Hot Shots: Rihanna Flaunts Nipple-Ring

Published: Wednesday 1st Feb 2012 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Peep vocal powerhouse Rihanna parading the streets of Hollywood last night.

An admitted stunner, your eyes were likely drawn to her face, right?

Well, that’s not where the classy model wants you to look – if her nipping-baring ensemble is anything to go by.

The self-professed role model sported a daring ring, which she clearly wanted folk to see, given the see-through nature of her top.

Baring breast for attention. Oh the lengths the talent-challenged will go to. Peep another pic after the jump…

{Image Removed As Requested}

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  1. White girl mob February 1, 2012

    Now I’m gay so I’m kinda turn on by this

  2. Mr Falsetto voice February 1, 2012

    I don’t why people keep saying Rihanna is a role model. She is just girl who is living her life and having fun!

  3. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 1, 2012

    “Rihanna flaunts nipple ring. In this post we’ll examine RiRi walking down the streets of Hollywood. You might think this is just a picture of a young woman minding her business…well I’m here to tell you IT’S NOT. for you see Rihanna so clearly wants everyone to focus on her nipple ring, why else would she be wearing it and out in public. RiRi knows full well when you get a private piercing you stay home where no one can judge you.

    CLEARLY by choosing to absorb the night air Rihanna is demanding we ALL focus on her n******.

    Now, while this ring might be impossible to see without the flashing bulb of the paparazzi who follow her I’m no full. Rihanna might as well tattoo “Look at my tits” on her forehead for as much as she is exposing that damn ring!

    Go ahead squint, it’s right there…mocking us.

    This has been another ‘Rihanna Walking’ post from your intrepid stalker – Er, reporter Sam. More later, I’m on Google Images right now hunting for Rihanna with a wedgie”

  4. Highndaski February 1, 2012

    TBH..she’s not looking good, it seems like she needs to take a break before she has a breakdown. It’s sad to say but I see her having a breakdown (of the Britney type) if she doesn’t get some kind of positive guidance in her life. With that said I wish her the best! Follow me on Twitter @Highndaski

  5. Nichole February 1, 2012

    Rihanna has been acting out in public since after the altercation between her and Chris.

    She seems lost.

  6. NATALIE February 1, 2012

    Sorry I love her but she looks a MESS. The outfit is nasty, the hat looks weird and she looks so worn out. What happened to my fave’s style.

    EDIT: Those armpit stains are nasty didn’t she leave without deodorant.

  7. Frankie February 1, 2012

    I don’t like rihanna when it comes to music .. I think she is criminally mediocre and can’t sing her way out of a paper bag but one thing I always liked about her was her fashion .. She aint gna do much on stage but you know she’s gna look good lol now this picture she just looks a mess .. I’ve noticed a less polished rihannaa recently which is prob an image thing (everything about this girl is planned out) but its turning me off to the one thing I liked about her .. She’s crosssing over from s*** to trashy .. But hey the image has gotta match the music I guess ….

  8. sallyone February 1, 2012

    Sorry to say this but she looks like she’s on drugs

  9. Bey Fan… February 1, 2012

    “Peep vocal powerhouse Rihanna…..” lmfaoo I hate TGJ….lol

    Ummm she doesn’t look the best, but im sure this was after the club. I will say this, she looks like she had a good time.

  10. gaaglooo! February 1, 2012

    Sam stop being mean please! I’m not a fan( love her style and some of her music), but this girl need help, she seem lost and drunk!:-(

  11. Gigi February 1, 2012

    And…? Christina had a nipple ring (among others) during her Dirrty days, and tons of women get them. It’s not a big deal.

  12. riri February 1, 2012

    *shakes* she doesnt look her best here…..

    but i love her eyes…

    the armpit stains is disgusting…..

  13. DeeDeeDaa February 2, 2012

    Ummm, did they use “vocal powerhouse” to describe Rihanna? LOL

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