    The Diva….our Queen of the Night!!!!!!!!

  106. Michael January 18, 2012

    These results are somewhat BS! No way Janet should have won this. I love her and she’s a legend but she is NOT the ULTIMATE DIVA. Whitney winning, ok, that is fine but the Ultimate Diva title SHOULD have gone to Mariah! She is THE DIVA! And as far as Whitney winning most emulated, that is CRAP! Every female singer out today totally tries to copy Mariah. From Beyonce to Leona Lewis to Kelly Clarkson.
    Mariah should have won this.

  107. Stefan January 18, 2012

    The Ultimate Diva belongs to the woman that defines more the word…The one and only…Miss Whitney Houston

  108. Annie Hall January 18, 2012

    The supreme,the superb… WHITNEY HOUSTON!
    We are so so proud of you Whitney.. every day of our lives!

  109. cutiepie82 January 18, 2012

    They are all divas in their own way.

  110. Ass January 18, 2012

    Favorite songs from the DIVAS:

    1) Janet- pleasure principle, come on get up, rock with u, I’m here, diamonds, alright.

    2) Whitney- I wanna dance with somebody, the greatest love, so emotional, where do broken hearts go, queen of the night, I will always love you( although dolly Parton’s is my fav version).

    3) Mariah- honey, breakdown, fantasy, someday, make it happen, obsessed.

    4) Aretha- natural woman, respect, freeway of love, knew you were waiting w/George Michael, chain of fools, until you come back to me.

    5) Cher- I found someone, if I could turn back time, heart of stone, after all w/ Peter Cetera, believe, gypsies, tramps, and thieves.

    6) Tina- two people, we don’t need another hero, better be good to me, typical male, steamy windows, nutbush city limits.

    7) Patti- on my own w/ Michael McDonald, new attitude, Yo Mister, Lady Marmalade, if you asked me to(fave version).

    8) Celine- my heart will go on, that’s the way it is.

    9) Madge- open your heart, live to tell, dear Jessie, express yourself, cherish, material girl.

    10) Diana- endless love w/ Lionel Richie, upside down, do you know, reflections, love hangover, working overtime.

  111. Ass January 18, 2012

    They are all great but the results were on point and speak the truth

    Janet and Whitney>>>>>> everyone else. 😉

  112. Babyjames January 18, 2012

    Just as it should be…..

  113. Theman January 19, 2012

    I said that Whitney is greater as far as stage presence/performing. So what was there to disagree with?

  114. MrSoulshock44 January 19, 2012

    Whitney freaking houston is the baddest b*tch alive

  115. bruna January 19, 2012

    whitneyyyyyyy divaaa!!!

  116. Delusion January 22, 2012

    While flopnet’s fans celebrate the results of this poll, they can’t even muster any effort (or money) to go out & buy her damned records. She is even being outsold by Britney! See below certified units (which are lower than sales the record company declares):
    Madonna – 157.8million
    Mariah Carey – 118.2million
    Celine Dion – 111.4million
    Whitney Houston – 95.5 million
    Barbra Streisand – 93million
    Britney Spears – 64.9million
    Janet Jackson – 48.1million
    Beyonce – 46.1million
    Lady Gaga – 45million
    Sooner than later, beyawnce & caca will be overtaling flopnet. Spend your cash where your mouth is.
    Truth is, flopnet is now irrelevant & her time has passed. Her contemporaries & newer divas are shitting on her sales.

  117. DUNKFAN January 22, 2012

    @Delusion American R&B/pop singer Janet Jackson and includes information relating to her album and single releases. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide,and is listed as the eleventh best-selling female recording artist in the US. She has attained ten Hot 100 number-one singles, sixteen Hot R&B/Hip-Hop number-one singles, and nineteen Hot Dance/Club Play number one singles. She also has a career high of twenty-seven top ten hits on the Hot 100, thirty-one top ten hits on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and thirty-two top ten hits on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart. She is the first and only artist in history to produce seven top five hits from one album, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814.

  118. nancy January 24, 2012

    So glad to see that this poll wasn’t fixed. Whitney Houston is a living legend and is only in competition with her former self. Not exactly my favorite but even I know she is the best. Anyone else coming out on top would have lessened the credibility of this poll.

  119. allison January 24, 2012

    I was lucky enough to see Whitney on a good night on her last tour. That voice is something even today that all should experience. The consistency is not there anymore unfortunately but when she is on she is better than anyone.

  120. Damon January 24, 2012

    Surprised that Diana didn’t win for fashion but not surprised that Whitney is the ultimate diva. Quite simply she is.

  121. Daniel January 26, 2012

    @Michael. Please tell me you are joking

    Everyone who was influenced by Mariah was also influenced by Whitney. Accept the fact that not everyone kisses Mariahs ass. You lambs are so annoying

  122. Chester January 28, 2012

    mhm Janet Jackson has actually sold 130 Million WW.

  123. Chester January 28, 2012

    Mhm Janet Jackson is not the only Entertainer Who Lip-Syncs everyone does, Get over it

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