Behind the Scenes of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Latina’ Shoot

Fans sweet on ‘Candyman’ maestra Christina Aguilera should get into these behind the scenes snaps of the songstress serving up the sexy for ‘Latina’ magazine.  Gracing this month’s cover, ‘The Voice’ judge strikes out on her own to strike a mean set of poses to accompany an interview that finds the outspoken diva certainly living up to such billing.

Coming as one of many covers Christina has landed for promotion of this Sunday’s season premiere of ‘The Voice’, check out more from ‘Latina’s’ Xtina shoot after the jump:

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  1. MRDIVABITCH February 4, 2012

    The make up is heavy but colors are more earth/mineral tones
    That’s good, the blue/purple/bright red make up
    do not look good on anyone over 21.

  2. ChristinasCOMING February 4, 2012

    Christina is a f****** MONARCH!

    Regardless of where she’s at on the charts whether as a solo act or feature, she always going to have a reign over most of her contemporaries when it comes to her voice and talent.

  3. dang February 4, 2012


  4. LaLa February 4, 2012

    ^Get ready for PLUS SIZE booklet! lol… I meant real size women.

  5. MRDIVABITCH February 4, 2012

    @ LALA
    I don’t think justifying and advocating for obesity is a good thing…

  6. LaLa February 4, 2012

    what obesity??? her weight is not like that reality show… *forgot the name* super fat people working out to get shaped. :/

  7. F*** mY Body February 4, 2012

    I loooove her

  8. Courtney February 4, 2012

    Christina has always been a full figured latin girl at heart she’s not obese at all what so ever she’s a medium build 5 1.5″ woman so she’s supposed to be about 125lbs and is probably 140 or 12% over recomened weight which is heavy but not obese if she were 25% over the recomended weight for her height she’d be considered obese. a womans body gains and loses weight differently after she’s had children and don’t forget Christina’s son Max is 4 years old and when she goes on tour she usually ends up underweight from all the choreography she does on stage

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 4, 2012

    And the comeback begins…

    So exciting to see her doing covers and major interviews again. ‘The Voice’ is about to premiere, she’s trending on Twitter increasingly (at least 4 trends per week during January 🙂 ), her ‘At Last’ performance was a huge success…all she has to do is send the damn single to the radio!!

  10. Shady1 February 4, 2012

    This b**** is Latin? Last i checked she was a wannabe “Becky”…my my my how we come back to our roots once we start flopping…smdh

  11. ChristinasCOMING February 4, 2012

    @ MR DIVA B****-

    You obviously don’t know the difference between obesity and curves.

    You’re just a hater and you’re worried SICK because you know that Christina is going to make a massive comeback to the charts this year and she’s going to completely destroy your favs. She’s slowly reminding us why we fell in love with her and that mi amigo is the start of something good!

    I’m waiting for the day for you to accept that Christina is here to stay and unlike Britney, she’s NOT going to completely ruin her career or life.

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