Watch: Braxton Family Values (Season 2 – Episode 12)

Switch that messy Kardashian nonsense off! The Braxton sisters are back and in a big way.

After warming our hearts with their debut season, Toni, Trina, Towanda, Traci, and, of course, Tamar, return to the small screen with season 2 of their hit WeTV reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

You can now check out episode 12 of the latest season below…

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  1. Ty February 3, 2012


    As usual Tamar is getting worse at the mouth. Vince told her to just be normal, and he don’t need all that dancing and crazy outfits in the bedroom, LoL. One marriage is just over. Gabe wants to stay together but he keeps on doing stupid ish. One marriage consists of a deadbeat, jobless man. Great entertainment.

  2. SEE… February 3, 2012

    Tamar made me laugh once again. She is something else.. The real topic is Towanda. She is so bogus and petty. If she was in Andre shoes: without a job, taking care of the kids during ‘stays’ with Toni, and trying to write and publish a book and trying to repair the marriage then her spouse tells her she needs to go live with her grandmother after a newly furnished house was just purchased and you say this all after being helped move into this new home… If Andre did the same s*** to Towanda he would look like a devil but because it’s the father it’s overlooked nonchalantly which is pure b*******. Towanda, if you don’t want to be with him stop giving him false hope… that s*** is ugly.

  3. DUNK February 3, 2012

    another great episode but for once i felt a little bad for Tamar vince was the one being annoying, basically just being difficult with her for no reason, obviously as the female she would love to decorate her home and should have been informed when there moving, as he says it’s all about team work, she was within her rights to be pissed

  4. Mr.Geezy February 3, 2012

    TGJ stop throwing darts at the Kardashians its totally unnecessary. As a viewer of both shows I can say that both families have their share drama with them also if you ask me it looks worse for the Braxtons as they are held in a higher standard as they are the real entertainers and all the women being well into there mid to late 30’s and 40’s they should be on another level imo. But much respect to them.

  5. YOOSONDALOOSE February 3, 2012


  6. Slewis February 3, 2012

    Towanda’s husband is slick. She had better watch out. Now all of a sudden he wants her because she purchased a new house. He’s playing with her emotions, telling what she wants to hear. He doesn’t respect her. Did you notice how fast he jumped up & left her sitting there when she told him to go liive w/ his grandmother ? He is a poor excuse for a man. He should have been embarrassed following his wife & kids to live at Toni’s house then Trina’s house.

  7. ummm February 3, 2012

    @See you obviously don’t watch the show if you think Towanda was being petty. The man refuses to work!!! He is a BUM and he mooches off of her! They haven’t had a real marriage in years. I don’t even understand why she keeps him around so much. He should just be there for his kids. A BUM!!!

  8. veronica rodriguez February 4, 2012

    Please tamar,turn it down a notch….it is not cute to be loud in the mouth and throwing your head and hands all over the place.Vince looks like he is tired or getting tired of your antics…so stop…And you dont want to lose vince…he pays fpr all those wigs and surgeries.And be happy for your sisters is not all about you tamar…CALM DOWN!!

  9. 80s Baby February 4, 2012

    @See, if you’d watched the end of the episode you would have clearly seen that Towanda did in fact let Andre move in anyway. She was just fronting for the cameras telling him no, because she didn’t want to look as stupid as she is.

    @Slewis, I was going to type everything you said! I concur!

  10. jbrown February 5, 2012

    Tamar and Vincent are just so cute together! And funny. Proof that opposites attract.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE February 6, 2012


  12. ohsotrue February 14, 2012

    Love me some Vince. He is such the sweetheart. Poor Towanda, she wants her husband but she wants change. He won’t change as long as he knows he can live off of her. He is so lame. He’s not writing 24/7 so he can get a job, their kids aren’t 2 and 3. Gabe and Trina, Gabe thinks he is doing all he can but he has made so many mistakes. He needs to get off “she cheated too” and ask himself why did she cheat. Trina and Towanda both have men who really don’t want to stand str8.

  13. firstmartell February 21, 2012

    still loving the show but im kinda goin off vince. yes tamaar is annoying but she is never rude to him as she is with anyone else. it wudnt surprise me if he had a lil thing on the side. wen u are as powerful as he is u dnt need to take as many calls and answer as many emails as constantly does. shudnt he have an assistant for that. jus sayin…

  14. 2hotforyou February 22, 2012

    i didnt kno gabe and trina had kids o_0

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